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Our Rulers Habitually Lie About Nearly Everything

From the weather to religion to politics, about free speech, about Putin, about how the economy works: all lies all the time.  Here are some of today’s lies:  New York City Could See 6-Foot Sea Rise, Tripling of Heat Waves by 2100: this bracing news is from Scientific American, once a fine magazine now a hysterical rag.  The New York City Panel on Climate Change chose one of the coldest weeks in the last 100 years to issue this warning: we are going to drown due to roasting to death!  Oh, the humanity!!!!


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Once upon a time, the US and Europe was very, very proud of giving basic human and civil rights to minorities.  This includes religious minorities who suffered under various state-religious rule such as the Protestant Crown of England’s vicious discriminatory rule of the Irish people.  Thinking that they are now all on a moral high horse, they decided to have the UN run some sessions about ‘racism’.  Then, they could use this as a tool for attacking other countries for being cruel to religious or racial minorities or even, majorities suppressed by a ruling clique of a different ethos.  But the instant this UN organization began to talk about the religious wars in the Holy Lands, it all fell apart.  For the West really adores racial and religious discrimination and secretly wants to reimpose this on all of us, again.

Religious bigots don’t fear atheists.  They fear people like myself: someone who has a different view of the gods while believing in the concept of gods.  Believers can be very smug when they view atheists, certain that all atheists, when entering the Cave of Death, will quail with fear and run to some established religious world-view for comfort.

But someone who doesn’t fear death because of their solid religious belief in a different system is a tremendous danger because, others might do the same!  That is, my own beliefs embrace the concept of death and this is made easier to endure by turning all these death concepts into various incarnations that are ‘humanized’ while not being human, at all.  Namely, I throw a veil I wove over the whole thing and thus, can live with the knowledge of death.

All major religions practice intolerance.  The only counterforce is to prevent states from enforcing religious bigotry.  This is called ‘liberalism’ and it came out of the Enlightenment era in Europe.  Our Founding Fathers were associates of this ‘Enlightenment’ movement and our Constitution expresses their concept of freedom of thought and separation of Church and State quite clearly: religion may not rule us via the courts and laws.  They cannot impose their quirks, belief systems or even their strange collection of ‘morals’ upon the general public.

Of course, they do this via laws and we go through the agony of various stupid moral laws that have to eventually be dumped because they are bad.  This doesn’t stop an army of religious fanatics, imposing their belief systems upon everyone.  International UN organizations are to be religious-neutral which means, they should spread the concept of liberalism which is all about choice: people can choose what religion they wish to believe in and not be persecuted.  All across the globe, religious people are persecuted by other religious people.  And stopping this is a major difficulty if the UN endorses religious bigotry and persecutions.  Which takes me to the issue of the UN racism summits:

BBC NEWS | Europe | Fault lines split UN racism summit

Israel has meanwhile recalled its ambassador to Switzerland after the Swiss president met the Iranian leader.

The Jews wish to isolate the Iranians.  They want the right to terrorize and oppress other religions in Palestine but at the same time, want laws in the rest of the world that protect the Jews in other lands from being oppressed and terrorized!  So they want laws forbidding what they do, in Palestine, to be global.

The world has taken huge strides against racism over the last two centuries – slavery has been abolished, Nazi German racial theories have been vanquished, apartheid has gone.

Recently, rich Jews forced the BBC to condemn a reporter who covered Jewish crimes against the unarmed and nearly totally helpless Palestinians.  The Jews said, his news stories were unfair because every time he mentioned Jews tormenting or killing Palestinians, he didn’t ‘balance’ this with stories about Palestinians fighting the Jews and hurting them.  

Even though the numbers are far over 100 to 1, the BBC must make it look like it is 1 to 1 to please the Jews.  

Slavery hasn’t been abolished at all, far from it.  On top of of all that, there are a number of religions that are exactly the same as Naziism and these religions continue to this day.  For example, the Hindu beliefs of caste is a fine example of racism.  Then there are the Jews.  When I was the first non-Jew to marry into my husband’s clan, half of them refused to eat with me, touch anything I touched, ride in the same car or grant me equal rights.  When my husband’s parents died, they gave everything to their daughter because she was ‘pure’ and the sons married sub-humans whose children were not really part of the family anymore.

Once, I was literally abandoned on a street corner after a dinner because no one wanted myself and my baby in their stupid cars!  They were all willing to drive my husband but only if he left me behind!  

It is easily forgotten how prevalent the concept of humankind being divided into “races” was until recently. When I was at school we were routinely taught about the history of the British and other “races”….

Pretending there is no racism is silly.  There is plenty of this.  Today, we teach about ‘ethnic identity’ and this is GROWING, not shrinking.  I am all for mixing up populations: this is one of the good things that empires do.  They stop ethnic wars and divisions and impose laws from above that prevent discrimination, in the ideal empire, that is.

So what are the issues that have divided opinion?

The first – and most important for the US – is an innocuous sounding introduction that “reaffirms” the declaration made at the last conference in Durban in 2001.

Tens of thousands of Muslim pilgrims performing the Hajj attend the afternoon prayers outside the Grand Mosque, in Mecca

The question of Islam has also been a major one for the summit

The problem here is that the Durban declaration said: “We are concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people under foreign occupation”.

The Death Gods worshipped by billions of people hates diversity, hates love.  It wants people to condemn each other, exploit each other and defeat the others.  

So, the Jews have to totally eliminate all help. succor, or justice for the Palestinians. So even the mild, slight reference to BASIC reality has to be nipped to the bud.  

The Jews want there to be no concept of any people called ‘Palestinians’.  Their religion demands the cleansing of all other people from lands chosen by the Chosen Ones.  Who get to lord it over all creation inside of their god-given lands.  So even expressing ‘concern’ about the sufferings of the victims of Jewish racism is to be excised from any international declarations about anything.

In 2001, the US, Israel and their supporters strongly objected to what they regarded as the singling out of Israel, the only country mentioned in the declaration, even though there was other language that respected the “rights to security for all states in the region, including Israel”.

I read whole books that talk about US foreign policy and see the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Jews’ fewer than three times.  I see every sort of nation on earth hauled out into public and condemned for all sorts of crimes against humanity but never, the US or Israel.  Anyone who dares to do this is instantly attacked on all fronts, diplomatic, media, economic forces are brought down like a hammer on anyone so foolish as to do this.

There is now no mention of Israel and the Palestinians in the new document. But the US sees the reaffirmation of the 2001 declaration as the next worse thing.

There is to be no mention of anything connected with Jewish ethnic/religious bigotry or campaigns of eradication.  This is like the League of Nations giving Germany a pass on the issue of Jews in Germany or giving the Japanese a pass on the issue of mass murder of the Chinese and the enslavement of the Korean people back in 1934.

Then there is the phrase “foreign occupation” used in 2001. Although Israel and the Palestinians are no longer mentioned in the new document, the phrase has survived, though it is now used to emphasise the need to protect “all those under foreign occupation”. That is enough of an echo of 2001 to disturb the US, Israel and its allies.

Good grief!  The US doesn’t want any mention of ‘foreign occupation’ because we occupy many countries and are waging a very, very vicious and immoral war against Muslim peasants in more than one country.  And of course, Israel does not consider Palestine to be a foreign occupation situation, either. 

This is because, they consider all the lands occupied by the subhuman Palestinians to be their lands and they have to eradicate these people who they talk about, in Israel, as ‘foreigners’.  This odious renaming the natives as foreign is a clever, lawyerish sort of trick smart alecks use to deny civil rights to other people.

Now, let’s look at some headlines from the NYT yesterday:

Memo Says Prisoner Was Waterboarded 183 Times

The near-drowning technique was also used by C.I.A. interrogators on another prisoner from Al Qaeda 83 times, according to a 2005 memorandum.

U.S. May Convert Banks’ Bailouts to Equity Share

Obama administration officials say the approach will allow them to shore up the nation’s banking system without seeking more money from Congress.

A Blast, an Ambush and a Sprint Out of a Taliban Kill Zone

UNDER ATTACK Specialist Robert Soto ran for cover last week as his platoon was ambushed in Afghanistan. Across the river, two comrades crouched behind a rock.

Pinned down by Taliban fighters, American soldiers fought their way out of a riverbed, and then grieved the loss of one of their own.

The US inflicted severe torture on the ‘brains’ for 9/11. At the same time, these same people allow Bush and Cheney to skip out of testifying under oath about their bizarre behavior before and during 9/11.  Instead of unravelling the true nature of the attacks and trying to understand why Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld all sat totally idle as the attacks escalated, the commission covered up nearly everything.

For example, all the information about the US complicity with Saudi Arabia to encourage these sorts of things was covered up.  Mossad wasn’t even mentioned at all.  The flood of Israeli spies circling both the Atta attack group and the World Trade Center was not explored.  In this vacuum, all sorts of wonderful things have been spawned on nearly every level.  

Meanwhile, we have to unravel yet another massive, inhuman scandal.  The torture we applied to the Iraqis we captured was swept under a very bloody blanket and only the very lowest staff were punished and they were punished more for taking photos and showing these, rather than for torture.

The US had no legal right to torture anyone accused of the 9/11 attacks.  There is no legal right to torture anyone at any time. This is in our Constitution.  The early settlers of the New World happily used torture for religious purposes.  They persecuted ‘witches’ and anyone whose beliefs were ‘deviant’.  Our Founding Fathers remembered this so they made it totally illegal to torture anyone….EXCEPT SLAVES who had zero civil rights.

The second story is about the Executive Branch taking over everything via fiat.  Obama, like Bush, will sidestep democratic controls and do as he pleases with our finances. Our forefathers forbade this for good reason. Since the Civil War, the power of the purse in Congress has diminished to the point of nothingness except extracting individual goodies for each representative’s district.  This is why no one is balancing budgets anymore.

Obama is guilty of overreach.  And like his predecessors, he will lay yet another brick on the wall of our new prison.  By supporting racism, he is building his own prison cell.

Obama: Durban II risks ‘hypocritical’ Israel hatred – Haaretz – Israel News

U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday said that the United States had decided to boycott a United Nations conference on racism because the draft for the summit risked declaring “hypocritical allegations” against Israel. 

I wish I could by this hypocritical President a mirror. 

“I would love to be involved in a useful conference that addressed continuing issues of racism and discrimination around the globe,” Obama said in Trinidad on Sunday after attending the Summit of the Americas. 

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that the invitation Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at the upcoming summit Geneva proves the “goal and character” of the controversial event….

 On Sunday, the Dutch government said in a statement that it had decided to boycott because it felt the summit’s agenda would be manipulated to advance untoward ends. 

Below is a TV ad produced by Lieberman, one of the most racist and religious bigots on earth.  
Is Obama denouncing Lieberman’s trash talk?  The Jews selected this monster to represent them so no one can mistake them for civilized people.  This guy sounds exactly like Goebbels.  Or Hitler, for that matter.
Where is the global or rather, the hypocritical Western boycott of this jerk?  Will the US walk out on this clown if he comes to NYC or DC?  Will the US refuse to talk to Israel via this brutal, vicious man?  Will the Jews be shamed into withdrawing him as their public representative to the world?
Nope.  They think it is funny that this creepy reconstruct of the Nazis is a great thing.  They can then howl like banshees about ‘anti-semitism’ while this obviously unhinged anti-semite puts himself into our faces, with him screaming about how he is going to wipe out the Palestinians!  And we walk out of a UN conference that has only the very mildest condemnation of Jewish ethnic cleansing?

U.S.: Palestinians need not recognize Israel as Jewish state before talks – Haaretz – Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people as a condition for renewing peace talks is unacceptable to the United States, the State Department said during special envoy George Mitchell’s visits over the weekend to Ramallah and Cairo. 

The State Department released statements saying that the United States would continue to promote a two-state solution. In Ramallah, Mitchell met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. 

Israel just openly rejected the two state plan. What are they offering?  Nothing at all.  They want total recognition of the fact that ONLY Jews can be Israelis while not giving the Palestinians recognition of any sort.  Namely, the entire edifice of negotiations for the last 70 years has vanished totally.  And the US, instead of cutting all funding to this racist state, are increasing funding while wringing our hypocritical hands, wailing about how there is no peace in the Middle East.

The startling news that Obama has set even small conditions on these non-negotiations barely made the  news here in the US.  The blackout of all important news the Jews want hidden continues.  By the way, this is now the anniversary of when my father first walked into the Nazi concentration camps in Germany.  This is when the Jews now celebrate the whole Shoah business.

This is the week, we must understand the River Styx that runs deep inside all human souls.  There is definitely rising anger directed at the Jewish people.  A very dangerous river of hatred. This is wrong.  But the Jews think, if they channel their own river of hate, they will win in the end and have this glorious state whereby they can rule themselves and by extension, all other lands.  This is why they have to support liberalism in regards to race and religion….BUT NOT IN THEIR OWN LANDS! 

This is the dual process that is grinding apart the entire liberal system so painfully gained, legal victory after legal victory, via learning, thinking and persuading.  The best Jewish minds, from 1600 to 1900, were bent on this liberalization process and it was a very noble effort.

Now, it is being totally trashes as the Jews embrace Hitler’s philosophy of ethnic cleansing and religious domination.  So we must beg everyone to learn the real lessons of Nazi Germany.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Walk-out at Iran leader’s speech

Diplomats have walked out of a speech by the Iranian president at a UN anti-racism conference after he described Israel as a “racist government”.

Two protesters, wearing coloured wigs, briefly disrupted the beginning of the speech by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but he continued speaking.

Shortly afterwards a stream of Western delegates walked out when he attacked the creation of the state of Israel.

Of course, this makes the news.  Everywhere, it is trumpeted.  Europe, the guys who created the Holocaust, and the US, the land that enslaved millions of Africans and never paid any reparations for this, are both in a snit about Iran.  Iran is a religious nightmare exactly like Israel.  There is no difference between mosque and state!  Like Saudi Arabia or a host of other, equally illiberal nations.

But we can’t throw rocks at Iran for acting exactly like the Jews oppressing Palestinians.  This is morally wrong. And if we are going to legislate morals, then we must apply the same philosophical values to everyone.  Not have one set of rules for Jews and a totally different set for Muslims or Christians.  We have to defend real liberalism and to do this, we must condemn the concept of the Jews-only state.

Palestinians get less water than Israel-World Bank | Reuters

Israelis have access to more than four times more water than do Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the World Bank said in a report on Monday.

It said that a 1995 interim peace accord that governs the allocation of water has proven inadequate, as the Palestinian Authority has been fragmented by the last eight years of fighting while Israel has improved its own water facilities…

An Israeli official said the World Bank report was “grossly misleading”. Israel has a much more developed industrial sector than the Palestinians and this can skew per capita assessments of water consumption, the official said. “It’s like comparing apples to watermelons,” the official said.

As usual, Israeli Jews lie.  Much of this water is NOT used for ‘industry’.  Anyone looking at satellite photos of Palestine can see very clearly, the Jews are watering what used to be Palestinian farms.  This confiscated land is now very green.  The Palestinian sides of the border are dusty brown.  Why do the Jews in Israel have to lie?  They should ask themselves this question.

picture-165Here is a satellite photo of the border between Gaza and Israel.  The round circles are all sprinkler farm systems.  All of the fields are large on the Jewish side and incredibly tiny on the Palestinian side.  The Jewish side is quite green.  The Palestinian side is not green at all.  

By the way, we can zoom in on our own Google maps to see individual houses in the US, even our cars are visible.  But not with any maps of Israel or their occupied lands!  We can only get a very generalized view.  All the close ups are verboten by the Jews.  They don’t want us to zoom in to see the exact condition the Palestinians live in, even in these maps.





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As the Jewish community obsesses more and more with the Holocaust, they instinctively relive it in Gaza, casting themselves in the role of the cruel oppressor.  The human psyche seems nearly totally unable to cope, collectively, with reality and has evolved, over many eons, various schemes and systems for deflecting the mind from looking honestly at our deeds.  I suspect, this evolved during a high-stress period when humans had to use cannibalism to survive.  Scientists in America have discovered the chemistry of the mind that controls our ability to recall pain.  This will lead, inevitably, to the creation of ‘soma’, a drug that will allow us to live blissfully but of course, will destroy our humanity.  This is a paradox as all things having to do with our psyches, are often utterly paradoxical. Continue reading


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The US is going bankrupt, trying to run the world’s biggest empire totally in the red.  The UK tried this after WWI and even greatly expanded its empire during the first half of the 20th Century but this utterly destroyed the finances of the UK which crumbled nearly instantly when Germany and Japan openly challenged UK powers.  So it will be with the US: a hollow giant which can only expand into the world’s poorest nations.  There are several news currents that are flowing now, flowing in ways that undermine US power.  Obama went overseas and tried to give everyone hope and change but when the rubber hits the Pentagon, change is changed into stagnation. Continue reading

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When something isn’t understood, if people assume they know where they are going despite obviously going into a terrible swamp, things only get worse and worse.  So it is today: all the US prescriptions for fixing the huge economic mess we are in are perversely the exact opposite of those we need to save ourselves.  Instead of heeding the obvious warnings from Libra, to balance our books, we are heedlessly increasing the money supply, increasing our debts and increasing our spending.  All the things that got us in trouble, in the first place.  This makes me want to tear my hair out except I know that Libra always prevails in the bitter end.   Continue reading

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Time for my first online video Tarot reading!  I may sound like a crazy person, but then, we are all crazy, this is the nature of humans is to be wise, yet insane, at the same time.  Our brains torment us.  Tarot cards evolved over time based on basic permutations of various obvious forces: love/hate/wealth/poverty/weakness/power/life/death.  They can, if done properly and with rationality, tell a narrative story which can be a warning to us.  I am rather addicted to warnings.  They prevent us from jumping off of cliffs into massive bonfires, just for example!

YouTube – Obama Tarot Card Reading

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Culture of Life News presents:   YouTube – Cave of Wealth and Death Part 1

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The degradation of the Jewish community as the practice the dark arts of ethnic cleansing has now reached levels of debasement that are most dangerous for the entire global Jewish community. Us support of this vicious business is also degrading the US. As economic collapse engulfs both Israel and the US, this will backfire on the Jewish community. The IDF snipers are openly boasting about killing infants and fetuses so they can win more Palestinian lands and the hope is, when they drive out the natives, they will be Lords of Creation. Only, this will create WWIII, not some Paradise. Continue reading


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At last, we straightened out what was wrong with the You Tube account!  On with the show!  A reader recently offered to help me animate cartoons so we might start having some real fun here, soon!  As for today, here is my latest video which is a meditation on the business of the very first paper money printed 1,000 years ago in Song, China. Continue reading

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It is never fun, talking about the politics of war and how the US has gotten itself into a very, very deep hole, trying to control the entire planet.  This requires talking about the #1 leech state, Israel, and how its supporters in the US have twisted US diplomacy to the point, it is like a corkscrew.  We now have a collapsing economy with a financial situation that is intensely grave.  Yet, we are spending even more money on our military and our wars against, for the most part, Muslims.  We are still trying to win against the most stubborn Muslims on earth, the Afghanis.  Who have some amazing feathers in their deadly caps!  And our Congress critters are still getting caught on tax cheating.  This is ridiculous.  They want to spend and spend but not pay for anything at all. Continue reading

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