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When the price of oil fell like a rock after all the hedge funds bid up prices to record highs last summer, everyone rejoiced.  Americans returned to their proliferate ways and resumed buying and driving immense gas guzzlers.  This happy situation is not going to last very long.  Oil has risen by 50% from its low.  The instability of the US dollar which is the oil fiat money, makes perceptions of oil prices fluctuate wildly.  But if we look at it from far away, we can see that when prices were ‘high’ last summer, the dollar was much weaker against the euro.  Today, the euro is weaker than last summer, so oil is ‘cheaper’ for us but more expensive for Europe.  Unravelling all of this requires being clever, of course.  Which means, the mainstream media has no clue. Continue reading


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Tonight, we will look at lots of Federal Reserve graphs.  Anyone within this system who claims, ‘No body could see this coming,’ is just plain lying.  The graphs show clearly how we had an increasingly unstable system even though ‘inflation’ was masked by various strategies, one of the biggest being, outright lying about real inflation.  It is easy to pretend something doesn’t exist if you ignore it standing right in front of you.  The Debt House of Cards has collapsed and our entire financial system has fallen.  Totally.  The world is desperate to pretend otherwise, but the two great imperial rivals, China and Russia, are now playing Chopin’s Funeral March.  The dollar is doomed. Continue reading

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Sleeping bunks on the Bio Bus, on a freezing, cold Spring night on my mountain.

Last Friday afternoon, I got a surprise from some readers: they were on their way from Boston to Ohio and then, off to San Francisco and wanted to drop in for dinner!  So I got together a big pot of vegetables, some Irish soda bread, grapes and some cookies and just before sunset, the Bio Bus pulled in at the bottom of our mountain. Continue reading

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Reasearch seeking new energy storage systems and energy production systems continues.  Technology races after raw research, seeking better materials and using them in increasingly smaller and smaller systems will enable computers to work better and longer between charges and create more efficient transportation systems as well as generating energy using less irreplaceable resources.  I always maintain that the best of our culture comes from scientists and engineers just like some of the scariest and deadliest parts of our culture come from the same, often identical, people.   Continue reading


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The communist nations have the strongest future because they have ‘sovereign wealth’.  Unlike OPEC nations with lots of money but no real power, real power is nuclear bombs.  Time to worry about Iran, an OPEC member, getting this!  Many European and American commentators were chuckling over how they pulled the wool over Putin’s eyes by running a successful propaganda campaign, claiming Russia started the Olympic Wars in Ossetia.  But this hasn’t changed reality: Russia won that was we sponsored and enabled and Russia won the gas pipeline wars, too.

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