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YouTube – Risk Strategy versus Tactics Part1

The US military is supposed to have the best military minds working for it. Yet, they seem utterly incapable of understanding the concept of ‘strategy’. They mix it up with ‘tactics’. Since our politicians have no clue about war strategy, either, we end up making the same mistakes all previous empires make: trying to hold as much land as possible, using military force. I use the 1957 edition of the game ‘Risk’ to explain how this works. Continue reading


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Thoughtless US Stragetic Think Tanks

YouTube – Thoughtless US Stragetic Think Tanks

Since WWII, all Presidents have been pestered by think tanks who think they know better than the rest of us. But they seem to know very, very little and also give very, very bad advice. Over the last half a century, they have grown in number from under ten to over 100. Continue reading


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