It is never fun, talking about the politics of war and how the US has gotten itself into a very, very deep hole, trying to control the entire planet.  This requires talking about the #1 leech state, Israel, and how its supporters in the US have twisted US diplomacy to the point, it is like a corkscrew.  We now have a collapsing economy with a financial situation that is intensely grave.  Yet, we are spending even more money on our military and our wars against, for the most part, Muslims.  We are still trying to win against the most stubborn Muslims on earth, the Afghanis.  Who have some amazing feathers in their deadly caps!  And our Congress critters are still getting caught on tax cheating.  This is ridiculous.  They want to spend and spend but not pay for anything at all.

John McCain and Joseph Lieberman – Fighting Our Must-Win War –


Loose rhetoric about a minimal commitment in Afghanistan is counterproductive for another reason: It exacerbates suspicions, already widespread in South Asia, that the United States will tire of this war and retreat. These doubts about our staying power deter ordinary Afghans from siding with our coalition against the insurgency. Also important is that these suspicions are a major reason some in Pakistan are reluctant to break decisively with insurgent groups, which, in a hedging strategy, they view as integral to positioning Pakistan for influence “the day after” the United States gives up and leaves Afghanistan.


Good grief!  Pakistan is undergoing an obvious revolution.  US military equipment is being blown up there every day.  Russia has to help us go into the Afghanistan rat hole!  Massive anti-dictator demonstrations wrack Pakistan on a weekly basis.  Recently, the people there were literally bearing flaming torches while marching against their US puppet ruler.  Who gained power via a military coup.  The military sided with the demonstrators.



That is why it is so important for the president to reject the temptations of minimalism in Afghanistan and instead adopt a fully resourced, comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy, backed by an unambiguous American commitment to success over the long term. In doing so, he must invest the political capital to remind Americans why this fight is necessary for our national security, speak openly and frankly to our nation about the difficult path ahead, and — most of all — explain clearly to our fellow citizens why he is confident that we can prevail.


Maybe Nixon shouldn’t have gone to China to ask for help, extricating ourselves from Vietnam.  Then, McCain could be still in prison there.  I still see, all over rural America, those deceitful black flags about mythological prisoners of war, flapping in the wind.  The US is a sore loser when we lose wars.  This is a sign of weakness.


If we want respect, we have to stop being so surly about ourselves.  We were NOT the victims in Vietnam.  We were the aggressors.  Just as the Germans can’t fly Nazi flags whining about losing WWII, we shouldn’t do the same, here.  It is bad for our collective souls.  

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama called Afghanistan “the war we must win.” He was absolutely right. Now it is time to win it — and we and many other members of both political parties stand ready to give him our full support in this crucial fight.


Why do all empires want to win in Afghanistan?   This is like the business about invading Russia: periodically, idiots in Europe think, ‘Why not invade Russia?’ despite all historical proofs, this is easy to go into and then, you are destroyed the following winter.  One would imagine that anyone even thinking this should be put in a lunatic asylum.  


Ditto with Afghanistan: the US could have done a surgical strike after 9/11 but didn’t.  It wanted to invade Afghanistan so we could establish a military outpost next to both Russia and China and menace Iran from the backside.  The ONLY way we could do this was to get the populace on our side and cooperating with us.  But we failed due to our alliance with the world’s biggest opium warlords on earth.


As with Vietnam, the US military became the protector, supporter and conduit for dangerous, illegal addictive drugs which flooded across the entire planet, triggering lawlessness and chaos far, far from Afghanistan.  More people have probably died of heroin overdoes, 1,000 times more people have died, than died on 9/11.  Since addicts need a lot of money, this has increased street crime, theft and embezzlement.  And on top of all of this, the US is going bankrupt.


One reason we are going bankrupt is, our elites, our politicians, the head of the IRS, all are tax cheats.  They cut taxes they pay, themselves, over and over again and then still cheat on their taxes.  1,000 Afghani warriors do less damage to America than 1,000 tax cheating politicians and tax cutting corporate gnomes seeking immense, non-taxable bonuses for wrecking the economy.  If we restore the Eisenhower taxes which were heavily indexed so the rich paid immense taxes, we won’t go bankrupt.  True, the gnomes will be unable to own private jets, huge yachts, castles and 6’5″ fashion model mistresses!  TOUGH TITTIES.


California Congressman Calls Maryland Home to Gain Tax Credit –


A senior member of the U.S. House’s tax-writing Ways and Means Committee from California has been taking advantage of a tax break for a home in Maryland that he claims as his principal residence.

Representative Pete Stark, the second-ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means panel, in 2007 and 2008 saved a total of $3,853 in state and Anne Arundel County taxes on a Maryland waterfront home that he claims as his primary residence, according to Maryland tax disclosures….


Not only are some in Congress tax cheats, they are liars when it comes to defining their residency.  US laws that are enshrined in our Constitution demand that representatives live where they are supposed to be representing.  They can’t live somewhere else while flying in on their private jets, to periodically give a speech.  Since most of our elections are run by proxy via TV commercials and other tools, living away from ‘home’ is very alluring.  


Anyone caught claiming residency outside of their election districts should be IMPEACHED and REMOVED INSTANTLY.  And PUT IN PRISON FOR FRAUD.  Arrest them all.  No one would dare do this again if the previous jerks went to jail.  Look at Stark’s history!

Pete Stark – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In 1972, Stark moved to Oakland to run in the Democratic primary against ten-term incumbent U.S. Representative George Paul Miller in what was then the 8th district. He won the nomination by a shocking 34-point margin. In the 1972 general electionhe won by a narrow 5-point margin. Since that election he has not faced a contest nearly that close and has been reelected 16 times. He has only dropped below 60 percent of the vote once (in 1980). Due to redistricting, his district has changed numbers twice, from the 8th (1973–75) to the 9th (1975–93) to the 13th (since 1993).

Today Stark is the longest-serving member of Congress from California. Ironically, Stark ran against George P. Miller, “For Miller being in Washington – too long, elected in 1944.”


One of the more interesting goddesses from the Cave of Wealth and Death are the Furies who punish humans for ‘hubris’. In this case, Mr. Stark should be punished, hard.  For he accused another, who probably didn’t do the tax cheat thing, of being an absentee politician.


He has been a ranking member of the Banking and Currency Committee and powerful Ways and Means Committee. He also served as chairman of the Committee on the District of Columbia in the103rd Congress. His voting record is generally very liberal, as indicated in the ratings section below, and he has been voted the most liberal member of Congress for two consecutive years. He was a founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.



I don’t care how liberal this jerk is.  He is a fraud.  And his liberality is easily bought since he doesn’t pay the price.  

Stark, in the telephone interview, said, “Insofar as I know, I’m obeying the law.” He said that he stays in the Maryland home about two-thirds of the year and that, “I don’t have, I don’t own another residence.” He also said he rents an apartment in his district where he stays when he is there.


In ancient times when we had only horses or boats, it is understandable that these people would want to stay near DC all the time, even so, this was NOT ALLOWED.  Our ancient founders who set this country up made is crystal clear, Congress was not to be in session all the time.  The representatives had to go home to keep up with events there.  They dreaded an imperial US power that would be like Napoleonic France.


Today, there is absolutely no excuse about ‘going home’.  Pelosi demanded a fast-flying person jet so she could avoid landing in Middle America when flying home to visit.  We have trains, jets, cars and other tools for rapidly moving about the country.  Mr. Stark has no claim to being unable to go home.  And he isn’t alone.


Stark is not alone among politicians who have claimed the tax credit. Last week, the Associated Press reported that U.S. Representative Eliot Engel, a Democrat from New York, was declared ineligible by Maryland officials for the tax break he has been receiving for a home he owns in Montgomery County, Maryland, a Washington suburb. A state official said her office is reviewing the eligibility of other members of Congress who own property in Montgomery County and claim the credit….


Engel is one of a fairly large flock of Jewish politicians in NY.  The Jewish lobby here is immensely powerful.  The fact that Engel has been allowed to pollute Congress with his presence while not even living in NY is a crime.  This jerk needs to spend only $50 bucks a pop to take a 3 hour ride on the Amtrak trains to DC from Manhattan.  He can commute on a daily basis, even!  There is far less excuse for his crime compared to his fellow Democratic member from distant California.

Eliot L. Engel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Eliot Engel was a strong supporter of a massive military campaign against Iraq in 2002, refusing to meet with and ultimately rebuffing constituents who asked him to vote against the measure. On October 10, 2002, he was among the 81 House Democrats who voted in favor of authorizing the invasion of Iraq. As the war dragged on, his position changed. He now responds to questions about his support for the war by saying that had he known then what he now knows, he would have acted differently.

Engel has struck up an alliance the controversial Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which was founded by the Reverend John Hagee and has spoken at their Washington-Israel Summit in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, Engel’s scheduled participation at the CUFI Summit on July 22 was questioned by members of his constiuency. Hagee had reportedly made anti-Catholic, anti-gay, and anti-semitic remarks in his books, speeches, and sermons that upset some voters in Engel’s congressional district.



And he is a warmongering criminal, too.  He is also one of many Jews who are now consorting with End of Times Christians praying for WWIII to come and annihilate most humans so they can fly to Heaven to be with their vicious Anti-Christ, the Apocalyptic Jesus.

Tom Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat, lost his U.S. Senate seat in 2004 after a campaign during which reports surfaced that the year before he had claimed a homestead tax break on a $1.9 million residence in Washington. The Republican who defeated him, John Thune, sought to depict Daschle as out of touch with their home state.

This is an ongoing problem.  I mourn the death of true patriotism.  We see clearly, that Congress, ALL of our Presidents since Reagan and everyone who gets elected, are tempted to become traitors.  Money is thrown at these people so they choose the path of evil, not the path of honesty.  Lying about residency, lying about taxes, lying about lobbying, lying about conflicts of interest, lying about wars, all this is treasonous.  If enough people do this, we get a collapsed government that is very deep in debt and addicted to foreign adventures on behalf of foreign powers.  And the #1 foreign power that rules our Congress is AIPAC and its allies.


Ministerial panel: Tighten Gaza borders, strip Palestinian prisoners’ rights – Haaretz – Israel News

A special ministerial committee, assembled in the wake of failed negotiations over the release of abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, urged the government on Wednesday to tighten its control of Gaza Strip border crossings to increase pressure on Hamas. 

The committee called to further restrict passage of merchandize into the coastal encave, but recommended that humanitarian aid still be brought safely into Gaza….


The Jews are utterly relentless.  They just voted to go full-fascist.  As Jews justify fascism and war crimes, the US is increasingly fascist, too.  And commits more and more war crimes. We can’t have a double or triple standard.  We can’t wail about the Holocaust while committing Holocaustian crimes.  We can’t wail about law and order and then support opium warlords in Afghanistan.  


The Jews want to return to ‘starving the ghetto’ because this is how they want to feel like supermen.  If they can commit the same crimes as the Nazis, they will be stronger than the Nazis and thus, triumph over History.  The Goddess of History shakes Her head as she writes with her bloody pen.  And this desire for triumph is also ‘hubris’.  The Furies wait in the wings, for their day of atonement. 

The committee was mandated with discussing the prison conditions of Palestinian incarcerated in Israel and possibly working to equal their conditions to those of Shalit. 

One of the worst things here is how the Jews are marching down the Nazi Autobahn.  They already kill unarmed peace advocates.  Now, they want to torture the captive natives!  Even more than before.  And conditions in Jewish prisons are awful.  The US didn’t just ‘create’ Gitmo’s tortures, we COPIED them from the Jews.  

The committee decided to form a taskforce headed by the attorney general, and comprising representatives of the Shin Bet, IDF, and the Israeli Prison Service, to examine pulling some of privileges enjoyed by inmates associated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 

The taskforce will examine a number of options, including reducing the monetary allowances given to prisoners for personal use, restricting means of communication, cutting down on visits and schooling possibilities, as well as preventing any physical contact between the inmates and their families. 

I have no idea, how many of these prisoners are children.  Word is, quite a few.  Any child throwing rocks at their armed occupying powers are arrested, abused and then imprisoned.  The need to be very cruel to children also apes Nazi mentality.  Recently, the Jewish media, which is not heavily censored like US media, had a story about how a sniper shot and killed a mother and her children after other Nazi IDF forces ordered the poor woman to march out into the open.  They didn’t tell the sniper to not shoot them.

Even though the sniper could plainly see it was a mother with very small children, he still shot them all dead.  In the head.  Indeed, most of the deaths of children in Gaza were due to head shots.  No one was arrested, punished or anything, after this war crime.  Instead, the JEWS in Israel marched, no, GOOSES STEPPED to the polls, screaming, ‘Sieg Heil!  Heil, Lieberman!’


The taskforce is expected to complete its inquiry within two weeks and will then release a set of operational guidelines for consideration by the defense establishment. 

MK Afu Aghbaria of Hadash called possibility of worsening jailing conditions an”inacceptable form of collective punishment.” 

The gruesome elections in Israel clearly show the country is going hyper-neo-nazi.  I am just amazed that there isn’t a huge row here in the US, over this business!  Can’t Jews here see the obvious?  If Jews endorse ethnic cleansing and religious bigotry, it will come here to America.  I hate this.  I will fight this, tooth and nail.  Religious and ethnic bigotry is pure evil.  It is obviously deadly.  The worst massacres in human history are due to religious and ethnic warfare.  This isn’t nation fighting nation.  This is an attempt to physically wipe out other human groups.  It is a form of cannibalism minus the menu.


Our Founding Fathers figured this out over 200 years ago!  Where is the shock here?  Why can’t all nations imitate the most important clause of our Constitution: the separation of Church and State?  Now, let’s go to the very Jewish New York Times as the warmongering editors fret about all this:


After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation –


Relations with Turkey, an important Muslim ally, have suffered severely. A group of top international judges and human rights investigators recently called for an inquiry into Israel’s actions in Gaza. “Israel Apartheid Week” drew participants in 54 cities around the world this month, twice the number of last year, according to its organizers. And even in the American Jewish community, albeit in its liberal wing, there is a chill.


I know a number of ‘liberals’ who are Jewish who instantly become raving Nazis the minute the issue of Palestine arises.  I have seen this up close, for many years.  First, we are not supposed to compare Jewish ethnic war crimes with German ethnic war crimes.  Next, we have to accept minimizing the deaths of a host of other people the Nazis wanted to annihilate [hint: it was nearly ALL HUMANS towards the end, including Germans!].  


It is amazing to watch someone who is an intellectual in all other areas, suddenly slam the mental doors shut and scream, ‘Kill in the name of Judaism!’  This terrifies me.  In particular, it is dangerous when Jews are very much a physical minority population.  The flames they are fanning will blow back with a much worse Holocaust.  I have Jewish children.  The last thing I want is another Holocaust.  I have enough Jewish blood in myself to qualify for annihilation!


So I beg the Jewish community to reconsider this insane plan of butchering all the Palestinians so Jews can live a life of utter depravity as self-centered religious bigots in the Holy Land.  It is not improving the mental condition of the Jewish people.  It is making us all mental cases!  The sooner we stop this madness, the better.

The issue has not gone unnoticed here, but it has generated two distinct and somewhat contradictory reactions. On one hand, there is real concern. Global opinion surveys are being closely examined and the Foreign Ministry has been granted an extra $2 million to improve Israel’s image through cultural and information diplomacy.


In other words, the Jews in the neo-Nazi state of Israel will go about, harping about the Holocaust.  What are they going to put on display?  Will they have orchestras play ‘The Blue Danube’ as the Jews march the Palestinian rock throwing children into punitive concentration camps?  Seriously, this is where it all ends.

“We will send well-known novelists and writers overseas, theater companies, exhibits,” said Arye Mekel, the ministry’s deputy director general for cultural affairs. “This way you show Israel’s prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war.”…


The Nazis tried this.  They wanted to show a ‘pretty face’ which is why they had to hide their concentration camps from prying eyes.  Israeli Jews who are ‘novelists’ or other ‘artists’ should do aggressive work attacking the idea of a religious state that kills in order to enable a privileged lifestyle for invaders.  They should connect the Jewish crimes to the Nazi crimes.  Once they do this, they can then SHAME their fellow religious fanatics into stopping these crimes.


Prettifying warmongering, abuse of civilians, war crimes and outright theft is only going to justify Naziism.  People are not stupid.  They see Jews getting away with confiscations, cruelty and theft.  So they think, ‘Why not do this, too, we can steal from the Jews!’  Why intelligent Jews can’t figure this obvious thing out is baffling to me.  But then, the US is unable to figure out how our military adventures are destroying the US.

Javier Solana, foreign policy chief for the European Union, said in Brussels on Monday that the group would reconsider its relationship with Israel if it did not remain committed to establishing a Palestinian state.

Moreover, Mr. Netanyahu is expected to appoint Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party, as his foreign minister. This alone has Israelis and their allies in Europe and the United States worried because of Mr. Lieberman’s views of Israeli Arabs that some have called racist.


Typical of the NYT.  ‘SOME’ call Lieberman a racist.  Who doesn’t recognize his racism?  If there are Jews who can’t see his racism, there is something very wrong with them.  The rest of us can easily see the obvious, in-your-face racism of Mr. Lieberman.  The entire Jewish ideology is very racist, from the first chapters of the Bible, if we read it carefully, we see a very racist, bigoted god demanding the Jews kill or oppress their neighbors.  In ‘Exodus’, this bizarre death god even says, he will not kill all the people in Caanae because ‘wild animals will take over’, so he will leave them in place until the numbers of the Jews grows enough to exploit the lands and kick out the people who actually live there!

Mr. Lieberman had campaigned on the need for a loyalty oath in Israel so that those who did not support a Jewish democratic state would lose their citizenship. One-fifth of Israeli citizens are Arabs, and many do not support defining the state as Jewish….


God help us, if the US has similar requirements.  Imagine if the Christian allies of these guys were to impose an identical religious state, here?  


Some Israeli officials say they believe that what the country needs is to “rebrand” itself. They say Israel spends far too much time defending actions against its enemies. By doing so, they say, the narrative is always about conflict.


Yes, I believe in ‘rebanding’ Israel: Der Vierte Reich.  The Fourth Reich.  

Mr. Gilboa, the political scientist, said branding was not enough.

“We need to do much more to educate the world about our situation,” he said. Regarding the extra $2 million budgeted for this, he said: “We need 50 million. We need 100 million.”



If the Jews spend a trillion dollars, re-educating the rest of humanity, it won’t work.  If they want people to love them, they have to stop being a bunch of murderous bastards.  How simple is this?  The US still loves to attack China over the issue of Tibet.  And I keep saying,  the Palestinians would dearly love to be abused like the Tibetans.  That would be a thousand times better than what they are enduring, today, at the hands of US-paid criminals who come from mostly outside of the Middle East.


Press TV – Mullen sketches out ‘US strike’ on Iran

In a weekend interview with Charlie Rose, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said although he is concerned with the ‘consequences’ of a military action against Iran, the army could rely on a ‘very strong strategic reserve’. 


OH MY GOD!  So, we have plenty of oil and can start a war in Iran?  I wondered how the Nazi generals could be so stupid, such as invading Russia, for example.  Well, ours are equally stupid. If we have a stupid, warmongering President, the combination is deadly.


“We have the capacity to do it but we are stretched. My ground forces are very stressed, very worn… On the other hand we’ve got a very strong strategic reserve in our Air Force and in our Navy and in fact that’s a part of the world, it’s a maritime part of the world, where the emphasis would certainly be on those two forces,” explained Adm. Mullen. 


The very instant we attack Iran, China will triumph in all of Asia, Europe will have to join with Russia to stay alive and the Saudi oil wells will probably be in flames.  The world’s economy, already on the ropes, will completely collapse.


His remarks come as Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is currently in the US to discuss “the Iranian threat” with the heads of the defense establishment and the US Secretary of State’s special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, Dennis Ross, according to Israeli media…. 

Earlier reports suggested that Israel’s Prime Minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, anticipates being involved in a “major military confrontation in the next few months”. 

For god’s sake, Obama!  You are running out of time!  Get rid of that Israeli you chose to run the White House.  Go on TV with Jimmy Carter and announce, you are cutting funds to the Israeli-ethnic cleansing state and if Congress yells about this, ask America what they want: WWIII or peace.  If you lose power, SO WHAT?  You will be killed, anyway, when ethnic cleansing sweeps America.


I am just baffled, why a minority member would support obvious racism when it comes to Jews.  NO ONE should be allowed to be openly racist!  Especially, in America!  I am totally against all forms of racism.  Now, into the 9/11 cesspool:


Press TV – Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

According to a recent article published in theAmerican Free Press weekly, the revelation that the cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah was in fact working as a longtime Mossad agent is proof that Israel had a hand in the terror attacks on US soil. 

The New York Times recently reported that Lebanese national Ali al-Jarrah, a supposedly earnest Palestinian supporter, had been actually working as a highly valued spy for Israel over the past two decades. 

Al-Jarrah reportedly admitted that he had been conducting covert espionage activities against Palestinian groups and the Lebanese Hezbollah since 1983. 

“It is not the family’s first brush with notoriety. One of Mr. Jarrah’s cousins, Ziad al-Jarrah, was among the 19 hijackers who carried out the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001,” said the Times. 


I am still very angry about the entire ‘bombs in the building’ stuff because it prevents anyone from discussing obvious things connected with 9/11.  Osama was very connected in the sense, he was the strategic father of the 9/11 business.  He is also connected to the Bush family, to the CIA and to the Saudi Royals.  And the attackers who were encouraged and allowed to terrorize America while our military sat on its collective ass while Rumsfeld kept them all locked down, this latest information about the interconnectedness of the CIA and the 9/11 conspirators is another key to who is really responsible: our own rulers.


They didn’t need bombs to terrorize us.  Note that the AIG terrorists aren’t using bombs, either.  They will just let everything collapse, even worse.  See?  It is pretty simple.  A criminal can simply leave the front door open to let in assassins.  In the court of law, this is considered to be a crime.  Everything to do with 9/11 was criminal.  


Mossad has claws in nearly all of the deep level terrorist groups which terrorize outsiders so they will hate Muslims.  This business should be investigated except most of our Congress and our Presidents as complicit in these Mossad-type crimes.  Everyone is looking for an excuse to wage ‘selective’ wars against Muslims.  But all these wars can explode rapidly into a WWIII event and the end of humanity.  This is why we have to talk about the odious business of the Jewish push to annihilate the Palestinian presence in Caanae.





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