As the Jewish community obsesses more and more with the Holocaust, they instinctively relive it in Gaza, casting themselves in the role of the cruel oppressor.  The human psyche seems nearly totally unable to cope, collectively, with reality and has evolved, over many eons, various schemes and systems for deflecting the mind from looking honestly at our deeds.  I suspect, this evolved during a high-stress period when humans had to use cannibalism to survive.  Scientists in America have discovered the chemistry of the mind that controls our ability to recall pain.  This will lead, inevitably, to the creation of ‘soma’, a drug that will allow us to live blissfully but of course, will destroy our humanity.  This is a paradox as all things having to do with our psyches, are often utterly paradoxical.



Poland Searches Its Own Soul

 In “Defiance,” a clunky but well-meaning action film set during World War II and starring Daniel Craig, the Bielski brothers save hundreds of fellow Polish Jews by battling Nazis in the Belarussian forest. Directed by Edward Zwick and based on a true story, the movie, released around New Year’s, tried among other things to counter Hollywood’s usual tales of Jewish helplessness during the Shoah.

Whether it did, or instead implied that Jews who didn’t fight bore a measure of responsibility for their own fate, became a matter of some passing debate in America.

But the film provoked a different sort of fuss shortly before it arrived here some weeks later. Movie critics in Poland wondered whether Hollywood would ever get around to showing Polish partisans as heroes, as opposed to anti-Semites. A book rushed out by a couple of journalists for Gazeta Wyborcza, a liberal newspaper, raised doubts about the financial motives of the roughneck real-life Bielski brothers and was pulled from bookstores soon after publication because of accusations of inaccuracy and plagiarism.

Then the movie opened, and the whole issue fizzled. The film quietly disappeared from theaters. Poland, it turned out, had already moved on.

Hardly a week passes without either the NYT or the New Yorker or Washington Post, etc, running Holocaust-themed stories.  This reached epic levels during the crushing of the Gaza Ghetto resistance.  The history of psychology is full of these sorts of effects. Namely, while someone screams about past iniquities, they do the same crimes as they cry about the past.


This is why child abusers relive their worse nightmares while inflicting it upon their own children.  The desire to feel like a hero and to create stories of heroism means creating mythologies which are actually psychological tricks our minds play on ourselves because this is how we survived the collapse of the jungle Garden of Eden world in Africa a million years ago.


We evolved rapidly due to this collapse, it was a very powerful and deadly evolutionary force that included outright cannibalism.  Our deep-seated cruel streak coupled with the inability to feel other’s pain evolved during this cannibalistic cycle long ago.  This is also probably why a significant number of people have to be restrained from killing their own children or other family members.  We see, during times of distress, a lot of family mass murders due to people’s brains triggering this primitive urge towards cannibalism during times of stress.


This is why it is so difficult to cultivate ‘humanitarianism’.  Even people who try very hard to be ‘humanitarian’ end up giving in to primitive urges to be very cruel to some group or people.  This is where racism, anti-semitism, religious hatreds, etc come in.  Recently, a man and wife nearly beat their 3 year old to death because he ate meat.  They were Buddhist vegetarians and were trying to purge evil spirits from their child.  But deep inside their brains, the urge to beat to death, a juicy morsel of a baby and then eat it, was being triggered which is why they could not stop their butchery.


So, even the prohibition about killing and eating animals [we are all vegetarians who evolved into carnivores] can’t prevent the psychotic side taking over and killing even one’s own child!  And most living creatures protect their children, not eat them, except when under great stress or when cut off from alternative food sources.  This ’emergency feeding mode’ is hardwired in our brains.  This is at the root of why we are always very indifferent to the sufferings of others if this means, we can attain some goal that involves eating.  


Curiously, one of the biggest moves in Israel is to expand agriculture, to ‘turn Israel green’ and thus, lay claim to the land of Milk and Honey.  This also means, preventing the natives from farming which is why the Jews very maliciously have placed their wall so it cuts villages off from fields cultivated by the non-humans the Jews wish to lock out of the food cycle system.  This is also why Germans and others locked Jews into ghettos and prevented them from farming until liberal law changes allowed Jews to farm thanks to the political changes of the French Revolution and the American Revolution.


As the Jews obsess about the Holocaust, they can’t see how they are now the Holocaust’s primary force of destruction.  And the interior destruction to their own collective psychological state of being, is immense since it is resetting all of the community to operate in the ‘cannibal’ mode, not the modern ‘humanist’ mode.  


Brain Power – Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory – Series –

The drug blocks the activity of a substance that the brain apparently needs to retain much of its learned information. And if enhanced, the substance could help ward off dementias and other memory problems.

So far, the research has been done only on animals. But scientists say this memory system is likely to work almost identically in people.

The discovery of such an apparently critical memory molecule, and its many potential uses, are part of the buzz surrounding a field that, in just the past few years, has made the seemingly impossible suddenly probable: neuroscience, the study of the brain….

Millions of people might be tempted to erase a severely painful memory, for instance — but what if, in the process, they lost other, personally important memories that were somehow related? Would a treatment that “cleared” the learned habits of addiction only tempt people to experiment more widely?

And perhaps even more important, when scientists find a drug to strengthen memory, will everyone feel compelled to use it?



The victors write history.  This is why it is so imperative for the losers to also write history and to retell it in the form of myths, stories, songs and theater.  For example, the Jews did this tremendously, over the eons.  The less political power they had, the more they had to turn to the other tools to ‘write’ history and this is a huge cultural force which actually was far superior to simply being the active forces in history via conquests and triumphs.


Each defeat actually strengthened the story-telling forces.  We see this clearly with Ireland vis a vis England, just for example.  The most powerful English mythological stories are about the resistance to alien rule, such as the WWII stories or the Robin Hood stories, etc.  England was invaded brutally, repeatedly.  This didn’t stop England from imposing the worst sort of exterior rule on say, Ireland!  So the British people could embrace Robin Hood while being the Sheriff of Nottingham to the Irish!


I can find a million examples of this sort of collective thinking.  It is hardwired in our brains.  I have very strong feelings about memory.  First, we all live in a soup of memories, nearly all of which are manipulated by our psychological desires to re-write our own interior histories.  On top of this, the things we do obsess over are often the cause of our own criminal impulses and warp our ability to function as honest entities.  On top of this, we need our  memories so we can entertain ourselves at night, while we sleep!  This is grossly underestimated because most people don’t remember what they dream so they think, this isn’t going on inside their own heads even as it is.


I had my own hidden memories.  Memories, my brain hid so it could protect me from painful feelings.  But this was not good for my own survival, I had to remember and understand the past in order to understand the present and deal with the future.  For example, for several years, my brain refused to remember being hit by lightning as a child.  This didn’t stop my dream world from obsessing over this.  Almost always, when I turn on a light switch and no light comes on, in a dream, half of my brain would wail, ‘Oh no, we are going to remember THAT again???’  But the dream side was correct.  It wanted me to remember this because it felt, it was important and I should have this memory.


It helped a lot that adults assured me of the basic facts and eventually, I did recall events.  As seen by a child’s perspective, of course.  All memories are biased due to the fact, we experience things, we don’t see them like the Gods, from a third point of view.  The need to remember and then emotionally deal with and accept past events is very important.  Untangling the web of interior deceit is even more important.  What seem to be memories are actually, dreams.  Dreams warp everything and ruthlessly mining out the true events from the matrix of the Dream World events is very tricky and not easily done.  This was the basis of Freudian analysis which has been dropped as a philosophical medical course. 


Instead, we now use drugs to manipulate minds via manipulating the chemistry of the brain so we can fix our own pasts. Ending the memory of bad events means, we learn nothing from the past.  THIS IS ‘SOMA’.  In Huxley’s Brave New World  people use soma to avoid reality.  This way, they could live in a Dream World while awake and not fear nightmares because they lived in the here and now, all the time.  The fear of death has been erased.  And frankly, this is the big fear that motivates humans to create myths.  


Fear of death and pain are tremendous learning motivators.  People who never feel pain, seldom learn very well, we see these sorts of people drifting through higher learning, studiously avoiding learning much of anything except the most basic levers and systems to operate their own systems.  They question nothing, are disturbed by nothing.


For example, just before I quit trying to get a psychology degree, I went to a class that was about operant training and how to conduct experiments.  I watched exactly one movie of scientists torturing apes and I erupted in fury.  I argued about ethics with the professor and this turned into an intellectual free-for -all.  The cruelty I witnessed was a crime.  The professor thought I was nuts because my sense of humanitarianism was so outraged.  And this is the basis of our modern psychology!


It is very physical [read the details of the science in the NYT story above!  It involved using rats and applying electrical pain on their poor little feet!].  The gains we made, learning how the mind works and how to produce ‘soma’ are actually ENDANGERING US and if successful, will destroy our collective humanity as we gain the ability to inflict terrible pain and then, eliminate the memory of this pain!  I shudder at the implications of all this!


After all, when I was near death, once, long, long ago, as a young person, I wailed, ‘It hurts!  It hurts!’ and a celestial voice said to me, ‘If you feel pain, you are still alive.’  Since then, I prefer pain to no feeling at all.


Pain of Khmer Rouge Era Lost on Cambodian Youth –

As it struggles to leave its past behind, Cambodia today suffers from a particularly painful generation gap: those who survived the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, and their children and grandchildren, who know very little about it.

“I don’t like it, but what can you do?” said Ty Leap, 52, who sells noodles and fruit drinks from a roadside stall. “It really is unbelievable that those things happened.”

For nearly four years, from 1975 to 1979, the Khmer Rouge caused the deaths of 1.7 million people from starvation, overwork and disease as well as torture and execution as they tried to construct a harsh peasant utopia….

Again the Berkeley study seemed to support the perception of widespread ignorance. It found that only 15 percent of the people it surveyed said they knew much at all about the trials, although that number is likely to have risen since the hearings began. The study was based on personal interviews with 1,000 people during the last three weeks of September.


The pain felt by these innocent people as the US/Russia/China indoctrination/pain application wars raged in Southeast Asia, is impossible to comprehend.  I once got to see the Cambodian Temple dancers at the Asia Society in NYC before the Khmer Rogue took over.  To our horror, when one of these dancers escaped via Thailand and came to NYC, we learned that the Khmer Rogue hunted down and murdered all the other royal dancers.  The method they used to find these poor women was very simple: they would flex back a woman’s hand.  


If it flexed back in a supple way, they killed her!  The Khmer Rogue are a lesson to us all: this was basic cannibalism without eating the humans, just starving them to death but the impulse was that deep-cannibal impulse that lies like a sleeping dragon, deep inside all of us.


The younger generation can’t handle this because they grew up, surrounded by adults who suffered tremendously.  We see this with Chinese youth who simply ignore the Cultural Revolution which was nearly as cruel and inhuman.  To forge forwards means ignoring the past.  But NOT FORGETTING.  It isn’t forgotten.  As soon as the very last of the elder generation dies, the grandchildren will be eager and ready to look into all this and incorporate it into their cultural matrix.  And turn it into mythology.  Myth-making is our collective protection from pain.





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