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Dear Readers:  I laboriously tried to create a ‘large type’ Culture of Life News page but this proved nearly impossible to do thanks to coding problems in WordPress.  But now I bought the CSS coding rights to my WordPress site and now have MUCH BIGGER words at the main page so please go visit:  Culture of Life News.


I hope this helps everyone. I know, it is easier to read and I am getting old, myself.  If there are any questions, please use the easy posting site at my main page.  It is REAL BIG so anyone can read it really easy while typing.  Thank you for your patience.

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The paranoid business of the Air Force One terror photo op game gets more and more interesting as new details emerge.  For example, it turns out that the head of the Military Affairs in the White House wanted to keep this all top secret.  This has to be investigated because the entire business was totally insane.  How do you keep secret, an immense jet followed by two fighter jets, buzzing lower Manhattan and Jersey City?  The US government has gone stark, raving mad.  At least, at important junctures.

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic –

Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public. 

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out….

Evidently, it was a drone deep inside of the FAA who unilaterally decided to make this air show secret. Here is Mr. Johnston’s employee information at the FAA:

Profile: James J Johnston/AWA/FAA
Functional Job Title: Manager National Capital Region Coordination Cente 
Service Unit: Operations 
Directorate: System Operations 
Routing Code: AJR-24 
Office Phone: (703) 563-3118 
Physical Address: Orville Wright Bldg. (FOB10A)
FAA National Headquarters
800 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC
Room Number:  
Desk Location:  
Mail Address: Orville Wright Bldg. (FOB10A)
FAA National Headquarters
800 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC

I’m certain Mr. Johnston is being deluged with phone calls this morning.  I tried calling his office but he is not responding.  It is baffling, why this drone persuaded other seeming adults to do something this insane and impossible.  Knowing, all along, this flight would cause mass mayhem and panic in Manhattan, he still persuaded everyone to keep this top secret????  What the hell?

The flyover — apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background — had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized. 

“It was a mistake. It will never happen again,” President Obama said. 

The cost of the frivolous flight was about $60,000 an hour and that was just for Air Force One. That doesn’t include the cost of the two F-16s that came along. 

The flight by the VC-25, a modified Boeing Co. 747, and two F-16 fighter jets cost $328,835, Air Force spokeswoman Vicki Stein said. 

If some government goon were to tell me to keep something secret or they would punish me and then tell me, they were going to fly three jets, one of which is immense, very low over Manhattan at the same hour the 9/11 attacks happened, I would punch them out.  I would leave the office screaming, ‘Call the press!  I’m going on TV to tell everyone!’  Good barking grief!

Of course, since not one soul argued with this completely deranged FAA employee shows us clearly how the US military coup will happen: everyone will be told to keep it secret as jets, assassin robot flying machines, on the ground cops and paramilitary death squads roam the land, killing off anyone who might resist.

When people go to work, they are not supposed to park their brains in the parking lot.  They are supposed to do a thing we call ‘thinking’.  Since it was painfully obvious to even a three year old, that this secret mission would cease being secret at all the instant the jets flew over Manhattan, they should have told the FAA idiot to go hang.  

Instead, this is another page in the ‘paranoia chronicles’.  Is this guy someone who wanted to embarrass Obama?  Was he in cahoots with Caldera?

Louis Caldera – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caldera, son of Mexican immigrants, Soledad and Benjamin Caldera,[1] was born on April 1, 1956 in El Paso, Texas.[3] His family left Texas for California when he was four, living briefly inpublic housing in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles before moving to the suburb of Whittier. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1978 from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, then served on active duty from 1978 to 1983, mostly atFort DixNew Jersey. He went on to enroll at Harvard University and in 1987 earned both anMBA and a JD degree.

Mr. Caldera isn’t stupid. Was he the one who told the FAA guy to keep this secret?  Putting all these people under oath and getting to the bottom of this latest episode in US imperial mental health collapse is very important.  I would suggest to Obama that if he wants to regain sanity in DC, he should order no more secrecy.

That’s it!  Release all secret records from the CIA, the Pentagon, the military biowarfare labs, Homeland Security, the CDC, the FBI, everyone has to finally come clean.  We have to wash out this immense cesspool of accumulated secrets.  Starting with ‘Operation Paperclip’ from WWII which is still secret because it shows the US being complicit in crimes even while building a case for the Nüremberg Trials.

Caldera approved this secret/public mission and should be fired for wasting taxpayer money.  Johnston of the FAA should be fired and put in jail for endangering the public after he threatened everyone with dire consequences if they did the sane thing, that is, inform the public.

But above all, Obama MUST make a speech about how secrets are bad things and dark things grow in secret gardens and his own life depends on shedding light on these secrets, many of which are actually crimes!  There are lots and lots of crimes that have been covered over with the mantle of secrecy.  It doesn’t surprise me that so many people suffer from paranoia due to the obvious fact that we have to be paranoid since we live in a false system.

The fact that the military scheduled this ‘secret’ flight to exactly coincide with the hour the WTC was attacked is very significant.  I suppose, they will blubber about how this was pure accident.  But it is not.  It betrays secret thoughts and secret desires.  The hidden malice in the entire affair is most astonishing.  

The FAA is very concerned about its public image.  I remember 9/11. The FAA sat on its secretive ass during the entire attack.  So did the Pentagon.  And here we are, seeing the exact same people, pulling this nasty, ugly little stunt!  Arrest them all.





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The many stresses and financial difficulties are leading to crimes, suicides and general chaos.  Most people cope with difficulties but the higher up society’s ladder we climb, the harder it is to cope with loss of power or financial comforts.  Here in NY, we have several recent examples.  One of the saddest parts of all this is how children are being viciously abused or murdered by frustrated parents. Continue reading


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No longer can people delude themselves about ‘change’ when it comes to Obama reversing course.  Obama is submitting yet another multibillion dollar bill to Congress to pay for the expansion of US imperial wars.  5 US soldiers were blown up in ‘stable’ Iraq yesterday.  This is a harbinger of more deaths to come as we try to withdraw into our Fortress where Saddam used to rule Iraq.  And Afghanistan roars onwards, straight to hell.  A report from a ‘progressive’ [sic] think tank filled with dumbbells talks about how we have to INCREASE the systems surrounding the DC Kremlin so we can protect America via running a massive empire bent on torture and conquest.  Oh, and free Tibet!  The Chinese are mean!  They are fighting mountain natives….!



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