Time for my first online video Tarot reading!  I may sound like a crazy person, but then, we are all crazy, this is the nature of humans is to be wise, yet insane, at the same time.  Our brains torment us.  Tarot cards evolved over time based on basic permutations of various obvious forces: love/hate/wealth/poverty/weakness/power/life/death.  They can, if done properly and with rationality, tell a narrative story which can be a warning to us.  I am rather addicted to warnings.  They prevent us from jumping off of cliffs into massive bonfires, just for example!

YouTube – Obama Tarot Card Reading


YouTube – Obama Tarot Reading Pt 2


Below are the cards that turned up when I did the reading in the video.  The first two are the cards representing Obama:  One is the Horns of Dilemma.  This means, all choices are painful or have bad consequences.  The other is the Change card which I find to be quite ironic but also pleasing since it fits so perfectly.  


The Change card shows instability.  All Obama has to do is, change his mind and many events will flow from this.  This is what people using him, who are fighting to control America and the entire planet,  fear the most.  Change.


These two cards are above and below the Obama cards.  They represent opposing forces acting on him.  I said, the lower card was his most trusted advisor and to my surprise, it is his wife.  She is extremely intelligent and astute.  The other is a person motivated by deep religious feelings…this person is the son of an Israeli and supports Israel which is his #1 allegiance.  He was put in place to control Obama and to insure Obama pushes Zionism forwards.


The other forces at work here are from outside the White House.  One of these is Love, as represented by the Queen of Cups.  There is tremendous love for Obama and a hope, he will save us from the many forces tearing apart our empire.  This is a great tool for him and gives him a small bit of leverage in his dilemma.


The other, opposing card is Judgement.  We are constantly judging him.  I judge him very harshly, for this is my job: to be a critic and to play Cassandra.  The other thing this card probably expresses but I didn’t talk about it in the video do to lack of time is, this is the card of the Apocalypse.  The Zionists are pushing us towards this.


The next outershell of cards here are the external forces cards that act on all of us.  I am sad to say, the card of poverty and hardship is one of them.  Global depression is an immense historical force.  Then, there is the Star.  This is the card of Aquarius which is the next cosmic cycle we are entering so far as humans are concerned since all religions are ultimately based on the very ancient creation of the Zodiac which is the observation of the stars that rise and fall along the same visual path the planets, the sun and moon travel across the sky. 


We must seek balance or we will see worsening collapse.


Last of all are the exterior forces working across Obama and through us.  The King of Wands is the outsiders who are opposing us and driving historical forces forwards.  There are several of these people starting with Putin and Hu, just for example.  The ten of swords is a very bad outcome.  Betrayal and death.  This speaks for itself.


Of course, if we do the RIGHT THING, none of these things will happen.  I am very distressed by this in some ways, for I swore, as a child, to stop the Apocalypse.  A queer thing to take on, I dare say.  The US imagines, we can buy our way out of debt and we can build an empire by killing people.  This will end badly, of course.  And we seem helpless to stop ourselves from doing these obviously dangerous and stupid things.  And the confluence of historical forces acting on us is extremely explosive and very, very dangerous.  


I wish it were otherwise, but it isn’t.  By the way, the reason I like Tarot cards is the element of random chance and how it seems to fit in with something inside my own brain and my own sensibilities.  






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  2. terry

    Do not know how I linked here but he is the question of the day. He has my prayers but I do not agree with his latest actions. The dilemma that we face is one of all dying empires, do we throw off the old corruption at fantastic costs or we do try put off the hour of doom by sticking our heads in the sand. As Sam said to Death in The Lord of Light. Call my followers for help or learn the difficult art of mud breathing.

  3. Very very Nice site. Hello from leotarot.com and congratulations from Spain. I do like your site

  4. If luvs a disease den im very ill.but i dont want medicine i wont take no pill.i will suffer dis illness cos it makes me see exactly how much u mean 2 me!

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