No longer can people delude themselves about ‘change’ when it comes to Obama reversing course.  Obama is submitting yet another multibillion dollar bill to Congress to pay for the expansion of US imperial wars.  5 US soldiers were blown up in ‘stable’ Iraq yesterday.  This is a harbinger of more deaths to come as we try to withdraw into our Fortress where Saddam used to rule Iraq.  And Afghanistan roars onwards, straight to hell.  A report from a ‘progressive’ [sic] think tank filled with dumbbells talks about how we have to INCREASE the systems surrounding the DC Kremlin so we can protect America via running a massive empire bent on torture and conquest.  Oh, and free Tibet!  The Chinese are mean!  They are fighting mountain natives….!



Suicide Bomb in Iraq Kills Five U.S. Soldiers – washingtonpost.com  


The pause in the fighting in Iraq was just so various parties could consolidate power and regroup.  General Patreaus was hailed as some sort of genius because he flooded Iraq with troops and then used them to put up barriers and isolate communities.  In addition, he bribed warlords to cease fighting us.


This goofy, stupid program had three obvious effects:

  1. All the warlords got lots and lots of money and thus, increased their power. 
  2. All the warlords got ‘castled’ and we know in chess, this means, the king is protected while he sends out his queen and knights to fight.
  3. The religious fanatics no longer had anyone challenging them in their home bases so they could now expand local controls and consolidate their communities into bigger organizations with no interference from other religious sects or groups.
The brainiacs who cooked up this business thought we won because the various Iraqi groups ceased fighting us.  They stopped for the simple reason, they were all arming and reorganizing themselves for Iraq Hell, Pt 3: the Rebellion Strikes Back.  I know that many people in the Pentagon loved the Star Wars series.  I wish they would figure out, WE ARE THE EVIL EMPIRE.  Once this is figured out, we then know why we are doomed to lose.  
The Pentagon’s response has been to build killer clone robot assassins, for example!  And then, to build very, very expensive Death Stars even after it was proven, a handful of religious fanatical rebels can destroy these things!  So why do we do this?  Ah, the joys of being a Darth Vader is not to be taken lightly!  To be able to torture, maim, butcher infants, snipe pregnant mothers, bomb wedding parties, using robot assassins!  So much fun to be had.

Obama has criticized the use of such emergency funding measures, called supplemental appropriations, to pay for the war. The president’s first budget, for 2010, will move more of the wars’ costs into the main Pentagon spending plan.

“This will be the last supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman. “The process by which this has been funded . . . will change.”

NOTHING SEEMS TO BE CHANGING, DAMN IT!  This is the whole problem: every time Obama says, he will change things, they stay the same.  I can’t totally blame him, this is the nature of all empires when they are dying.  They can’t change course.  Anyone who tries, is assassinated.  Since the US now uses robot drones to assassinate people, we know that  no one is more vulnerable than the Leader, himself, unless he allies himself entirely with the spook and warmongering community.

The U.S. has spent $859 billion on military operations and foreign assistance in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Congressional Research Service. The additional money will raise the total to $942 billion, which surpasses the cost of the Vietnam War.

I will send a memo to Obama: ‘Hey, dude!  We are bankrupt!  We can’t afford to bail out Goldman Sachs and we can’t afford to fight all the Muslims across the entire planet, we have no money! Yo!  Bro!  Think!   Regards, Culture of Life News.’


Gen. Odierno: US May Ignore Iraq Deadline Because of al-Qaeda | News From Antiwar.com


In yet another sign that the Obama Administration’s “pullout” timeline for Iraq is not set in stone, General Ray Odierno told The Times today that US combat troops may remain in Iraq’s cities beyond the June 30 deadline mandated by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). He pointed to increased trouble from al-Qaeda as the justification.

Now that the many warlords who are much richer and much more powerful, are going at it again, the game has changed: those who attack the US and drive us nuts is the real patriots and will gain the support of the populace who hate our guts, totally, utterly and beyond repair.

From some of its earliest leaked drafts the SOFA mandated that all US troops would be out of cities by the end of June, 2009. Lt. Gen. Lloyd Austin has previously said he thought the deadline was unlikely to be met, but this appears to be the first time the top commander in Iraq has publicly acknowledged that things are not going according to schedule.


All the warlords need us as sitting ducks in the cities.  This way, they operate outside the cities while infiltrating the cities and preparing further plans for fighting each other for control of all of Iraq.  They need the US to control the cities for them as they continue to reform and reqroup.  Once fighting breaks out, they WANT the US stuck in the middle so they can do hit and run fighting with each other AND with the US.  Got that, Obama?


Below is a horrible, stupid report from the ‘progressive’ [sic] ‘Center for American Progress’.  This group was the bunch of lunatics who thought, Bush fought the Afghan war the wrong way.  Alexander the Great was great because he had the wit to figure out how to fight the Afghanis the right way: he married Roxanne and made her his empress and this pleased the Afghanis very much.  Obama is already married so he can’t do this.  And besides, there are no queens of Afghanistan anymore, alas.




 Sustainable security in Afghanistan:

The key policy goals Two paramount national security interests of the United States are to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists and to ensure the deteriorating security situation there does not envelop the surrounding region in a broader power struggle. Doing so will require a prolonged U.S. engagement using all elements of U.S. national power—diplomatic, economic, and military—in a sustained effort that could last as long as another 10 years.

Look at that picture! During the Vietnam war, the friendliest Vietnamese were either corrupt creeps leeching off of the US or….the top Vietcong commanders and spies! Ordinary people [outside of prostitutes and drug dealers] avoided contact with the US military and the US agents sent to Vietnam to show these ancient farmers how to run farms.

Rule #1 in an insurgency against an empire: if you are a leader of the terrorists, become really, really good friends with the foolish and stupid imperial soldiers! Then, you know everything that is going on, all their plans and you can assess their strengths and weaknesses better.

Another thing about the picture and which is also true in Iraq: the US soldiers look like turtles.  The terrorists have no armor, very little of anything.  They are dressed like the Vietcong: in rags and in floppy, light clothing worn in layers.  They hide their weapons.

Recognizing that a stable political environment and viable Afghan economy cannot exist in today’s chaotic security environment, —HAHAHA—-the United States and its allies must sequence their goals, recognizing that creating a modest level of security will be the linchpin for achieving its intermediate and long-term diplomatic and economic objectives.

Specifically: Short-term goals over the next 18 months

  1. Prevent Afghanistan from being used as a safe haven for terrorist and the next 10 years Assist in creating an Afghan state that is able to extremist groups with a global reach to attack the United States, its allies, and its interests I remember the secret wars in Southeast Asia.  We were supposed to stabilize neighbors of Vietnam.  We had the military in Cambodia pull a coup against a popular king who was forced to flee to China!  China was against the Russian involvement in Vietnam.  Of course, the geniuses running the Presidency thought Russia and China were allies despite the 1964 border wars!  This was, as usual, pure lunacy, and Cambodia became an international horror show thanks to the US coup.
  2. Prevent a security vacuum in Afghanistan from destabilizing Pakistan and the region
  3.  Couple efforts to stabilize Afghanistan with a parallel, integrated strategy for Pakistan, with a particular focus on helping Pakistanis build a stable civilian government committed to working toward the elimination of terrorist safe havens within its territory   The more we interfere with nations, the more they fall apart.  We divide peoples, not unite them.  We support ethnic cleansing, not unity.  We support dictators, not democracies.  This has been true ALL MY LONG LIFE.

Intermediate policy goals over the next three to five years:

  1. Promote a viable Afghan economy that offers realistic opportunities for the Afghan people
  2. Sharply curb the poppy trade in Afghanistan and the region As the war on drugs in Mexico get more and more violent and grows bigger and bigger, we think we can stop the Afghanis from growing opium and making hashish?  They have been in this business for many centuries!  This is their main business!
  3. Promote democracy, the rule of law, and human rights in Afghanistan and the region All I can say here is, let’s first have democracy at home. Arrest all the corrupt politicians who accept bribes in the form of SPEECH FEES.  Thank you.  As for human rights: we are losing these, not protecting these.  The more we want human rights for others, the less we give ourselves.  And what is this business about protecting US torturers and war criminals?  Arrest them all!
  4. Resolve or at least reduce regional tensions, particularly between Pakistan and its neighbors, which frequently spill over into Afghanistan Long-term policy goals over defend itself internally and externally, and that can provide for the basic needs of its own people  Britain tried this and failed. So did Russia. Note that both empires are dead as dodos.
  5. Prepare for the full military withdrawal from Afghanistan alongside continued diplomatic and economic measures to promote the sustainable security of Afghanistan  Perhaps these stupid writers can suggest we shift all the many billions we give the the Jews in Israel and ship the loot to Afghanistan.  End of story.

These goals cannot be achieved —HAHAHA, no kidding!—with the current level of resources and lack of coordination. The Bush administration attempted to fight and build Afghanistan on the cheap and committed too few troops and resources to it from the beginning. The problem is not that the Bush administration’s effort in Afghanistan failed. The problem is that it was never given a chance to succeed.

Troop commitments: Numbers of U.S. and ISAF troops in Afghanistan

The present story line is very simple: Bush didn’t try hard enough in Afghanistan.  As if Russia didn’t throw its entire weight into Afghanistan!  Below is a graph these think tankers included.  I amended it to make it much more realistic:


Why don’t all those bookish goofballs just pick up a gun and go to Afghanistan and replace the missing NATO troops?  They can commune with the Afghanis.  Many of us hippies happily did this back in the sixties and early seventies.  The Afghanis were extremely friendly with us all!  Even the women!  We would sit down around a nice, warm fire, eat the flatbread, the figs and drink the tea mixed with salt and butter and SMOKE DOPE.  Got that?  It is very, very simple.  And of course, we bought stuff from them.  A lot of my beautiful stuff I adore even today, I got from Afghanis.  Wonderful artistic stuff.


Hint to the think tank: all this money was misspent.  Russia misspent a fortune there and had to flee, tail between their legs and never recovered!  This is our own fate. 


Here is yet another goofy think tank report which was published by Wikileaks that is even worse:



PROJECT ON NATIONAL SECURITY REFORM Forging a new Shield november 2008

This overview of the national security system emphasizes the role of the president and briefly explains the basic system functions, structures, and processes. In reality, the entire national security system is far more varied and complex. Elements of the system existed prior to the National Security Act of 1947, and the act itself created new organizations that are still among the national security system’s most notable structures, and decades of development since then have added to the complexity of the system. To better understand how and why presidents and Congress have continually modified the system requires an historical overview of the system’s evolution in response to changes in the security environment. In the next section of this report, both continuities and discontinuities in the national security system are highlighted to better explain why the system currently performs the way it does, and why in particular it proves increasingly difficult for presidents to successfully manage.

Actually, this is a story of an empire that decided, after WWII, to grow and grow and grow. To run this mess, the bureaucracy had to grow and grow. 90% of the workers who are in the ‘security’ sector are there to INSULATE various real players from being seen or heard. This way, the real actors who make things happen are totally obscured from any outside interference. It has NO OTHER FUNCTION AT ALL.

Identifying the Problems

By thoroughly examining the structures and processes of the current legacy national security system—including its human and physical capital and management dimensions, as well as its executive-legislative branch dynamics—we have isolated the system’s essential problems. Unless these essential, underlying problems are rectified, system failures will occur with increasing frequency. Five interwoven problems, which the report details at length, are key.


  1. The system is grossly imbalanced. HAHAHA—It supports strong departmental capabilities at the expense of integrating mechanisms. 
  2. Resources allocated to departments and agencies are shaped by their narrowly defined core mandates rather than broader national missions. What ‘national missions’?  These systems are filled to the brim with TRAITORS who have absolutely no desire to protect the US people but rather, are there to herd us from one nasty event to the next.
  3. The need for presidential integration to compensate for the systemic inability to adequately integrate or resource missions overly centralizes issue management and overburdens the White House. My father was a SECRET advisor to over 5 Presidents.  Starting with Eisenhower who knew him and did SECRET business with him during WWII.  The people Presidents listen to and follow suggestions from are always PERSONAL FRIENDS.  My father cultivated these friendships including, our former next-door neighbor, Barry Goldwater, just for one example.
  4. A burdened White House cannot manage the national security system as a whole to be agile and collaborative at any time, but it is particularly vulnerable to breakdown during the protracted transition periods between administrations. The reason why these systems ‘break down’ between Presidencies is very simple: they are there to OBSTRUCT, not instruct.  When the previous person they were protecting leaves, the whole business collapses since there has to be new people put in to prevent oversight and to take public blows for the new President. 
  5. Congress provides resources and conducts oversight in ways that reinforce the first four problems and make improving performance extremely difficult.

Here is a picture showing how all this works.  Note that there are no boxes for ‘Friends of the President’.  HAHAHA.  And look how ‘Congress’ is kept off to one side, outside of the loop.  Both Bushes loved this sort of thing: they were also ‘out of the loop’ when their minions broke the law.  So was Congress, of course,  Ditto, under Nixon and remember Ollie North and Reagan’s mysterious basement where everything was cooked up including sending that cake to the Iranians?  HAHAHA.


By the way, this looks like a old computer board….interesting….




Even as we centralize strategy formulation, we must decentralize the modalities of policy implementation by creating Interagency Teams and Interagency Crisis Task Forces.  HAHAHA.   Sounds like they are designing a computer board!


  1. We recommend that the president selectively shift management of issues away from the President’s Security Council staff (and supporting interagency committees) to new empowered Interagency Teams.  AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!  Have a new layer?  Just what we needed, eh?  And to get around these, the President has Condi Rice or Rahm Emanuel ignore memos like ‘Bin Laden Determined To Strike Inside the US’.  These teams would be composed of full-time personnel, would be properly resourced –code for ‘spend lots and lots of money!’— and of flexible duration—code for ‘forever’—, and be able to implement a whole-of-government approach to those issues beyond the coping capacities of the existing system. The characteristics, authorities, and chains of command for interagency teams, and how Interagency Teams would coordinate their activities with existing departmental and agency functions, are defined and detailed in the report.  Thanks to watching my dad play this game all my childhood and beyond, what this new agency will do is simply spark a major World War III within the White House and the Pentagon!  The battles of the brainiac idiots who are running the US off a cliff will redouble with them using the media to stab each other in the back, etc.  Immense fun, actually.  Protect America: NOT!
  2. To enhance crisis management, we recommend that the president create Interagency Crisis Task Forces to handle crises that exceed the capacities of both existing departmental capabilities and new Interagency Teams. YEAH!!!!  This ‘Interagency Crisis Task Force’ will be the Delta Force of the think tanks!  The maniacs working in it will send anthrax letters to their rivals in the Interagency Team.  The Pentagon will have accidental bombings of the cars being driven by the Crisis Task Force.  The media will dig into everyone’s sex lives and make fun of them.  Meanwhile, Bin Laden will laugh to death.
  3. We recommend that the secretary of homeland security develop a National Operational Framework that specifies operational integration among the private sector and all levels of government for the full range of homeland security activities, including prevention and protection as well as response and recovery.  YEAH!!!!  Another task force!  This will turn into a four-way battle very much like Iraq’s interior battles!  We could give them various names just like in Iraq.  One could be headed by a religious fanatic like Sadr, for example.  Another group can be run by the CIA drug runners.  Etc. 

So much fun here.  I heard, Obama actually read this report. Or maybe, it was Rahm Emanuel and Mossad that read this report.  I’m certain, they are delighted with this report.  More money spent on an army of crazed intellectual drones who never shot a gun like Cheney, they should all go hunting with their lawyers and shoot each other, too!  Anyway, these parasites will now have big stipends and the appearance of power.  Arrest them all.


This graph PROVES my contention!  Eisenhower ran WWII from behind the front lines, way behind.  He was a coordinator.  My dad, for example, ran deep into hostile German territory.  Eisenhower didn’t see his first German until the last shot was fired.  So Eisenhower decided to run the government in a group fashion, like during WWII.  Note that as time passed, he talked to the brainiacs less and less.  He did talk to my dad, more and more.  Kennedy was very smart.


He also, talked to these creeps a lot until the disaster of the Bay of Pigs.  Then, the creeps wanted him to go into Vietnam!  Note that his use of them dropped dramatically and an assassin took care of that problem…ahem.


LBJ totally ignored all of them except for McNamara.  We all hated McNamara.  LBJ thought we would only attack McNamara.  We were smarter than that.  We attacked LBJ, too.  Nixon thought, he was super-smart.  So he consulted with the brainiac warmongers all the time…OOOPS.  For exactly six months!  Then, he avoided them all like the plague.


Because I was very, very active, internationally, during this timeframe, making anti-CIA speeches abroad, etc, he hated my dad.  But he loved Kissinger.  Kissinger’s rise dovetails with the TOTAL COLLAPSE in Nixon’s consultation with the warmongering creeps.  Nixon was then able to extract himself from Vietnam.  


Ford tried to pretend to be interested but gave up and took up drinking heavily, instead.  Carter is a personal friend of my father from long, long ago.  He TOTALLY ignored the creeps.  Listened to my dad.  Reagan loved to pretend to go to these boring meetings…ONLY AT FIRST.  Then, his interest collapsed after he was shot by a friend of the Bush clan [seriously, see how this assassination thing works?].  Thereafter, Bush Sr and Ollie North ran this business totally ad hoc and utterly illegally.


When Bush Sr. took over, note that he, too, gave up meeting with these squabbling yentas and avoided them all like the plague.  He hung out with his buddies and ran things, totally inside.


But look!  The staff grew and grew even as EVERY PRESIDENT AVOIDED THESE CREEPS!  They are pure leeches.


This diagram is utter rot.  I should write up a better one….it will take several hours so I will add it later.


HAHAHA.  NOTHING is strategically informed! Otherwise, someone like me would run into the Oval Office screaming, ‘We are going bankrupt!  We have to close all our international bases, retreat back to America and put up tariffs and barriers to trade or we DIE!!!!’  Obviously, this isn’t happening, is it?  


Throw away this chart detailing information flow!  The President turns to his drinking buddy and yells, ‘What the hell do I do now?’ And they either burp and say, ‘Bomb everyone!’ or they are like my dad and suggest, we not bomb anyone at all [thank GOD my father was with Kennedy during the entire Cuban Missile Crisis!].  It is that simple.








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BERLIN, NY 12022

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