The first wave of distress about the H1N1 virus is passing.  The virus is now all over the planet and will poke around for a while, it may or may not mutate further.  The odds are, it will.  The scientists were not worried about its present incarnation but rather, how it might develop in a much larger biomass pool.  In Japan, scientist have discovered a way to use sheep for growing alien organisms.  This is one of several ways we can increase the size of our biomass pool for viruses.  Also, a recent study about viruses in cats show that viruses can control the actions of large communities.  And we look at paranoia and space aliens.

Already, there have been attempts at growing human organs in pigs.  Now, sheep are being contemplated as possible sources for becoming chimeras.  Of all the farm animals, sheep are the only ones who have not been turned into industrial processes.  Sheep still roam free, grazing in open lands.  By the way, this is viewed in the germ community as another great big open door for propagating themselves.


Japanese scientist claims breakthrough with organ grown in sheep – Times Online

“We have made some very big advances here. There has historically been work on the potential of sheep as producers of human blood, but we are only slowly coming closer to the point where we can harvest sheep for human organs,” Professor Hanazono told The Times. “We have shown that in vivo (in a living animal) creation of organs is more efficient than making them in vitro (in a test tube) but now we really need to hurry.” The reason for Professor Hanazono’s sense of urgency — and for the entire organ harvest project being undertaken at the Jichi Medical University — lies many miles away in Tokyo and with a historical peculiarity of the Japanese legal system. Japan defines death as the point when the heart permanently stops. The concept of brain death — the phase at which organs can most effectively be harvested from donors — does exist, but organs cannot be extracted at that point.

The desire to live forever, if possible, will be running head-on into Mother Nature’s iron evolutionary rule: all niches must be occupied at all times.  If we evolve ways to occupy all niches, this merely means the niche called ‘the human biomass’ will be an alluring place for rapid evolution of anything that can colonize this massive organism collective.


The more we hook into all our domesticated slave animals, this doubles and quadruples the opportunities of the viral community.  The latest production of the viral community was to hook up three different gene packages from across three biological systems that are heavily interconnected in the environment.


One way this system works is simple: we grow our replacement organs in animals that are kept in labs.  A virus mutates inside one of them, is lodged inside the organ being harvested and then is transfered to humans.  Inside its new evolutionary vector, the virus mutates yet again.  We can’t stop this process.  It is inevitable.


Culture of Life News, Feb. 2007:  Evolution News: Avian Flu: Evolution In Action

picture-82As yet another disease evolves within the farming community sweeps the planet, everyone is talking about the bird flu. Both older farming methods in Indochina and modern factory farming ratchet up the dangers of plagues. Attempts at getting rich by overloading the farm enviornment enables plagues. And all domestic animals are, by their domestic natures, prone towards disease and weakness.


This old story from my blog talks about how humans dream of controlling agriculture and thus, turn it all into a factory business.  This, of course, concentrates biomasses in dangerous ways.  We see already, how the hog waste water pools are excellent breeding grounds for the viruses. 


Study: Cat Parasite Affects Human Culture | LiveScience


A parasitic microbe commonly found in cats might have helped shape entire human cultures by manipulating the personalities of infected individuals, according to a new study.

Infection by a Toxoplasma gondii could make some individuals more prone to some forms of neuroticism and could lead to differences among cultures if enough people are infected, says Kevin Lafferty, a U.S. Geological Survey scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In a survey of different countries, Lafferty found that people living in those with higher rates of T. gondii infection scored higher on average for neuroticism, defined as an emotional or mental disorder characterized by high levels of anxiety, insecurity or depression.

T. gondii infects both wild and domestic cats, but it is carried by many warm-blooded mammals. One recent study showed that the parasite makes normally cautious rats outgoing and more prone to engage in reckless behavior, such as hanging around areas frequently marked by cat urine, making the rats easy targets.


Leave it to the cats to come up with this virus!  HAHAHA.  Actually, the cats, who were gods when they first came to live with us, carry germs just like we do and all living things do.  When they ceased roaming and moved into habitations filled with humans and rats, the viral community found a wonderful vector to evolve inside!


Humans and rats began sharing a lot of diseases and things like ticks and fleas.  Rat/flea infestations have been one of the nastiest vectors for diseases on earth, as far as humans are concerned.  The only way to control this is to have cats live with us.  All grain hoarding cultures need cats in order to control the rats that are very attracted to grain hoards.  


Nomads don’t worry about mice and rats moving in because you strike your tent and leave them behind.  But houses are excellent rodent habitations.  For a long time, European ships roamed the seven seas with no cats.  This caused the Norwegian rat to spread outwards to all the continents and even all the smallest islands.  


It is interesting to see how germs control our emotions and use our feelings to further their own evolutionary desire to propagate and take over biomasses.  For example, the rabies germ causes its victims to want to bite everyone.  This spreads the disease.  Or sexual diseases which cause the sufferer to want more and more sex, thus, spreading it far and wide.


We dearly love to imagine, we are in full control of our own brains.  The idea that mere germs can control it for us, is scary and infuriating but alas, also true.  I would also suggest that some of our fondest religious impulses are actually the cat/virus business at work!  Perhaps, we should return to the original practice of worshipping cats as gods.


Indeed, often, people feel relief from anxiety, insecurity and depression by…PETTING CATS.  Cats love being held and petted, by the way.  Makes me wonder….if we must be paranoid about something, how about this: cats created germs that cause us to want to pet cats and feed them…HAHAHA.  Yes, this fits perfectly with the whole business of the cats ruling humans.


Alien Abduction: Looking Back at America’s First Case | LiveScience


The University of New Hampshire today is hosting a public forum surrounding a new exhibition called the “Betty and Barney Hill Collection.” The Hills were an interracial couple in the 1960s, and the exhibit discusses Barney Hill’s civil rights activism. However, the couple is best known for giving the first reported incident of an alleged alien abduction in America.

Today, due to television shows and films, the scenario is familiar: UFOs chase down terrified witnesses on a desolate road and take them onto the spaceship to ask them questions or probe them in awkward places….

Though UFO investigators desperately wanted to believe her, that became more difficult. One UFO researcher who worked with Betty noted that she was “unable to distinguish between a landed UFO and a streetlight.” In other words, she saw UFOs where none existed.

Investigator Robert Sheaffer, author of “UFO Sightings: The Evidence,” examined the path that the Hills claimed they followed in 1961 while pursued by the UFO. He noted that the area is populated by several towns, and that “it seems impossible that nobody would have noticed a car madly speeding down Route 3, screeching around corners and running stop signs and traffic signals with a low-level UFO in close pursuit.”

Even many UFO believers reluctantly admit that much of Betty Hill’s experiences and stories cannot be true and instead are likely imaginative fantasies of a sincere but confused woman. With little or no corroborating evidence and no eyewitnesses to support their remarkable story, the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case is, as often happens, inconclusive at best and a complete fabrication at worst. It’s a shame that their dream- and hypnosis-inspired alien abduction story has overshadowed the Hills’ legacy as advocates for civil rights.


Thanks to the cat virus, we are filled with formless foreboding and fear of strange lights.  When we see a light, we panic.  ‘Who caused that?’ we ask.  Thinking that Mother Nature can play optical tricks as well as malicious humans can build and launch UFOs by attaching lights to balloons, just for one glaring example, is no fun.  We want to be oppressed by aliens.  


Of course, this feeling of oppression is probably the cat virus at work.  A little voice inside is screaming, ‘Find a cat and pet it!  Now!’  But we can’t do this and the voice can’t tell us to find a cat so we look for space aliens who then terrorize us and cause even more fear.  Um, I see a vicious circle here, one that can be broken only by petting….where is Fluff?  I bet, he is sleeping in the studio, upstairs.  Got to go get him…


The UFO/dream world/CIA sex scare stories are all part of this mental complex system that has some basis in reality but are then removed as far as possible from reality via the cat virus.  Seriously, I wonder why people can’t finesse incoming data and incorporate it without going crazy.  But this seems to be very hard.  


We live in a world run by secretive cabals who want to rule all humans, I bet all of these creeps are controlled, emotionally, by two cat viruses, one that acts on our sex lives and one that acts on our dream world, and thus, want to control everyone by driving us all nuts.  


The Hill couple tried to flee funny lights.  But no matter where they went, the funny lights followed them.  Increasingly fearful, they drove more and more wildly but the funny lights followed them.  A funny thing about funny lights is, when something near you is causing this, if you and the thing causing this go all over the place, the funny light will do the same because it is caused by whatever you are in, say, a car.  


Seldom do funny lights follow people on foot.  But get inside a shiny metal thing with shiny, reflective windows and turn on shiny lights inside and outside the vehicle and voila!  You get all sorts of neat light effects.  Before UFO stories and movies, no one thought they were seeing UFOs.  After these stories appeared as entertainment, people suddenly were seeing them all over the place.


I am rather curious as to how the cat virus invades our dream worlds.  The whole ‘recovered memory’ business has been shown to be a naive misunderstanding of the Freudian Dreamworld.  I know from growing up inside a family that sometimes mixes up dream memories with reality, it is very easy to do this.  The human mind is one of the most complex organism controlling devices on earth.  And it is no surprise to me that viruses have used our brains for their own purposes.


Paranoia seems to be the expression of this virus and it drives us into making up paranoid situations.  For example, the desire to have a super-secret controlling group running vast global systems is an outcome of paranoia when it comes in contact with money.  The more money this group gets, the more paranoid they are and the more they try to secretly control us using secret methods.


The more people try to understand these paranoid rulers who are ruled by a virus that makes them go paranoid, the more crazy these victims of the paranoiac rulers become.  That is, anyone trying to understand the complex secret systems of viral-controlled paranoid rulers goes stark raving mad because of these very same viruses inside of our own brains!  How about that. 


Of course, when I talk about all this, it causes rage and fury in both groups.  Everyone loves to think, we control ourselves, even as others pull our strings.  When some of these ‘others’ are viruses working in tandem with other animals like rats or cats, we get even angrier.  We want to be in charge of our own brains, damn it!  


Except, this is a delusion.  Which increases our viral paranoia.  And think about this one step further: if we decide we are being tricked by our secretive rulers into believing that a virus is attacking us and it really isn’t, this paranoia will then trick us into not doing things to stop the latest viral attack on the human biomass and then, these viruses will be able to mutate and evolve unhindered and then attack us with even greater ferocity!


To be even more paranoid, how about this: the cat virus is VERY HAPPY.  You see, it spreads ONLY if it causes us to want to pet a cat and love cats!  It needs to have us live and the cat vector part, the cats themselves, love being petted by us and fed by us so they want us alive, not dead from some stupid pig virus.


To be even more paranoid, the pigs want us DEAD.  We keep them only so we can eat them.   So spreading a deadly virus that kills humans and not pigs is great for pigs.  On the other hand, the sheep want us alive, we protect them from wolves.  So they don’t want viruses to sweep our population.  But rats, on the other hand, want us very badly but are at war with us so they spread deadly viruses.  But cats want rats nearby and to be NOT paranoid so they get the same virus we get from cats, only it doesn’t make them paranoid, it makes them reckless.  My head spins!  Heh.


Astronauts pay respects to ‘space chimps’ –


The sanctuary is a remote 200 acres divided into a dozen islands. Chimpanzees don’t swim, so the water surrounding each island is a natural barrier. In all, there are 150 chimps here. Nearly all the others were used in medical research.

Most chimps lived in laboratory cages until they came to the sanctuary. Now they live in family groups of about 25 to each island, where they roam in enclosures. Several unoccupied islands sit ready for the arrival of another 150 former research chimps that will eventually retire here.

“These guys contributed a lot to where we are at now from a technical standpoint and a scientific standpoint,” Crippen said. “It’s really nice to give them a nice place to retire.”

Carpenter and Crippen toured the facility in golf carts, and some of the chimps jumped and screamed when the carts approached. Others got a kick out of spitting water on visitors who got close to their enclosures.


The AIDS virus came from the human/ape vector.  Several very severe and dangerous viruses sprang up between apes and humans who have been at war since the very beginning of the human/great ape split.  At one point, nearly all humans were wiped out by such a virus.  


We use apes for our paranoid medical and psychological experiments.  One thing is very interesting to me: the gorillas that lived with humans during various experiments concerning sign language, loved to…PET CATS!  And probably are infected with the ‘pet the cat or you go insane’ virus?  This is rather funny, for apes love to groom each other and do this to stop feeling bad when scared, for example.


We groom our cats.  Anyway, it amuses me to see the ape reaction to seeing their alien human tormentors: they spit water and hoot derisively at the humans and are happy, we are penned outside of their territory so we can’t cannibalize them or torture them to see how our own viral-infected brains work.


BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Ancient tsunami ‘hit New York’


A huge wave crashed into the New York City region 2,300 years ago, dumping sediment and shells across Long Island and New Jersey and casting wood debris far up the Hudson River.

The scenario, proposed by scientists, is undergoing further examination to verify radiocarbon dates and to rule out other causes of the upheaval.

Sedimentary deposits from more than 20 cores in New York and New Jersey indicate that some sort of violent force swept the Northeast coastal region in 300BC….


The 1929 Grand Banks tsunami, in Newfoundland, which killed more than two-dozen people and snapped many transatlantic cables, was set in motion by a submarine landslide set off by an earthquake.

Dr Goodbred imagines that the New York wave was on the Grand Banks scale – three to four metres high and big enough to leap over the barrier islands; but that it did not reach the magnitude of the 2004 Sumatran tsunami.



If we look all over the planet, we will find clues showing that huge tsunamis sweep all costal communities at various times.  This is one of the dangers of living on a costal community area.  And most people are moving relentlessly into these areas, they are very popular.  And we are all very attracted to sitting as close to the ocean’s edge as possible.  Perhaps, there is a virus that makes us do this.  Heh.


And perhaps, another virus that has colonized us, hates this!  And so our brains are being pulled in two directions at once:  ‘Go to the beach and lie in the sun there every day!’ is being disputed by, ‘Run for the hills and live in the mountains!’


I once lived right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Coney Island and loved going to the beach.  Now, I live in the mountains.  I wonder if these choices were ‘free will’ or were the expression of various desires of germs.  Interesting, enough to make me paranoid.  Got to pet the cat…..!








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