The FBI is very steamed over the AIPAC spy case being dropped for political reasons.  Since when have cases been dropped due to fear of not winning in court?  The torture memos continue to cause us problems…in Britain.  Not here, it seems.  The mainstream press took care of that little problem by convincing itself that torture is OK so long as it makes us strong, like the Soviet Union. But there are hearings about this matter….in Britain.  Below are the links to all the Craig Murray hearings.

Craig Murray – Torture and the Banality of Evil



May 2, 2009

War Criminals Seek Safe Haven With Lib Dems

Apparently some of the Blairite right of New Labour are in talks with Paddy Pantsdown over the possibility of defecting to the Lib Dems. As the Blairite right is well to the right of Thatcher, drove the most determined attack on civil liberties since 1818, launched a devastating illegal war on the basis of lies, and reintroduced torture as public policy, one would hope the Lib Dems would tell them where to get off.

The point of immediate dispute – the introduction of a 50p income tax rate on marginal income above £150,000 – is probably the only sensible thing Brown has done.

We have been here before. Remember Dr Death. Dr David Owen is now comfortably ensconsed in the huge Mayfair office of Uzbek billionaire gangster and convicted blackmailer Alisher Usmanov, whose extremely highly paid PR catamite Owen now is.

What has the UK has come to, when its former Foreign Secretary is the paid lapdog of the most criminal of all the Russian oligarchs!

If you were very shortsighted and in a bad light, it was possible not to realise what kind of creature Owen was before he abandoned Labour for the Liberal/Social Democrat alliance. (Although it is often forgotten now that support for Trident missiles was the shameful cause of that realignment). There can be no excuse now for the Lib Dems to ally with the Blairites.

If there are any real Liberals left in the Left Dems, as opposed to nastly little careerists, they should be in revolt over even the mention of the admission of just one Blairite. John Stuart Mill must be spinning in his grave.



Philippe Sands – Torture 1 of 6

Philippe Sands – Torture 2 of 6

Philippe Sands – Torture 3 of 6

Philippe Sands – Torture 4 of 6

Philippe Sands – Torture 5 of 6

Philippe Sands – Torture 6 of 6

Craig Murray – Torture 1 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 2 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 3 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 4 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 6 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 5 of 7

Craig Murray – Torture 7 of 7


And the wars rage onwards inside countries occupied by US military.


Iraqi soldier kills 2 US soldiers, wounds 3


An Iraqi soldier opened fire on a U.S. military teamSaturday, killing two American soldiers and wounding three, the U.S. military said, in an attack that could sharpen worries about the extent of militant infiltration in Iraq’s security forces.

Iraqi officials described the attacker — who was killed in the gunbattle — as a soldier who also served as a Sunni Muslim preacher for his unit near Mosul, which is one of the last urban strongholds for Sunni insurgents.

Such an ambush could increase pressure on the Shiite-led government to try to root out possible turncoats and slow efforts to bring Sunni militiamen into the police and military as rewards for helping battle al-Qaida in Iraq and other insurgent factions.


Naturally, these various news stories of US soldiers being killed don’t make any US headlines at all. picture-11

Notice the complete absence of any reporting about US wars on CNN.  All the other papers online in the US are no different.  All the talk about loving our troops is fake.  All the talk about Obama allowing military families to choose whether these funerals appear in public have led to most asking for publicity…and not getting any at all!  Far from wanting to report about these funerals, the media cares more about a runaway 17 year old appearing on videos in vacation spots or how to have a happy marriage [don’t get sent to Iraq to be shot!].  


Vets are good for flag waving regimes and talking all pious about sacrifice is fun if the media supports treason in high places.  Indeed, conning people into patriotic frenzies while at the same time, opening the door to aliens so they can control our government…. thank you, America’s media giants!  Some of whom aren’t Americans.  And this includes the NYT which is now half-owned by a double alien [moves about the planet, belonging to more than one country].


Gunfight Breaks Out as Iraqi Soldiers Try to Arrest Trade Officials –


The gun battle occurred Wednesday, when anticorruption officials accompanied by Iraqi soldiers went to the ministry’s headquarters in the Mansour district of Baghdad to carry out arrest warrants on corruption charges against nine officials.

Only the minister’s spokesman, Muhammad Hannoun, was arrested. The others fled after a 15-minute firefight between the military and the minister’s security detail, according to the head of Iraq’s public integrity commission, Rahim al-Okaili.


When the US conquered Germany and Japan, both sought hard to prevent corruption and periodically have to clean house.  But most nations we conquer instantly go into mega-corruption and then, demand we give them mega-money so they can have super-mega-corruption.  Afghanistan and Iraq are the super-duper-double-mega-corruption places that suck down billions and billions of future tax dollars—while ambushing us.


Iraq’s government has to be corrupt since it is a puppet regime.  The US is also a puppet regime which is why a country that is in the top ten per capita incomes on earth, Israel, gets to suck down tens of billions in US aid.  And can vote more money whenever they feel like it while boasting openly about how they have taken over DC and turned our President and Congress into their puppets!  


All puppet regimes are corrupt, by definition.  This is why DC is so corrupt.  And why cleaning it up means cleaning up the lobbyists on all sides who are corrupting it.  This is one thing Obama certainly has already failed to change!  


So, the puppets in DC sent many billions to Iraq and Afghanistan so they can also be corrupt. The corrupt military/industrial corporations need to skim billions for themselves so they can live in big houses, drive expensive foreign cars and have many fashion model mistresses.  


It is obvious that Iraq, far from being turned into a tame pet on an Israeli leash, is a seething caldron of violence that is on the verge of exploding, literally, under our foolish feet.


Kabul’s new elite live high on West’s largesse – Asia, World – The Independent


Vast sums of money are being lavished by Western aid agencies on their own officials in Afghanistan at a time when extreme poverty is driving young Afghans to fight for the Taliban. The going rate paid by the Taliban for an attack on a police checkpoint in the west of the country is $4, but foreign consultants in Kabul, who are paid out of overseas aids budgets, can command salaries of $250,000 to $500,000 a year.


The high expenditure on paying, protecting and accommodating Western aid officials in palatial style helps to explain why Afghanistan ranks 174th out of 178th on a UN ranking of countries’ wealth. This is despite a vigorous international aid effort with the US alone spending $31bn since 2002 up to the end of last year.



Look at the photos at this story!  They spent millions of dollars, building a modern mall that is fancier than any of the malls in the Albany, NY region????  How insane is that????  The US spent billions building the world’s biggest embassy in Bagdad.  I’m sure the Iraqis will have fun using that when we are forced into bankruptcy.


US aid is being abused because we are not there to protect or save the Afghanis.  We are there for geopolitical reasons totally detached from either the US or Afghanistan.  The people who dragged us into Afghanistan and who are milking us for profit are the military/industrial corporations run by former US and Pentagon officials and who swear allegiance to other countries, not the US.


A real patriot wouldn’t view war as an excellent opportunity for looting….the home base.



Sri Lanka rejects evidence of civilian bombings:  this headline is also one that is being ignored by a lot of US professional screamers who are always yelling about Tibet and Darfur.  This Buddhist war against Hindus shows exactly how peaceful both really are.  Buddhism is no more peaceful than Christianity.  There are no ‘peace’ religions.  There are empires and there are ethnic tribal wars.


There is no propaganda value to talking about the Tamil Tigers.  They don’t perform some other function.  The hysteria about Tibet is all about breaking up China.  The hysteria about Darfur was all about distracting everyone from looking at Gaza.  And the bad guys were all Muslims and thus, good bad guys.  


The US is going bankrupt.  Building expensive shopping malls in Afghanistan or building fancy embassies in Iraq are bankrupting us.  Giving one of the richest nations on earth billions in free aid is bankrupting us.  All these things need to be addressed by our President who is also, bankrupting us.  The Pentagon has to have its budget cut to Chinese levels because it is also bankrupting us.  And we have to clean house, here.  


Also, we should arrest any trade officials….like they tried to do in Iraq….and charge them with screwing up our trade negotiations with our top G7 trade partners who have reamed us out, in world trade.  Proof of trade negotiations failures is obvious: the only way we can reduce our trade deficit is to commit economic suicide. 







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