In between fear mongering conspiracy sites screaming that someone created the H1N1 virus to make money for doctors, there is real news.  Some of the real news is real scary.  Why aren’t people scared of real news?  I wonder about this all the time.  Anyway, instead of spreading hysteria, let’s visit the Japanese Auto Manufacturing Association to see how their colonization of the US auto markets is rolling along.

US auto companies are going bankrupt.  Most Americans are totally confused.  They are angry that US automakers are being subsidized. They are angry about the banks being saved.  They are scared because taxes are shooting up….my property taxes are rising significantly this year, for example…and they see jobs vanishing.  But very few understand the root causes of this unhappy situation just like many people can’t understand how epidemics are created and spread.


But we must understand all this! It is life and death. So, let’s look at autos tonight:


Auto sales plunge, but outlook improves – May. 1, 2009


 U.S. auto sales plummeted again in April, but automakers said conditions were stabilizing and that the market is getting closer to a recovery.

Overall industry sales tumbled 34% during the month, according to sales tracker Autodata. While that’s worse than the 30.8% decline predicted by Edmunds.com, it is slightly better than the 37% drop that occurred in March.

“We’re at the bottom, and we’re poised for U.S. vehicle sales to start rising,” said Mike DiGiovanni, head of sales analysis for General Motors, on a conference call with analysts and media. “The overall talk of GM and Chrysler is affecting [the] industry, but we expect a modest rise in sales in the second half of year.”

The US consumers ride to the rescue.  Japan and Germany are on the ropes.  Things are going very badly for both and they need to continue flooding our markets with their manufactured goods or making profits on factories they own, here.  They need our government to bail them out and we are doing this, all in the name of ‘free trade’.  We can’t target our tax dollars to save US industries. We have to save the whole world.

General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda Motor and Nissan all said Friday that April sales tumbled at least 25% from year-ago levels. With the exception of Toyota and Chrysler, the pace of April’s declines were not as steep as the previous month.

The seasonally adjusted annual sales rate, or SAAR, fell to 9.32 million vehicles, down from a pace of 9.86 million in March. That number is a bit disappointing, given that analysts had expected the rate to rise to 10 million vehicles. The 10 million figure is significant because sales slipped below that level for the first time in 26 years in January.


The US has two major trade deficits: oil imports and auto imports.  They are connected.  All these cars consume vast seas of oil.  And we have one of the lowest gas taxes on earth.  The countries flooding us with autos are the very same ones that have much, much higher gas taxes and a much lower auto use per capita compared to the US.


Both Japan and Germany buy very few US autos.  They have these immense boats that look like big grey or sand-brown boxes that have no names painted on them so they can slip into the Port of New Jersey, for example, and disgorge their loads, unnoticed.  The JAMA has released a report and I wish to talk about it, a great deal.

JAMA Current Statistics


The above information shows that Japan’s New Depression that followed on the heels of the Long Depression of the 1990’s, has very bad auto production statistics.  Exports are being hammered, the hardest.  Down over 60%.  Production in Japan is half of what it was a year ago.  The despair in Japan is tremendous.  No surprise, of course.  


The JAMA group produced over 3.5 million cars in the US but also imported another 2.7 million cars.  Most of the cars brought to America were produced in Canada or other countries but run by the Japanese.



The ‘buy America!’ production has totally collapsed.  Indeed, it is in reverse: DON’T buy American!  And actually, our auto companies are internationalists, and always have been.  We don’t produce cars for export, we use them internally.  


The Japanese work with MITI to coordinate their actions in America. They know, if they spread out everything, they will have more power over more politicians who will work hard on behalf of the aliens.  


The US auto industry also is filled with laggards who don’t keep up with new technology.  But then, we are dumping the entire concept of having engineers and designers, etc.  Outsourcing and offshoring is where it is at!


Greenspan Backs Increase in Foreign Skilled Workers – WSJ.com

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Thursday that increasing skilled foreign workers in the U.S. could mollify housing-price declines that have caused “the plunge in the value of the vast quantity of U.S. mortgage-based securities.” If the U.S. were to open its doors more widely to skilled foreign workers, those employees would bring their families to the country and move into vacant housing units, “the current glut of which is depressing prices of American homes,” Mr. Greenspan said at a Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee hearing.

See?  We will fix the housing slump by inviting in lots of foreign designers and engineers! We can then be cleaning ladies and clip the hedges for the new owners.  Did Congress toss this senile man out on his ear?  Or did they say, ‘Hey, let’s do it’?



I.e: Japan is rapidly moving to far past 1993 when their exports and imports were 50/50: they imported 1.6 million cars back then.  Last year, they imported over 2 million cars!  This means, even as they expand production here, they are still expanding their imports from the cross over point’s numbers!  We have gained NOTHING by having them manufacture here, as far as our trade deficit is concerned!


Out of the 3+ million vehicles made here, they export an amazing 300,000 vehicles.  Which is a drop in the big bucket.  This is one tenth of their US output.  And is 19% of our auto export market!  HAHAHA.  Worse, the PROFITS from these ‘exports’ go to JAPAN, not the US.  It makes Japan stronger, not the US.  And it does NOT balance our trade deficit with Japan even in the slightest.  


As we see struggles to regain the rotted status quo, remember: during all of this, the Japanese automakers have successfully dominated our markets to the point, our own companies are going bankrupt, rapidly, our export/import markets are increasingly dominated by the Japanese corporations, going in AND going out and this is insanity!  


We have to get a grip on all this. Free trade isn’t working. So what, if they ‘improve’ our trade export numbers.  They are SLAYING us with the trade IMPORT numbers!








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