Two weeks ago, when I learned that the Obama lawyers were going to drop the AIPAC spy case, I was not surprised but also, very disgusted.  The clever Zionists working on behalf of a foreign power threatened to uncover ALL of the treason at the top and how complicit our government is, with Israeli spies.  I strongly fear that the Mossad/9/11 business would come up and the complicity of our rulers with Zionist aims would be revealed, at last.  The wild goose chase after the ‘bombs in the buildings’ would cease protecting the real traitors and we would be discussing how complicit AIPAC, Mossad and our ‘Presidents’ really are and how they really operate.

There is no media hysteria about all this, of course.  The media giants don’t want us to know if they are Zionist dual-citizens working on behalf of a foreign government, for example.  The AIPAC trials were barely mentioned in the news and there wasn’t a chorus of screaming Zionists demanding an accounting for this spying.  Indeed, the chorus has mostly been screaming about how good torture is for us and how suspending basic Constitutional rights and International laws is OK if it makes us ‘safer.’


How on earth can a country be ‘safer’ if the entire system is riddled with spies, foreign agents, traitorous politicians protecting alien powers which are also looting our Treasury?  First, let’s go to the EU.  The EU has passed many draconian laws forbidding arguments about the Holocaust, Naziism and Zionism.  Anyone daring to discuss, even casually, these things, can be summarily arrested and brought before the EU Inquisition.


The Jews are so very anxious about all this suppression, they are even willing to let the Muslim radical religious maniacs enjoy the same protections from any examination or criticism.  For example, Brigitte Bardot has been persecuted for having opinions about immigration or ritual slaughter of animals.  


On 10 June 2004 Bardot was convicted by a French court of “inciting racial hatred” and fined €5,000, the fourth such conviction/fine she has received from French courts. The courts cited passages where Bardot referred to the “Islamisation of France” and the “underground and dangerous infiltration of Islam”[21]. Bardot’s book also attacked “the mixing of genes” and compared her beliefs with previous generations who had “given their lives to push out invaders”.[23]

Bardot denied the “racial hatred” charge and apologized in court, saying: “I never knowingly wanted to hurt anybody. It is not in my character.”[24]

In 2008, she was convicted of inciting racial/religious hatred in relation to a letter she wrote, a copy of which she sent to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Interior Minister of France. The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without stunning them first. She also objected to France’s rapidly growing Muslim community “trying to take over France and impose their culture, values, lifestyles” etc. on France and its native people. The trial[25] concluded on 3 June 2008, with a conviction and fine of fifteen thousand Euros, the largest of her fines to date. The prosecutor stated that she was tired of charging Bardot with offences related to racial hatred.[4]


Similar laws that totally contravene US Constitutional rights are being passed right now, for example.  Historians in Europe are muzzled due to fear of being imprisoned if they so much dare to discuss any major issue that is either ethnic or religious in nature.  This has shuttered the universities in Europe and is causing a drop in the ability to have an open debate.


I maintain all my life that locking things in dark closets simply makes them grow into monsters which burst out of these closets.  If the Jews and their many, many supporters, if the Muslims and their many supporters, want us to think a certain way, they can have an open debate about all things ethnic and religious.  I welcome this.  But they do NOT want this. Just like the Catholic Church hates open debate about religious matters.


They want to crush secular discussions totally and utterly.  This way, the religious powers can lord it over all of us and we have burnings at the stake, persecutions, torture and other features which our Founding Fathers hated so much, they made all this illegal in the Constitution.


Israel to EU: Criticism of Netanyahu government unacceptable – Haaretz – Israel News

A Foreign Ministry official has been warning European countries that unless they curtail criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, Israel will block the European Union from participating in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians. 

The main target of the offensive is EU External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, who recently called for a freeze in upgrading ties with Israel over its peace process policies…. 

“We want the European Union to be a partner [in the diplomatic process] but it is important to hold a mature and discreet dialogue and not to resort to public declarations,” Barak told the diplomats. 

“A public confrontation was created that required Prime Minister Netanyahu, and even opposition head Tzipi Livni, to intervene. We have noted that the large European countries have respected our request and are granting the government time, but it is important that Europe be uniform in this matter,” Barak added. 

Barak concluded by “warning” that Europe’s influence in the area would be undermined by such behavior. “Israel is asking Europe to lower the tone and conduct a discreet dialog,” he said. “However, if these declarations continue, Europe will not be able to be part of the diplomatic process, and both sides will lose.” 

We all must be DISCREET about the new Neo-Nazi Jews running Israel exactly along the same lines as Hitler’s Germany including the ‘Lebensraum für Juden’ business.  Like Hitler, the Zionist Jews grab mouthfuls of Palestinian lands and terrorize the natives until they can carve out another slice for Muslimrein [clean of Muslims] areas.  The West Bank is being torn apart exactly like Czechoslovakia as the Nazis screamed at European leaders to assist in this enterprise.


As the Nazification of Judaism continues on its ugly course, anyone noticing this very, very obvious business is demonized by the media and AIPAC tools who control Washington, DC.


 Professor’s comparison of Israelis to Nazis stirs furor – Los Angeles Times

Controversy has erupted at UC Santa Barbara over a professor’s decision to send his students an e-mail in which he compared graphic images of Jews in the Holocaust to pictures of Palestinians caught up in Israel’s recent Gaza offensive.

The e-mail by tenured sociology professor William I. Robinson has triggered a campus investigation and drawn accusations of anti-Semitism from two national Jewish groups, even as many students and faculty members have voiced support for him.

The uproar began in January when Robinson sent his message — titled “parallel images of Nazis and Israelis” — to the 80 students in his sociology of globalization class.

The e-mail contained more than two dozen photographs of Jewish victims of the Nazis, including those of dead children, juxtaposed with nearly identical images from the Gaza Strip. It also included an article critical of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and a note from Robinson.

Many a brave Jewish professor including Finkelstein, the son of victims of Hitler’s Holocaust, are given the Spanish Inquisition treatment whenever they dare to mention the obvious connection between the Warsaw Ghetto and the Gaza Ghetto.  One problem Jewish Zionists who are bribing Congress to cut our basic freedoms is this: the laws that protect Neo-Nazi Zionism will also protect Muslim radicalism!  So long as the Muslims cease attacking the Jews in speeches, etc, but instead, focus on attacking anyone attacking their religious beliefs, this will stop Jews from playing the demonization of Muslims game!


In other words, ultimately, this will backfire.  Unless the government and courts establish a two-tier system like the one in Israel where Jews have superior PRIVILEGES compared to others.  So they can talk dirty or talk violently while we all have to pussy foot around each other.  This can happen and AIPAC will try to make it happen.  The joys of their Nazi-state of Israel where Jews can assault other citizens with impunity, talk about annihilating fellow citizens and ejecting them from the country, or other Nazi pastimes, this joy is very addictive.  One can parade about openly, strutting and preening just like the Nazis loved strutting.  One can demand everyone be very, very careful about talking about say, Jewish ownership of the media, while at the same time, the Jews could discuss any issue they desire, in public, and even be obnoxious and vicious, even issue death threats.


I remember very well, when I used to go to the open, early internet forums and discuss religious politics.  At the NYT, CNN, Washington Post forums, I was famous for being polite and not obscene.  I didn’t issue death threats every time I talked about stuff.  On the other hand, Zionists were allowed to talk about how they were going to murder me!  They called me every possible obscene name they could find.  They lied about me.  They called me on the phone to scream obscenities….where I would catch them for this is illegal.  After prosecuting several of these monsters, I was left alone but then, they worked day and night, behind the scenes, demanding I be removed and I was banned from all these sites, over time.


What was worse, was the ‘liberal’ sites like Democratic Underground.  I posted exactly one, polite article about AIPAC and was summarily banned with no recourse or debate allowed.  The Jews who helped run the site could not tolerate anything appearing that mentioned Zionist control of Congress.


Now, on to today’s very disgusting news:


U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists –


Mr. Rosen and Mr. Weissman, who were lobbyists with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a leading pro-Israel lobby, were charged with violating the World War I-era Espionage Act. The indictment said they violated the law by disseminating to journalists, fellow Aipac employees and Israeli diplomats information they had learned in conversations with senior Bush administration officials.

Note how the NYT lies.  They were NOT arrested for discussions about US business. They were arrested for receiving and paying for SECRETS.  On paper.  This is quite different from mere chats!  And the NYT knows this.  But can’t tell us about this because they want the story to be rather mysterious.

Judge T.S. Ellis 3d, who was to preside over the trial rejected several government efforts to conceal classified information if the case went to trial. Moreover, he ruled that the government could only prevail if it met a high standard; he said prosecutors would have to demonstrate that Mr. Rosen and Mr. Weissman knew that their distribution of the information would harm U.S. national security.

T. S. Ellis, III – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • On January 202006, Ellis sentenced former Defense Department employee Lawrence Franklin to 12 years and 7 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for passing classified information to an Israeli diplomat and AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby group.
  • On August 92006, Ellis denied a motion to dismiss the case of two former AIPAC employees. Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman were charged under the Espionage Act with illegally receiving and transmitting classified information. Ellis wrote:…both common sense and the relevant precedent point persuasively to the conclusion that the government can punish those outside of the government for the unauthorized receipt and deliberate retransmission of information relating to the national defense.” (p. 53)
  • This ruling is expected to have significant implications for freedom of the press and the First Amendment.
  • On Thursday, May 182006, Ellis dismissed a lawsuit filed by Khalid El-Masri, a German citizen, against the CIA and three private companies allegedly involved with his kidnapping, transport, and torture in Kabul. Ellis explained his belief that a public trial would “present a grave risk of injury to national security”[2], though acknowledging that: 
  •  If El-Masri’s allegations are true or essentially true, then all fair-minded people, including those who believe that state secrets must be protected, that this lawsuit cannot proceed, and that renditions are a necessary step to take in this war, must also agree that El-Masri has suffered injuries as a result of our country’s mistake and deserves a remedy.[3]

Something big happened between 2006 and today.  What is this change that caused this judge to totally reverse his positions?  He understood perfectly that the government had a case and that the AIPAC ploy to reveal secrets was designed to legalize the stealing of state secrets so long as the thieves were Jews.  


Then, AIPAC totally took over Congress.  Now, they run our nation from top to bottom.  They don’t want to be involved in a trial about the treasonous actions of Jewish spies.  So they muscled everyone into suddenly being too weak-kneed to take this business to trial.  I bet Franklin, who knew he was a traitor and thus, could be executed, pleaded guilty for a reason.  Now, he probably is thinking, ‘What a FOOL I was!’

Over government objections, Judge Ellis said that the defense could call as witnesses several senior Bush administration foreign policy officials to demonstrate that what occurred was part of the ongoing process of information trading and did not involve anything nefarious.

When treason is ongoing and constant, it is STILL ‘NEFARIOUS’.  Got that?  Sheesh.  This is why I wanted this trial to go through: airing out exactly how deep the Mossad penetration of our military and our government would be quite refreshing.  We might even see this condemned and eliminated, no?

The defense lawyers were to call as witnesses Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, Stephen J. Hadley, the former national security advisers and several others. Government policymakers indicated they were clearly uncomfortable with senior officials testifying in open court over policy deliberations.

Because this might bring up….9/11!  This whole business about how foreign agents get free and unhindered access to state secrets while we wander around, in the dark, while our own DAMN government refuses to tell us what it tells, freely, to Jewish agents….good gods!  This is beyond disgusting.  This is treason.

The government’s motion to dismiss filed before Judge Ellis cited some of these reasons. The motion, filed by the acting prosecutor in Alexandria, Va. and not by any senior Obama Justice Department official,—they know this is TREASON so they don’t want their damn fingerprints on it— said that before proceeding with the case the government was obliged to consider “the likelihood that classified information will be revealed at trial, any damage to the national security that might result from a disclosure of classified information and the likelihood the government would prevail at trial.”

Wow!  A Freudian slip!!! HAHAHA….The article mentions that there is a ‘likelihood the government WOULD PREVAIL at trial…!!!!  I read earlier reports that talked about how the Obama lawyers feared they would fail, not prevail, after revealing ‘secrets’.  And pray tell, why can’t we, the American people, know this long list of secrets that all the Jews in Israel get to know, already?  


Yo, dudes!  If the Jews who are alien agents and the government of Israel already know all this and lord knows, who else, why can’t we know this, too?  Eh?  Is America our country or do the Israeli Jews own us?  Yikes.

Noting that the prosecutors disagreed with some of Judge Ellis’s ruling, the motion said that, “the landscape of this case has changed significantly since it was first brought.”


The landscape change is this: a double agent runs the White House, AIPAC runs the Democratic party and the Jews don’t want American people to know secrets the Jews running Congress and the White House know.  And this is where Naziism rears its ugly head: only if the Jews running our government keep us safe and keep us wealthy, will everyone relax and let them do this.


The minute we hit the economic skids, all hell will break loose.  I am also the former Mrs. Levy and I have Jewish ancestors on my German side of the family!  And I will be killed along with the Jews who will be persecuted if angry non-Jews take over and attack the entire Jewish community.  I fear this very much.  And the only way to prevent this is to prevent Jews from justifying ethnic and religious cleansing.  That is, kill off Zionism and reinstate the business that Jews must be citizens of the countries where they are citizens and not try to be dual citizens. We cannot legalize divided loyalties.  This always ends badly as single-citizen people turn on their dual-citizen neighbors during times of war or stress.


Look at what happened to Japanese/Americans during WWII.


U.S. to drop Israel lobbyist spy case | Antiwar Newswire

The defense for the lobbyists had argued that U.S. government officials regularly conveyed sensitive, nonpublic information to the defendants and others at AIPAC, with the expectation it would be disclosed to foreign government officials and the news media.

The Washington Post story doesn’t clarify who these ‘foreign government officials’ are or who owns our media and why AIPAC is a funnel for these Jewish owners.  Ooops.  I did it again.  I connected some obvious dots by identifying who the people are in this story and how they are connected to each other!  


Meanwhile, we get disgusting headlines like these: 50-100 Gitmo Inmates ‘Can’t Be Tried or Freed’.  Our civil rights are in suspension so long as these people are in legal limbo.  This is intolerable.  It seems OK with Zionists who think, if they can keep people in limbo forever, there will be no legal civil rights for non-Jews.  Imagine if we held 100 of the Mossad agents who were allowed to flee the US after 9/11?  What if we sent them to Gitmo and tortured them?  Well?  Of course, this would lead to howls in the press.  The press does mention these things in passing.


But this is different from storming the Bastille!  For example, the press did report on the obvious torture going on in our prisons.  But then, the storm of critics were NOT against this torture but FOR this torture!  So slightly more than half of the US public thinks torture is OK since most of our Zionist puppet pundits think it is not just OK but wonderful, legal and correct!


I must warn Zionists that by enabling, encouraging and legalizing torture, they are putting themselves into grave, grave danger. For the tools of this New Inquisition will be turned on the Zionists!  Inevitably!  For, when things go bad, people start hunting for scapegoats.  And they look to the top and see the people holding positions of responsibility are Zionists making Israel stronger and the US weaker!  And then, boom.  It will come like a hammer blow!


This is so ridiculous and easy to see.  If Jews fear Nazis, they must stop enabling Nazi laws  from being passed and they should demand all Jews who want to be US citizens MUST sever relations with the fascist Jewish state. Brave Jewish American full citizens who do this are treated like scum by the greater, pro-dual citizen, pro-Israeli spy community.  Which drives these brave pro-USA Jews from their jobs and censors them.


The CIA’s $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations – ABC News  One story in this torture business is how the CIA got one Muslim to tell them everything: they threatened to ship him to Israel where Nazi Jews can torture Muslims with total impunity and with uttermost cruelty.  ABC also has the video of the prince of Dubai ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh – ABC News brutally tortures and then drives over again and again, an Afghani grain merchant.


To this day, ABC News won’t show the video of an American citizen being run over repeatedly by an IDF bulldozer in Israel.    I am not surprised by the torture video from the Arabian countries, they have been like this for a long, long time.  After all, my mother stormed out of Saudi Arabia when a woman she knew who was Dutch, tried to ride her bike from the Dutch compound across the street to the American compound and was run over deliberately by the Saudi cops.


When the Jews took up inquisitional torture techniques, they lost their souls, they sold their souls to the Devil that is Death which is worshipped by the Skull and Bones at Yale.  Religious bigots running despotic religious states are NOT a model for the US.  We are the liberal alternative to these sorts of ugly, nasty states.  But no more.


Now, on to other matters:  Russia Vows to Defend South Ossetia, Abkhazia….Last summer, I said quite loudly, Russia won that sneak attack war.  The European and US media all screamed that Putin lost, he was embarrassed and hahaha, the EU and US bested the Russians again!  This infantile analysis has now totally collapsed.  It fell apart when Russia’s main ally, Winter, intervened and Russia showed Europe, who the real boss is.


Now, Russia is holding firm in South Ossetia, etc. and the government that launched the sneak attack is under siege, quite literally.  So is Ukraine.  And the other former colonies of Russia: the dreams of easy wealth are turing into howls of rage and fear as the Great Depression II descends on them all.


Leaked UN satellite images ‘show haven for Sri Lanka refugees was bombed’ – Times Online
picture-2The Sri Lankan push to end the uprising is getting as mean as the Jewish attempts at destroying the willpower of the Palestinian people.


This is finally getting some press, mostly in Europe.  Unlike Darfur, a nifty tool for Zionists to yell about, there are no Muslims involved so the US media is barely interested in this religious battle of wills.


And it isn’t Tibet which is geopolitically important to US imperialism.  The cruelties in this war directed against opposing ethnic/religious groups is what I fear the most: religious hatred is a powerful tool.  Liberalism means everyone has the same religious rights and the same citizenship duties that are totally divorced from religious beliefs and duties.  Free choice is enhanced and ethnic privileges are suppressed via Civil Rights Laws.





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