Real quick: no one knows what sort of strange creatures of the night that lurk in the minds of our military but to fly Air Force One around and around lower Manhattan with two fighter jets trailing it, scared nearly everyone to death.  And the military is surprised by this?  Psychodrama time, guys!

The mentality that produced this show is something we must examine.  It was run during the exact same time frame as the 9/11 episode, from 9 am to 10 am.  Is this a coincidence?  I seriously doubt it.


The 9/11 business has been ground into everyone’s skulls.  There are people who, when they see potholes in the road, can’t help but aim for them.  The human mind likes to redo things over and over again.  So the geniuses in the Pentagon thought, this would be a wonderful chance to redo 9/11.  


Of course, our military’s ineptitude on that day was historic and is a blot the size of a galactic black hole which they subconsciously want to fix.  Of course, instead of making a big, big thing about this ‘photo op’ and doing it on a weekend as if it were an air show, they did the exact opposite. 


The inept police officials who didn’t notify anyone are also at fault.  This sort of passive-aggressive behavior is classic for NYPD staff.  If anyone imagines a mayor controls the NYPD, this is hilarious.  They have the same sort of powers as the Praetorian Guard of ancient Rome.


Below is a You Tube video shot in New Jersey as this military operation was underway, terrorizing all of Lower Manhattan and Jersey City:


YouTube – 4/27/09 – Air Force One & Military Jet Flies Over Lower Manhattan, Scaring New Yorkers!

Article –

“I thought it was another terrorist attack,” said Joe Mastrofilippo, who works on the 20th floor of a Jersey City, N.J., office building, but declined to name his employer. “I don’t really feel too happy about the fact that nobody warned us this was a photo op. I don’t know why they didn’t tell us. It caused real fear and panic.” Across the Hudson River, traders bolted from the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange although a no evacuation was ordered. The Nymex is located just a few blocks from the World Trade Center site, where new towers are under construction. A Nymex security official was “literally standing, holding his hands up in a calming gesture,” said Peter Donovan, a vice president at Vantage Trading. “Guys were running right past him.” At one point, the Boeing 747 and its escort circled around Jersey City’s Goldman Sachs Tower, the tallest building in New Jersey. Andrew Wybolt, who works for Barclays PLC (BCS) in the building, said people rushed for the windows when they heard the planes. “They just started sprinting and freaking out,” Wybolt said. While Wybolt wasn’t working in the building during the 9/11 attacks, many of his colleagues were. “We saw a lot of tears,” he added. The Jersey City mayor’s office said there was no notification about the military exercise. Nancy McCarthy, who works in the mayor’s press office, said she only became aware of the incident as calls began flooding into a radio program. Evacuations were quickly called off, but many who thronged the banks of the Hudson River opposite Manhattan were found crying.

Telling only a NYPD staffer and not anyone in other states was stupid. These are the same military geniuses who have dribbled our wars across international borders and are now destroying Pakistan.  A hint to the military: New Jersey is not New York.  Yes, both have ‘New’ in their names.  But the second half is not the same at all.  They have different cities, mayors, governors, etc.  Why, they even have different Senators, too!


What I suspect is, the military is so used to just doing as they please all over the planet, they have no finesse, no ability to tell people what is going on or why and are utterly indifferent to the fear they inspire.  Nay, they like inspiring fear and I bet, they did notice people running frantically from buildings as they circled because they were flying so very low, they could easily see some of the chaos they caused.


They also could see the WTC site and probably were chortling about this.  I am just utterly disgusted by this entire display and all parties involved should be called onto the carpet and punished but then, they have to stand in line behind all the others who have violated US and international laws.  Quite a line up, indeed.






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