I was woken up a 4:45am by one of my readers, Josh Smith.  He was up much of the night and wandering around the George Washington campus in Washington, DC, when he saw a line of limos arriving for the WTO/G7/IMF meeting.  The police immediately pounced on him and ordered him to leave the neighborhood.  But he went across the street to take a photo for me for I was now on the phone.

I asked for a photo and as I was talking, the police rapidly approached Josh and ordered him to not take any pictures.  I immediately advised him to tell them, he has a Constitutional right to take pictures.  Not to mention, walk in the neighborhood.  They then said, they would arrest him for jaywalking. 


I told him, he was following police orders to IMMEDIATELY remove himself from the same side of the street leaving him little choice.  And I advised him to tell them, he was talking to a reporter.  So they backed off but then trailed after Josh as he was talking to me.  His phone went dead so I don’t know what else is happening.


THIS IS CLASSIC POLICE STATE TACTICS.  Slowly but surely, we are losing even the most basic civil rights. Civil rights are now associated with race laws.  But civil rights are really our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Which were once in this scrap of paper we supposedly have based our country’s governance on.  Slowly but with full malice, all of our NATURAL RIGHTS are being stripped from us, one by one.


I have many more civil rights in the wake of the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964.  I used it to sue for access to classes that were once only for boys, for example.  I used it to sue universities over discrimination in dorm rules, athletic spending, etc.  I also demonstrated against the Vietnam War and other things in the sixties and seventies.  


Now, we are in a situation where citizens suddenly cannot watch the international ruling elites.  Unlike Europe, we barely have tiny demonstrations and these are held far, far away from the rulers.  Yet, even just one stray individual frightens them so much, they have to harass this person and threaten to arrest him.  Perhaps, taser him just to make it clear, the right to torture is held by the State.


IMF Protests Start Small With 75-Person Rally –

About 75 people participated in a speakout organized by Global Justice Action, a Washington-based anti-capitalist group, at Edward R. Murrow Park, just across the street from the World Bank’s headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Speakers accused the IMF, the private organization that oversees global finance, of contributing to the worldwide economic meltdown and creating policy harmful to people in impoverished countries.

The weekend’s events, which are scheduled to include rallies and “confrontational street protests” as well as a larger rally Sunday, were planned to coincide with the IMF and World Bank spring meetings.


Finding news about this meeting is like pulling teeth of a very irritable dragon.  In the underbelly of the internet news stream, there is chatter about this.  I was, unfortunately, very busy since Wednesday dealing with my husband’s deterioration in his mental health so I didn’t scour the news enough to detect any news about this meeting.


This is due to our mainstream media’s major blackout of this news.  They are covering it….ON THE BACK PAGES.  With not the slightest hint of anything on their front pages.  This is classic: news is not news if the news media hides it.  And they know this perfectly well which is why they conspire to hide it in the first place!  Duh!  After using their internal service, I found mention of this story hidden on the NYT blog, of all places!!!


Early Word: Spring Rituals – The Caucus Blog –

Traditional signs of spring in Washington always include the cherry blossoms (now faded), and the bursts of color from daffodil and tulip beds planted all around the district. But the season also carries other annual rituals, like the gathering of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank this weekend.

Oh, how unprofessional. Making it sound childish: those stupid, deluded people are at it again, protesting! HAHAHA. The NYT blogger snickers with derision. Arriving along with the finance officials and central bankers descending on the nation’s capital will be their annual companions — thousands of demonstrators. This year, in the face of an economic crisis expected to hit developing countries particularly hard, the protesting organizations seem a bit more together than in previous meet-ups.

picture-21Oh oh. The annoying protestors are getting more annoying! Well, yesterday, they were small in numbers and menaced by the cops so they are being snarked to death by the NYT team of Powerpuff girls who are the team of bloggers paid big bucks by the soon-to-be-bankrupt NYT.

At 11:30 one group, Global Justice Action, begins a 5-K “Run on the Banks.” The traveling demonstration snakes past several banks, down K Street and ends at the I.M.F. headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue.

All of which is far, far, far from where the IMF/WB/G7 gangstas are meeting, of course. All of this in plenty of time for the meeting of the G-7 (Group of Seven), and a news conference by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at the National Press Club, followed by a meeting of the larger Group of 20.

This is how the NYT can cover its ass and claim, they are covering the news, while not really covering the news.  Since they insist on being ‘bloggers’ instead of professionals, I want to know how they get their special passes to go to press conferences while I can’t get the same courtesy, just for example.


When I was last in DC doing real reporting, at the hearing, I was the only one taking copious notes.  My report was better than all the mainstream media because I mentioned the GOP walkout in the middle of the Bank Bail Out hearings!  They hide a lot of stuff due to lack of interest in what is really going on, etc.  


The Saturday Profile – A Tibetan Blogger, Always Under Close Watch, Struggles for Visibility – Biography –

Her books are banned here, and the blog she has kept since 2005 is currently blocked. Still, with foreign media banned from much of the Tibetan plateau, Ms. Woeser’s blog, “Invisible Tibet,” has become one of the few reliable news outlets for those able to circumvent what is cynically referred to as The Great Firewall.

Ms. Woeser has been kept especially busy by a run of politically delicate dates, including the 50th anniversary of the “liberation” of Lhasa by the Chinese Army, which upended the Tibetan aristocracy and sent the Dalai Lama into exile. This year Beijing christened March 28 a national holiday, Serf Liberation Day, but among many Tibetans it was a time for mourning.

This year’s commemoration was made all the more tense by a security lockdown that accompanied the first anniversary of the riots in Lhasa in which 19 people were killed, many of them Han Chinese migrants.


This story made FRONT PAGE NEWS in the NYT.  Like Darfur, Tibet is a favorite pony for the ‘liberal media’ to ride into the sunset.  The same paper that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Jews murdering, torturing or stealing from the Palestinians, always has plenty of press room for the poor, oppressed people in these two particular places.


Even when there is no news, the Darfur/Tibet game goes on the front page with ‘human interest’ stories.  The Powder Puff Girlz at the Times don’t have any interest in the stories I report because frankly, the people I report about are not humans of any interest and in the case of demonstrators against the New World Order or pesky Palestinians, are not even human at all.


The Tibetan/Chinese lady is very brave and quite interesting, of course.  I am very happy she makes the news.  The Times reports, her blog is blocked in China. But isn’t blocked in the US.  She is obviously, still blogging.  So am I. Will the Times, which knows perfectly well, my name and who I am, will they report about me?  Will they talk about how Haley Barbour flew to NYC in 2000 and demanded they cease hosting my internal NYT blog that I ran back then?  Eh?  I hear crickets chirping!


The NYT and WP editors know perfectly well, where I am and they studiously ignore my present blog because I annoy them.  So they want us to think, only Communist Chinese do censorship.  Well, bully on them.  They censor like crazy.  They either run disinformation campaigns against people who are not on the script but report pesky things, or they  ignore you and hope you go off and die.


Now, here is the Reuters report:


DIARY-G7, IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington | Currencies | Reuters


Finance ministers and central bankers from around the globe
are in Washington this weekend for the semiannual meetings of
the International Monetary Fund and World Bank on Saturday and
Sunday, April 25 and 26. Finance officials from the Group of
Seven and the Group of 20 met on Friday.
 Click on [G7/G8] for stories on the meetings.
 Following is a schedule of the top events.
 All times listed are in Washington local time/GMT.
 Saturday, April 25
 1000/1400 - International Monetary and Financial Committee,
the IMF's steering committee, meets.
 1100/1500 - African finance ministers hold news briefing.
 1530/1930 - News briefing with IMFC chairman, Egyptian
Finance Minister Youssef Boutros-Ghali, and IMF Managing
Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
 Sunday, April 26
 0945/1345 - Joint IMF/World Bank Development Committee
 1230/1630 - Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega holds
news conference.
 About 1530/1930 - News briefing with Development Committee
chairman, Mexican Finance Minister Agustin Carstens, World Bank
President Robert Zoellick and IMF Managing Director Dominique
 1800/2200 - Mexican Finance Minister Agustin Carstens holds
news conference.


Thin news, eh?  No mention of demonstrations.  In Europe, we get to see full coverage of demonstrations.  The IMF and WB barely dare to have meetings, now, thanks to extensive demonstrations that are increasingly suppressed quite violently.  They deteriorate into riots, now.  But here in the US, we are now already nearly totally trained to fear the police who won’t hesitate to kill us.  So we obey the new, UNCONSTITUTIONAL requirements that all demonstrations must be held in pens that are far, far, far away from any ruling elite who do not wish to hear from us AT ALL.


At the White House, Lobbyists Complain of Restrictions | 44 |

Under rules announced by President Obama last month, lobbyists are banned from making phone calls to government agencies about specific stimulus projects and must put all such communications in writing. Lobbyists may speak to government officials about general policy issues, the rules say, but all communications will be logged and posted on a government-run website focused on the stimulus plan.

An unusual alliance of groups, including the American League of Lobbyists, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), complain that the restrictions are unfair and impinge on First Amendment rights to petition the government. Representatives of the groups held a meeting on the complaints Friday afternoon with Obama’s chief ethics adviser, Norm Eisen, who was one of the original co-founders of CREW.

OK: the ACLU and CREW are both up to snuff, trying to stop the suppression of ‘free speech’….on behalf of the lobbyists!  Whoopee!  But where is the REAL free speech issue?  ON THE STREETS.  If the ACLU and CREW were to try to have a meeting about THAT with anyone, two things would happen: the media won’t cover it at all.  And no one would schedule a meeting with them, anyway!


DPS, US Marshals merge to track fugitives


The state police and federal marshals are merging their special units that track Arizona fugitives in a move to save money while dealing with the growing number of arrest warrants waiting to be served.

“Basically, it’s getting everyone in one room in one building working together instead of occasionally discussing cases of mutual interest. It’s a great force multiplier,” U.S. Marshal David Gonzales said.

The aggregation of acronyms brings together the state Department of Public Safety’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, called VCAT, and the Arizona Wanted task force of the U.S. Marshals Service. The merger formalizes a relationship among agencies to share information and manpower to track the 60,000 wanted fugitives in the state.


The ongoing merger of civilian/state/local law and transport authorities and the US government continues unabated.  It began during the anti-Vietnam war demonstration years and grew greater after the IMF/WTO riots and then along came 9/11 which was launched by bin Laden, a black ops CIA guy attached to the Bush clan.  


Now, under the fascist aegis of Homeland Security, we see an increasingly Soviet-style state forming.  The right wing is in a huge snit over the leaking of the HS report about right wing organizations.  Napolitano rushed to sooth the veterans who were singled out as potential terrorists.  But the Real Rulers fear US disgruntled military.  They fear all of us but the military guys are trained killers and thus, objects of great fear if they are not kept on a very short leash or driven insane, to drink and to the gutter.


U.S., China to sign billions in business deals Monday | Reuters


U.S. and Chinese companies will sign more than 30 contracts on Monday worth billions of dollars to American businesses, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said on Friday.

Companies attending the signing ceremony include FedEx Corp (FDX.N), Dell Inc (DELL.O), Lenovo (0992.HK), and China Telecom (0728.HK), the business group said.

The signing ceremony will take place following an annual meeting of the U.S. China Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum, which is being co-hosted by the U.S. Chamber and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming and Acting U.S. Undersecretary for International Trade Michelle O’Neill are scheduled to speak at the event, as well as senior executives from the four companies listed above.


Note that this news story provides NO INFORMATION on when this ceremony, which the Chinese want us to know about, will happen.  We get to know every possible detail about news in Tibet!  The demand for news from Tibet is very high, the demand for news about the US is very low.


This story, I put at the bottom because I wanted to show how everything ties together. Since the IMF/WB/G7 are meeting today WITH THE CHINESE, this is the undercurrent story that is causing lots of sweat and fear at today’s meeting that the US news will not cover and they won’t cover the story in Xinhua news, either.


Now, I try to avoid wild conspiracy thinking about everything. Hard to do, of course, since we are surrounded by people conspiring against us!  But here is a CHINESE headline, the official Chinese news avoids talking about Tibet news but talks about other important things that are NOT talked about in US news.  And….it is about gold markets!!!!


I keep saying, the Chinese like gold.  I said some time ago, they are buying gold, that is, as European bankers sell their official gold stocks, China buys this.  This isn’t like India which buys it for individuals using jewelry as gold stocks.  No, this is the CENTRAL BANK buying it….in anticipation of reinstating the gold standard!  So it makes ZERO news in the Tibet-obsessed US media.  But news in China!


Gold futures in NY gain for 3rd day in a row_English_Xinhua

Gold prices in New York rose for the third day in a row as dollar fell and China revealed its gold holdings.

    The dollar declined against the euro after a report indicated German business confidence improved from a 26-year low. The weaker dollar added strength to the gold market.

    China said on Friday that it had raised its gold reserves by three-quarters since 2003 to 1,054 tons. Some analysts believed it reflects China’s efforts to diversify its world largest foreign exchange reserves.

    Gold futures for June delivery climbed 7.50 dollars, or 0.8 percent, to 914.10 dollars an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange.


The Chinese are definitely moving world gold markets.  In the previous quarter, Western hedge funds were heavy into gold futures.  But that is totally different from buying PHYSICAL gold.  This is probably why there was a total disconnect between physical gold’s accessibility and its price.  The physical gold vanished from the open market.  While the gold futures sailed downwards, no one could get the real thing!


There was a lot of talk about conspiracies.  Well, the US and Europe bank leaders who screwed up the entire planet’s finances are running this massive psychological operation that is out to convince everyone that gold is worthless and paper is golden.  This has been in operation most of my life, since 1971, to be exact.  


Now, as it is obvious that gold is worth a great deal, the psychowarfare has increased, not decreased.  The howls that gold isn’t ever going to be the basis of currencies for trade like it was for 500+ years, like around 5,000 years, this is collapsing as it is now quite obvious that China is preparing, alongside Russia, to reinstate this ancient, honorable system!!!!





THIS IS BIG NEWS!   You won’t see it in the US media, of course.  We live in a land that is more suppressed than Tibet.  






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