capital-closedThe torture memos have converged with the AIPAC spy case and the Representative Harman treason actions to shed light on some very dark corners.  AIPAC is holding their usual ceremonies next week, the ones we never see in the news because it features most of our ‘representatives’ swearing fealty to a foreign power.  The ugly mess of 9/11 continues to unscroll in interesting ways.  It seems, Bush had people tortured so they would falsely accuse Saddam of being part of the 9/11 events.  We would love to see Condi, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld waterboarded 288 times so they can confess their true involvement, too.  And you DON’T NEED TO BELIEVE IN BOMBS IN THE WTC IN ORDER TO SEE OBVIOUS CONSPIRACIES!  Thanks in advance.

9/11 continues to haunt America.  The DARPA misinformation campaign that has caused many skeptics of US government lies concerning 9/11 to run down a dead end corridor of mirrors in pursuit of the story line about ‘bombs in the buildings’.  This business, far from expanding demands for investigations, has caused it to collapse.  But thanks to the release of the CIA secret torture memos, we can discuss 9/11 again and once again, try to understand the business of COMPLICITY in crimes and how the ruling elites manufacture, use and manipulate people.


These are not stupid people.  The elites sound stupid to me only because they are lying and I am aware of these lies.  It annoys me that they think they can get me to go along with a host of lies, one on top of the other.  This doesn’t mean they are super-devious and can pull off various stunts, themselves.  What they do is, guide people into various acts and illegalities and then claim, their own hands are clean, they didn’t do these things, themselves.


The CIA is the main Black Ops tool.  It was founded in order to outdo the KGB in playing undercover games.  This spy vs spy warfare was mostly….and still is mostly….waged against various peasants, poor people and helpless nations with little to no military power.  Within the spy-vs-spy world, the business is all about bribing the other side to betray its own leadership, moles and electronics.


I grew up inside this system and am part of it.  This, of course, is meaningless when looking at things since the whole business of this spy world is to lie not only to foreign spies to but to lie to ourselves.  This is our internal cloaking device.  Lying about who we are, why we are doing things and what the consequences are, is hyper-important.  This way, we can look ‘sincere’ while lying to others!  Imagine growing up in this sort of system.


Lieberman: U.S. will accept any Israeli policy decision – Haaretz – Israel News

The Obama Administration will put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to, said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in his first comprehensive interview on foreign policy since taking office. 

Israel’s former government fell due to corruption and amorality.  So a new one replaces the old one and as usual, the Jews running the show must tell each other, they have American under their thumbs, too.  They are the bosses who order US elected officials around as if they are servants of AIPAC….WHICH THEY ARE.
“Believe me, America accepts all our decisions,” Lieberman told the Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets. 

Lieberman is in Russia, boasting about how he pulls our strings and we are his puppets.  HE IS CORRECT.  The few feeble efforts on the part of Mossad agent Emanuel to pretend he is giving the Likuniks ultimatums is all just for show.  What these ‘Americans’ say at next week’s AIPAC meeting is what really matters.

Lieberman granted his first major interview to Alexander Rosensaft, the Israel correspondent of one of the oldest Russian dailies, not to an Israeli newspaper. The role of Israel is to “bring the U.S. and Russia closer,” he declared. 

During the interview, Lieberman said Iran is not Israel’s biggest strategic threat; rather, Afghanistan and Pakistan are. 

Hillary Clinton was going about the planet, doing AIPAC’s work when she suddenly lashed out at our ally, Pakistan.  The Pakistanis were horrified when she did this and couldn’t understand, why.  Well, Lieberman just answered that question.  The madcap US war in Afghanistan is rapidly spreading deep into Pakistan even as the Taliban go from one STRATEGIC victory to another.  


Ergo: the more we fight the Pakistanis on behalf of Israel’s foreign policies, the greater the appeal of the anti-Israeli Taliban!  There is this race now to see who gets Pakistan’s nukes.  This is all our fault, of course.  If 9/11 was all about bin Laden, once we lost the race to seize him and put him on trial, the business of 9/11 was done and we would just have to go on to the next event.


Instead, Bush and his buddies viewed any terrorist attack as a golden opportunity to expand the Israeli/US empire.  So they pushed very, very hard to attach 9/11 guilt to a totally innocent bystander, Saddam.  Israel wanted Saddam removed because of the Jewish business about destroying the homes of Palestinian terrorists fighting Jewish incursions into Palestine.  Saddam would give the surviving families financial help even as the Jews wanted group punishment.  So they wanted Saddam shut down.  Also, they feared his military power, little as it was.


If the price of oil began to climb and it was climbing rapidly by 2002, Saddam’s FINANCIAL power would also climb!  So he had to be taken down.  By hook or crook.


U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists


The U.S. government may abandon espionage-law charges against two former lobbyists for a pro-Israel advocacy group, officials said yesterday, as a prominent House lawmaker denied new allegations that she offered to use her influence in their behalf.

Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) accused the government of an “abuse of power” in wiretapping her conversations, following news reports that she had been recorded in 2006 on FBI wiretaps that officials at the time said raised questions of possible illegal conduct.

Harman’s expression of outrage added a political dimension to the prosecution of the two former lobbyists, who were charged in 2005 under a World War I-era espionage law with conspiring to give national defense information to journalists and Israeli Embassy officials.

With the trial set to begin June 2, the Justice Department is reviewing whether to proceed as planned or withdraw the indictments after a series of adverse court rulings, according to law enforcement sources and lawyers close to the case.

Defense attorneys recently subpoenaed a number of senior Bush administration officials, including former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, former national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley, and former high-level Defense Department officials Paul D. Wolfowitz and Douglas J. Feith….

The Justice Department’s decision to review the case against the former lobbyists was triggered by recent court rulings that make it harder for the government to win such convictions, according to the law enforcement sources and lawyers close to the case. Those decisions included an appeals court ruling that allowed the defense to use classified information at trial. A lower-court judge also said prosecutors must show that the two men knew that the information they allegedly disclosed would harm the United States or aid a foreign government and that they knew what they were doing was illegal.


I want a trial and I want all secret documents put on the LEGAL record and perhaps finally, we can begin to clean up the stinking mess created post-WWII.  The Cold War legalized running our nation as a secretive police state.  I want all CIA secrets to be put in public.  One of the biggest roles of the CIA was not assassins or such but to have prominent people [ahem] go about the planet, befriending others and getting them to work for the US empire, not for their own national interests.


Indeed, this is also what Mossad does.  Quite successfully, in the US.  People who work for foreign powers while pretending to work for national power are called ‘traitors’.  It is one thing to openly work to reform a system.  It is totally different to CONSPIRE behind closed doors against one’s own government or country.  This is why all AIPAC meetings are NOT broadcast on US TV so we can see what is going on and the post-AIPAC meetings with our faux Senators are TOTALLY SECRET.  Neither our Senators nor the Jews lobbying them, will tell us anything at all.  We get to find out via scandals or the swift OK of funding of Israel while we go bankrupt, etc.


The Raw Story | Pelosi tipped off to wiretap after intelligence mutiny

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was told that a fellow Democratic congresswoman had been wiretapped because intelligence officials were irate that then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had blocked a probe into the congresswoman’s involvement related to an Israeli espionage case, CQ’s Jeff Stein revealed late Wednesday.

Pelosi knew that Harman was a traitor back in 2003.  She said nothing, she didn’t rush to get Harman arrested or demand further investigations.  Everything was buried.

“In doing so,” Stein writes, “the officials flouted an order by Gonzales not to inform Pelosi, three former national security officials said.”

Bush said, before he was put into office by a venal Supreme Court ruling, ‘It would be better if I were a dictator…hehehe.’  He also said, the executive office, not the courts, decided what was legal.  Back in 2000, I demanded the media yell about all this for his thoughts were eminently disqualifying him from being President since he has to swear to uphold the Constitution and even joking about being a dictator rendered him too irresponsible to be President.  No one listens to me.

Harman was and has not been charged with any crime. Officials have declined to comment on the matter, and Harman has called for the transcript of her call to be released. 

Harman’s yells about innocence are fading, fast.  She now lives in fear of this call being made public the very same week she was scheduled to speak at the Jewish rally for Israel’s dominance of US politicians.  Bad timing, indeed!  Why this traitor isn’t being prosecuted speaks volumes.  It’s obviously OK to commit treason if you are working for Israel.


This is a terrible thing!  When the corruption and treason gets to be too much, when America goes bankrupt and the Jews still demand many billions in free gifts while boasting about controlling and abusing us, this will blow up much, much worse than in Germany after WWI.  This always puzzles me.  Why can’t people learn from history at all?  Or, if they focus on history, why do they learn exactly the opposite lessons history is trying to teach?


Obama, instead of calling for a legal examination of all the crimes of the Bush era, crimes committed by BOTH parties, is trying to ‘heal’ things by telling us to forget history and to run forwards. But to where?  Obama is avoiding the AIPAC love fest but he isn’t talking about it, either.  Or hinting to all the Democrats who are going there to swear fealty to the Jewish state, not to go.  No, this is business as usual only with a lot of surliness. 


Israelis just jumped strongly to fascism in the last election.  This is embarrassing for American Jews but isn’t stopping them even slightly from major support for these fascists.  Instead of cutting US spending on Israel’s fascists by 100%, they are INCREASING our financial support of the fascists.  Ergo: they embrace fascism.  This is not lost on American fascists who want the sort of power the Israeli fascists have.  Again: fascism is NOT the friend of Judaism. 


The Raw Story | Search: White House fights back on torture flap

The ACLU called on Monday for Obama to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate those who took part in “horrific acts of torture,” as the political row deepened over Bush-era legal memos justifying the tactics released by the White House last week.

Torture is unconstitutional as well as internationally illegal.  The victims of our torture who have gone to Europe, are demanding Nüremberg-style trials of US officials.  I agree and hope we bundle up and ship out, heh—rendition—our own criminals.  Put Bush, Condi, Gonzales, Yoo, etc on trial.

It seized on the memos and a new Senate report suggesting top Bush administration officials were behind interrogation practices that spread from Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan to Iraq….

Every other decade, the stench of black-ops crimes causes an uproar and we piously promise to never do it again and within 10 years, it is business as usual.  At Obama’s last visit with South and Central Americans, they talked for several hours about past CIA black ops torture and the Washington Post was furious, Obama didn’t rise up in indignation and tell them to all shut up!

Three prominent US Senators meanwhile increased the pressure on Obama to rule out prosecutions of former Bush aides, in a letter to the president.

“In the interest of national security, it is the future, rather than the past, on which we believe America’s gaze must be fixed,” said Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham , as well as Joseph Lieberman, an independent.

McCain was tortured by the Vietnamese who had very good reasons to torture him.  For they were under sustained attack by the US superpower!  It was WAR!  The fact that McCain can’t understand this is simple: he is crazy.  Yes, he is insane.  And so are many who think we can condemn torture while torturing.  Remember, one of our main talking points after 9/11 was, ‘They kidnap people and torture them!’

The senators also opposed the creation of a commission to look into controversial “war on terrorism” tactics of the past eight years, noting though that they opposed the methods and found some legal reasoning to be wrong.

Talk about slice and dice!  They admit crimes were committed but we are fighting ‘terrorists’ so it is basically OK!  HAHAHA.  The legal reasoning was not merely wrong, it was insane.  Not only insane, it was obviously venal, cruel and unconstitutional. 

If a lawyer lies about the law and thus, leads others to believe it is legal to commit crimes, that lawyer is a criminal!  The Mafia always wanted lawyers who would legalize their crimes.  Ditto, the Nazis. Their arguments at the Nüremberg Trials was very simple: we were following orders and we were obeying our own laws.

“Providing poor legal advice is always undesirable,” they said, “but that is a quite a different matter from making legal advice with which we may disagree into a crime.”

Of all people on earth, lawyers should know the difference between crimes and legality.  So far from being excused, they are MORE responsible, not less.  Pretending to not know that our Constitution isn’t merely a piece of paper or that we can drop it the minute our feet leave our own borders, this is simple.  If it isn’t drummed into heads by fifth grade, it should.


For highly-educated, highly-placed lawyers to claim ignorance of the law is grounds for imprisoning them for fraud.  Obviously, their law degrees are fake.  For anyone to imagine that our Constitution is OK with torture is to be a traitor to the Constitution which is crystal clear about torture [except for slaves who had no civil rights, no moral rights and nothing at all, being ‘subhumans’].  


David Ignatius – Slow Roll Time at Langley –


Obama seems to think he can have it both ways — authorizing an unprecedented disclosure of CIA operational methods and at the same time galvanizing a clandestine service whose best days, he told them Monday, are “yet to come.” Life doesn’t work that way — even for charismatic politicians. Disclosure of the torture memos may have been necessary, as part of an overdue campaign to change America’s image in the world. But nobody should pretend that the disclosures weren’t costly to CIA morale and effectiveness.

When the USSR fell, this was very bad for KGB morals.  The release of many KGB records also annoyed agents.  One of them was Putin, by the way.  Note who runs Russia now.  At least, he isn’t a traitor to Russia.  

Put yourself in the shoes of the people who were asked to interrogate al-Qaeda prisoners in 2002. One former officer told me he declined the job, not because he thought the program was wrong but because he knew it would blow up. “We all knew the political wind would change eventually,” he recalled. Other officers who didn’t make that cynical but correct calculation are now “broken and bewildered,” says the former operative.

It was always possible to interrogate with no torture.  But we wanted to win so torture was OKed because there was a belief that this would give us an edge in our battle with a shadow group that morphed and changed every hour of the day, rendering any captures useless within three days.

For a taste of what’s ahead, recall the chilling effects of past CIA scandals. In 1995, then-Director John Deutch ordered a “scrub” of the agency’s assets after revelations of past links to Guatemalan death squads. Officers were told they shouldn’t jettison sources who had provided truly valuable intelligence. But the practical message, recalls one former division chief, was: “Don’t deal with assets who could pose political risks.” A similar signal is being sent now, he warns.

HAHAHA.  The criminals inside the CIA ‘scrubbed’ their crimes????  They did this again, the last several months.  Eradicating  much of their criminal evidence, they can now pretend to be persecuted when we demand an accounting.  

One veteran counterterrorism operative says that agents in the field are already being more careful about using the legal findings that authorize covert action. For god’s sake, I hope so!!!  An example is the so-called “risk of capture” interview that takes place in the first hour after a terrorism suspect is grabbed. This used to be the key window of opportunity, in which the subject was questioned aggressively —which is CIA code for torture—and his cellphone contacts and “pocket litter” were exploited quickly….

See?  Even the CIA knows that any information they get after the first day is useless.

America will be better off, in the long run, for Obama’s decision to expose the past practice of torture and ban its future use. But meanwhile, the country is fighting a war, and it needs to take care that the sunlight of exposure doesn’t blind its shadow warriors.


Our ‘shadow warriors’ do much more harm than good.  There is no mention yet of all our army of assassins.  The Mongols were so irritated with this business of assassins, they wiped out the assassin nest in Lebanon back in 1250 AD.  The entire US war in Afghanistan has deteriorated into non-stop assassinations using robot drones.  Each event has one effect: it makes the Taliban and even al Qaida grow much stronger.


With each shadow war battle, we lose STRATEGIC ground!  This is pure insanity.  But then, our entire government is running in shadows.  We have fake representatives, fake presidents, fake courts all working hard to destroy the Constitution, to impose a police state on us all and to terrorize us just like the still-mysterious anthrax assassin who came out of the shadows of secret US disease labs!


And being shadows, nothing has been cleared up in the courts or all information put out in the public so we can see  how evil, insidious and treasonous these shadow systems really are!  They are NOT protecting us!  They are protecting our RULERS!!!!





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