Oh, what a tangled web they weave!  The many tentacles of the system are wondrous to behold.  Today, we look at Goldman Sachs, as per usual.  Few Americans are aware of this Group of Gnomes.  I wonder why, HAHAHA.  Well, thanks to Bloomberg News, we get lots and lots of juicy gnome news.  Should rename it ‘Gnomeberg News.’  Then there is the Pentagon: new people moving in, representing the gnomes of Goldman Sachs as well as the entire CFR/Bilderberg/International nuclear war strategy community.  You know, the guys planning WWIII.  Change we can believe in if we want two heads and other mutations in our futures.First, a gnome makes a speech which is interrupted by hecklers.  No doubt about it: the hecklers read the internet and thus, know a bit of what is really going on, to the immense irritation of Blankfein:


Blankfein Urges U.S. to Resist Protectionism Urge (Update2) –


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein said the U.S. should resist the “potentially dangerous trend” of protectionism as it considers new measures to regulate the financial system.

“Short-term salves like the ‘Buy America’ provision or mandating a certain level of domestic lending will only end up harming the process underlying economic growth,” Blankfein said in a speech today at the Council of Institutional Investors’ spring conference in Washington. The 54-year-old CEO was twice interrupted by hecklers.


Rapists and crooks don’t want locked doors, guard dogs, police or other obstructions.  Asking a gnome what he wants, he can’t help it but cry, ‘DON’T PROTECT ANYTHING EXCEPT ME!!!’  Yes, he wants bodyguards.  Especially when irksome hecklers lurk in the vicinity.


The ‘process underlying growth’ in the US is debt.  We run everything in the red and Blankfein and his fine friends all get filthy rich while we get an astounding load of debt dumped into our laps.  This is OK with Blankfein, of course.  A great deal of fun is to be had, if only the US continues to not protect itself from a flood of imports.


Note the contempt this super-rich, powerful man has for ‘buy America.’  He hates it, yesss.  Hates it.  If the US doesn’t somehow fix this trade mess, we will end up a dead nation, a zombie government, a mess like Russia discovered when it, too, went bankrupt.


GM Bankruptcy Plan Developing as Board Seeks Savings (Update1) –


General Motors Corp. is speeding up preparations for a possible bankruptcy filing even as directors scout for deeper savings this week to avoid that outcome, people familiar with the plans said.

GM would focus on forming a new company from its best assets if court protection is needed, said the people, who asked not to be named because the details aren’t public. The efforts to set a new cost-cut goal center on how to go beyond a proposal to slash debt by 46 percent and shed 47,000 jobs in 2009, and will include talks with Treasury officials, the people said.


Shedding another 47,000 jobs will do wonders for the US economy and for the government’s tax base.  I say, we could tax Blankfein 90% and he can make up the difference.  Remember: governments cannot spend in the red, forever.  Someone has to be taxed.


There are people out there who think socialism is pure evil and anyone who supports a system whereby we protect our own population from the ups and downs of the economic cycle is a communist, just remember: all such systems where there is no socialism usually end up in either revolutions with real communists or they collapse and become a third world nation.


The fantasy that there are nations that have no socialism while being a productive manufacturing power is peculiar.  There are no such places.  Ones that depend on manufacturing while having no unemployment, etc, tend to be places flooded with aliens who are not able to access social services which are available for the natives.  This is how places like Switzerland or Dubai operate.  The populace that floods in to do work are non-entities that can be deported when not needed.  This is a very cruel system, by the way.


Incidentally, here is the Muckety map for Goldman Sachs:

Lloyd C. Blankfein relationship map – Muckety.compicture-2

It is very dense. No surprise, of course.  Off to the far left side is AIG, for example.  Heh.  The Feeder Fund.  The names here are the people who are the present ruling elites.  Since ruling elites marry each other’s offspring and relations, these groups tend to become very extended.  A lot of their power and energy is located in Manhattan.  Manhattan just went through its most recent ‘Golden Era’.  I remember when the stock market collapsed, inflation took off and we had the stagflation years and NYC nearly went bankrupt.  Manhattan suffered, badly.  


Prices of real estate fell.  I was sorely tempted to buy.  But removed myself to New Jersey due to the schools going bad.  None of the children of these people go to public schools.  Not unless they are living in the suburbs and even then, it is unlikely.  Obama is changing things by bringing in the usual people who are connected with Goldman Sachs, as usual.


Asia Times Online :: Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs

The budget is viewed as a major step in the ongoing debate within the US military about whether to focus primarily on conventional warfare against other states, or counter-insurgency operations against non-state actors. 

Non-state actors is code for revolutionaries, people fighting US imperial rule and assorted others like drug warlords, etc.  Even as we wring our hands over suppression of peasants in Darfur or Tibet, we do the same in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

But it is also likely to encounter opposition from lawmakers and defense-industry interests who are unhappy about cutbacks in lucrative weapons programs. The changes proposed by the new
budget – while significant – are far from marking a fundamental reshaping of the US defense establishment, some defense analysts caution. 

Congress just voted heavily to give Israel another $4 billion. And to expand money spent on our provinces, to put them under our thumb or rather, the thumb of Goldman Sachs.

Among the most notable cutbacks was the F-22 fighter program. Gates announced that the Pentagon would end production after buying four more fighters this year. Rumors that Gates intended to kill the F-22 – which was originally designed in the Cold War to counter Soviet air power – led to a lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill and in the media to save the fighter. A highly-publicized March article in the Atlantic by best-selling author Mark Bowden, for example, warned that F-22 cutbacks would be “paid in the blood” of US fighter pilots. 

Other cutbacks include missile defense, which will see its budget reduced by $1.4 billion, and the Army’s Future Combat Systems modernization program – the vehicle component of which will be canceled. However, the budget retained or even accelerated other programs that were viewed as logical targets for cuts, such as the F-35 joint strike fighter. F-35 purchases will be more than doubled from 14 in 2009 to 30 in 2010. 

Even as Obama talks peace, we gird for war.  History is clear: nations that arm themselves heavily always itch to go to war.  We are a perfect example of this.  Obama’s choice for armaments procurement is a member of the ruling elites:


Weapons nominee promises scrutiny – The Boston Globe

 Harvard professor Ashton B. Carter vowed yesterday to undertake a “program by program” review of all weapons systems if confirmed as President Obama’s top Pentagon acquisition official, telling the Senate Armed Services Committee that he is concerned the scope of the crisis involving troubled weapons projects may be more extensive than believed.

Referring to the 95 problem-plagued acquisition programs that have been singled out by government, Carter testified, “I’m not sure that is the end of the story.”

Carter – who was nominated to be undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics – said a key goal of his review would be to “see whether there isn’t more to that iceberg,” while vowing to take steps to reform the acquisition system to avoid similar problems in the future.



Ashton Carter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carter received bachelor’s degrees in physics and in medieval history from Yale Universitysumma cum laudePhi Beta Kappa. He received his doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar….

Rhodes is all about the secretive side of the New World Order as he wanted to build an eternal British Empire which would protect the ‘Aryan’ type rule.  Exploiting all world resources while creating a new ‘nobility’ was the goal.  This ‘nobility’ would replace the one being decimated by revolutionaries in many countries.

In addition to his public service, Carter is currently a Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners and a member of the Board of Trustees of the MITRE Corporation, and the Advisory Boards of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and the Draper Laboratory. He is a consultant to Goldman Sachs and Mitretek Systems on international affairs and technology matters, and speaks frequently to business and policy audiences. Carter is also a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Physical Society, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. Carter was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

So, he is part of Goldman Sachs.  He is part of the Aspen Group which is part of the Bilderberg gang, he is also with IISS, as well as the CFR, etc. He also belongs to a number of groups my father belonged to and this is 100%  New World Order stuff.  Now, I did a thorough piece about all this, hit ‘publish’ and everything was erased so I am rather pissed off.


Anyway, this guy belongs to the NCUSCR.  Sounds like clearing my throat, eh?  Anyway, this is the same organization that worked with the State Department, my father and I when a bunch of Chinese moved into my house so they could learn about capitalism and how the US ruling elites really work:


Home | NCUSCRNational Committee on United States-China Relations

A September 1978 program brought the first group of mayors and deputy mayors from the People’s Republic of China to U.S. soil. Led by Beijing Deputy Mayor Zhao Pengfei and Shanghai Deputy Mayor Yen Yumin, the 19-member delegation also included city planners, architects, and engineers.

In each city on the itinerary, which included Washington, Baltimore, New York, Minneapolis, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Francisco, meetings with American counterparts covered a wide spectrum of urban issues: city planning and management, cooperative regional planning, the role of the federal government in municipal affairs, urban construction, the design and building of metropolitan mass transportation systems, and protection of the environment.

Exposure to innovative approaches in cooperative area planning, at such places as the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Council and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, provided examples of how metropolitan regions are working together to solve mutual problems and eliminate replication of services. Visits to various model planned communities, such as those in Columbia, Maryland, Starrett City, New York, and Los Colinas, Texas, provided additional perspectives.

The Chinese also had opportunities to interact with Americans in more casual settings. Throughout their stay, delegation members were invited into Americans’ homes for dinner and conversation; they even attended professional baseball and football games, went to the symphony, and enjoyed other cultural events—activities which gave them still another perspective on the American city.


Yes, this was expanded after the 1978 experiment with one night with Americans!  HAHAHA.  Many nights were spent at my house and we did lots of arguing and reading.  Ah, well!  Those were the days.  Certainly, they did NOT admire our cities except, perhaps, Manhattan.  They thought our cities were blights and this was correct.  The US, instead of being embarrassed by all this, thought the Chinese were super-impressed.  Goes to show, how these people think.


Then there is the Council of Foreign Policy.  Below is an article by Brad Setser.  He hangs out with these guys.  Heh.  No wonder, he told me to go away.


Brad Setser: Follow the Money » Blog Archive » Charting financial de-globalization: private capital flows are falling faster than trade flows

At least for the US. And I would bet globally as well, though global financial flows fell a couple of quarters after private flows to the US. Remember decoupling?

In some sense the sharp fall in financial flows isn’t news. Capital flows generally are more volatile than trade flows. Ask any emerging economy. But the magnitude of the swing in capital flows is still striking.

Inspired by Dr. DeLong’s post showing US exports and imports over time, I used the January trade data to estimate the q1 fall in exports and imports (down 22% and 27% respectively, y/y and in nominal terms) and I plotted trade flows against private capital flows (I reversed the sign on outflows, and subtracted “private” treasury purchases from the inflow data*). The last data point on the capital flows side is from the fourth quarter, but it still makes for a striking picture.



To go back to the top of the story, Blankfein thinks we should open the trade door wider and all will be well.  The trade door was WIDE OPEN and the spread between our exports and imports only widened and widened.  They are now getting smaller only because trade is collapsing.  The flood of funny money that poured into America was equally a disaster: it has not collapsed at DOUBLE the speed even as it GREW as great, during the ‘boom years’.


This means, our entire relations with the entire planet is a catastrophe and it was doomed to collapse since these are classic ‘hockey stick’ graphs and these graphs are unsustainable and don’t just ‘level out’ but tend to collapse.


Back to the Pentagon, here is a story sent to me two days ago: : US forgets how to manufacture Trident missile warhead component

Joint American-British plans to upgrade the Trident nuclear weapons had to be temporarily stalled as the US scientific establishment either forgot how to manufacture, or mislaid blue prints of a critical component, an investigation by a US Congressional watchdog body has revealed.

Ask the Chinese.  They have a fascination with these sorts of documents.

Trident II missile A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report said that the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) “lost knowledge” of how to make a little known, but very hazardous material, codenamed Fogbank. This oversight resulted in the warhead upgrade programme being put back by at least a year, and cost the taxpayer an extra $69 million.

Shades of Dr. Strangelove!

The Trident missile is a multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) designed by American defence contractor, Lockheed Martin Space Systems. The Trident is armed with nuclear warheads and is launched from nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines….

Notice how, when the USSR fell, the US kept all these MIRVs lurking in the deep, dark seas, on hair trigger alert!

Nothing is known about the nature, or function, of Fogbank. But existing material on the topic describes it as a likely ‘interstage’ between the fission and fusion stages of a thermonuclear bomb. In physical nature it could be some kind of foam, or an aerogel.

Fogbank?  Sounds like a bank where derivative trades are swapped!  Actually, this is typical of all systems: as we destroy our engineering capacity, drive out all our computer jobs and chew up all these sorts of high-tech stuff, we get dumber.  And the thing Carter should be worried about, the thing all these CFR friends of Goldman Sachs should worry about, is the collapse of our entire technological infrastructure and learning systems.


Deflation Dead at BlackRock; Inflation Debt Favorite (Update3) –

Bond investors are earning more than ever with Treasury Inflation Protected Securities as central bankers around the world set the stage for a rise in consumer prices by deploying unprecedented amounts of money to battle the global recession.

In March, TIPS earned 6.1 percent, the best returns since the Treasury started selling the securities in 1997, according to Merrill Lynch & Co. index data. Worldwide, inflation- protected bonds had the second best month in at least a decade, rising 4.3 percent including reinvested interest, the data show.

At BlackRock Inc., Vanguard Group Inc., Pacific Investment Management Co.and Pictet & Cie Banquiers, concerns are growing that policy makers will struggle to control inflation once economies start to recover. The Federal Reserve, Bank of England and European Central Bank have increased money supply by an average 9.2 percent in the past year, or the equivalent of $2 trillion, to $24 trillion, according to the broadest measure each uses.

Everyone knows, the US will not stop inflation.  Adding zeroes, making up money as we need it, is very addictive and nearly impossible to stop.  The US is committed to not paying for things via balancing anything at all.  We just want stuff to happen and to hell with accounting and balancing things!  Just hand out the paper money!  This is our real danger, not a bunch of barely-armed natives on the other side of the planet.


J. Ezra Merkin sued for civil fraud in Madoff probe | – See the news

J. Ezra Merkin, who steered more than $2 billion of investors’ money into Bernard Madoff Investment Securities – including millions from prominent institutions like Yeshiva University and New York University – was sued Monday for civil fraud.

In a 54-page complaint, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged the financier, philanthropist and former GMAC chairman with fraudulent concealment and misrepresentation, saying that Merkin steered money to Madoff without his clients’ knowledge or permission.

I hope they arrest all the feeder funds Madoff used.  These guys are all crooks.  And the crooks don’t end there, the GS crooks still have a death grip on our throats.  


OppenheimerFunds Probed by Five States on College Plan Losses –

OppenheimerFunds Inc., a unit of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., is under scrutiny by attorneys general in five states for investment losses in college-savings accounts that used its bond funds.

Officials in Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon and Texas began last month to jointly explore whether OppenheimerFunds violated its fiduciary duty to investors in the so-called 529 plans, said Scott Burnham, a spokesman for Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias. Investors lost $85 million last year in Illinois-sponsored accounts run by the firm, whose managers bought mortgage-linked securities before prices plunged along with the residential real estate market.

“Parents are stunned because Oppenheimer didn’t tell them that they would be exposed to the riskiest part of the bond market,” said Derek Loeser, an attorney with Keller Rohrback LLP in Seattle, referring to securities linked to mortgages. The firm may file a group, or class-action, lawsuit against OppenheimerFunds on behalf of investors, Loeser said.

As things crash, we can see more clearly, how crooked people were.  These people all socialize with each other and support the webs of organizations that are at the heart of this global collapse.  They energetically funded and expanded this thing and now, the whole thing is so interconnected, it is like the Derivatives Beast: big and destructive!  And should be eliminated.


Irish government to deliver emergency budget – Telegraph.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, who is making his second budget speech in six months, says the country faces a “very grave national crisis” as the deficit heads for 13pc of gross domestic product, four times the European Union limit.

He may also announce plans to remove toxic property loans from the nation’s biggest banks…. Mr Lenihan may double the payroll levies he introduced in his previous budget in October and increase taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, the Sunday Business Post reported on April 5.

And this is the bitter end.  Do we imagine, we won’t be forced to pay higher taxes and have services cut when we go bankrupt?  Of course, this is our fates, too!  Our budget deficit is soaring to the stratosphere!  And we are told, it doesn’t matter.  And the Asians are NOT buying this debt, this is PURE INFLATION.  And will ravage us in due time, of course.  We know this will happen.  This is why the IMF forbids this government money printing solution.  And  the CFR runs the IMF.  See how we come full circle?


The CFR people want us to still spend, spend, spend on our empire while we collect more and more debt.  And they won’t make us pay this back….until forced by the Chinese who plan to do this to us, just not this year, not quite yet.  The axe is over our heads, waiting to go chop-chop.





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