A series of earthquakes struck much of the length of Italy yesterday.  Africa is shoving into Europe and will eventually be united with Europe.  Europe’s mountains will grow very high.  The various seas that are still open will be turned into large lakes.  The line of volcanoes that run along Italy’s flank facing Africa will grow in size and number as this is the major subduction zone where the continental shelf of Africa is being violently forced under the Eurasian plate.

The quakes were at the 10 kilometer depth.  I notice that many subduction earthquake events are at this depth.  This probably is due to the mixture of planetary materials has some sort of change of status at this level for this is across the entire planet.  The 10 km level is probably the juncture between two different temperature as well as mineral content.  Is this where the iron mix is greater than the silicone mix?  Iron is heavy, after all and we presume, the core of the earth tends towards iron.














IRIS – Seismic Monitor

Italy is like California or Sichuan, China or Chile: one one side, there is a ‘long valley’ which, in this case, is still underwater.  The Adriatic Sea is still connected to the Mediterranean Sea which still has a connection to the Atlantic Ocean.  Like California and Chile, Italy is the victim of many earthquakes as well as volcanic eruptions.

Italy earthquake kills scores and leaves thousands homeless | World news | guardian.co.uk


Scores of people were killed and tens of thousands left homeless in central Italy today after a powerful earthquake shook a mountain region, severely damaging a historic city and surrounding villages.

Dozens of people were crushed in their beds as the 6.3-magnitude tremor struck the Abruzzo region at 3.32am with an epicentre close to L’Aquila, the local capital, where a number of buildings were levelled.

L’Aquila – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • Coat of arms of Comune dell'AquilaThe city’s construction was begun by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily out of several already existing villages (ninety-nine, according to local tradition; see Amiternum), as a bulwark against the power of the papacy. The name of Aquila means “Eagle” in Italian. Construction was completed in 1254 under Frederick’s son, Conrad IV of Germany. The name was switched to Aquila degli Abruzzi in 1861, and L’Aquila in 1939. After the death of Conrad, the city was destroyed by his brother Manfred in 1259, but soon rebuilt by Charles I of Anjou, its successor as king of Sicily. The walls were completed in 1316.




This city has been very badly ruined by a repeated series of earthquakes.  Italy is full of very charming cities and villages that are extremely beautiful and picturesque but the construction techniques are not compatible with the geological hazards of the area.  

Most deaths in earthquakes in places like Italy or Iran are due to the use of mostly stone and mud-based building techniques.  Cement was invented by the Italians and is very sturdy but has one major weakness: it is prone to failure in a major earthquake.  Even with modern techniques using rebars for strength, a big earthquake can still destroy these structures.

The present earthquake was not a great quake like the one all geologists anticipate, is overdue in central California where they expect the San Andreas to shift over 30 feet in a microsecond.

More than 1,500 people had been injured, the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, told a press conference in L’Aquila, the badly damaged capital of the Abruzzo region, close to the quake’s epicentre.

Berlusconi declared a state of emergency, calling off a scheduled trip to Russia to co-ordinate the government’s response. “I want to say something important: no one will be abandoned to their fate,” he told reporters.

The 6.3-magnitude tremor, which struck at 3.32am local time (2.32am BST), was the country’s deadliest since the Irpinia quake in the south in November 1980, which killed more than 2,500 people.


Click on the story to see an excellent video of the damage and intense rescue operation.  Over 90 people, so far, died in this latest episode in a long history of deadly earthquakes.


Deadly Earthquake Hits Central Italy – NYTimes.com


In the town’s historic main square, the cupola of the 18th-century Santa Maria del Sofraggio church was broken in half like an eggshell, revealing the stucco patterns inside the dome. Other historic buildings were also damaged. Italian authorities assisted elderly residents in leaving the square, where they had fled in search of safety after the main quake.

The narrow streets of the historic center were filled with rubble, and parked cars sat crushed under large blocks of debris. Outside a local convent, a dozen nuns still dressed in their bright orange and blue bathrobes climbed into a van headed to an assistance center. The convent was damaged, and Sister Lidia, the mother superior, said a 82-year old nun had died of shock.


YouTube – Earthquake Rocks Central Italy(L’Aquila 6.3)HQ


The map below shows how Africa, which is moving northwards much slower than India, is slowly crushing the seas that once separated Africa from Eurasia.  These seas are slowly being chocked off and are becoming lakes.  Geologists still have no secure explanation as to why India moved so tremendously fast until it has been slowed down by the severity of the impact with Asia, while Africa dawdles along, a much bigger landmass.





















Africa is many times bigger than India.  It may move slowly but it is even more relentless.  Right now, the African plate is being shoved under Europe but when the major landmass grinds into Europe, the conflict will be even mightier than the one that created the Himalayan Mountains, the highest on earth.


The water separating Africa from Arabia is nearly chocked off already and the African continent is splitting off, where it hits the sharp point of Arabia.  Humans evolved in the region of uplift and collapse that runs from Arabia down to central Africa and then back to the ocean, near Madagascar.  






















L’Aquila sits on top of the central rib that runs down Italy.  This was chosen for military strength during the era of the Knights who fought on horseback and who built many strongholds high on hills or mountains.  Germany has many high hilltop castles, for example.  It is easier to invade downhill than to assail a stronghold, going uphill.













Italy has the most volcanoes in Western Europe.  Where Asia joins the Middle East, there is also a large collection of volcanoes in the region where many a conquerer arose and then, swept down into the lowlands.  These volcanoes are very dangerous and quite active.  Several times in the past, they have caused tremendous devastation.  The explosion of Thera nearly 4,000 years ago, for example, destroyed more than one civilization and much of the Eastern Mediterranean communities went into a long ‘Dark Age’.  















This close-up view of the Eastern Mediterranean shows how the oceanic waters are closed off, bit by bit.  Notice how many of the ones that are now totally closed, often have sub-sections that are like small balloons, squeezed off of the main bodies of water.  Eventually, all of these will be totally wiped out and the sea lifeforms will end up on top of high, high mountains, to the immense entertainment of far-future geologists.


And future mountain climbers will have to use oxygen tanks to climb the immense peaks that will arc from Spain to Turkey.  And the equivalent of Afghanistan will be where Hungary is, today.  And the mystics like the Tibetans will live on a high mountain region where Rome is, today.  History is written on the pages of geology, after all.






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