Obama’s foray into diplomacy is crashing into the exact same rocks Bush happily crashed into…there have been some very tiny tweaks in how we torment Cuba or wrestle with North Korea, very, very tiny, very miniscule changes.  But overall, we are continuing merrily down the NATO rathole.  True, Obama talks about nuclear disarmament applying to the mega-nuclear warmongering state of the United States.  But then, Bush talked about the need to establish a Palestinian state to great applause and then helped the Israeli Jews utterly ravage the Palestinians.  No state, of course.  North Korea is doing what many countries do all the time: shooting off rockets and putting up satellites.  The US and Japan hates this so it is time to revisit Baby Dragon and his many cartoon adventures.


Defying World, North Koreans Launch Rocket –

North Korea defied the United States, its allies and a series of U.N. resolutions by launching a rocket on Sunday that it said propelled a satellite into space but that much of the world viewed as an unsuccessful effort to prove it is edging toward the capability to shoot a nuclear warhead on a longer-range missile….

There are few papers in the world that are more warmongering than the NYT and the Washington Post, the Katzenjammer twins of Mars.  The NYT wants us to be very, very afraid of Baby Dragon.  At the same time, they mention that ‘much of the world’ thought this latest rocket shoot was ‘unsuccessful.’  

If so, why the worry?  If NK is so incompetent, why the bluster and fear?  Japan threatened to shoot off its own missiles if NK did this.  Note that the US and Japan shoot off missiles all the time.  NK is surrounded by many nations so its shots will fly over the outermost islands of various countries.  But then, the US and Russia have dropped huge space objects that fall out of orbit, on top of all sorts of countries like Australia or Canada, just for example.

South Korea vowed a “stern and resolute” response to the North’s “reckless act.” Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan said called it “an extremely provocative act and one that Japan cannot let go unchallenged.”

Japan, of course, will challenge NK by wielding the US club.  We exist out there to be Japan’s cat’s paw.  Unfortunately, China owns the kitty cat now and so we can’t go around, batting at just anyone, anymore.  Japan has to double its buying of US Treasuries just to begin to get the kitty cat to obey dictates of Fortress Japan.

Britain, France and the European Union presidency all criticized North Korea for raising tensions and urged it to return to six-nation nuclear disarmament talks.

Why on earth should NK disarm?  I said, long ago, when the US forced Saddam to disarm, all he got for this was his country brutally invaded, millions of his people butchered or sent into exile and he was hung after a kangaroo court found him guilting of killing the same number of people the US killed.

The launching provides one of the first tests of Mr. Obama’s reaction to a provocation, on the weekend that he laid out for the first time, in a speech in Prague, his strategy to counter proliferation threats.

If the US is even slightly serious about ‘disarmament’ then we would embargo Israel.  Period.  If we are even slightly serious, we would embargo India and Pakistan, obviously.  If we are even slightly serious, we would disarm the only country to use nuclear bombs on unprotected civilians.  The US can set a fine example here.  We could also arrest all our war criminals, too.  That would help.

At Japan’s request, the U.N. Security Council approved an emergency session Sunday. But China, North Korea’s only remaining major ally, and Russia are likely to veto or water down any new sanctions against the North. Pyongyang has said new sanctions would compel it to quit international talks on ending its nuclear weapons program




So, the hyper-hysteria of the G7 will be, as usual, ignored by real world powers.  Why is that, I ask?  Maybe, after Obama visits the lending window of the Bank of China, he can visit my blog and look at years of ‘Baby Dragon’ cartoons I have drawn that clearly explains what is going on.  Then, he can go to the UN and give a speech about how the US set the entire planet on a madcap course towards the future Apocalypse of WWIII by ending WWII suddenly with a pair of nuclear bombs that were dropped on civilians.


He can then apologize for this and explain how the US is guilty of launching the Cold War nuclear arms race and we regret this and hope to undo this monstrous thing.  Then, he can apologize for allowing pirates, gnomes and assorted creatures to create and grow the Derivatives Beast.  And will also eliminate that creature, too.  Then, we can start over again, building a saner economic and diplomatic international New World Order.


Comix: China In Uproar Over Dragon Status







Diplomacy: North Korea To Build Train Line Into South Koreapicture-9










Diplomacy: Historic North Korea/South Korea Visit Belittled By USA











As usual, I go off to other media to try to understand what is really going on.  Here is the Communist Chinese version of the NK Baby Dragon Go Boom news:


DPRK says successfully launches satellite

The “Unha-2” rocket was launched at 11:20 am local time (0220 GMT) from the East Sea Launch Ground in the east coast of the country, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) said.


“Kwangmyongsong-2” satellite was sent into orbit at 11:29 am local time (0229 GMT), the report said.

Wait! The top article from the NYT said, the WHOLE WORLD knew the launch was a failure!  But not a billion Chinese, evidently.  So, we wonder, who is telling the truth here?  HAHAHA.

The launch had a “decisive meaning” for the DPRK in advancing its work of space exploration for peaceful purposes and solving technological problems to test-fire practical satellite in the future, it said.

Sounds normal to me.  They may be lying.  Lord knows, we lie all the time.  We think we are very clever, when we lie.  We also think, anyone who lies to us is evil.  This is the definition of ‘childish’.

South Korean and Russian news agencies also citing official confirmations that the launching vehicle was carrying a satellite, dismissing speculations that it was a disguised missile launch.

“We believe North Korea (DPRK) fired a rocket carrying a satellite,” a South Korean government official was quoted as saying by the Yonhap news agency.

HAHAHA.  The neo cons still run the US foreign policy.  AIPAC runs our nation’s exterior business and so the Zionists at the NYT have to LIE about ‘the WHOLE WORLD’ stuff because ALL of the neighbors of NK including US ally, South Korea, say quite clearly, this was a satellite, not a military missile, launch!  And who is lying?  HAHAHA.  The Zionists have a long, long history of untruthfulness.

“The DPRK sent an artificial satellite into an earth orbit on the morning of April 5,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

However, US President Barack Obama, who is visiting Europe, said that the DPRK launched a “Taepodong-2 missile” in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1718. [Obama: DPRK launch threatens nations near, far]


And who advises Obama?  Are they patriots or are they supporters of alien countries with obvious agendas?  Are they patriots or traitors?  Obviously, when our foreign affairs are focused on defending the only country on earth to get away with running bombing raids against other countries with impunity, which gets to fly over all its neighbors with impunity, which gets to threaten its own natives with being ethnically cleansed and gets away with open racism and religious bigotry, then our entire foreign policy gets totally warped.


As well as us acting like this mysterious country which we all know is Israel.  Since Israel wants to be the ONLY nuclear power in the Middle East, it must stop all nuclear proliferation.  It was furious that Muslim Pakistan got nukes and is terrified that Iran might get nukes, too.  Its power to run amok is based on its ability to annihilate all its neighbors in a very one-sided war.


Its present foreign minister, Lieberman, openly talks about killing everyone in Palestine, Muslims in Israel itself, all of Egypt, etc and isn’t a persona non grata in the US.  Instead, the US shrugs when he openly talks evil.  So, the AIPAC/Rahm Emanual string pullers wanted Obama to be all scared of Baby Dragon and he obeys, unthinkingly.  


Obama Outlines Disarmament Plan –

Speaking just hours after a nuclear-armed North Korea launched a two-stage ballistic missile, the U.S. president took to the stage in Castle Square here, testifying “clearly and with conviction” to an audience of at least 20,000 of “America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

Only 20,000 showed up. The crowds are diminishing as our ally populations figure out, Obama is a warmonger who is all hiss and few claws. This gets much, much worse. “We have to insist, ‘Yes, we can,'” he said, reprising a battle theme recognizable to a crowd a continent away from his campaign victory.

Europe will vanish in WWIII. So will Japan. Both have a lot at stake here, stopping the nuclear death machine. They don’t want stirring words, they need actual deeds. Will the US voluntarily disarm, FIRST? Back in the 1990’s, when absolutely NO ONE was menacing us, we enlarged our nuclear arsenal and ringed Russia and China with MORE missiles. Up until last month, we were pushing to put even MORE missiles aimed at both nations. But both Russia and China are now in an alliance to stop the US from expanding its military bases and stationing more nuclear arms aimed at both nations.

Within recent weeks, the White House has had high-level contact with the nation of Kazakhstan, which approached the administration to volunteer as a host side for a proposed nuclear fuel bank, where countries that renounce nuclear weapons can turn for fuel for peaceful nuclear energy reactors, a senior administration official said. The White House is seriously considering the offer, and giving control of the bank to the International Atomic Energy Agency, a break from the Bush administration, which supported the bank but opposed IAEA control in a neutral country.

How bizarre is this???  If I were to pick a country that is the least likely candidate for this role, it would be Kazakhstan!  This is beyond funny so we will visit some Kazakhian stories to see what this is all about:


History of Kazakhstan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The earliest well-documented state in the region was the Turkic Kaganate, or Gokturk, Köktürk state, established by the Ashina clan, which came into existence in the 6th century AD. The Qarluqs, a confederation of Turkic tribes, established a state in what is now eastern Kazakhstan in 766. In the 8th and 9th centuries, portions of southern Kazakhstan were conquered by Arabs, who also introduced Islam. The Oghuz Turkscontrolled western Kazakhstan from the 9th through the 11th centuries; the Kimak and Kipchak peoples, also of Turkic origin, controlled the east at roughly the same time. The large central desert of Kazakhstan is still calledDashti-Kipchak, or the Kipchak Steppe. The capital (Astana) was home of a lot of Huns and Saka.

In the late 9h century, the Qarluq state was destroyed by invaders who established the large Qarakhanid state, which occupied a region known as Transoxiana, the area north and east of the Oxus River (the present-day Amu Darya), extending into what is now China. Beginning in the early 11th century, the Qarakhanids fought constantly among themselves and with the Seljuk Turks to the south. In the course of these conflicts, parts of present-day Kazakhstan shifted back and forth between the combatants. The Qarakhanids, who accepted Islam and the authority of the Arab Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad during their dominant period, were conquered in the 1130s by the Karakitai, a Mongol confederation from eastern Mongolia. In the mid-12th century, an independent state of Khorazm along the Oxus River broke away from the weakening Karakitai, but the bulk of the Karakitai state lasted until the Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan in 1219-1221.

After the Mongol capture of the Karakitai state, Kazakhstan fell under the control of a succession of rulers of the Mongolian Golden Horde, the western branch of the Mongol Empire. The horde, or jüz, is the precursor of the present-day clan. By the early 15th century, the ruling structure had split into several large groups known askhanates, including the Nogai Horde and the Uzbek Khanate….

Kazakhstan has followed the same general political pattern as the other four Central Asian states. After declaring independence from the Soviet political structure completely dominated by Moscow and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) until 1991, Kazakhstan retained the basic governmental structure and, in fact, most of the same leadership that had occupied the top levels of power in 1990. Nursultan Nazarbayev, first secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK) beginning in 1989, was elected president of the republic in 1991 and remained in undisputed power five years later. Nazarbayev took several effective steps to ensure his position. The constitution of 1993 made the prime minister and the Council of Ministers responsible solely to the president, and in 1995 a new constitution reinforced that relationship. Furthermore, opposition parties were severely limited by legal restrictions on their activities. Within that rigid framework, Nazarbayev gained substantial popularity by limiting the economic shock of separation from the security of the Soviet Union and by maintaining ethnic harmony in the highly diverse country with more than 100 different nationalities.

In the mid-1990s, Russia remained the most important sponsor of Kazakhstan in economic and national security matters, but in such matters Nazarbayev also backed the strengthening of the multinational structures of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the loose confederation that succeeded the Soviet Union. As sensitive ethnic, national security and economic issues cooled relations with Russia in the 1990s, Nazarbayev cultivated relations with the People’s Republic of China, the other Central Asian nations, and the West. Nevertheless, Kazakhstan remains principally dependent on Russia.


It is a ‘keystone’ country like Afghanistan.  All forces are focused on this land which is where many an invading tribe has broiled out of such as the Turks  not to mention, the first chariot people thousands and thousands of years ago.  


AFP: Iranian president set for Kazakhstan visit


Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is due to arrive in Kazakhstan on Monday for his first state visit to the neighbouring Central Asian nation, the Kazakh foreign ministry said.

“It is expected that the President of Iran on Monday will arrive for an official visit in Kazakhstan,” a ministry spokesman told AFP on Friday.

The two-day visit will include talks with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev expected to touch on a range of issues including regional security cooperation and fishing rights in the Caspian Sea, which both states border.

The plight of sturgeon populations in the Caspian Sea became an international environmental issue and cause for embarrassment after the fish were pushed to the brink of extinction for their lucrative black caviar.

The two predominantly Muslim countries have extensive trade ties, and are currently cooperating on the construction of a massive rail link through Central Asia which will connect the Islamic Republic with Russia.


HAHAHA.  Iran Kitty is a busy pussy cat indeed!  As the Iranians expand their successful diplomatic missions, the US howls at the cat to stop talking about making nuclear power plants of heaven forfend, be a sovereign nation and do what the US, Britain, France and Israel have done: create a huge nuclear arsenal and then put these on jets, missiles and submarines and then roam the planet, menacing everyone.


Both China and Russia are setting an example: couple diplomacy with harsh economic facts.  The West loves to speculate that all these countries will collapse into ruin if the US goes bankrupt and then, we will become even bigger powers on earth and be able to loot or exterminate or intimidate all people with even more impunity than we do, now. 


This infantile view of history and our place in the cosmos annoys me, obviously.  We will not dominate the planet when we go bankrupt. Just trust me on this.  And the talk of moving all the world’s nuclear material to a point on the planet where waves and waves of conquerers first arose, is ironic in the extreme.


Back to Baby Dragon, I have drawn many cartoons about him and his many adventures.  Below is a collection of relevant cartoon pictures:


The Arts: Here Are All The Baby Dragon Cartoons From Day One



Here Are All The Baby Dragon Cartoons From Day One

Elaine Meinel Supkis

From day one, I called all the diplomatic moves correctly in the North Korean nuclear bomb matter. One day, I decided to show North Korea as an unruly baby dragon. This creature has quickly gotten under everyone’s skin and has twisted Bush’s panties in to a square knot. And baby dragon just won the diplomatic battle, hands down.

The Chinese allowed Bush his pitiful propaganda moment with passage of a toothless, worthless UN sanction that simply kept up the present status quo. Only this gave China lots and lots of status and America lies prostrate in the dust. This diplomatic disaster is only one of many and the propaganda seems to please our rulers who are truly monumentally stupid.

Everyone agrees Kim is insane. So what are we? Brain dead?

As baby dragon likes to say, ‘Me want to go boom!’



















Obama to ease Cuban travel ban, not ease embargo | Antiwar Newswire

The Obama administration intends to allow Americans to visit relatives in Cuba and send money back to their families on the communist island nation, senior U.S. officials said Saturday.

President Barack Obama plans to announce the policy change before the Summit of the Americas April 17-19 in Trinidad and Tobago, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not been made.


Although some restrictions have been eased temporarily in legislation Obama signed last month, lifting the bans would meet a pledge he made during the presidential campaign and could signal a new openness with Cuba.

“The intent is to try to test the waters and see if we can get Cuba to move in another direction,” one official said. “One way of getting the regime to open up may be to let people travel, increase exchanges and get money flowing to the island.”


And we still want to control Cuba and not just our torture concentration camp at Gitmo.  Close the camp, Obama, and open the door to Cuba.  Well, more about torture, later today.  Lots of torture news, alas.


No Combat Troops, But Obama Lauds ‘Strong’ NATO Support for War | News From

President Barack Obama’s attempt to secure firm commitments of significant additional troops from NATO allies to help in the planned escalation in Afghanistan was, by any objective measure, an abject failure. He got no combat troops, and only the most temporary commitments to send police and training personnel to help with the elections. Don’t tell that to the president, however.


NATO is useless.  NATO is ridiculous.  NATO is how Europe pretends to be an ally while not being a real ally.  Obama should shut this down.  He won’t since NATO gives us political cover for our nefarious wars we are waging all over the planet.  Not one of these wars are about protecting Europe from any invasions.  


Either Europe pays 50% of all NATO costs including 50% of our naval protection which means,  they must be taxed to the tune of at least another $200 billion which the US taxpayers are now paying via Chinese loans.  Or we cut our navy’s size in half and depart from Europe’s sphere of influence.


When Obama got nearly nothing for our little adventure in suicide-land, he should have folded his tent and gone back home and set to work, saving our own nation from total economic annihilation.  He didn’t do this so the Europeans, like the Japanese, laughed and resumed pushing hard for the US to return to the old status quo whereby Europe and Japan flood the US with exports and buy up all our industries and infrastructure.


Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan

Globocop versus the TermiNATO
By Pepe Escobar 

The people of Strasbourg have voted in their apartment balconies for the French-German co-production of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 60th birthday this Saturday. Thousands of “No to NATO” banners, alongside “Peace” banners, sprung up all around town until forcibly removed by French police. 

Prime “liberal democracy” repression tactics were inevitably on show – just as in the much-hyped “we had 275 minutes to save the world and all we could come up with was half-a-trillion dollars for the International Monetary Fund” Group of 20 summit inLondon. Protesters were tear-gassed as terrorists. Downtown was cordoned off. Residents were forced to wear badges. Demonstrations got banished to the suburbs. 

Then there’s the musical metaphor. When NATO was created inWashington on April 4, 1949, the soundtrack was Gershwin’s It Ain’t Necessarily So. When seven countries from the former Warsaw Pact were admitted in 2004, the soundtrack came from the ghastly Titanic blockbuster. For the 60th birthday bash in Baden-Baden – with the Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel trio attending – it’s Georges Bizet’s Carmen

As much as Carmen is a gypsy who believes a fortune-teller and ends up dead, NATO is a global traveler who may end up dead by believing fortune-teller Washington….

To say that NATO – a North Atlantic body – is overextended is an understatement. Members Romania and Bulgaria are nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are landlocked. In Central Asia, Afghanistan (or at least the non-Taliban-controlled parts of it) is de facto occupied by NATO. Mega-bases such as Ramstein (Germany), Aviano (Italy) and Incirlik (Turkey) now have a counterpart halfway around the world in Bagram (Afghanistan). 

Decades after the British Empire, “Europe” tries to (re)occupy the Hindu Kush. Afghanistan is NATO’s first war outside Europe and first ground war ever. It involves all 26 members (now 28; Albania and Croatia were finally admitted) plus 12 “partners”, including five European nations that used to be neutral: Austria, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland. All of them are bound by NATO’s first-ever invocation of Article 5 of its charter, which determines mutual military assistance. 

Thank you, Asia Times!  Good editorial.  And China continues to flex its muscles and twist our tail:


China denies US ship access to Taiwan Strait : Nature News


The research vesselMarcus G. Langseth will have to steer clear of the waters that separate Taiwan from mainland China, after the Chinese government denied the US seismic research vessel permission to sail in the area.

The vessel, which is investigating earthquakes and mountain-building processes in the Pacific Ocean, set sail from the port of Kaohsiung in southwest Taiwan this morning. But it will now not be able to carry out experiments within the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait that is under Chinese jurisdiction.

“This will reduce the effectiveness of our experiment and limit our ability to understand the tectonic structure and activity of the region,” says Kirk McIntosh, a geophysicist at the University of Texas in Austin and project investigator.

The vessel is part of the multi-million-dollar Taiwan Integrated Geodynamic Research (TAIGER) project, which is jointly funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and several agencies in Taiwan such as its National Science Council, Ministry of the Interior and Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


And, because we are going bankrupt, we can’t even afford to pretend our research ships are any different from the Japanese whale ‘research’ ships which are really all about butchering minsk whales:


Access : US ocean-research projects in dire economic straits : Nature News

America’s fleet of research ships is struggling in financial doldrums threatening marine projects around the globe. The number of vessels is shrinking, funding for new vessels is being sidetracked and the forecast is for even fewer ships and higher costs.






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BERLIN, NY 12022

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