old-senate-building-dcThe gnome community is in a total uproar.  The endless supply of new funny money from the Federal Reserve and US taxpayers has suddenly dried up!  These goofy guys will be taxed to pay for their borrowing of our tax money!  They thought, this was a nifty trick, dumping trillions in tax liabilities onto the rest of America.  Instead, they will PAY for this, THEMSELVES.  This is PURE HELL for these greedy guys!  HAHAHA.  So they want to leave.  I say, kick them out. Have them move to the Cayman Islands.  Then, we cut relations with the Queen of England.  Leave her pirates high and dry.

We did this before, you know.  In 1776, we decided to sever all relations with the Crown.  So why not do it again?  History moves in circles, after all.  The gnomes are furious that they have to pick up the tab for their wild open bar party.  They thought, they could collect the loot and then scoot.


Anger and Panic At Goldman Sachs Over 90% Tax

Goldman Sachs was solidly behind Barack Obama. Indeed, Goldman Sachs has long had the reputation as the investment banks with the most Democratic supporters on Wall Street. 

Actually, this might be true this last election but not in any previous elections.  The GS gnomes were simply hitching their horses to the Democratic carriage because they could see the writing on the wall.  The GOP was totally doomed.  As always, these creeps need to put whoever is in power, in debt to them.  So they are very careful to hand out enough  money so they can own whoever gets into the White House.  It is pretty simple.

And we can also see, they did buy Obama.  And Obama’s lack of real rage in this crashing mess is clearly due to him being scared of scaring off the gnomes who own him.  They will turn and use US taxpayer bail outs to buy a new politician to replace him.  He walks on a tightrope over a pirana tank.

But the vote earlier this week to impose a 90 percent tax on bonuses at TARP supported banks has many at Goldman feeling betrayed, fearful and angry.  On Thursday and Friday, the trading floor at Goldman echoed with brokers and traders cursing the lawmakers who passed the bill and seeking reassurance from their fellow employees that their bonuses wouldn’t be clawed-back.  At least one Goldman trader called his lawyer to see what legal protections might be available…

Calling his lawyer so he can evade being taxed for the mess he made!  Charming.  These guys are so entitled, they think they can drive us deep into debt and then, not be taxed.  THIS IS WAR.  We paid for WWII by taxing the rich very hard.  If these guys want no war taxes, they can jolly well tell the politicians they have corrupted, to stop fighting wars and cut the Pentagon’s budget by about 50%.  Then, after they pay their taxes for about 50 years, we can begin to discuss letting these guys keep their damn bonuses.

Word spread quickly that because the bonus tax only applies to TARP recipients, foreign banks wouldn’t be covered. At least a few people at Goldman Sachs have already called recruiters. And recruiters have stepped up efforts to poach Goldman employees offering jobs safe from the TARP bonus tax.

This is the face of treason.  These guys want to park their asses in America to get rich.  If this isn’t possible, they leave.  GOOD RIDDANCE.  I want them gone for good. Them and their fashion model wives.  Of course, they will want to stay here and work for foreign banks, tearing apart our nation relentlessly.  For what is wrong with us?  All the graphs and charts at the Federal Reserve show very clearly, the US is under siege from foreign banks and foreign pirate coves and foreign trade!  


We don’t need more.  We need to protect ourselves.  Our military is one of the causes of this invasion.  Instead of protecting America, our military is eating us out of house and home!  And most of our troops are protecting pirate islands, foreign trade powers that are smashing us in world trade and allies who will not protect us at all, from anything, especially their own predations on our systems!


TARP Banks Hammered After 90% Bonus Tax Passes

Fears that a huge tax increase at the firms subject to the 90% bonus tax might shatter the performance of those banks were reflected in the performance of their stocks at the end of the week.

The folks at Bespoke Investment Group produced the list next door contrasting the performance over the last two days of the 20 largest non-bailout global financial firms against those that took enough bailout bucks to fall under the 90% tax penalty. The unaffected firms are primarily foreign banks, with Bank of New York Mellon being the only exception.


Next, we have to tax the movement of money in and out of America.  This is done in history, in similar situations.  Over and over again, our trade and financial RIVALS warn us to not do anything to protect America.  We are supposed to leave all systems running in the red so they can get more and more powerful by driving us off a cliff.  This is INSANITY.  If I were the trade representative for America, there would be lots and lots of screaming at Doha and at Bilderberg meetings but what the hell?  The Chinese would go nuts, of course!


But someone has to do it!  Namely, talk about protecting the US from total financial annihilation.  We lost the global financial and trade wars.  We are FINISHED.  All that remains, is us allowing the last of our systems to degrade as we take on more debts.  Then, the coup de grace will be delivered and we will fall on our faces, dead.  Since we are ALREADY dying, we must take stark measures to stop, now, not in five or ten or twenty years.


Note that back in 1970, the US fretted greatly about the trade deficit which was less than 1% of our GDP.  Today, it runs over 7% of our GDP and everyone shrugs.  In 1970, the US fretted about our creditor nation status.   Today, we are happy to be eternal debtors, owing more and more and more to all our trade rivals!   THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND IMPOSSIBLE.


Why wait for the bitter end?  We know it is there.  It is like my cartoon of the Cave of Wealth and Death: our wish on the stars that we be allowed to spend and spend and never collect taxes was granted. And the price we pay: DEATH. / Companies – Watchdog fears market ‘Ponzimonium’

US federal regulators have warned of a “rampant Ponzimonium” as they disclosed they are investigating “hundreds” of possible scams in the aftermath of the $50bn fraud allegedly perpetrated by Bernard Madoff.

There is an army of these creeps.  And they crept into every corner of our swiss-cheese full of holes financial systems.  And the end result is like termites eating a house.  Many a time, I show people that a sill on a house that looks like wood is actually swiss cheese by plunging a screw driver into the eaten wood.  One house, I literally put my HAND through the beam.  

‘Are you sure this is rotted?’ asked the customer.  YES, the entire system is rotted.  When the top guy in the NASDAQ turns out to be a total crook, liar and thief, you can bet, everyone below him can also be this, too.

Bart Chilton, a commissioner at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, the US regulator, said the watchdog was “seeing more of these scams than ever before” in commodities and other futures markets.


Maybe all these gnomes will flee to Europe.  I know, they won’t go to China.  Failures there lead to being shot.  So they will go to Europe.  This will be like a plague of locusts visiting ancient Egypt.  Or maybe, frogs, if they go to Paris.  Heh.


Developer of 9/11 Site Seeks Aid –

The project, meant to be a symbol of the recovery after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, has been through years of costly delays and acrimony. The plan for the 16-acre site includes five skyscrapers, a memorial, a transit hub, a shopping mall and a performing-arts center. Much of that was recently expected to open between 2011 and 2013. Those dates are in jeopardy and at least some elements are unlikely to be finished until the later part of the next decade. The memorial is set to open by the 10th anniversary of the attacks, but even it faces budget shortfalls and is pursuing federal stimulus money.

In 1974, the last thing NYC needed was the WTC.  Today, the very last thing NYC needs is a new WTC.  This is pure insanity.  They always build these ridiculous things at the wrong time.  Now, the crook who is ‘developing’ this graveyard, wants more money?  I say, send him to Queen Elizabeth and let her keep him.  


From day one, as a person who knew many who worked in the WTC in the past, including my ex-husband, I felt that the site is haunted by many, many ghosts.  Literally, their ashes are there.  We cannot  build there!  We must sanitize it and to do that, we must restore it to what it was when the first Dutch ship slipped into the harbor.  Maybe then, the gods will forgive us.


East European Rates to Plunge as Currencies Ignored (Update1) –

 Eastern Europe’s key central banks will cut interest rates to record lows this year, opting to counter the deepest recession since the fall of communism instead of defending weak currencies, Bloomberg surveys show.

Poland’s benchmark rate will fall to 3 percent by year-end from 4 percent, according to forecasts gathered by Bloomberg. The Czech key rate will drop to 1.5 percent from 1.75 percent and Hungary’s will fall to 7 percent, from 9.5 percent.

Banks in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania are being forced to tear up monetary policy rulebooks as the worst economic decline since the end of communist rule engulfs the region. They have to balance between economies buckling under the weight of the crisis and currencies plunging as investors flee emerging markets.


The US and Japan showed the world that ZIRP ignores inflation.  So now, everyone wants ZIRP, too.  So our entire banking system will try to exist with NO SAVINGS.  Who, in their right mind, will put money in a bank which might go under, when they could buy real gold?  After all, if my deep-seated feelings that Russia and China will both impose a gold-based international settlements system is true, gold is where it is at.  One way or another, someone who isn’t a total gnome has to seize the hour and restore balance and sanity to international finances.  Time is running out.





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