The Goddesses of Inflation/Infinity and Deflation/Zero are now flying higher and higher.

The major media is increasingly frightened by the popular uprising against the billionaires.  They want this to be diverted.  Attempts at diverting anger towards Iran is failing.  Russia and China relentlessly move towards returning international trade resolutions to the former glory of the gold standard.  That will kill the interest rate swap business!  And good riddance.  And a number of corporations that got US taxpayer-debt-based bail outs are tax cheats.  And our tax base is collapsing while spending shoots upwards, thanks to bailing out a bunch of tax cheating dead beat gnomes. – nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines

Bankers Press Case Against Tax on Bonuses

An alarmed industry tells Congress, White House that severe pay restrictions would punish many for the sins of a few and hurt broader economy.

Binyamin Appelbaum 

Deficit Soars Past Prior Estimates

CBO says Obama’s budget request would generate deficits averaging $1T a year over next decade.

Lori Montgomery 

Low on Troops in Afghan South

Military commander for southern Afghanistan says with lack of soldiers he expects more violence.

Ann Scott Tyson 


HAHAHA.  The howls of rage from the gnome community is deafening.  Congress is being whipsawed by all this.  First, most of our ‘representatives’ don’t represent us, they work for the guys we are bailing out.  At first, the gnomes were pleased.  All the money in the world was poured literally into their laps.  They instantly resumed their many parties, vacations,bonuses and ran off to the fashion shows to pick out even more mistresses and prostitutes.  


The howls of fury of the masses were so utterly deafening, Congress had to put on a faux display of dismay.  

YouTube – Greenspan as Inspector Renault: “I’m Shocked, Shocked”

Senator Dodd had to admit, he was one of the criminals who cut out the prohibition of handing out millions in bonuses like candy, when the first bail out bill was passed—over popular opposition.  I opposed this bill for the simple reason, it wasn’t going to fix what was wrong.  All it did was, feed the Derivatives Beast.


I finally sat down at midnight and while listening to appropriate music, finally began to design the Derivatives Beast.

Isn’t he darling?  He is big and fat and eats gnomes and wizards.  They have to keep him at bay.  To do this, they must now feed him lots and lots of money.  It can’t be funny money.  It has to be future IOUs.  So the wizards and gnomes have joined forces to put us into immensely deep debt to feed this monster so they can keep their own loot!  We lose little if it dies.  But the gnomes and wizards lose all their wealth.  This, they will not allow.  If they have to do highway robbery, murder and even start world wars, they will do this to save their own wealth.


This is why they are so dangerous.  Note how they were not very bothered by the collapse of the entire world’s financial systems.  But when we go after them for their loot, they turn on us and begin to snarl and snap.  They will move heaven and earth to keep their ill-gotten wealth.  NONE OF THEM DESERVE ANY OF THESE REWARDS.  This is pure theft.  I have wrestled with thieves in the past.  You try prying their fingers off of your purse!  I have literally slugged, repeatedly, at purse snatchers.  I finally decided to threaten them with strangulation.  They just won’t let go!


This is why they are now very sneaky about continuing their fun times, stealing stuff.  They go behind our backs to get the doddering fool, Dodd, and the entire GOP to lie about what is going on in DC and to quietly go behind our backs and enable the thefts to continue.  These clowns are PICK POCKETS.  I saw them on the NYC subways all the time.  You can’t turn your back on them for even one minute or they reach into the Public Purse and snatch the money left inside.  Even if you have to buy milk for the baby, they will steal this so they can have their whores and crack.  For this isn’t money for survival.  This is money for FUN.


U.S. Government Move Will Push Russia and China Toward Economic Matrimony — Seeking Alpha


So its happened at last. All pretense of sanity has been summarily discarded in favor of the perpetual feedback loop. The Fed is now purchasing its own currency, kiting checks to itself in a flagrant display of Orwellian-esque doublespeak. The fact that bond traders and mainstream financial commentators hail the development demonstrates the depth of ignorance and/or beguilement prevalent in the collective economic imagination.

Gold’s immediate sprint to positive territory is the only economic signal so far to cast the announcement in its correct light. To categorize it as dollar negative and gold positive is to understate. This is the biggest step yet in the impending demise of the U.S. Dollar.

While the move is positioned in the media as evidence of the determination collectively embodied in the U.S. government to stimulate the economy, it is more accurately perceived as a pre-emptive move to offset the diminishing international interest in future participation in U.S. Treasury auctions. The ratio of domestic purchases to foreign ones have been skewing consistently towards domestic, and it is likely Chinese Premiere Wen Jiaboa’s comments about the safety of China’s investment in U.S. debt rattled Team Obama’s nerves substantially.


Here is my reply:
The Chinese cooked up this 50 Year Plan back in 1982. It involved luring the US into selling lots and lots of US government debt to China as well as luring US industries to relocate in China. Both strategic initiatives have been a roaring success. China has a very simple plan: we go bankrupt, owing lots of money to China and then China is the victim of US perfidy and so no one will sell stuff to the US due to lack of trust while China goes to the UN and IMF and demands their money back, demonstrating the US is BANKRUPT. The Chinese told me, back then, that they would far rather lose a trillion dollars than have an open war with the US [after all, they know what wars are like, unlike us!] and have the US lose all our power in Asia and our ability to dictate to the world, via the fiat dollar. The ultimate plan is probably to go back to the old system: gold as the basis for TRADE FINANCES. That is, the money that flows out of a nation to pay for international settlements must have a gold basis. I am absolutely certain, this is their plan. And it is going just fine. They are NOT upset about things, they are simply amazed that it took only 25 years, half their schedule, to succeed.

And right on the heels of writing this to Seeking Alpha, along come this news, thanks to readers here, about Chinese/Russian back room chat about the future of the US fiat dollar:

China backs talks on dollar as reserve -Russian source | Currencies | Reuters


Calls for a rethink of the dollar’s status as world’s sole benchmark currency come amid concerns about its long-term value as the U.S. Federal Reserve moved to pump more than a trillion dollars of new cash into the ailing economy late Wednesday.

Russia met representatives of China, India and Brazil ahead of the G20 finance ministers meeting last week, as the big emerging powers seek to up their influence on decisionmaking globally. Their first ever joint communique did not mention a new currency but the source said the issue was discussed.

“They (China) did not formally put forward their position for the G20 summit but unofficially they had distributed their paper regarding the same ideas (the need for the new currency),” the source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.



Why is this person giving this information, ‘anonymous’?  HAHAHA.  Who is this jerk?  He or she is right, of course.  I knew this for YEARS.  The ultimate Chinese 50 Year Plan is to restore the world to the older gold system and to do this on their own sweet time.  I am a true conservative.  I want things that were proven to be right and good in the past, to be good and right today.  One of these things is a sane international trade system.  Gold does NOT work unless it is harnessed to a global trade power.  The US used to be that but hasn’t been this for years and years.


Namely, we don’t have a merchant marine anymore.  We own virtually none of the methods of trade in the world.  Our ports are the destination of trade but do very little outward trade.  We have an immense trade deficit.  This is why we want the present wretched system.  So we can continue to consume and hand out IOU fake funny money magical dollars that are like snow in July: melts immediately due to inflation.  Here is proof that I am not making up this stuff:


China Aims to Boost Underground Gold Reserves, Output (Update2) –


China, the world’s biggest gold producer, will seek to increase its underground gold reserves by 800 metric tons and raise production to 290 tons this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.

The government aims to encourage industry mergers so the top 10 gold producers account for more than half the nation’s output, according to a statement on the ministry’s Web site, citing Deputy Minister Miao Yu. The country’s output was 282 tons last year, the statement said, without elaborating.



The Cave of Wealth and Death: Ouroboros and the grinding vortex of wealth destruction.


The road to the Cave of Wealth and Death is well-beaten.  Easy to find.  Indeed, it is inside all of our heads.  It has been around for eons and evolved with us.  We are It and It is Us.  Greed is part of our innermost brains.  I wrote, ‘Wish Upon A Star’ because this is what we do all the time: we pray to various gods and goddesses, all of whom originally were star clusters or planets in the night sky which our distant ancestors watched with awe and fear.  


Just as Pegasus is a constellation, Jesus is Pisces, just for example.  There is this ancient Chinese curse: ‘May your wishes be granted.’  This is because our reptilian parts of the brain wish for things that can destroy us.  And we can’t help but wish for the Goddess of Infinity to give us everything, all the time.  And she loves doing this.  But there is a problem: when she does grant our wishes for infinite goodies, she destroys us!  An avalanche of goodies is deadly.  And if we add zeros to things to make them infinite, we are not working with the Goddess of Infinity anymore.  We are working with the greatest Death Goddess: the Goddess of Zero.


She makes everything instantly into nothing.  The more we go for Infinity’s powers, we empower Zero.  Zero always triumphs or rather, when these two sister goddesses merge, everything blows up.  Including the Universe itself.  Astronomers even wonder, if the Universe might expand too fast and collapse into nothingness or, as I think, all galaxies will merge with each other until time reverses and all things gather together into another Singularity which then explodes.  Again.


It is life and death for us humans to understand, we must avoid these two dire Goddesses as much as possible.  We can’t wish for ANYTHING.  We must want balance and self-control.  We must worship Libra.  She balances the Two Sisters of Destruction.  Only She can take infinity and zero and keep them in balance.  Once we accept this reality, all other things are simple to do.  But our reptilian brains don’t want this.


No brains are more reptilian than gnome brains!  They are filled with lust and desire.  To feed this, they must unbalance everything and be very, very rich while the rest of us get poorer, keeping these monsters happy.  This is why we see so much rage today: we are being asked to literally DIE so these gnomes can get their stupid bonuses!  


U.S. Sets Plan for Toxic Assets –

The federal government will announce as soon as Monday a three-pronged plan to rid the financial system of toxic assets, betting that investors will be attracted to the combination of discount prices and government assistance. But the framework, designed to expand existing programs and create new mechanisms, relies heavily on participation from private-sector investors. They’ve been the target of a virulent anti-Wall Street backlash from Washington in the wake of the American International Group Inc. bonus furor. As a result, many investors have expressed concern about doing business with the government in this climate — potentially casting a cloud over the program’s prospects.Another sticking point: the program is smaller than originally envisioned, raising questions about whether it will be adequate to the task.

Public sector investors are us.  We are them.  And we lost our pensions, we lost our savings because a bunch of crazed gnomes created the Derivatives Beast by having wild sex with both the Goddesses of Infinity and Zero.  Now, this thing is eating all of our wealth.  And this is 100% the fault of the gnomes.  And the fault of the international corporations who wanted one-way trade with the US and to outsource all our jobs.  Arrest them all.


13 firms receiving federal bailouts have unpaid taxes, congressman says – The CNN Wire – Blogs


Thirteen firms receiving federal bailouts owe more than $220 million in unpaid federal taxes, a powerful House Democrat said Thursday.

Georgia Rep. John Lewis, chairman of the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee, indicated that two companies receiving federal bailout money each owed more than $100 million.

Lewis did not name the companies.


Our government is going BANKRUPT and the gnomes refuse to pay ANY taxes at all.  They want Zero taxes with Infinite spending.


The Easy Days Of Wall Street Are Over – The International Forecaster

Part of the reason banks are in real trouble is that de-leveraging has sapped their liquidity. They and hedge funds miscalculated the yen carry trade, which caused the collapse of the world’s financial markets. The derivatives’ bets added to the carnage that we’ve seen over the past year.

8,282 of 9,800 hedge funds operate from the Cayman Islands, which is run by the Queen of England, head of the European “Black Nobility.” We hear lots about Switzerland, but hardly a word about Cayman. The oversight is a joke. The hedge funds operating there do not pay taxes and don’t answer to anyone concerning their derivates and other trading. Most of the rest of the hedgies are located in other former British Colonies. The intertwined banks and hedge funds are the elitists’ foremost instruments of power, to control the financial system, and to loot and devastate the public.

In the Caymans there are no regulatory restrictions on investment policies or strategies. There is no capital gains tax or income tax on profits of funds. It takes 2 to 5 days to get approved and costs $3,600.00 in total fees. All information is kept secret. These funds currently hold about $1.4 trillion. This is the 4th largest banking system in the world behind the US, Japan and the UK. The US has over 300 million inhabitants and Cayman has 56,000. It is the epicenter for globalization and financial warfare. Those running this operation that so few know about are Stuart Duncan Jack, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. Timothy Redley, Order of the British Empire, Warren Coats who was with the IMF for 26 years and was used by the US to be an advisor to Iraq and Afghanistan on rebuilding, which was a disaster. Richard Rahnk, member of the Mount Pelerin Society, the Black Nobility’s coordinating center for deregulation and elimination of the nation-state and world government, and head of the center for economic growth. This center is an offshoot of the Freedom Works Foundation, a neocon offshoot, run by C. Boyden Gray, heir to the Reynolds Tobacco fortune and also on board is none other than Dick Armey (D-TX. There are over 2,000 hedge funds in the British Virgin Islands and over 500 in Bermuda. These internationalists and hedge funds are the dominant forces behind the yen and Swiss-franc carry trades. All the carnage caused by de-leveraging last year has been caused by these hedge funds. Both traders provided an enormous source of liquidity for derivatives and leveraged financial bets. These funds have been responsible for 50% of the transactions in London and on the NYSE.

Sounds like me!  I talk and talk about the many pirate islands and I have connected them with Elizabeth for years and years.  And I explained how the Japanese carry trade, fed through these pirate coves, is the cause of the debt collapse.  And I explained how our gnomes use these things to evade paying taxes.  And I even have a solution:


Take our very expensive navy which is too busy crashing into each other, trying to scare the Iranians, who are laughing to death at us, and use these boats that are destroying our budget for something useful!  We can sail to these pirate coves and seize the post boxes, the computers and the one or two decrepit old accountants who work for these Ponzi outfits and then find all the information so we can ARREST THEM ALL.  They are in Manhattan, after all!  Ask any expensive prostitute, they can point out where these gnomes hang out.





P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’




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