My latest video is all about Gnomes.  I feel that I should start putting together a menagerie of all the queer creatures that inhabit the Cave of Wealth and Death.  This is an endlessly fascinating topic. In the latest video, I discuss gold, goddesses and gnomes and how they interact with each other and how the gnomes need to control all the money in the world and how both the goddesses and the gnomes know that gold is the thing that really counts, not paper.   I would love to post this video which is better than the previous two, but You Tube is VERY slow to post things.  It has been over 12 hours since I did the video!   Any suggestions for other services?  If they require payment, I don’t mind.  We will do fundraising!

Here is a screen shot of half of the video editing site I am using.  It is actually not all that hard to do but it is hard to keep track of things when trying to figure out how to use them.  I gave up trying to add music tonight but hope to figure that angle in the next several days.


I am still working on the light system.  If you have direct light, it looks awful but miss the light cue even slightly and the colors go bad.  I hope to be able to edit that out but am too frazzled right now, trying to perform and direct at the same time.  Doing all the jobs is very hard, indeed!  Well, if I get rich, maybe I can hire a director!  Heh.  Have that person yell at me all the time while I sit here and cower.  


Actually, the modern systems are pretty amazing!  This is why I have an Apple.  It is the best for this sort of artistic endeavors.  I hope, some time this year, to be able to do animation cartoons.  That would be just lots and lots of fun!


In today’s video, I look inside the brains of a gnome and of his object of desire, the goddesses he pursues so hard.  We have three parts to the brain, so to speak: the oldest, reptilian parts is where sex and fear reside.  Then, there are the layers that have to do with our social interactions and other automatic behaviors like driving to work while paying no attention to the fact, we are driving and sort of mindlessly going to where we expect to go.


Then, there is the forebrain, the ‘superego’ as Freud said.  This is where we think.  We plan ahead in this part of the brain.  In gnomes, the forebrain is used to fulfill the deep urges of the innermost, reptilian parts of the brain. This is why it has no inhibitions when it comes to screwing around with money so it can screw around with females. Or males, in the case of female gnomes.



The answer is obvious:


Frodo and the magic ring of power!  Or like in Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelungen: the Rhine maidens lost their Rheingold and the dwarves forged this into a magic ring which caused endless problems not only for dwarves but also dragons, human heroes and various gods and goddesses.  Golden rings are quite potent.



And the sure fire way to land a goddess in your bed is to put a wedding ring on her finger!  Gnomes often are awful husbands but the goddesses know they won’t hit pay dirt unless they sleep with the gnome at least 5 years and it is best to have a baby gnome to produce in court.  Then, the gnome loses everything.  This is why they need so much loot: they run through wives like crazy!  One after another!  Lawyers are even worse than gnomes so they have to pay lawyers, too.  Look at Donald Trump, for example!  Over and over again, the same messy story.  


Talk about a chump!  In a dump!  And is bankrupt!  HAHAHA.  And this, in a nutshell, is why gnomes wreck our banking and financial systems unless we have lots and lots of laws which stop them from screwing everything up, trying to screw goddesses.





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  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha

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