Just recently, in Manhattan, there was a stampede of young women who wanted desperately to go on TV and make fools of themselves.  This sad spectacle is interesting to me because it shows how humans react to danger as well as how impossible it is to stop a crowd from its intentions.

First, here is a video of this event shot from an office window across the street:



We can see from this video, there were quite a few women crammed into a sidewalk with police barriers. The doors to their desired destination could let in only 4 people at a time but the mob was much denser so there was a bottleneck.  Bottlenecks are very dangerous.  Everyone wants to be first so they all get jammed up at the narrowest point.  


We see, from the video, panic set in the center of this mob of deluded young females.  A few women run away from the portals through which the victims seeking a chance to be mocked on cable TV were heading.  But the real panic set in when a mob of frantic females decided to run to the elusive portal at the head of this mob!


This is where the greatest damage and danger lay.  Namely, the lure was greater than the fear.  When a hole opened up in the mob, the women in the back surged forwards to fill the hole and to gain a foothold at the bottleneck so they could ram their bodies into the portal and thus, ascend the stairs to faux stardom.  Below is the official story of this stampede forwards:

Stampede at America’s Next Top Model audition – Telegraph

Thousands of aspiring models queued in short skirts and high heels outside the Park Central Hotel in Manhattan over the weekend, some waiting all night for a chance to compete in the latest round of the popular TV series. However, fighting broke out and women were knocked over in a panicked stampede after a car belching smoke reportedly pulled up near the queue on Saturday afternoon, prompting cries of “Fire!” and “There’s a bomb”. As women stumbled over police barricades, witnesses told a local radio station that the mayhem was compounded after a man jumped out of a car and started grabbing purses…. “The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two. I feared for my life,” said Jennifer Brown, an aspiring model from Brooklyn…. Most of the women were still queuing when police told them that the auditions were over and that the organisers had already packed up and gone home.

It is interesting to see these ‘fearful’ young ladies not scared of trampling each other to death with excessively high heeled torture devices.  Their fear was obvious: they were scared of not making it into the magic doors of future fame and fortune.  Women didn’t stumble over the barricades, seeking to get away!


If we look carefully at the video, they were shoved into the barriers which were knocked down as the outer edge shoved back.  It was just too many eager bodies occupying a very small space and no one wanted to leave.  Instead of opening up spaces, spaces became tighter the nearer to the doors one came.


The recent stampedes at the Walmart sales that killed employees, was the same.  People pressed forwards until the doors burst and simply stomped over anyone in their paths so they could get entertainment systems which would allow them to sit back and watch hopeless young females be mocked and tormented while trying to pretend to be fashion models.


Note also, the hysteria about ‘bombs’.  There were none.  I am thinking, the psychological tendency is to think there is a bombing but like horses running into a burning barn, these poor girls all wanted to take shelter in the audition room, not remove themselves from the streets.  


On top of all this psychobabble, there is another interesting feature.  Namely, the degree to which people will degrade themselves, hoping to become an idol, an object to be worshipped.  This odd desire is fascinating to me.  These same females salivating at the thought, they would be on TV and prancing around, being pretty, is coupled with their equal desire to read gossip magazines that chronicle the destructive lives, the moral degradation that afflicts winners of the popularity race!


These female victims of cruel intentions know perfectly well, there is no future for them in being a fashion model.  The vast majority of these unfortunate women who are fashion models, are mostly from the USSR sector.  Communism has fallen and there is a large population of very tall women who are willing to sacrifice their health, happiness and sanity, to be fashion models because there are not very many other opportunities available due to poor English speaking skills, for example.


I have been friends with professional fashion models in NYC.  They are all starving literally to death.  Go to their sparse apartments and open the refrigerator and you see a pile of yogurt containers.  They don’t eat.  This makes them unhappy because Mother Nature wants females to have a nice layer of fat so we can survive winter and reproduce.


Instead, these women have to look like young males and reduce their body fat to very close to zero.  This is in the teeth of Mother Nature’s design so it is painful and pitiful at the same time.  On top of this, men don’t respect fashion models.  They want to use them as walking billboards.  So these gnomes lure the fashion models with lots of money and then have them degrade their feelings by urging these poor fetish creatures to wear bondage clothing and to physically touch or even kiss and further, profess total devotion, to these vicious little monsters.


Which the fashion models do, holding their dainty noses.  Look at any runway, to see how happy these creatures are, when put on parade!

Fashion Shows – Fashion Week in New York, Milan, Paris, London — Runway Photos and Videos — New York Magazine


If you view any of these Frankenstein Brides, you see the exact same thing: dead eyes.  Grim faces, set in rigor-mortis.  What is buzzing in their brains is this:  ‘I have to get a gnome to give me a ring and marry me so I can divorce him and then have sex with a penniless male artist who is young and a sexy stud!’  Males who go shopping in this bizarre bazaar of tense, angry, frustrated females will get exactly the hell they deserves.


On top of all this, fashions have been rendered to be quite ugly.  The hatred the designers have for the army of zombies that parade on the catwalks, is painfully obvious.  Look at the dress above!  Ecch!  The designer makes the starving woman’s hips look twice as large.  To wear this, she has to be pared down to nothing!  On top of this, the same designer demands she be cut down to the very bones so she can put on unflattering, difficult to wear creations that mock her starvation regime.


The poor mob of masochistic girls who stampeded to gain entry to a cruel parade are sad to see.  On top of being forced into a mob, they didn’t understand the need for dignity, honor and the sense of the aloof which is all part and parcel of anyone attempting to climb the Mt. Olympus of sexual desire!  The woman who strips down naked is less erotic than the one who reveals only a little bit.  All strip teasers know this.  


The TV producers who are all males and who like tormenting women for fun and profit, put out what we call ‘a cattle call’ so see what would show up. They were looking for freaks so they claimed, they wanted short fashion models.  But there is no career for such women due to the fact that short women only buy fashion magazines that feature tall, glaring, starving models who look like scarecrows!


They, themselves, refuse to see the clothes they want to wear, as they actually are, on real bodies!  They, themselves, created and enabled and encouraged their own degradation.  They, themselves, are the consumers who want perfection but also want to be Miss Perfect, themselves.  And worse of all, by being a clamoring mob, they lost their dignity and individuality which is the essence of being a star.  If they ever got inside the Mouth of Hell, they would have been a panting animal, ready to do circus turns for a petting session, dreaming of being queens while acting like raving monkeys screaming over bananas.


By the way, we see this at many sales.  A true fashion model would rather die than charge into something, to grab at something.  If she is smart, she gets a gnome to send one of his employees into these mob attacks.  And then, after she gets what she wants, she dumps the chump.  Heh.  There is some symmetry here, actually.





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