Madoff is finally going to jail.  Pubescent girls caught posting satires on the internet about school officials go to jail faster than this fraud.  But he and only he, is going to jail. His last fraud is his cover-up of his entire clan’s involvement in committing crimes.  We already know his mother was punished by the SEC back in 1959-1960.  This is a Jewish Mafia clan.  The Capo will do time so his sons and daughters and brothers and wife can continue to rake in the dough. Or at least, live off of the proceeds from the crimes.

Unveiling the many layers of this crime has barely begun.  I would rather, there were a trial where all could be hauled into public.  Instead, the criminal will try to get away with some of the stash by pretending, he did this massive, multi-year scam, all by his lonesome.  No one in his very tight and very connected family had the slightest idea.  Right.  And cows jump over the moon so much, it became swiss cheese.


YouTube – Strauss Salome Dance of the Seven Veils part 1


The NYT got the court documents but didn’t do us the service of typing it out so we can use it.  So I had to photograph it and use that.  I decided, the most important part of the 74 pages was the confession.  I wanted to see how this con man tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the authorities, yet again:


Madoff: The Court Documents – The New York Times



His children gave him money?  His wife was rich without him?  This is the biggest fraud of them all: after being caught, his whole family, who were nothing, just some nudges in Queens when Madoff first courted his wife, years ago.  They are now part of the super rich.  They didn’t rise to the peak lifestyles via hard work.


Daddy gave them business and money.  He showered them with loot.  HIs spawn are supposed to be in the same business.  They worked alongside their father.  And didn’t have a clue?  Hell!  I used to spy on my own parents.  I can’t fathom that this huge ponzi scheme was totally hidden from view.  Since a number of investigators caught sight of it the blindness of the spawn has to be willful if not a total fraud.

YouTube – Strauss: Salome Dance of the 7 Veils, part 2


So, where is Chase Manhattan in all this?  I know the bank he is talking about, it is right by the Bank of New York which is part of the Federal Reserve and these are right next to the Exchange on Wall Street.  Further: all the guys who trade on the Floor know who trades what, when.  And I assure everyone, they GOSSIP.  


And word gets out.  If Madoff was depositing immense sums over and over again and cabling these moneys overseas regularly and was the head of the NASDQ, yet never did any BIG trades equal to these sums: I find it utterly impossible that no one noticed at Chase!  Geeze! Every time I moved accounts around, I had to go through HELL.  


The US banking system is not Switzerland.  It is much, much snoopier.  Moving up to $65 billion without anyone questioning?  HAHAHAHA. Right.  But then, I bet there are other members of the Jewish Mafia who do this all the time, thus, the blank faces behind the barred windows?  This must be probed!  After all, one of the top members who OWN the Federal Reserve is…Chase Manhattan.  Mr. Chase, after all, was one of the originals.


If these clowns were so profitable, why did the Capo, the guy who LAUNCHED everyone, in desperate straights so he had to ‘hide’ things and lie to his own family?  What economic event drove this criminal to do this?  I see NOTHING here in his faux ‘confession’ explaining how he got into his ‘hole’.  


Also, he is scamming the judge when he pretended to have only a vague idea, when he turned criminal.  Since his family got snagged in an earlier fraud and was forced to stop by the SEC, he had a good idea, what was legal and what was not legal.  I know for certain, all criminals have a very EXACT idea when they conceive of a crime in their minds.  They are TORMENTED by this moment in their lives and can remember the sounds and smells attending this ‘revelatory moment’.


By pretending this was a sort of accidental affair with no real beginning is how he hopes to protect his clan.  If he can accurately describe how he figured this out, long, long ago, and told his mother and then, his wife, how he would be able to shower them with jewels and give them big houses if they keep their mouths shut, yes, we go back in time, not to 1990.


We already know the first complaints about him were from back then!  I think, this thing is very old.  And he should be cross examined in court, about all of this.



The fact that he did nothing should have been noticed and I am not the only one who believes that many of the guys who did lots of big business with Chase Manhattan and on the exchanges in both the US and overseas, knew quite well, that Madoff was pulling a fast one.


There were so many criminal or semi-legal things going on that no one wanted anyone looking under any beds to see what was hiding there.  It seems to me, it should be very easy for the SEC to check statements given to them, against actual trades.  After all, many people have to register their stock deals with the SEC.  The SEC was deliberately underfunded and the evaluators were given the run around because ALL of the fast guys playing the exchanges wanted as little supervision as possible.  Zero, if they could manage this.


Then, they whine about investors running away!  This crash isn’t Madoff’s fault.  He is merely a symptom, a cancer on the diseased carcass of the stock market, bond market and international finance.


YouTube – Julia Kulakova at Joe’s Pub. Veil Dance to “Istanbul”


Lying under oath is why he is going to prison.  But what annoys me is this: we have computers.  We have communications systems that work at the speed of light.  We have a huge spy network that spies on every American and is hooked into Israeli computers where they also spy on absolutely everyone, including MANY BUSINESSES.  It is laughably easy to know what is going on.  


Everyone is spying, yet the biggest criminals are operating in total secrecy.  Many of our communication systems are routed through Israel, for example.  And they tap into this stream at will.  The Madoff mess destroyed a huge tier of Jewish ‘charities’ and has created immense trouble for Israel.  

Breaking the Taboo on Israel’s Spying Efforts on the United States | ForeignPolicy | AlterNet

Fast-forward a quarter century, and the vow has proven empty.  In 2004, the authoritative Jane’s Intelligence Group noted that Israel’s intelligence organizations “have been spying on the U.S. and running clandestine operations since Israel was established.”  The former deputy director of counterintelligence at FBI, Harry B. Brandon, last year told Congressional Quarterly magazine that “the Israelis are interested in commercial as much as military secrets. They have a muscular technology sector themselves.”  According to CQ, “One effective espionage tool is forming joint partnerships with U.S. companies to supply software and other technology products to U.S. government agencies.”

Best-selling author James Bamford now adds another twist in this history of infiltration in a book published last October, “The Shadow Factory,” which forms the latest installment in his trilogy of investigations into the super-secret National Security Agency.  Bamford is regarded among journalists and intelligence officers as the nation’s expert on the workings of the NSA, whose inner sanctums he first exposed to the public in 1982. (So precise is his reporting that NSA officers once threw him a book party, despite the fact that he continually reveals their secrets.)  The agency has come a long way in the half-century since its founding in 1952.  Armed with digital technology and handed vast new funding and an almost limitless mandate in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Bamford writes, the NSA has today “become the largest, most costly, and most technologically sophisticated spy organization the world has ever known.”  The NSA touches on every facet of U.S. communications, its mega-computers secretly filtering “millions of phone calls and e-mails” every hour of operation.  For those who have followed the revelations of the NSA’s “warrantless wiretapping” program in the New York Times in 2005 and the Wall Street Journal last year, what Bamford unveils in “The Shadow Factory” is only confirmation of the worst fears: “There is now the capacity,” he writes of the NSA’s tentacular reach into the private lives of Americans, “to make tyranny total.”


Much less has been reported about the high-tech Israeli wiretapping firms that service U.S. telecommunications companies, primarily AT&T and Verizon, whose networks serve as the chief conduits for NSA surveillance.  Even less is known about the links between those Israeli companies and the Israeli intelligence services.  But what Bamford suggests in his book accords with the history of Israeli spying in the U.S.: Through joint partnerships with U.S. telecoms, Israel may be a shadow arm of surveillance among the tentacles of the NSA.  In other words, when the NSA violates constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure to vacuum up the contents of your telephone conversations and e-mail traffic, the Israeli intelligence services may be gathering it up too — a kind of mirror tap that is effectively a two-government-in-one violation.


Of course, the Israeli Jews who use their links to the controls of the internet and US communication systems like in the article above, also want to control our economic systems as well as our entire foreign policy business.  The explosive nature of all this is obvious: their spying is unconstitutional as well as treasonous.  


The excuse we hear about the need for privacy is belied by this systematic intrusion into all systems as Jewish people spy on us at every possible level.  None of this is controlled any more than our politicians try to stop other criminal actions.  AIPAC can terrorize anyone who isn’t their tool or machine.  The tangled web here extends to Israel, for many of Madoff’s victims were Jewish organizations headquartered there.  



Here is another example of how immense this mess is: he didn’t say, ‘I created false accounts’, he said, he had them made FOR him.  He did have to admit using the US Mail for these frauds.  This is one of the US charges against him.




So, he wired billions of dollars to London and this went to his family business there and no one had a clue?  Either these are the most incurious people on earth or they are Omerta.  That is, silent due to being part of a Mafia operation.  Ask no questions, just move immense sums about the planet.  So far, I don’t hear a thing from Madoff, what happened to this loot that was moving in and out.  We know part of it went towards keeping earlier ‘investors’ happy.  But not all, of course.



What were these ‘expenses’?  After all, he simply had to go to Chase and wire money.  And buy some stamps and envelopes.  If his fake story is true, he wrote the addresses, too!  Heh.  His skeleton crew was incredibly small: himself.


See?  This fraud is desperate to keep this mess from dragging in the rest of his horrible family.  I don’t believe a SINGLE WORD he says.  He is a liar, after all!  A con man!  Why should we believe anything this creature snivels?  He has excellent reasons to lie: he doesn’t want his family in prison, too. And he wants them all to live like kings and queens.  He considers his ‘sacrifice’ to be just fine.   So long as the Mafia family prospers and can continue.  


Maybe they can pay Obama to get him pardoned.  After all, look at how Clinton prospered after forgiving Marc Rich!  His entire family business should be shut down and gone over with the finest toothed comb possible.  If even one thing proves to be a lie, we must assume the worst.  Not the best.


Also, note the tiny sums he pocketed!  Just 4 pennies on each fake deal!  But with over $65 billion to play with, he got an awful lot of pennies. And I doubt these pennies didn’t ‘taint’ the major Madoff businesses!  ESPECIALLY IN DOWN YEARS LIKE 2000, for example!  





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