The blow-up over the Chinese surrounding our spy ship offshore of mainland China continues to broil.  The US still is lecturing China about abusing the Tibetans while we bomb the poorest peasants on earth.  A country using flying robot assassins to murder people has no right to yap about China modernizing Tibet!  And the issue of ‘free trade’: the NYT is furious that we are restive about free trade.  The ideology that free trade will make America strong is belied by the fact that it is bankrupting us.  Yet, none of the major media will admit this, talk about this or allow anti-free trade writers to darken their doorstep.Before going into today’s issue, we must first look at this international rating list to see if the US is #1.  It is a tremendous propaganda point for the masses to imagine, ‘We are #1!’.  But if we wish to save our hides, we better be more realistic:


Institutional Investor

  1. Switzerland 94.0
  2. Norway
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Germany
  5. Netherlands
  6. Finland
  7. Denmark
  8. Canada  91.6
  9. France
  10. Sweden
  11. Austria
  12. Singapore
  13. UK
  14. Belgium
  15. US   88.0
  16. Australia
  17. Ireland
  18. Japan
  19. Spain

Let’s all chant in unison: ‘We are NUMBER FIFTEEN!’  Yipee!  And Germany is number four!  Ooops.  Norway has oil, high taxes and strict financial restrictions.  Oh, they are number two!  But number one is the Land of the Ur-gnomes: Switzerland.  Indeed, the top tier nations are all Nordic gnomes, tight-fisted countries that don’t encourage consumerism.  Canada, another oil pumping power, is in the top ten, too.  So is France.  Vive la Frog Eaters!  


Belgium beats us out and this isn’t even a country, as the Institutional Investor wryly notes.  Japan isn’t in the top ten due to this long depression which was made worse by forcing half of the workforce to be ‘part time’ even when working full time.  The dire condition of the workers there is in stark contrast with German or French workers.


All readers here who are allergic to both taxes and ‘socialism’ should look at this list very, very carefully.  The more a country protects the working classes and the majority of citizens, the higher they are on the list with the highest taxed nations sitting firmly at the very apex.  


Editorial – Mr. Obama’s Trade Agenda –

The answer is clear: Trade will play an important role in the world’s eventual recovery, transmitting economic growth from one country to the next. Protectionism leads to further protectionism, and yielding to its temptation could unleash destructive trade wars that would crush any chance of recovery.

We have been in this massive trade war nearly all my life.  The two countries we beat in WWII rebuilt themselves by exporting to the US.  Every couple of years, our country’s ‘leaders’ [sic] would attempt to claw back some respite from this endless war.  Each time, the favorite tool was to degrade our currency.  First, we despoiled the coinage in the same way all desperate ruling elites did since before the Greek Republic of 500 BC.


Then, we dumped gold entirely.  We then tried to manipulate the currency via ordering Japan and Germany to reset their own currencies.  When I lived in Germany, I felt rich because I had US dollars at four DM to the dollar.  Three years later, it was half that and today, below parity, even!


This 50 years of trade wars totally destroyed our industrial base.  Our opponents [there are NO allies in trade wars] have established beachheads here and run factories here so we won’t do the sensible thing and protect ourselves.  The Europeans even let us own European companies [which were mostly for exporting to the US].  All the factories we own in other countries focus on exporting goods to the US.  We are not exporting to nearly anyone at this point.


Unfortunately, few politicians are willing to tell their constituents that unpopular truth. Instead, governments are succumbing to protectionism’s dangerous lure. In recent months, Russia has jacked up import barriers on cars, farm machinery and other products. The European Union has reintroduced subsidies on dairy products. Europe, India and Brazil raised tariffs on imported steel…


I see nearly wall-to-wall support of ‘free trade’.  Only when threatened by angry mobs, will our Bilderberg bastards even murmur about stopping this stupid ‘free trade’.  By the way, the list of countries at the top don’t include Israel.  In fact, Israel is no where on this list.  I found that very odd, to say the least.  Little Singapore is on the list.  But not Israel.


Israel has a very high per-capita trade surplus with the US.  It is never mentioned when anyone talks about anything with trade.  It lurks in the dark, invisible and silent except if we allow anyone to speak out about any Israeli business or crimes.  Madoff is pleading guilty so no court can probe him or his All In The Family Mafioso group.  This is why no Mafia bosses ever hit the stand.

Protectionism is also taking subtler forms, like Britain’s requirement that bailed-out banks favor domestic lending. The United States is not immune. The stimulus bill had a “Buy America” provision, and it made it more difficult for companies receiving stimulus dollars to hire foreign workers under the H-1B visa program.


Perish the thought that our employers be forced to stop undercutting wages by importing cheap labor!  What next?  A demand for another flood of illegal aliens so they can cause construction working wages to collapse again?  Since when has the US had a shortage of workers, anyway?  I don’t see this.  I see armies of unemployed.  This is why we have one of the biggest prison systems on earth.

President Obama’s choice for United States trade representative, Ron Kirk, appears ambivalent about the value of free trade. As part of his confirmation hearings this week, Mr. Kirk testified that he would work to expand trade but also argued “that not all Americans are winning from it and that our trading partners are not always playing by the rules.” He suggested that the administration could press ahead on the ratification of the trade agreement with Panama, which was negotiated by the Bush administration. But he said that Mr. Obama was prepared to walk away from the Bush administration’s agreement with South Korea, calling it “unfair.”


How dare he mention the army of losers!  HAHAHA.  The Times doesn’t associate with the ragged losers who were expelled from their jobs and dumped into our prison system.  Internationalists who hobnob with each other at Doha or Davos or wherever the devil they congregate–always protected by a huge phalanx of armed goons—can’t understand why US voters are screaming at their ‘representatives’.  So far, neither political party is against flooding the US with cheap foreign labor or protecting our industries from imports.


Even talking about this is verboten.  News stories avoid connecting the dots.  For example, Interactive Map Showing Immigration Data Since 1890 – Interactive Graphic – the Times has this map.  Note how most of the places that are the epicenter of our housing collapse are co-resident to places that saw an influx of both legal and illegal Hispanic aliens:


Mr. Obama’s annual trade report to Congress is similarly worrisome. It suggested opening a “discourse with the public” on whether the trade agreements awaiting ratification — with Colombia, South Korea and Panama — are a good idea. It committed the administration to “improving” the North American Free Trade Agreement, without saying how. And it poured cold water on efforts to restart the World Trade Organization’s round of international negotiations…


OMG!  Obama might open a ‘discourse’ with us peons?  Perish the thought!  And Obama is scared of restarting the Doha rounds?  HAHAHA.  He better be scared to death.  The Times doesn’t want ‘discourse’ with anyone.  It supports free trade because it benefits Israel very heavily.  

China’s leaders, in particular, need to understand that export-led growth no longer works for them or for the world. The United States will have more influence if it stops beating on Beijing for its foreign-exchange policy and engages China’s leaders as partners, not rivals.


China knew from day one that export trade wouldn’t be forever.  Ditto, Japan.  But Japan thought the Japanese carry trade based on their ZIRP banking system would last forever!  It collapsed when all trade rivals ran off to do their own ZIRP banking.  


Again, I keep hammering at this: there is no such thing as ‘trade partners’.  They are ‘trade RIVALS.’  We might make deals that benefit us but we must never, ever forget that we are all rivals.  The European Union is a queer confederation that has papered over this issue but now that things are unwinding and all trade deals are exposed, the EU will change course, too. 


The day the Chinese declare, all world trade will focus on China, not the US, is the day we die.  We should fear this dooms day!  For our entire lifestyle is based on cheap oil and free trade goods pouring into our homes while we pay with IOUs.


China navy officers harangue U.S. over ocean spat | Reuters

Senior Chinese navy officers poured scorn on the United States in the wake of a weekend naval confrontation, with one saying the “Americans are villains”, as fallout over the incident between the two giants simmered.

In comments carried by the official China News Service, Chinese officers repeated their government’s view that a U.S. naval ship had violated the country’s sovereignty during an encounter with Chinese ships in the South China Sea on Sunday….

“The U.S. side has twisted the facts. The U.S. survey ship was operating in China’s exclusive economic zone on its continental shelf. Our vessels were just going about normal business … This was itself harming China’s sovereignty.”

A senior Communist Party commissar in the navy, Wu Huayang, told the news agency that the incident had been “stirred up by the U.S.”….

“If people are loitering outside your bamboo fence and the owner goes out to check on things, and then they say you’ve violated their rights, what’s the sense in that?” said Jin Mao, a Chinese vice admiral, according to the news agency.

The USA is in deep trouble.  Note how the above hysterical editorial from the NYT owners yaps about how China better cooperate with us.  Well, who is not cooperating here?  The US thinks we can chop up China, support insurrections there, harangue China about human rights while we torture and murder innocent people.  We are still prancing around the world stage with our underwear on our heads.  


What is it about ‘sovereignty’ the US can’t get?  We think the world is ours.  And we refuse to give our bankers, the Chinese, any sovereign powers over anything even within China, itself.  Jin Mao is correct: we are the snoops who are irritating trade partners.  The US has to face the fact that we are engaged in a global struggle with over 100 nations and even if we station troops in many of these nations, this doesn’t translate into advantages for the US.  I see no advantage to having us patrol seas around nations that are working day and night to drive us into destruction via sea-borne trade.


China says U.S. naval ship broke the law | U.S. | Reuters

“The U.S. claims are gravely in contravention of the facts and confuse black and white and they are totally unacceptable to China,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told a regular news briefing.

But the confrontation was unlikely to do lasting damage to ties between two countries as they combat the global economic slump, a Chinese analyst in Beijing said.


As we combat a global slump, we are in disagreement as to the cure.  The cure for Japan and China is a resumption of faux free trade.  The US should be throwing up barriers like the people of Moscow did when the German Wehrmacht approached.  And we have to fight our trade battles like the battle of Stalingrad, for example.

Global oil prices rose 3 percent on Monday and held above $47 a barrel on Tuesday, partly on jitters about tension between the world’s top oil consumers.


This made our allies happy.  The OPEC nations we spend trillions protecting are grateful.  But not consumers in Europe who we also protect.  The very minute world trade tries to pick up again, oil will soar in value.  Always, for the last 50 years, when oil prices climb, economies collapse.  It is a great brake on expansion.


The Chinese are dealing with this by building solar power factories, for example.  The US is dealing with this by bellowing loudly and sailing very expensive navies all over the place, aimlessly.  Unable to even stop pirates from Somalia.


U.S. Calls on China to Reconsider ‘Harmful’ Policies in Tibet –

The U.S. urged China to reconsider its policies in Tibet, saying they have created tensions and had a “harmful impact” on religion and culture in the region.

In a statement marking the 50th anniversary of a Tibetan uprising yesterday, the State Department said it is “deeply concerned by the human rights situation in Tibetan areas.”


See?  The Tibet lobby is very big and very strong.  Americans who never lived in a religious dictatorship support this concept in China.  Indeed, the entire business of turning countries into religious dictatorships is very strong in the US.  This is why I cannot even slightly support the concept of ‘Israel’ which rests upon eliminating all other religions, wiping out ethnic groups, religious identity rather than national identity.  


This is a common problem: people who cleave to their religions rather than their countries are very dangerous and can destroy a nation from within.  Forcing everyone to put religion first is extremely dangerous. Imagine if the US were to push for breaking up our nation along religious lines!  The vicious wars this will spawn will be as bloody as the wars between Catholics and Protestants in Europe which continue to this day, note the Irish shootings this week, for example.


China Trade Surplus Plunges as Exports Fall by Record (Update1) –

China’s trade surplus plunged in February as exports fell by a record, adding pressure on the government to spur domestic consumption to prop up the world’s third-biggest economy.

The trade gap narrowed to $4.8 billion, about an eighth of the amount in the previous month, the customs bureau said in a statement. Exports tumbled 25.7 percent from a year earlier. Imports fell 24.1 percent.

The government has halted the yuan’s gains against the dollar and plans to cut export taxes to zero as demand dries up because of the global slump. Premier Wen Jiabao is relying on a 4 trillion yuan ($585 billion) stimulus package to propel economic expansion after the weakest growth in seven years threw millions out of work.


Everyone at the top here in America love to talk about the millions made jobless in China.  Well, hate to clue everyone in, but this is happening here, in the US!  China, at least, has the peasant population to fall back on.  Most Americans live in suburbs or cities.  Many have lost touch entirely from any form of farming.  


Another Obama choice has been forced back into retirement.  Mr.  Freeman is not a Zionist which is the main reason he was forced out.  But he does represent what is wrong.  Remembering what I talked about above, let’s look at how the Chinese have co-opted nearly everyone who is responsible for representing the US interests.  Remember, also, that the Chinese own much of the Bush clan, for example.  Which is why, under Bush Jr, the trade deficit with China grew to over $200 billion a year:

Informed Comment: Chas Freeman forced by Israel Lobies to withdraw from NIC Chairmanship

Below is a note former MEPC president, Chas Freeman, sent to friends and supporters. 

To all who supported me or gave me words of encouragement during the controversy of the past two weeks, you have my gratitude and respect.

You will by now have seen the statement by Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair reporting that I have withdrawn my previous acceptance of his invitation to chair the National Intelligence Council. 

I have concluded that the barrage of libelous distortions of my record would not cease upon my entry into office. The effort to smear me and to destroy my credibility would instead continue. I do not believe the National Intelligence Council could function effectively while its chair was under constant attack by unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country. I agreed to chair the NIC to strengthen it and protect it against politicization, not to introduce it to efforts by a special interest group to assert control over it through a protracted political campaign.

I do not mind seeing this guy vanish.  We have precious few Americans left at the top who are ‘clean’ when it comes to their international entanglements.  Nearly 100% of the Jewish members, for example, work nearly exclusively for Israel, for example.  The inroads with England are equally bad: everyone rushes over there to bow to the Queen and get knighted.  


Far from being American patriots, they seem most anxious to ingratiate themselves with rival powers.  This inability to understand basic patriotism is a common problem.  When our forefathers went to England, they were proud to be Americans and never, ever knelt before the royals.  To get knighted, you must kneel.  The idea of being knighted was held in scorn.  Now, Senator Kennedy couldn’t wait to drag his dying carcass off to London so he could kiss the feet of the queen of pirate islands.


Intel pick withdraws

In 2006, CNOOC, with Freeman on its advisory board, signed a memorandum of understanding with the state-owned National Iranian Oil Company to develop Iran’s North Pars gas field in a contract with Tehran reportedly worth $16 billion. The deal was stalled for two years after the U.S. State and Treasury Departments vowed to scrutinize the transaction to see if it violates either international or U.S. sanctions against Iran. In December, the Iranian oil company announced it finalized the development plan with CNOOC. The two companies are currently negotiating the price of the contract. Mohammad Ali Emadi, director of the Iranian firm’s research and development team, said the terms of the agreement may be finalized “in less than one month,” paving the way for the multibillion-dollar deal to be made public…

The Iran deal may not be the only controversy tying Freeman to the Chinese government. WND reported that in 2005, CNOOC made a staggering, all-cash $18.5 billion offer to buy the American oil company Unocal, topping an earlier bid by ChevronTexaco. Immediately, lawmakers and many policy experts, including a broad array of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, mounted a major opposition campaign to the bid, urging the Bush administration to have the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. determine how the deal would affect national security. “This takeover is part of a Chinese strategy to move very aggressively into acquiring natural resource assets all over the world to fuel China’s continued growth, because China is relatively resource-poor,” Alan Tonelson, a research fellow with the U.S. Business and Industry Council, told reporters in 2005. “It’s also part of a Chinese campaign to move, again, very aggressively into the American economy.” There was concern the deal would give China a major foothold in the U.S. economy and would also boost Chinese influence and political clout worldwide, particularly in Asia, where Unocal maintained major holdings in Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

No one holding any position of power over trade, intelligence [sic] or negotiating treaties can hold simultaneous foreign interests.  They can’t get money from any foreign powers, corporations or think tanks.  They can’t be Lords of England.  They can’t be dual citizens of any country.  They must be hard-core, 100% American.  This means, one can associate with, talk to and visit foreign states and befriend foreigners but NOT work for them, swear fealty to them accept money [which is basically bribes] from them.


When Reagan ran off to Japan to collect $2.5 million for one speech, this was treason.  He should have been arrested upon returning.  Now, all our leaders who have power over trade, rush off to trade rivals to collect fees for ‘speeches’ no one listens to.  Who listens to a traitor or a fool?  By the way, I was very interested in the Unocal business and wrote several stories about it, in the past:


Culture of Life Energy News: 76 UNOCAL IN THE BIG PARADE



Warner Bros. Music Man

The battle for Unocal heats up. More than one person has noticed that this is an economic shot across our corporate/military/industrial prows. All the rhetoric about free trade is now being put to a test. Congress, which passed all those free trade laws and which is passing CAFTA now is blanching as they reconsider the wisdom of their ways…

Interesting. GE owns vast media real estate just like some other corporations that want to keep us under their thumbs. I will note the game of keeping the anti-Chinese talk as low as possible, raising it only to stir the pot when deal making, continues. Want to know my opinion?

All our energy systems are owned by traitors. They all have international connections and they are not shy about using and abusing us, the host nation they manipulate, to fight wars for their own business purposes. Right now, we are paying $300+ billion to hold down Iraq for them so they can make money selling that oil to Europe and Japan. This, to put it mildly, stinks since many people are dying because of this so trusting these monsters is a waste of time. The Chinese cannot be worse than our own Texan businessmen.

Culture of Life Energy News: OIL=WAR

SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2005


Original art by Elaine Supkis

Right now, the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are being abandoned as Hurricane Emily grinds ever closer, her skerry-quern of destruction mills the ocean’s depths, the continental shelf shivering under her blows. We get a lot of our oil from Mexico….

Seems the Chinese have figured out all the nicities of hostile take overs. Move over, Chainsaw Al.
The Chinese will get what they want because they have the loot. Our rulers can stymie them only if they cough up some money and they really would rather do it all on the cheap, bribe some politicians, etc. Only the crafty Chinese know the politicians all love money, too, and are for sale just like the media whores. Everyone is on the auction block. Even the rich. Everyone wants to get rich quick and not pay a price for this….
You see, Japan wanted to use money to buy influence but they didn’t want to spend political capital. They basically treated the Russians as a third world nation that needed to obey them if they wanted development. The Chinese offered the Russians a multilevel, multilateral series of agreements and treaties, all of which make Russia vastly stronger, internationally as well as on the domestic plane.

Each Chinese agreement dovetailed into the other. They were carefully crafted with one eye on history for the history of the intersection of Japan, Korea, China and Russia’s spheres of influence in that key area is long and bloody and a mess. This is why North Korea has been able to thumb their nose at America. America chose to be a tool of Tokyo and the Koreans don’t exactly like Japan for obvious reasons so they leaned towards China, an ancient ally.

So here we sit, we have our military overextended protecting various people who hate each other and don’t particularily like us, and what do we get for all this?

You tell me.





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BERLIN, NY 12022

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