I am so very happy!  My new, upgraded computer with modifications to help me begin broadcasting stories using You Tube is finally coming today!  I will begin using it tonight after we finish setting it up and getting everything working.  I am so excited!  Meanwhile, here is a shorter than usual version, all about gold and how we can use it to protect our capital and our banking systems–from Dr. Fekete:

“That Accursed Propensity to Save” by Antal E. Fekete. FSO Editorial 03/09/2009


by Antal E. Fekete,
Professor of Money and Banking
San Francisco School of Economics

March 9, 2009

It is very doubtful that in the long and checkered history of science there is another episode comparable to this deliberate misuse and abuse of knowledge for the exploitation of those who do not have the full complement of it. What makes it particularly odious is that Keynesian obscurantism and anti-scientific propaganda is put in the service of a hidden agenda: to cover up the mismanagement of the economy through Keynesian precepts, the sabotaging of human cooperation under the system of division of labor, and the destruction of capital through the corruption of the monetary system.

The monetary system was developed to serve and protect society as a whole: savers as well as consumers. After all, at some point during our lives we are (or ought to be) savers, so that later, in our harvest years, we could be consumers. If it does not work in the opposite order, Mother Nature is to be blamed. Saving always and everywhere had to precede consumption. Saving has always been primary and consumption secondary, like it or not.

But Keynesians have overthrown Mother Nature. They say that it is possible to have consumption without prior saving. Having corrupted our monetary system and having destroyed society’s capital, Keynesians have rendered people unable to fend for themselves. They treat them as they would treat livestock in the feedlot. In exchange for fattening them (in preparation for the slaughterhouse) livestock is being relieved from the need to gather feed in the summer for winter consumption. Keynesians, self-styled directors of the national economy, reserve the job of the feedlot operator to themselves. They declare savings and capital obsolete. Synthetic credit manufactured at the central bank in the service of collectivism is used as a substitute.


Here is an email I got: 



This is an excellent article in every detail.
Larry Fike



Here is my reply:


He is correct, of course.  Except for one thing only: the role of trade in all this. Gold is international and trade is national.  The promise that Keynes systems would balance trade and gold stood in the way of this wonderful state of being is skipped by nearly everyone.

Note that when the US totally dropped the gold peg for international trade resolution, [it meant, you couldn’t cheat in a deal by paying with ever-weaker currency, the counterparty could demand payment in gold!] has been talked about by Fekete in the past.
Gold is a REGULATOR.  It is connected to two Zodiac star clusters: Leo and Libra.  Regulus and the Libra scales were very extremely important to the ancient Egyptians.  One of their earliest mega-structures was not the Pyramids but the Sphinx: the head was made 3,000+ years later than the original body.  The Sphinx is about 10,000 years old.
It faces Regulus back then, when you stand behind it  and use a wand to line it up with the head, this way, they could tell when the star would rise in the east.  The magical/religious/astronomical connections of Leo, gold, Libra is a key to understanding the powers of these ‘flows of forces’.  All other systems were built upon this basis.  In other words, it is the fundamental ur-point where all other things arise through history.
Back to gold and trade: we ran small deficits until the peg was cast aside by Nixon and Burns.  Then, it took off and the ONLY two ways to stop it was to artificially devalue the dollar [Bretton Woods II and Plaza Accords] or have immense global recessions!  I snicker when I hear people mindlessly saying, ‘This is unusual.  We NEVER have global recessions!’
But we did and we do and it is inevitable to the system!  It is the only tool left to Libra to balance the scales.  If we don’t use Leo’s gold, she does it mechanically by simply eliminating all paper wealth and seeing it vanish.  ZIRP is all about zeroing out everything.  It fixes nothing.  It is nothing!  
Fekete is correct when he says, gold doesn’t physically vanish.  It remains like a beating heart that can be revived.  It doesn’t leave you with ZERO.  And the Keynes desire to fix zero by using the Infinity Machine by making up funny money faster than it can disappear is total insanity.  It will appear, with a vengeance, in the form of hyperinflation.  Regulating things with no external regulator is impossible and foolish.
Frankly, I believe the only way out is to form a religion that has the Golden Lion at the heart of it.  We could call this, the Banker’s Blessing and teach our youth to respect gold as a way of regulating desire and trade and to use it for the betterment of the banks so they always have a foundation and can’t be emptied out by either deflation or inflation and the power of gold has to be respected and the thing we must control is our desire for infinite wealth.  This is where the civic concept of sharing so we can better our city, our nation, is where patriotism joins with gold to be the basis of our common wealth.  
No civilization can exist without a sense of duty, a sense of patriotism and a sense of interlocking constructions that lead to a cultural enlightenment.  Just like the long, hard discipline of learning to appreciate and play classical music is the road to tremendous riches [oh, I am in trouble!  I was trained as a musician and my whole family played many instruments and we had our own mini-orchestra!].
The civilizing arts are connected with gold.  When we cut the gold peg, when Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, all fell off of it post-WWII, we had the debased forms of art and music which we call ‘modern art’.  And then, when the US severed our gold too, we went into the hell hole of very debased music, dress and art that is vandalism!  Outright criminal hatred of order, dignity and strength!  Think about it!  We leave future generations to look in horror at this ugliness we have created in our despair!











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