Once again, the US Navy and the Chinese Navy have symbolic clashes.  It is because the US still insists on openly spying on China!  Just like when Bush first became President and the Chinese brought down a spy plane which landed at a top secret Chinese airbase [this is before the 9/11 business that is equally murky].  The US insists, we have a right to sit offshore other nations and spy.  Then we huff if they spy on us.  Spy vs spy silliness is funny except we are also begging China to buy our trillions in debts.

U.S. Protests ‘Harassment’ of Navy Ship by Chinese Vessels –


During the incident, the Chinese vessels “surrounded” the U.S.N.S. Impeccable and closed within 50 feet, with Chinese crew members “waving Chinese flags and telling Impeccable to leave the area,” according to a Pentagon statement.

Impeccable sprayed fire hoses at one of the vessels in self-protection, but the Chinese crewmembers stripped to their underwear and the ship “continued closing to within 25 feet,” the Pentagon said.

At that point, the Impeccable used a bridge-to-bridge radio to communicate it was leaving the area, but two of the Chinese vessels stopped directly in the path of the U.S. ship, forcing it to conduct an emergency stop….

on March 5 a Chinese frigate approached the Impeccable and crossed its bow at a range of about 100 yards. Two hours later a Chinese Y-12 maritime surveillance aircraft conducted fly-bys of the U.S. ship at an altitude of 600 feet.

On March 4, it said a Chinese fisheries patrol vessel shone a high-intensity spotlight on the USNS Victorious, another ocean surveillance ship, as it operated about 125 nautical miles from China’s coast in the Yellow Sea, and the following day a Y-12 flew overhead at about 400 feet.


The ‘Impeccable’ should be renamed the ‘Impecunious’.  This is like an eavedropper and peeping tom who is deep in debt to an ex-girlfriend standing across the street with a telescope and a listening device, whining when the ex comes over to bop him on the snout.  ‘Get out.  Stop spying on me, ‘ she yells.


‘I was standing on a public street, nya-nya-nay,’ sneers the guy.  Now, the lady can’t call the cops on this clown because his uncle is the head of the police force.  She knows he goes bursting into people’s homes and openly kills them and steals their property and even kidnaps people and tortures them [not that China doesn’t love doing this things, too, but for the purposes of this story, we have to look at the interloper in this particular instance].  The US could spy on China all it wants except for one itty, bitty detail: we want China to hold US dollar and debts.  We need China to be our bank.


We can’t sent Hillary to China to beg for loans and then spy on them.  The Chinese are making this totally clear.  The Pentagon is now demanding that China stop getting in the way of our snooping.  The Chinese will respond by pulling blank faces.  I know Chinese people are just as expression-capable as anyone.  All of Asia knows how to show feelings.  But when dealing with imperial authorities or when doing business, they keep a poker face and this is normal for any good diplomacy.  Don’t show anything.


The fact that the US is red-faced and furious with the Chinese because the sailors mocked us by undressing and dancing around, amuses the Chinese while at the same time, they will probably discipline the sailors so they learn to keep a blank face when the US screams and yell and do other foolish things.


The fact of the matter is, we do NOT control the Seven Seas anymore.  We are finished as a naval power.  The Chinese know they can ‘sink’ all our ships by bankrupting us.  We pray they don’t choose to do this.  To keep this from happening is highly important.  Letting our Pentagon provoke the Chinese by spying on them and not cooperating with their demands to withdraw our ships to a reasonable distance so the Chinese can have some privacy: this is what privacy is all about.  SOVEREIGNTY.  


U.S., South Korea open war games; North Korea in combat mode – Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Seoul — The U.S. and South Korea today began annual war games involving tens of thousands of troops, prompting North Korea to call its military into “full combat readiness,” saying it views the joint land and sea exercises as a prelude to an invasion.

The hostilities raised tensions on the Korean peninsula to their highest point in weeks as the U.S. and its allies anxiously awaited North Korea’s test launch of its most advanced long-range missile.

We still have troops in South Korea.  And in Germany, in Japan, in Iraq, in many, many countries.  Once we go in, we never leave.  Since we have gone into every country formerly occupied by our European allies during their Imperialist years, we are spending a fortune, trying to control the entire planet, spy on every country and intimidate all people.


And it is painfully obvious to even recluse nations like North Korea that the US is dying.  Bin Laden may be dead in some cave but so are we.  The Afghanis know we are dying, Iran knows this.  Saudi Arabia is quietly shifting its defenses from the US to China.  China is now patrolling the shores of Africa.  Russia is slowly forcing all of Europe to bend to their will.  If everyone knows the US is going bankrupt then this means, we better figure this out, too, and change course.


We do NOT need war games.  We need to retreat back to the US and rebuild our economy so it can support the Pentagon.  Instead of strengthening our base, we are continuing to drive our nation into bankruptcy, running the military/industrial complex.  Our allies buy weapons from us but we are being undercut elsewhere.


Our allies know that if they don’t buy our military toys, we will shut down unequal trade.  But this year, the unequal trade shut itself down due to the imbalance being utterly unsustainable.  So our allies now have no reason to buy weapons from us.


Pentagon’s Unwanted Projects in Earmarks –

It was Democrats who stuffed an estimated $524 million in defense earmarks that the Pentagon did not request into the 2008 appropriations bill, about $220 million more than Republicans did, according to an independent estimate. Of the 44 senators who implored Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in January to build more F-22 Raptors — a fighter conceived during the Cold War that senior Pentagon officials say is not suited to probable 21st-century conflicts — most were Democrats.

And last July, when the Navy’s top brass decided to end production of their newest class of destroyers — in response to 15 classified intelligence reports highlighting their vulnerability to a range of foreign missiles — seven Democratic senators quickly joined four Republicans to demand a reversal. They threatened to cut all funding for surface combat ships in 2009….

He did not mention that since 2006, Democratic lawmakers have presided over a 10 percent increase in the Pentagon’s budget — it now amounts to 46 percent of the government’s total discretionary spending — and have also voted repeatedly to keep funding weapons systems that have had hundreds of billions of dollars in cost overruns.

The Iranians can blow up our entire navy without setting out a single ship.  This is why we vacated the bathtub called the Persian Gulf suddenly last year.  We still sail about there, sneering at everyone but the top brass know that we are literal sitting ducks.


Back in 2005, I noted this obvious fact.  I predicted that once the Chinese anti-ship missile systems are set up in Iran, that is the end of our navy.  Unlike Iraq that has a very small opening to the Gulf, the entire length of the Gulf is exposed to crossfire from Iran.  As well as all the oil wells in Saudi Arabia and the smaller kingdoms: all will be shut down instantly if Israel and the US attack Iran.


The Japanese nearly sank much of our bigger ships in WWII using a small cadre of kamikaze pilots.  Now, we have something worse.  With modern systems, all ships are sitting ducks if they go too close to any war zone.  This is why the Navy is giving up on ships like the destroyers and going more for space warfare.  


The Pentagon’s budget is more than half of our discretionary spending and this is a sign we have to stop.  The bail out bills passed  by Congress were nothing but a mish-mash mess that had nothing to do with building a strong nation that could compete in world markets.  Maybe a lot of things were good things but this didn’t make them NECESSARY things and if we want good things we must first get rid of BAD THINGS.  Or we go bankrupt.


Russian FM: Make Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone – Haaretz – Israel News

Russia repeated on Saturday its call for the Middle East to be made a nuclear weapons-free zone. 

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, addressing a disarmament conference after holding bilateral talks in Geneva on Friday with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said: 

“The task to strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime in the Middle East remains urgent. We consistently advocate this region to become a nuclear-weapon-free zone, and eventually, a zone free from all other types of weapons of mass destruction,” he said. 


Lavrov also called for a successor deal with the United States to their Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), saying this was a priority in ‘resetting’ their relations as Washington has urged

Our best pals in the entire world are the Israeli Jews who have many nukes and sign no treaties and make no promises they intend to keep and who terrorize their neighbors and are bullies.  There is no way will will cooperate with disarmament.  Besides, this is our main remaining industry: warmongering.


Hillary pranced over the Russia to ‘restart’ things and she can do this by removing the missiles from Russia’s doorsteps, stop spying on China, and to deliver to the Hague all of our many war criminals and of course, demand an investigation of 9/11 conducted by FOREIGNERS who are not connected with our government.  HAHAHA.  Have true internationalism.  Instead of a gang of internationalist conspirators trying to control things, we can have an international trial/truth commission that will get full access to all the records of the CIA, the Homeland Security, the Federal Reserve [HAHAHAHA] and the Skull and Bones crypt at Yale and so on: we need to see everything, we need to see it now.  We need to spy on our own government and then arrest everyone including obvious tax cheats like Geithner.







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