Even as Congress makes no move to repeal the Unconstitutional laws passed during the 9/11 hysteria, even as Obama refuses to close Gitmo or stop the torture or retreat from all wars, as no policies we followed under Bush are being stopped or even questioned, he has authorized the release of document which should have never been secret in the first place.  Here is one of these documents, the one about legalizing Bush’s assumption of Stalinist powers.

Terror Memos Reveal Total Destruction Of U.S. Constitutional Freedoms

Steve Watson
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

By releasing internal Justice Department memos showing how the Bush fronted Neocons systematically destroyed civil liberties in America after 9/11, the Obama administration has sought to distance itself from such practices. However, closer inspection of the actions of the new regime, reveal no deviation from such policies in the war on terror.

I wish to thank readers who alert me to these various developments. My present computer is pretty poor for working on but I will give a taste of what is to come, I am publishing only one half of the first secret memo.  The government likes to play stupid: these PDF files can’t be lifted and sifted, I have to photocopy the faint files, make them darker and clearer, etc.  This is slow, difficult work on a slow computer I usually  use only in emergencies.  


When Apple sends me the new, powerful computer, I can do all of this very swiftly.  So, let’s go read Yoo’s ridiculous justifications for suspending our joint Constitutional powers because a small gang were allowed, due to Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Israeli government all wishing for and enabling a ‘Pearl Harbor’ moment so we could rush out the door and attack Muslims in the Middle East.


Naturally, Bush and Yoo were not even slightly interested in the actual attacks, they were looking for an excuse to take excessive power for the Executive branch.  This power was used, over and over again, to prevent, obstruct and deflect any examination of 9/11.  This got so painfully obvious, Bush and Cheney both openly stonewalled the 9/11 Commission and then, forced it to be a rubber-stamp operation.  They even tried to get that old war criminal, Kissinger, on the panel so they could have no examination.


These memos detail the right to suspend significant sections of the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights.  Bush has given up power but the people behind him still control the White House and are most anxious for the US to have a single dictator/ruler who can override everyone and directly command the military to attack the American people and suppress them if they revolt against the control of these shadowy, wealthy string pullers, many of whom are not even Americans.

USDOJ: OPA: Publicly Distributed Documentspicture-4




11-bush-secret-memosWhen fighting anything, one has to first figure out, what one is fighting.  When shadowboxing, this is particularly important.  Fighting mirror images is even harder.  The Hall of Mirrors effect of 9/11 is one of the biggest carnival mazes in recent history.  It is very easy to get lost in this maze and this is deliberate.


It is not a simple maze, either.  It has ‘magical’ aspects which dovetails into quasi-religious beliefs and even ‘witchcraft’-style magical thinking.  It has many amazing facets and none of the players expected the results which happened that day.  Since so many were so complicit in ways that require punishment, all parties that were in power that day are still avoiding a proper public accounting.


The US likes to preen itself on ‘never being attacked’ [except when we are attacked, of course!] so we imagine that if we are ‘attacked’, we must throw away our Constitution as useless and revert to the old totalitarian -style of government which imposes its will on us with no barriers and everything they do is ‘legal’ via dictatorial fiat. The temptation to gain these powers is very great which is why Bush and Cheney, when told that ‘Bin Laden determined to attack the US’ meant ‘Goody gum drops!  This means, if we let him do this, we can become dictators!’


Over and over again, Yoo cites only Hamilton.  At this point, I am glad he got shot in a duel with Aaron Burr!  Maybe, too late.  By far and away, our Founding Fathers feared tyranny and dictatorships.  They knew about Cromwell, my own ancestors came here because of the Cromwell Glorious Revolution.  


Our Founding Fathers also could see the destruction of the new-hatched French Republic.  They witnessed the rise of Napoleon.  The fury of the British King was so great that we still sided with Napoleon even as our Founding Fathers gloomily watched him do everything they feared, we might do someday.  That is, be constantly at war, in all directions, across the planet.


200 years ago, communications were very slow.  If Vermont was attacked, it would take weeks before Virginia would even know about it.  This is why states had their own militias and their own governance and could repel invaders without waiting on DC to respond.  Today, we have instantaneous information systems.  None are better than the systems that surrounds our dictator/Presidents and the warmongers in the Pentagon.


This is why the mystery of 9/11 is so infuriating: as the entire nation ran around, screaming or in NYC, struggling to deal with repeated attacks, not one Federal official in the military or the Executive Branch so much as lifted a finger in response.  Whatever goofy thing they were doing, they kept on doing, without pause or the slightest sign of being even interested in defending New York City from an obvious terrorist attack.


So the pretense that we need dictatorial powers to protect us is totally silly.  We need accountability, not centrality.


Yoo actually claims that the Executive has the power for a preemptive strike!  This is a doctrine that will leave our nation in ruins.  Our very survival depends on convincing not only our enemies but ourselves that we will never do a ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack.  Unfortunately, it is fun doing sneak preemptive attacks.  For example, we let allies do this like Israel, as one glaring and very dangerous example.  Or the sneak attacks on Russian troops in Ossetia last summer.


Yoo was addressing the traitors who sat on their asses on 9/11.  He assures them that if a branch of government is nonfunctional, others can unilaterally take up power in the vacuum.  Well, on 9/11, I wanted power over the Pentagon to get them to do something besides goofing off!  After that day, not one official or politician who was supposed to protect us, was arrested or fired.


I highlighted a few key sentences.  The Anti-Federalists feared a government like the one that now has us locked in a useless police-state with millions of people in jail for consuming self-medication which is forbidden, for example.  The control of our borders is not focused on ‘terrorists’ but rather, controlling the populace for ulterior purposes.  Invasions of privacy are rampant.  Armed goons regularly storm into houses and kill or rough up the citizens.


Invasive searches and seizures are common place.  Violations of our personal communications is common and I believe that Obama will continue this.  We now have huge, well-funded spook operations that meddle in our affairs, we have propaganda machines run by the government, by professional spies, by political operatives and foreign entities seeking to mold public opinion so we can be driven into one imperial war after another, egged on like bulls in a bullring, teased by the matador’s cape.


The memo mentions ‘Indians’ as one group who had no civil rights and were ‘terrorists’.  They were ruthlessly suppressed and huge propaganda campaigns were waged against them to encourage wars of theft and despoliation as well as outright massacres and murders.  Another reason to look at Hamilton as the Father of the Death of the Constitution.







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