All sorts of goofy things are going on in the banking world.  During the years of the anti-gold propaganda, Switzerland’s gnomes were fooled, yes, fooled by this wave of propaganda and started selling all of their gold.  Ferdinand Lips mentions this in his book, ‘Gold Wars.’  This is what outsiders don’t understand about the ruling elites: all propaganda put out by the elites is consumed by the elites who fall for their own tricks!  Now, we see the swords coming out as everyone who is smart, defends their own territory while attacking outside territories, all, while talking about how evil it is to defend one’s own territory.  We know, via history, what happens next. Exclusive

 Why Bernie Madoff Is No Marcel Ospel as Man Swiss Love to Hate

Bernard Madoffand R. Allen Stanford could probably go unnoticed in the streets of Zurich. The Swiss are too busy berating Marcel Ospel, who has gone from being Switzerland’s most respected banker in 2007 to the most hated.

The former UBS AG chairman, rated the most influential Swiss two years ago, has become the public face of the financial crisis. Television comedian Mike Mueller made him the butt of jokes, rapper Gimma sang a satirical song outside his villa and the newspaper Blick demanded he repay bonuses. He may get a hostile reception at next week’s Basel carnival, a masked march that Ospel has been joining since he was 7 years old.

The only time people love gnomes is when gnomes are raiding the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Then, it is a carnival.  Everyone can run around, being irresponsible and silly.  When the carnival is over, everyone attacks the bankrupt gnomes.  The word ‘carnival’ comes from the concept of  saying goodbye to eating meat.  During the carnival, meat is consumed and an sexual orgy takes place.  Then, everyone goes into denial of both meat and the fleshpots.  


This, of course, is part of the seven fatted cows and seven starving cows, yin/yang forces that seem very embedded inside the human psyche.  The drunken craziness where people run about, howling like animals and eating like pigs, having wild sex, etc, is always balanced by periods of sober carefulness.  Whenever we try to have a Saturnalia all the time, we die from self-indulgence and exhaustion.


Saturnalia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saturnalia was a public festival in Rome. Originally celebrated for a day, on December 17th, popularity grew it to week-long extravaganza, ending on the 25th. Efforts to shorten the celebration were unsuccessful. Augustus tried to reduce it to three days, and Caligula to five.

It involved the conventional sacrifices, a couch (lectisternium) set out in front of the temple of Saturn and the untying of the ropes that bound the statue of Saturn during the rest of the year. A Saturnalicius princeps was elected master of ceremonies for the proceedings. Besides the public rites there were a series of holidays and customs celebrated privately. The celebrations included a school holiday, the making and giving of small presents (saturnalia et sigillaricia) and a special market (sigillaria). Gambling was allowed for all, even slaves; however, although it was officially condoned only during this period, one should not assume that it was rare or much remarked upon during the rest of the year. It was a time to eat, drink, and be merry. The toga was not worn, but rather the synthesis, i.e. colorful, informal “dinner clothes”; and the pileus (freedman’s hat) was worn by everyone. Slaves were exempt from punishment, and treated their masters with (a pretense of) disrespect. The slaves celebrated a banquet: before, with, or served by the masters. Yet the reversal of the social order was mostly superficial; the banquet, for example, would often be prepared by the slaves, and they would prepare their masters’ dinner as well. It was license within careful boundaries; it reversed the social order without subverting it.[1]


Saturn, in ancient Hebrew beliefs, is also Zazel which reminds me of the story at this blog called THE MAGICAL BANK OF AZAZEL, THE SCAPEGOAT.


The main thing here is, the end of the Saturnalias, the Carnivals is, the social order has reversed or collapsed and then has to be set to rights again.  Cultures go through long cycles of wild parties/collapse/rebuilding.  Some cycles are 7 years, some bigger ones are 20 years, etc.  There are 1,000 year cycles and 3,000 year cycles, too.  Collectively, we go nuts and then we have to clean up our own messes.


Switzerland is no exception to all of this.  Readers of Swiss history can see these feast/famine historical cycles very clearly.  Alternately, staying home and starving or going out in ferocious fighting form to ravage Italy and France, for example, Switzerland has very definite ups and downs.  


Lately, since WWI destroyed the Old World Order of the British Imperium, Switzerland turned itself into a bank vault.  This is because of the mighty wars sweeping Europe, itself.  None of the massive armies wanted to bother with going into steep mountains to fight but because the Germans took Paris in the 1872 war and nearly took it in 1914, and since Germany did overrun the Low Lands several times, everyone was anxious to park their gold somewhere secure.  Switzerland, being between all the warring empires and being physically difficult to invade, seemed a great choice for all parties.


Since WWII, Switzerland turned itself into a pirate cove, protecting gold from the Chinese/US aid business with the Koumintang, for example.  The despots who got US dollar loans and then used this to raid Fort Knox would deposit their loot in Switzerland.  International businesses wishing to have gold for bribes [it is untraceable, of course] and wishing to evade taxes, flocked to Swiss banks.


As the US and Britain gave up on gold as a currency basis, the gold in Switzerland took over this function.  The Swiss had a great game going.  Then, they saw the other banking gnomes getting much, much richer, playing with the Goddess of Infinity in the Cave of Death.


‘Hey, I want to be a billionaire, too,’ cried the Swiss gnomes who were the Übergnomes of them all.  ‘We want palaces!  We want private jets!  We want lots of sexy fashion models for mistresses, too!’  


Now, the only way they could enter this fabulous cave of riches was to denounce gold.  For gold was the door, the barrier, the thing that prevented infinite wealth via magic funny money from the magical flying piggy bank which the Goddess of Infinity controlled.  So the Swiss gnomes stupidly threw away their gold and rushed for the paper money!  HAHAHA.  The seven thin cows mooed desolately as they began to file into Switzerland to starve to death.  The fatted golden cows were slaughtered in the Saturnalian Carnival!



Criminal law expert Mark Pieth says the UBS data release to the US is legal – swissinfo

Switzerland must make its tax system more open, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Sunday, as world leaders seek to crack down on tax avoidance in the wake of the credit crunch.

Darling, speaking to the Observer, said it was “intolerable” that some people could shelter their wealth from tax, while others had no choice but to pay.

“It’s one of the things Switzerland has got to address. If it wants to be part of the international community, it’s got to be open,” Darling said.

“It’s important there is transparency. People don’t know what’s going on. That’s not good. Indeed, half the many problems we have got now is because people didn’t know what was going on.” 


UBS: 8.20 -0.19 (-2.26%) – UBS AG (USA)


Key Stats & Ratios

  Q4 (Dec ’08) Annual
Net profit margin -425.38% -425.38%  
Operating margin -574.31% -574.31%  
EBITD margin  
Return on average assets -1.60% -0.90% -0.90%  
Return on average equity -80.89% -55.91% -55.91%  
Employees 77,783


UBS became just like Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers or the other US-based ‘investment banks.’  It made every single mistake these American entities made.  The philosophical and economical design of these banks created a situation where they all did the same things at the same times and are following the exact same track as we see in the graph below:


Every single major international bank, at the beginning of this starving cow cycle, pretended they were not doing what the others did and all was well.  But we can see that all the banking gnomes were going nuts at the exact same fatted cow carnival and all were now ruined and anyone who partied with them, was ruined.  The timeline and the bubble for all these banks is identical.  Most of the smaller ones and several huge ones have collapsed.  The only reason the biggest ones are not collapsed is due to immense global bail outs going on right now.


Latvia Sovereign Credit Rating Cut to Junk by Standard & Poor’s  is an example of future headlines.  Latvia is broken.  So is Iceland.  Ireland is heading towards the national poor-house.  Talk about nationalizing banks is rising.  Pimco’s Gross Says U.S. Needs Credit, Not Bank Nationalization is an example of how insane the gnomes are today.  They want no interference with their activities, they just want us to bail them out.  This is ridiculous, childish and typical of gnomes.  Spoiled brats, they are.


Darling says Swiss must take action on tax | Reuters

Switzerland must make its tax system more open, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Sunday, as world leaders seek to crack down on tax avoidance in the wake of the credit crunch.

Darling, speaking to the Observer, said it was “intolerable” that some people could shelter their wealth from tax, while others had no choice but to pay.

“It’s one of the things Switzerland has got to address. If it wants to be part of the international community, it’s got to be open,” Darling said.

“It’s important there is transparency. People don’t know what’s going on. That’s not good. Indeed, half the many problems we have got now is because people didn’t know what was going on.”

Now, this is very funny, coming from the English!  They harbor Queen Elizabeth II and protect her.  Meanwhile, they don’t touch the many tiny pirate coves that pledge fealty to Her and are not controlled by Parliament at all.  They use this special relationship to run financial pirate coves.  If Darling wants to stop tax havens, he should get the last, pathetic remains of the old Navy that once ruled the Seven Seas and have them invade these tiny pirate islands and shut down the tax havens there!  Simple as pie.


Instead, he wants to fence with the oldest of these organizations, the Swiss have a long reputation of fighting back.  And the Swiss are outraged that England, of all places, want them to stop doing what bankers of London have done for years and years which is, using these tiny islands that are under the protection of the Crown but not the rule of Parliament, to run raids on the Cave of Wealth and Death.


I find England has zero credibility in this regard.  English islands are being used to hide money that should be taxed in America.  We still have a big, fat navy that does nothing very useful except protect these pirate coves!  So why not raid them?  Eh?  I call for this regularly.  The Swiss should join me in this.  Heh.


Swiss to avoid Senate hearing on tax havens –


The Swiss government said Sunday it will not attend a U.S. Senate hearing on tax havens — an apparent protest against a U.S. lawsuit aimed at forcing banking giant UBS AG to hand over data on tens of thousands of American customers.


Switzerland declined an invitation to the March 4 hearing by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Finance Ministry spokesman Roland Meier said.

The Internal Revenue Service is seeking to force UBS to turn over records for an estimated 52,000 U.S. customers who allegedly violated American tax laws by concealing Swiss accounts worth at least $14.8 billion.



HAHAHA.  Instead of putting up a spirited fight about the nature of hedge funds, pirate islands, US relations with London, US politicians who have offshore tax haven funds, etc, the Swiss snarl and snap and tell us to go to hell.  Maybe they could hire me to go to DC and talk to Congress about corruption in Congress, how tax havens developed and how US politicians are very tied into this offshore stuff and I could then start yelling about the entire offshore business and bring graphs and charts showing how the situation in the US has deteriorated due to laws passed by Congress and US national moves that exposed us to total financial destruction.  


‘Arrest everyone!’ I can yell.  Heh.  Oh well, won’t happen.  Even now, in the utter ruins of the New World Order, everyone on top wants the Old New World Order back.  None of them are ready for the New New World Order. Jailed Billionaires Become New Face of China as Markets Worldwide Unravel is one headline that gives our own gnomes shudders of fear.  If China seriously goes after corruption and venality, they will be way ahead of us when things finally begin to improve.  We are still bailing out the gnomes.


Swiss party wants to punish U.S. for UBS probe | Industries | Financial Services & Real Estate | Reuters

 The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) called on Saturday for retaliation against the United States over a U.S. tax probe into the country’s biggest bank UBS that threatens prized banking secrecy.

The populist SVP, the country’s biggest party, said Switzerland should not take in any detainees from the U.S. prison for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which the Swiss government said last month it could consider to help shut the camp down.

Switzerland should also reconsider its policy of representing the United States in countries where it has no diplomatic presence, the parliamentary SVP said in a statement.

In times of the starving cows, groups of people who vigorously defend themselves survive and people who want free trade, open borders, offshoring, tax haven systems die.  The word, ‘protectionism’ is still evil to the gnomes but why is this word used to describe things that …um…PROTECT us?  When we are in a storm, do we run outside and put on suntan lotion?  When winter comes, do we eat all our food and not chop firewood?  When a gunman comes to rob us, do we open the door and invite him in?


Of course not!  Just like they tried to turn gold into trash, they try to turn protections into dangers.  This reversal of ancient truths is typical of the yin/yang–reverse magic world of the Outer Darkness.  Well, nations that protect themselves, even the gnomes of Switzerland are waking up to the necessity of protecting Switzerland, then we see a shut down in ‘free trade’ but this is INEVITABLE.  


How else can things return to some balance?  The US has used Switzerland as a diplomatic back door.  This way, we can bellow like a bellicose bull but play footsie under the table with faux enemies.  Also, we are embarrassed by the victims of US imperial aggression and for propaganda purposes, must remove them from Castro’s front yard and hide them in some dark cave run by gnomes and no cave is darker or more gnomish than Swiss caves.  Now, they won’t hide these victims of US torture!  HAHAHA.  Serves us right.


BBC NEWS | Europe | EU heads back financial clampdown

European leaders in Berlin have agreed on the need to regulate all financial markets including hedge funds.

Leaders of Europe’s major economies said a global solution was needed to the current financial crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted that leaders faced an “extraordinary international crisis”.


Where do most hedge funds ‘reside’?  Well, the pirate coves, of course.  These need to be regulated, of course. Note that it is BERLIN and not LONDON that is calling for regulations.  Despite all the yap from DC and London, there is no willpower to stop the madness at its source.  Like I keep saying, this is all a smoke screen to distract everyone.  By attacking Switzerland, the US government, which works for these unregulated hedge funds, pretends to be mean and to be serious.  They are NOT serious any more than Obama is serious about stopping the many bloody wars we are waging and freeing prisoners we held illegally and tortured illegally. Worldwide

Geithner Bad Bank Alternative May Rely on Loans to Hedge Funds 

 Treasury SecretaryTimothy Geithner’s financial-rescue plan may be doomed if he doesn’t offer low-cost loans to hedge funds and other investors to help them buy toxic assets weighing down bank balance sheets.

Creating a so-called bad bank or aggregator bank that would use federal funds to acquire and warehouse the assets, as some have proposed, would be costly for taxpayers and require too much government interference, say two experts on distressed securities who have pitched an alternative plan to officials.

John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics LLC in New York, and Matt Chasin, chief operating officer of Sorin Capital Management LLC, a Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund that manages about $1 billion, say the Treasury Department should provide loans at commercial rates to investors for up to 50 percent of the purchase price of securities. The financing would be for as long as the maturities of the assets being acquired.

AND HERE IS THE PROOF!  HAHAHA.  OK: instead of regulating hedge funds, Geithner wants to have the US Treasury be the Bank of Japan for these pirates and start running a new carry trade system of super-cheap lending to pirates!!!????


ARREST GEITHNER.  His a far, far greater danger to the US solvency problem and is one of the creators of and dealers in the present banking collapse.  He is a criminal.  WHY ON EARTH SHOULD THE TREASURY PROVIDE THESE PIRATES WITH LOANS?  I  want these hedge fund scam artists arrested, not give them even more money to dump on top of our industries, our land, our housing and everything else on this planet!  


This is what happens when a bunch of pirates, robbers, gnomes and other desperadoes are allowed to run our financial systems.  They refuse, point-blank, to correctly analyze our problems and then, correct them.  Instead of fixing what is broken, they want to break our backs, enabling them to continue looting!


I know of perfectly fine businesses which are now run by piratical hedge funds that struggle to pay off loans dumped on them by hedge fund head hunters who look for solvent companies to drive into debt.  This stupidity has to stop.  We do NOT need more liquidity, we need a solid trade currency based on gold and LIMITS on liquidity, not infinite liquidity.  


Bernanke Sees 2010 Economic Recovery `Only If’ Markets, Banks Stabilize

 (Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the U.S. economy is in a “severe” contraction, and warned the recession may last into 2010 unless policy makers can stabilize the financial system.

“If actions taken by the administration, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve are successful in restoring some measure of financial stability — and only if that is the case, in my view – – there is a reasonable prospect that the current recession will end in 2009 and that 2010 will be a year of recovery,” Bernanke said in remarks to the Senate Banking Committee in Washington.



Which comes from exactly one location: the bedchambers of the Goddess of Infinity.  Look at Bernanke!  This is certainly a man high on my list of people to ‘exile to very small pirate coves in the middle of the ocean, right before a typhoon or hurricane hits’.





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