History repeats Herself over and over.  This is due to the very poor learning curve of groups of humans which we call ‘nations’ or even worse, ‘tribes’.  They make the mistakes over and over.  Even when these mistakes are made parts of Holy Books, this doesn’t stop the mad desire to repeat mistakes.  Russia’s power broke across Afghanistan.  Russia went bankrupt.  The US is rapidly going bankrupt and is also facing defeat in Afghanistan, fighting exactly the same people and for similar reasons.  Instead of fleeing, the new warmongers in power in the US are repeating all mistakes, undiluted by any sane thinking.


YouTube – Obama: extra troops to Afghanistan

The You Tube clip is from the Russian TV.  This is why we better watch this TV station!  Instead, in the US, we get all propaganda all the time on TV.  In the recent elections, despite huge public support for anti-war positions, thanks to the guidance of media owners, we ended up with only warmongers as possible candidates.


By appending an insane ‘End of Times’ lunatic to the GOP ticket, the Obama ticket could appear semi-sane.  But military spending is not being reduced, not one US base is being closed overseas and war spending and the increase in troops in Afghanistan means, we intend to tread the entire length of the very same weary road, the Soviet Union limped to utter defeat and total collapse.

YouTube – Cynthia McKinney – responds to Obama on sending troops into Afghanistan – Debate Answer

BBC ON THIS DAY | 15 | 1989: Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan


1989: Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan

Soviet troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, nine years after they swept into the country.

A convoy of Soviet armoured vehicles travelled the 260-mile (418km) journey to the USSR border while other soldiers left aboard an Ilyushin 76 transport aircraft.

Earlier, the Soviet government had announced the departure of the last troops although snow had delayed a five-day airlift from the Afghan capital Kabul.

The journey is especially dangerous on the Salang Pass through the Hindu Kush Mountains, where more than 10,000 mujahideen operate….


The return of the Red Army coincides with the decision by Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev to cut the Soviet armed forces by up to 500,000, with the Kremlin emphasising the heroism of those who fought in the war.

On the streets of Kabul there is a heavier presence of armed police and queues for bread are as long as ever.


Anyone looking even briefly at the news pouring out of Afghanistan…HAHAHA.  What news?  There is news about Afghanistan?  Not in the US!  First, let’s look at today’s bloody headlines which means, we have to flee the Soviet United States to get a taste of real news:


Iraq Accuses 12 Policemen in a String of Killings
New York Times, United States – 19 hours ago
The announcement came as sporadic violence continued across Iraq, including the deaths of three American soldiers and their interpreter who, the military 

US soldier, two Iraqis killed in attacks
AFP – Feb 21, 2009
And gunmen shot dead a losing candidate in Iraq’s January 31 provincial elections, Mohammed Hadi Laihoub, at his home in Babil province, 
Detainee Watch
Washington Post Blogs, DC – 22 hours ago
It also seemed to work when Patraeus actually started talking to the leaders of the bad guys in Iraq and paying them instead of just shooting at them. 
US soldiers wounded, interpreter killed in Iraq
The Associated Press – 12 minutes ago
Gen. Saeed Ahmed al-Jubouri said the shooting wounded three US soldiers and an Iraqipolice captain. He said the gunmen fled in a car, and that police were 

New Zealand Herald
Iraq faces a new war as tensions rise in north
Independent, UK – Feb 22, 2009
Earlier this month, a bomb killed four US soldiers and an interpreter while gunmen killed two prominent local politicians. The police also come under 
Iraqi Kurdish politician wants rights protected The Associated Press
Iraq supreme court ruling sought on speaker race Jordan Times
all 183 news articles »
WEAPONS: What Failed In Iraq, Fails in Afghanistan
Strategy Page – Feb 23, 2009
This time, the cash is coming from the drug gangs, who use the Taliban to help keep thesoldiers and police from the drug production operations. In Iraq 

Iraqis taking the lead? Yes and no
Stars and Stripes, DC – Feb 21, 2009
In mid-November, two US soldiers were killed when a uniformed Iraqi soldier opened fire on them. And in late January, Iraqi police officers opened fire on 
Unmasking Freemasonic Journalism and Mass Media Orchestrated  American Chronicle
all 180 news articles »

First, note the green numbers below each story: virtually none.  This means, almost no one is reporting this news.  4 US soldiers were shot dead by Iraqi police when they were supposed to be patrolling together [it is OK for patriots to kill invading troops, by the way, even the Geneva Conventions recognizes this sovereign right!] and in Afghanistan, 4 US soldiers were blown up.


MoD hides rising injury toll of Taliban bombs – Times Online

Michael Smith and Brendan Montague
MORE than 100 British soldiers have suffered amputations and other debilitating injuries in the past year in Afghanistan, according to previously suppressed Ministry of Defence (MoD) figures that reveal the true toll of the Taliban’s roadside bombing campaign.


Triple amputee Cpl Tom Neathway from Worcester who lost an arm and both legs while serving with The Parachute Regiment in Afganistan

The number of troops losing limbs or eyes, suffering serious burns or permanent brain damage has increased dramatically since August 2007 when the Taliban intensified their efforts.

During the past 18 months, 37 of the 71 British troops killed are known to have been the victims of roadside bombs or mines, but the number of troops disabled in the attacks has never been fully disclosed.




Daily Nation
Bombing kills 4 coalition members in Afghanistan
CNN – 45 minutes ago
KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — Four coalition members were killed Tuesday in southernAfghanistan when their vehicle hit an improvised bomb, the US military 
Obama Balks at Afghan Nation-building Plan Costs Middle East Times
Obama expands US military intervention in Pakistan Center for Research on Globalization
Afghanistan: Australian troops kill children, again Green Left Weekly
Sunday Herald – Edmonton Sun
all 803 news articles »



Above is the Google news list of all stories covering the bombing of US soldiers. Very few are covering this and many of them are foreign.  The entire planet is watching this immense train wreck.  And at home, the vast majority of US citizens are blissfully unaware of any of this.  Here is what CNN’s front page looks like today:


The economy in your words

The economy in your words

The troubled economy has affected Americans of all ages, races and locations. From “desperate” to “hopeful,” nine iReporters share their perspectives on how the recession has impacted them. full story



I scanned every headline, the entire page of CNN and guess what?  Even though Google News says CNN had this report 45 minutes ago, it certainly had a very short shelf life on their web page!  Gone in a flash!  Yes, we have a bunch of [deliberately made clueless] Americans belly aching about the obvious economic messes created by our media and our leaders.


But there is no questioning how the media’s refusal to report honestly about important events in the world: that is the real news!  The insane Octuplet sea-creature in California made lots and lots of headlines.  But not the Octuplet war deaths in our goofy, hideously expensive wars.  I’m certain the irresponsible guys running the Pentagon will spend another $20 million today, bombing more weddings and funerals in retaliation for the citizens of these countries attacking occupation troops.


There is this ancient rule of thumb: you have to have the CONSENT of the PEOPLE to rule.  If you don’t have this, you get Afghanistan, for example. Or Iraq.  They are fine examples of what evils come from trying to rule people without their consent.  Fake elections are meaningless if the elections don’t recognize foreign imperialist projects and this definitely includes America.  We saw in the last election how war was shoved relentlessly to the back burners in debates, in speeches and in significance.


This way, there was no choices about the wars.  We didn’t have ‘anti-war’ versus ‘pro-war.’  Instead, we got no choices at all.  The messes in Iraq and Afghanistan are entangled in another mess that never, ever makes the news in the US except in an extremely one-sided fashion: Palestine.  The problem with Palestine is like a dark shadow that moves along with the US troops and diplomats.  Even as they try to run away from this darkness, it stretches out its arms and surrounds us.


It is the source of rising madness that we seem unable to escape.  And the only way the Palestinian people can save themselves is for the US to go bankrupt.  And since all Muslims have to fear the US military might which is directed against them at all points, supporting vile dictators as well as outright invasions, the only cure for this is for popular uprisings to drag the US into direct confrontations that are very expensive. Then, the US goes bankrupt.


The Soviets had no trouble, suppressing Eastern Europe.  The Soviets had no trouble suppressing Russian people.  But the Russians found it totally impossible to suppress the Afghani fighters!  And the timeline is clear: right after defeat in Afghanistan, Russia turned and ran with tail between the legs and then, the Soviet State collapsed.


Time to revisit some US government archives.  Since History has this mania for repeats and since it is best to look at reality right in the face, here is an old speech Reagan gave, prior to the collapse of Russia, to a Zionist organization that got bitten badly by one of their own.  NY Investigates Madoff Chum in Charity Losses – Crime & Courts news 

New York investigators widened their inquiry into Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme yesterday, as claims emerged that a middleman may have defrauded charities of millions of dollars. Money manager Ezra Merkin allegedly invested the money of 15 nonprofits in Madoff funds without their knowledge, reports the New York Daily News. New York AG Andrew Cuomo has now subpoenaed Merkin, the first figure besides Madoff to be targeted by authorities.

Merkin is alleged to have served on the boards of several nonprofits while also offering advice on investment strategies. The victims include Carnegie Hall and New York University, as well as Jewish charities and organizations such as Yeshiva University and the United Jewish Appeal Foundation of New York. Cuomo has also subpoenaed three funds that Merkin managed, which all received millions in fees for managing the charities’ investments. 

When Reagan gave this speech in 1984, before he became very senile, the UJA was riding high.  



Reagan’s Remarks at the Young Leadership Conference of the United Jewish Appeal

March 13, 1984

Here at home, I believe we can move forward together toward a genuine opportunity society by meeting two important challenges.

First, we must teach tolerance and denounce racism, anti-Semitism, and all ethnic or religious bigotry, wherever they exist, as unacceptable evils. And down through our history, American Jews have been on the frontlines in our nation’s great struggles for equal rights. A century ago, the 14th amendment proclaimed the full protection of the law for all. In the fifties and sixties, the struggle for civil rights stirred our nation’s soul. Americans must continue that great tradition, because even today vestiges of racism and anti-Semitism remain. Synagogues are vandalized, Jews and others are harassed and mocked, and Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan have attempted to march through black and Jewish neighborhoods. Well, let us reject prejudice, turn our backs on bigotry, and stand shoulder to shoulder for equal rights….

Since taking office, our administration has made significant headway in rebuilding our defenses and making America more secure. Perhaps you remember the 29th Psalm in which King David said, “The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.” Well, today America once again recognizes that peace and strength are inseparable.

But we’ve only begun to repair past damage. Make no mistake: If we heed those who would cripple America’s rebuilding program, we will undermine our own security and the security of our closest friends, like Israel, and I am not prepared to let that happen. After two decades of military expansion by the Soviet Union and a decade of neglect by the United States, we’re struggling not to regain the superiority we once enjoyed, but simply to restore the military equivalence we need to keep the peace.

A second great challenge is to defend and promote human rights throughout the world. Aleksandr Herzen, the great Russian writer, warned, “To shrink from saying a word in defense of the oppressed is as bad as any crime. . . .” Well, we who are blessed by the fruits of liberty have a personal responsibility and a moral obligation to speak out in defense of our brothers and sisters. We must not and we will not remain silent.

The sentence, ‘…teach tolerance and denounce racism, anti-semitism, and ALL ETHNIC OR RELIGIOUS bigotry’… is very sad.  They are ‘unacceptable evils’, yet, Reagan didn’t tell his smug audience, they were the ones who had to deal with religious and ethnic bigotry.  At no point, do American Jewish organizations ever allow anyone to chastise them for these ‘unacceptable evils.’  


The religious state of Israel just had a faux election.  No one won since everyone has to be schizophrenic about reality.  The far fascist rightwing neo-National Socialist parties grew in size and they are demanding epic ethnic cleansing of the most odious sort.  So the government is totally paralyzed since even the middle-right-wing-national-socialist parties like Labor and Kadima both know that this open style of Naziism is going to create huge PR problems in the US.  Hiding this from the American public is increasingly difficult.


On top of this, the Jewish embrace of Hitlerism is endangering Jews in America and Europe.  The Jews want the Old Status Quo back.  This is where they can cry victimization whenever anyone notices they are committing grave crimes against humanity.  The reason we are not seeing the deaths of American soldiers in ‘pacified’ Iraq and utterly out of control, Afghanistan, is because the Jewish media owners wish to sweep all of this under a huge Persian carpet of denial.


It is horrible to read Reagan’s speech about how Jews should stand ‘shoulder to shoulder for EQUAL rights’ when Jews stand, for the most part, by over 80%, shoulder to shoulder for Jewish PRIVILEGES in Israel!  Jews fighting for the Civil Rights Act in America were not doing this from charity.  They were subject to terrible discrimination, themselves!  The ideal remains: the greatness of the Civil Rights Act was, it gave me, a white female, my own civil rights including the right to an abortion if I needed one, for example.  And it gave Jews the right to contest many limits set on their own lives.


I said, way back, when we got this wonderful thing, ‘All people should have full Civil Rights.’  And I support the Bill of Rights and the Civil Rights Act, 100%.  Always and for everyone on this planet.  The Taliban don’t support this.  They much prefer the Jewish alternative system of rank discrimination against other tribes and religions.  They don’t mind a dog-eat-dog world and relish the chance to help their brethren in Palestine use the sword to win their own privileges against the invading Jewish fascists who also believe in a dog-eat-dog universe.


Muslims brought the concept of the number ‘zero’ to Europe and the Middle East via India’s Hindu culture which probably got it from the Dravidian peoples.  Right now, bloody battles between the Dravidian Tamil people and later invaders are raging in Sri Lanka.  Unlike the epic one-sided battles in Gaza, this one is just as bloody and totally ignored, too.  Unlike the far-less important Darfur fighting.  That is also out of the news now that it has no more propaganda use for the major media owners.


Search Results

  1. News results for Tamil Tigers

    Tamil Tigers‘ call for ceasefire falls on deaf ears in Colombo – 5 hours ago

    Photo: Reuters THE Sri Lankan Government has derided a Tamil Tiger call for a truce in the country’s 25-year civil war. Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona 

    WA today – 3781 related articles »

Incidentally, there are almost 4,000 links to stories about the Tamil tigers today!  Compared to one tenth the number of stories of US soldiers being blown up or blown away!  Every one of the Big Powers [sic] want to be friends with the government suppressing the Tamil uprising.  So we hear nearly nothing.  Another epic news hole.



Now, let me take a moment to describe our relations with Israel and our efforts in the Middle East. Israel and the United States are bound together by the ties of friendship, shared ideals, and mutual interests. We’re allies in the defense of freedom in the Middle East. The United States was the first nation to recognize the State of Israel, and ever since, our support for Israel has remained unflinching. Today, when even our NATO allies vote with us in the United States [United Nations] only some 6 out of 10 votes, the alliance between the United States and Israel is so strong that we vote together more than nine times out of ten.

Since I took office, the U.S.-Israeli relationship has grown closer than ever before in three crucial ways.

First, the U.S.-Israeli strategic relationship has been elevated and formalized. This is the first time in Israel’s history that a formal strategic relationship has existed. The new American-Israeli Joint Political-Military Group is working to decide how the U.S. and Israel can counter the threat that growing Soviet involvement in the Middle East poses to our mutual interests. Our cooperation adds to deterrence and improves and protects the prospects for peace and security. The negotiations have been positive, and they’re moving forward.

Second, we’re negotiating to establish a free trade area between the United States and Israel, and this will launch a new era of closer economic relations between our countries. By substantially eliminating duties and nontariff barriers between our nations, we will enable American producers to sell and compete in Israel while providing Israeli manufacturers unimpeded access to the free world’s largest market.

Now, third, the United States will soon be giving Israel military aid on a grant, not a loan, basis. We have restructured our 1985 foreign aid package, and Israel will now receive economic aid totaling $850 million and a military grant of some $1.4 billion. This will ensure that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge.

All in all, the friendship between Israel and the United States is closer and stronger today than ever before. And I intend to keep it that way.

 Aha!  Here it is: Reagan is the guy who started the welfare state relationship with Israel.  Instead of lending, the US began to give outright gifts to Jews who were using the money to ethnically cleanse or oppress the natives.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Muslim terrorists target the US, of course.


Israel is heavily armed by the US.  And uses this against unarmed civilian populations trapped inside unescapable ghettos.  Money from Madoff flowed into Jewish ‘charities’ and AIPAC was used to focus this mass of money on the project of buying influence in Washington.  In turn, this was used to turn on the money spigot for Jews and ONLY Jews in Israel.  And to hijack our entire diplomatic corps into service of the Jews.


Reagan even mentions this! In his speech, he notes that our other allies vote with us in the UN only 6 out of 10 times. While we vote for Israel and with Israel 100% of the time!  Well, well, well: this isn’t due to a miracle.  This is due to the Jews having too much influence via bribes paid to our politicians!  They work for whoever pays them!


Also, note how Reagan mentions how ‘free trade’ is now given to Israel, fully.  Happy people there! They run a big trade surplus with the US!  Charming, isn’t it?  But then, Reagan also worked for the Japanese and got a huge pay-back from them, too.  And our trade with them has been hideous.  We have a gaping trade deficit with them that is one of the biggest on earth, only recently surpassed by the Chinese who also bribe our politicians!  And so do all the con men, the pirates in the Caribbean and a host of other criminals sorts which is…why we are going bankrupt.


Time to clean our house of these international parasites.






P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’





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  2. liz

    4 were killed.
    Obama is pulling out of Iraq.
    Give him time lady,
    he’s only had 100 days.

    ye of litte faith

  3. liz

    click on NPR.news
    look on global economy
    and see all the nations
    who are rioting
    and China
    just sent 20 million
    people from Baghdad
    back to the country
    to farm in a drought.

    You should study
    before you speak
    out of your mouth.

    We see your types.

  4. EMSnews fan

    Hey, Liz, “China just sent 20 million
    people from Baghdad
    back to the country
    to farm in a drought.”

    I see you took the Rush Limbaugh course in World Geography.

    we see your type

    Don’t let slime like this intimidate you Elaine, we appreciate what you write.

  5. Jim

    RUSH LIMBAUGH is an obvious mouth piece for the REPUBLICAN party. RUSH LIMBAUGH whole rant EVERYDAY is continual NEGATIVITY! Any one **(STUPID)** enough to listen or follow RUSH LIMBAUGH and the rest of these CONSERVATIVE host, are just MINDLESS and a bunch of ROBOTS that are not logical. RUSH LIMBAUGH rant is, ANYTHING NEGATIVE that happens is OBAMA’s fault, and anything POSITIVE that happens is the REPUBLICANS doing. MORONS!!!!!

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