As Hillary Clinton wraps up her beg-a-thon marathon in Asia, I go insane and begin yelling about stupid US diplomacy, free trade madness and how this whole collapse will not be fixed by band aids like more US consumer spending on imported goods or commodities.  The US can’t buy its way to prosperity anymore than pigs can fly.  And the mess in Iceland and other places were caused by American financiers and theorists who are all running our own government and systems.  Arrest them all.  

Save the whale (again): Secret plan to lift hunting ban – Nature, Environment – The Independent

A year ago, as The Independent on Sunday exclusively reported at the time, the IWC began a series of closed meetings to try to find a compromise.

Since then a working group of 28 nations has met twice – in St Petersburg, Florida, in September and in Cambridge in December – and its leaders have thrashed out a package-deal proposal to put to a meeting of the full commission in Rome in two weeks’ time.

The proposal is so sensitive that the document containing it is officially classified as a “non-paper”, and only two people – the chairmen of the IWC and of the working group – formally take responsibility for it. But sources say it has been thrashed out by Japan and five leading anti-whaling nations, including the United States.

The package would accede to a long-standing Japanese demand by allowing it to hunt minke whales near its coasts for an initial five-year period. It presents two options for dealing with “scientific” whaling – phasing it out over five years or effectively legitimising it – but Japan has already ruled out ending the practice, leaving only legitimisation on the table.

Patrick Ramage, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, yesterday denounced the plan as “a political fix to give Japan what it wants” and accused conservationist nations of “waving the white flag”.

If anyone wishes to see the power of sovereign wealth, here it is!  Both Japan and China are seeing their export industries temporarily…note my word here….contract.  But both are very intent on exploiting this bad economy to gain many things they desire.  The US and others must kow tow to Asian desires.  For everyone is now spending in the red.  Only some of us have nothing but red ink.  Asia has Sovereign Wealth Funds.


The rules of the Great Game are pretty simple: countries that are on the way up the ladder will be ahead of countries going down the snakes even if both are falling at the same rate.  For example, if China and Japan’s economies shrink as fast or even faster than the US economy, since they are based on a Sovereign Wealth system while the US has been based on a red ink system during good times, this means, at the bottom of this contraction, both Japan and China will be in better shape than the US.


Click here to play an electronic S&L game:  Funschool – Arcade – Snakes and Ladders


I had a young visitor here yesterday while her father and I cut down trees in the lower forest.  She showed me some cute games at this site.  🙂


Now that we are finished being childishly amused by this frog-hopping game, back to economic lessons: didn’t any of our top officials and rich people ever play any of these games in their ill-spent youth?  Or were they all too busy trying to earn Brownie Points with powerful adults?  Take your pick.  I loved games when young and learned many lessons from them.  Including, how to prevent kids who were very spoiled from kicking over the game table whenever they lost.  ‘Touch that board and you will die,’ was effective, for example.


The US is banking on being able to dump the entire board over and yell, ‘I want to start over again,’ right when China wins the game.  In the case of the above story, the US leadership doesn’t care about whales.  maybe they were traumatized by Disney’s Pinnochio movie?

YouTube – Pinocchio Original 1940 Trailer

That reminds me of several things: the bad boys with Pinnochio were turned into donkeys and put to work under Chinese-style coal mining conditions.  There was another coal mine disaster in China this week while Hillary was there.  


U.S., China Agree to Focus on Economy, Climate – washingtonpost.com

“We want China to grow. We want the Chinese people to have a very good standard of living,” Clinton said she told Chinese officials. “What we hope is that you won’t make the same mistakes we made, because I don’t think either China or the world can afford that. When we were industrializing and growing, we didn’t know any better.”

On the economy, Clinton said, “We have every reason to believe that the United States and China will recover and that together we will help to lead the world recovery.”

China is the largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities. “I appreciate greatly the Chinese government’s continuing confidence in United States Treasurys,” Clinton said. “I think that’s a well-grounded confidence.”…

When State Councilor Dai Bingguo greeted Clinton, he exclaimed, “You look younger and more beautiful than you look on TV.” Clinton seemed to blush in reaction, and she raised her left hand to her right shoulder in a gesture of thanks. “Well, we will get along very well,” she said.

Certainly, the Chinese want to have a high standard of living.  Goes without saying.  The patriotic leaders of China want China to be stronger, not weaker.  And most certainly, the patriotic leaders of China do NOT want to make the same mistakes we made.  Hillary, being an empty brain, thought they were understanding, she was referring to how we raped our own nation.  But what was unscrolling inside of the Chinese brains were quite different.


They don’t want China to imitate the US trade and financial messes.  ‘When we were industrializing, we didn’t know better…’ part of her speech annoys the hell out of me.  We didn’t clean up our environment, we simply moved our pollution offshore.  The Chinese are not stupid. They know exactly where US industrial pollution went since they can look out the windows to see it.


Clinton also talks about how China and the US will lead the world out of the depression. And pray tell, how will this happen?  Both China and Japan, after eating all the whales, will expect ‘normalcy’ to return, that is, the US buys from Asia and goes deeper into debt to Asia while Asia builds better train systems, bigger ships, better rockets and takes over Boeing and Airbus, wing by wing, engine by engine.


One side note here: If our female diplomats can’t figure out pre-planned flattery and have a useful response such as, ‘And you certainly look a lot cuter in person, too,’ and then playfully pinch the guy’s cheeks while winking….good grief!  This sort of flattery is sexist and should be stopped by a stern look.  Personally, a short, ‘And you look better in person, too, I dare say,’ could be used.  Though Queen Elizabeth II, being born to look down on everyone, would just give an icy glare and sail past the offender.  For this is offensive!  Got that, Hillary?  Gads.  And you are my age, you should know better.


I despised Rice because she wanted to be sexually petted and that total lunatic from Alaska, Palin, was a complete dupe when it came to flattery.  Flattery is pure poison and should be avoided by any diplomat, especially females playing at that game.


Bloomberg.com: Latin America

 Petrobras Gets $10 Billion China Loan, Sinopec Deal 

Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Brazil’s state-controlled oil company, agreed to a $10 billion loan from the China Development Bank and to supply oil to the Asian nation.

“There are two important commercial agreements and a finance accord that demonstrates new possibilities for raising money,” Chief Executive Officer Jose Sergio Gabrielli told reporters after a signing ceremony in Brasilia today.

OK: Let’s list all the US organizations going around doing this.  Zero.  Now, much of our previous purchases by our corporate clueless piggies were funded by mostly two nations: China and Japan.  Especially Japan, via the ZIRP carry trade business.  Now, that is dried up and we can’t buy aught or naught.  The Japanese just purchased the right to kill as many whales as they wish.  And the Chinese need oil without OPEC.

VC Investment Slips in U.S. But Grows by 5% Abroad — Seeking Alpha

Venture capital investment in US companies in 2008 amounted to $28.8 billion in a total of 2,550 deals, down 8% from 2007 when $31.4 billion was invested in 2,823 deals, according to statistics from Dow Jones VentureSource. Activity was down overall in the IT and healthcare industries, while it rose in the energy and utilities industry.

The drop for the year in the US was hastened by a slow Q408, with 554 deals garnering $5.5 billion, down 30% from the $7.9 billion invested in 718 deals during the same period in 2007, DowJones said.

In other parts of the world, venture capitalists put more than $13.4 billion into 1,416 deals for emerging companies in Europe, Israel, Mainland China and India. This marks nearly a 5% increase over the $12.8 billion that venture capitalists invested in 1,711 deals outside the US in 2007 and comes despite a 15% drop in annual venture investment in Europe.

This article is hard to interpret due to mixing Europe into the second half of the story.  So, deals in Europe fell by 15%?  And yet, Europe is included in the ‘increased spending’ side of the story?  How’s that?  Talk about bizarre.  What is really going on here is, ISRAEL, China and India saw money pour into start-up deals.  

BBC NEWS | Europe | Huge protest over Irish economy

Trade union organisers of the march said workers did not cause the economic crisis but were having to pay for it.

In a statement, the Irish government said it recognised that the measures it was taking were “difficult and in some cases painful”.

The pension levy was “reasonable”, the government said.

It reflected “the reality that we are not in a position to continue to meet the public service pay bill in the circumstances of declining revenue”, it added.

Reports say the plan could cost the 350,000 public sector workers between 1,500 euros and 2,800 euros (£2,500) a year.

Iceland has seen its government fall.  Latvia’s government, such as it was, has also fallen and now, Ireland is on the ropes.  This is still very early in the ‘revolution’ part of this historical cycle.  I watch the demonstrations in these dead economy nations and see very, very little real rage.  It is just beginning, of course.  People still think the magical flying piggy bank will come sailing in thorough the stormy skies to rain gold coins down on our heads and thus, allow us to continue like Pinnochio and not become little donkeys working in deep mines that blow up.


EZ READING MONEY MATTERS: Infinite Money For Infinite Loans Create Infinite Inflation

October 13, 2008

Today, we talk about anti semitism, the Jewish riots in Acre [didn’t hear about that? Ah!] the gold markets and the gnomes of Switzerland who have been caught with their pants down. We learn that the solution the G7 central bankers and government officials have chosen is…hold onto your gold bars and coins….INFINITE INFUSIONS OF PAPER MONEY. Yes, that is the ‘solution’. Sigh. Will they ever learn? They not only claim, this is a liquidity, not an overboard debt crisis but Paulson also announces, the US will NOT protect itself from a flood of imports. Got that? Good.

The shipping industry is going bust.  This always happens in downturns.  When my ex-husband was working in that industry, here in the US, it was always like playing musical chairs and each recession would see more shipping industry jobs vanish and not come back.  And as the industry got rid of nearly all American jobs, then British jobs, one needed language skills in Norwegian and German rather than Italian and Greek, then the jobs required Korean and now, Chinese language skills.  One could watch the industry move from country to country.  


Excel Only First To Be Hit By Default Wave – Forbes.com

Defaults by ship charterers are rippling through the dry bulk shipping market.

On Tuesday, Excel Maritime said that two charterers of its vessels “unilaterally” decided to slash payments in half, slamming the ship owner with a loss of up to $107.0 million and forcing it to halt its dividend. (See “Excel Maritime Dragged Down By Charterers.”) It also said it was in talks with other struggling charterers to renegotiate their contracts.

This always happens in depressions.  Contracts are simply ignored or torn up and unilaterally renegotiated.  This includes union contracts.  Depressions are all about contractions.  They usually begin long before the bankers and Great Powers deign to see it happening.  Namely, wages get squeezed more and more for several years or a decade before the dire cyclone finally has so badly reduced spending powers of the working masses, they can’t buy mass manufactured goods anymore.


It usually takes about a decade for workers losing ground, to finally run out of all possible forms of credit so they no longer qualify for loans.  When banks extend credit to overwhelmed consumers, this creates the conditions for a credit collapse when wages continue to contract and even super-cheap loans can’t be supported anymore, even if only the interest is paid and the principal is perpetually turned over and over again until a small purchase of $100 becomes a major deficit of $1,000 and it never ends.


When we reach this state, the system collapses, of course.  Now, all contracts will be defaulted and all systems will reset at a much lower level.  This is part of the ZIRP system.  Since we are being forced to save by the Goddess of Depression, then we might as well reward savers, not hammer them mercilessly so they, too, earn nothing on savings and so, have no need to hand it over to the banks for lending as loans to others.  Instead, we can obviously see that savers are flocking to gold.  If the entire planet’s banking systems go ZIRP, gold will be the Goddess of Wealth.  Again.


UK could experience a crash similar to Iceland

Charles Gradante, co-founder of the Hennessee Group, points out that Iceland had one of the highest standards of living in the world just a few months ago, but after experiencing the fastest economic collapse in history, it is suffering from soaring unemployment as well as double digit interest rates and inflation.

Hennessee Group says there are other countries that share some of the same characteristics as Iceland, particularly with regards to its debt to economic output, and could be vulnerable to the same devastating effects of the financial crisis. 

It believes it is imperative that world leaders pursue the appropriate policies to stimulate trade and promote worldwide growth so it does not enter a global economic crisis similar to that of the 1930’s.

After privatising the banking sector in 2000, Iceland’s banks went from being largely domestic lenders to major international financial intermediaries with foreign assets worth nearly ten times the country’s GDP. 

When the UK goes under, so will the US.  The UK holds a lot of US debt on behalf of OPEC and others.  Now, this article reveals how incredibly difficult it is to undo the hard-core theories of the Great Depression.  Stimulating trade is OK if one is not being hammered apart by trade imbalances.  Namely, if we were sucking down commodities, we would want to balance that with increases in industrial output sent outwards.


When we are sucking down commodities like oil AND industrial imports, this is the definition of ‘unsustainable’. World trade is a poison, not a blessing, as far as the US is concerned.  Note the top stories: due to trade imbalances, we are permitting the Japanese to commercially hunt whales again and we are also wishing that China’s industrial economic base grow and that trade resumes. 


If there are two countries that the US must confront about trade, it is Japan and China.  Praising both for cynically buying up all our debts is stupid. They are not doing this as charity.  They do this because this puts us in their power.


The story of Iceland should stand as a warning to all nations: they ‘privatized’ their system at the behest of  The Israeli Who Runs the Obama White House – bollyn: Peter Orszag.  

 The CV of Obama’s Budget Director:

– Advisor, Russian Finance Ministry During the Reign of the Jewish Oligarchs
– Advisor, Central Bank of Iceland — Before the Crash of 2008
– Advisor, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Clinton on the disastrous NAFTA bill that devastated U.S. manufacturing 

One of the key players in the Obama administration’s $900 billion economic stimulus package is Obama’s new budget director Peter R. Orszag.  Orszag, 40, is the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the arm of the White House responsible for crafting the federal budget and overseeing the effectiveness of federal programs.  He worked closely with Rahm Emanuel in the Clinton administration – when the disastrous NAFTA was passed – and was one of the first Obama appointees to be approved. 


This pirate should be arrested.  One reason why the US media is so slack about looking behind the mirrors and backwards through time is due to  the psychotic need to cover up the truth.  Just like we are stuck with Chertoff as our Homeland Security head even after his evil performances during Katrina, for example.  He is NEVER in the news.  And Orszag avoids the media examination, too, thanks to the owners of the media covering his tracks.  We read about the news in Iceland and where do we see his name?


Nowhere.  This means, only small blogs like the one I cite here, notice what is going on and trace the effects correctly.  Orszag is one of the Four Horsemen of the US Economic Apocalypse: Rubin’s protege and team member of Geithner and Summers.  Here is a book he helped write:


Protecting the Homeland 2006/2007

Protecting the Homeland 2006/2007

Homeland SecurityDefenseTerrorism

James B. Steinberg, Jeremy Shapiro, Michael d’Arcy, Michael E. O’Hanlon and Peter R. Orszag, Brookings Institution Press 2006 c. 212pp.




Protecting the Homeland 2006/2007 – Brookings Institution

Protecting the Homeland 2006/2007 reviews the current state of homeland security, assesses America’s remaining vulnerabilities, and suggests new policies to improve security in the United States. It presents specific recommendations for reforming intelligence; fostering international cooperation; increasing infrastructure and border protection; developing technology; and formulating countermeasures against specific types of aggression. Written with a sense of urgency, the book warns that while Americans can feel somewhat safer today than they did in 2001, much more needs to be done in improving the nation’s defenses against terrorism.

Note that most of the guys writing this book are Jewish Zionists.  They need the US Fortress as the systems that will protect their real homeland which is not the US at all.  The reason screaming hordes of furious Muslims are attacking us are directly attached to the colonization of Muslim lands by the Jews, using US military power and US funds.  Perish the thought that this book will mention that little issue!


Earlier, I mentioned how only Israel, China and India saw investments in start-ups increase this year.  Israel’s government is not stable at all.  The previous prime ministers are all either deep in corruption charges or are assassinated by hyper-Zionist fanatics.  Israel is pushing as hard as possible for more wars in the Persian Gulf and just waged a very vile and extremely unpopular in the rest of the world, war.  Yet money is pouring in for starting businesses.  


Britons flee French island of Guadeloupe as rioters turn on white families | Mail Online

 Britons are among thousands of tourists fleeing Guadeloupe after full scale urban warfare erupted on the French Caribbean island.Trouble broke out on the island earlier last month after protesters began rioting over high prices and low wages.

But the situation escalated this week after protesters began turning on rich white families as they demanded an end to colonial control of the economy.

The troubles come at the height of the holiday season, with thousands of mainly British, French and American tourists on the paradise tropical island.

Odd, this didn’t make the news much, either.  Back to the top of the story here, I remarked that the anti-government demonstrations and even riots, lacked energy and anger.  But not here!  This is the true harbinger of what will come: ethnic and race warfare.  Yes, we got our first black President, at last.  About time, I say.  But economic downturns leads to ethnic and religious strife, not the opposite.  

History is quite clear about this.  And History also says, these things spawn vast imperialist wars.  The hatreds grow as people get frustrated.  Already, Jewish writers who attack anyone supporting the civil rights of Palestinians, are now howling about anti-semitism spreading.  But then, they have yet to face the fury of the Icelandic people who are genetically very similar to each other which is why genetic studies like to focus on that population.


And the problems caused by Israeli American Jews will become the subject of some fury, only not quite yet.  They are still wrapped in a social cocoon and are not starving, yet.  This has to be faced by the Jewish community in the US.  Especially since our economic systems are run by these same guys who destroyed Iceland’s banking and monetary systems!  This is something we MUST examine very closely.  And the Jewish community here in the US has to decide which nation is more important: the United States with the Constitution of Israel without a Constitution and with no real civil rights for all citizens?


After all, look at the new government!  Talk about evil fascists.  

Inside Higher Ed

Anti-Israel Prof Loses Post at Bard

Joel Kovel — one of the more outspoken professorial critics of Israel on American college campuses — is out of his job at Bard College. This week Kovel sent a letter to all Bard faculty members denouncing the way he has been treated and charging that his politics cost him the position.

Others suggest, however, that Kovel was treated the way many non-tenured professors are being treated these days as colleges retrench — and that mixed student reviews of his organizational skills in the classroom may have hurt him more than his politics.

And while the college is generally avoiding comment, some at Bard are angry at Kovel’s accusations that appear to link Israel’s treatment of Gaza with the college’s treatment of him.

His faculty letter concluded this way: “If the world stands outraged at Israeli aggression in Gaza, it should also be outraged at institutions in the United States that grant Israel impunity. In my view, Bard College is one such institution. It has suppressed critical engagement with Israel and Zionism, and therefore has enabled abuses such as have occurred and are occurring in Gaza. This notion is of course, not just descriptive of a place like Bard. It is also the context within which the critic of such a place and the Zionist ideology it enables becomes marginalized, and then removed.”

Kovel stands out among academic critics of Israel in that he does not just criticize actions of the government there, or advocate for a Palestinian state, but argues for the replacement of Israel with a secular state for Israelis and Palestinians. In interviews, he has called Israel an “abomination” and said that he understands “the desire to smash Zionism.” His book Overcoming Zionism set off a controversy last year when its American distributor — the University of Michigan Press — temporarily halted sales, and then ended its relationship with Pluto Press, the publisher.


This poor man lost his job for advocating what I advocate: full civil rights for everyone in the Holy Lands! Since the Jews won’t get their jaws off of the Palestinian lands and are running them in a very vicious fashion, it is time that all people there be united into one country and to have the vote and access to social services and equal rights just like here in the US. And if the Jews want to dominate this via population, they can do what that lady did in LA and have octuplets over and over again. Then, they can dominate things…but wait!  Here in the US, they have far more representation than any other minority, many members in the Senate and the House, just for example.  There are the same number of Jewish as Protestant judges in the Supreme Court.


Jews are only 2% of the population and wield great power here!  The reason they will punish any Jew in America who suggests equal rights for Muslims is very simple: the crimes the Jews committed to create their religious National Socialist state have created immense hatred and fury in the Muslim populations ruled by the Jews. Which is why we are attacked over here and why the Jewish leaders are trying hard as they can to eliminate as many of our own civil rights, all in the name of National Security for the National Socialist State.  Sieg Heil, I hope everyone figures out the kinds of words we are seeing here.


And this is all attached to our goofy ‘free trade’ business: if we have ‘free trade’ as well as ‘dual citizens’, the US ceases to be a state and becomes a secondary system, a base of operations for other states like the United Kingdom, the EU, Asia or others.  And we lose our patriotism. And I am always yelling about patriotism.  Not the sort the GOP encourages but REAL patriotism.  Where we protect our nation, strengthen our alliances so long as they strengthen us, etc.


I want  nation that has all religions and all people untied to support the US.  Real citizens who really believe in protecting our nation, not turning this once-free place into a police state or a prison colony working for other nations.  Orszag, for example, wants us to be a prison state that is constantly at war with over a billion people, all so he and his ilk can stomp around the Holy Land in sturm truppen boots.  This is why he and his buddies negotiated treaties that turned the US into a debtor nation.  This is treason.


We have lots of treason in DC and people seem to have forgotten, what is right and what is wrong.  Both parties are continuing the wars in Central Asia.  Both parties want eternal war with Muslims.  Both parties want ‘free trade’ even though this is destroying our nation.  Both parties are treasonous.  This lack of choice is painful to see.  I want a third party that is a Patriot Party and it can’t be a right wing racist party since many European ethnic groups are just as prone to treason as any other groups. 


Faith in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights is the key here.  Asians, Blacks, Europeans, South Americans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, even believers in paganist Pegasus, all have the same rights and all have the same duties and the same need to be patriotic since the only requirement to be a patriot here is to be a citizen of the United States and then to cleave ONLY to the United States of America.  All previous attachments come second.  And must not dictate what is done to the US.


Obviously, free trade is killing us.  It is just KILLING US.  It is endangering our nation, our lives, our future.  It must be stopped.  People who push this should be removed from positions of power.  People who run media who refuse to mention the trade deficit every time they talk about trade, are traitors.  People who refuse to connect our financial collapse to our collapse in trade values, are swindlers.  And this is pretty simple to me.  It is easy to see who is lying and who is really concerned about how things are going.  If they support free trade in the teeth of a humungous mountain of evidence that free trade has destroyed us, then they don’t care about the USA or our civil society.  


This is not all about ‘I’ll buy gold and then I will be free!’ stuff: this is about how we, as a nation, must change how we view ourselves and enforce sane actions that lead to balancing not just our national budget but our international trade. The howls of rage from media owners who came from far lands to exploit us, will have to be faced.  The army of professors who have been co-opted and who tell faux stories about free trade will have to be confronted.  The people who run DC must be assailed.  They allowed money to so thoroughly corrupt the systems, all of our ‘leaders’ are but so many oxen, led by the ring in their noses, doing chores for outsiders who hate our Constitution and want it eliminated, one by one.  Note that Obama is NOT undoing any of the crimes of Bush.  Not one.


No, he will try to wrap us in a muffler of National Socialist services while the true Nazis terrorize anyone who disputes any of this.  Like poor professors Kovel or Finkelstein, men who can’t find work because they are now blacklisted for telling the truth.  The real problems are right around the corner when screaming mobs go hunting for someone to kill.  I dread this day and am not alone in worrying about it.  But eliminating even more civil rights won’t prevent crazed mobs when people snap.  All the laws in the world will not stop the human tide!


Chertoff should resign [should be arrested] and the Jewish community should get smart and push for a non-Jew to take over Homeland Security.  But even talking about this in this fashion, will cause people to accuse me of ‘anti-semitism’.  SO BE IT!  If I, the former Mrs. Levy, can’t talk honestly to my own clan, if we are to shut up, well, when the storm hits, I am not to blame.  I sent out the appropriate warnings.  Silencing this messenger won’t change the future, that is certain.






P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’





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