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Another hedge fund sinks!  And this brings up a host of sinking hedge funds.  And I get to go insane, talking about gnomes gnoing gnuts all the time while the goddesses they wanted to buy cut off their nuts!  This is just too funny.  Have a good time as we wave goodbye to the gnomes of Highland Capital!

Bloomberg.com: Worldwide

Highland Capital CDO Fund Is Insolvent, Wiping Out Investors 

Highland Capital Management LP, the investment firm founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, said one of its hedge funds was wiped out by losses on high-risk debt securities, at least its third fund since October to close.

The managers and directors of Highland CDO Opportunity Fund LP, comprised of a U.S. partnership and an offshore affiliate, determined that “it is in the best interests” of the fund to wind down, according to a Feb. 4 letter to investors. Remaining assets will be distributed to creditors, leaving nothing for shareholders.

Highland Capital, based in Dallas, said in October it would shutter its flagship Crusader Fund, which had declined about 30 percent during the year, and its Credit Strategies fund. That month, Barclays Capital Inc. seized $642 million of leveraged loans from the firm, which oversees $33 billion.

As recently as October 2007, Barron’s magazine ranked Highland CDO Opportunity third among the top 50 hedge funds, with an average annual return of 44.12 percent during the three-year period ended that June. Its fortunes reversed last year, as the securities it invests in, known as collateralized debt obligations, plunged in value amid the credit crunch and downgrades by ratings firms….

Highland Capital, founded in 1993, was the fund’s largest shareholder, said a spokeswoman. The firm hadn’t marketed the fund extensively to investors, she said.

High Performance – Barrons.com 

High Performance


Who’s on our list? At the top: RAB Special Situations (up an average of 47.69% a year for three years),[Taking on water, sinking fast!   RAB offloads loss-making funds for £1m – Times Online Bought a business in 2006 for over $30 million and just resold it to the previous owners for $1.3 million. Their assets under management fell from $7 billion to below $2 in just one year!  Must deserve some sort of award, eh, Barrons?]The Children’s Investment Fund (44.27%), [Will go into detail with that front organization pretending to be a charity] Highland CDO Opportunity (44.12%)[These are the geniuses who just went totally bankrupt today], BTR Global Opportunity (43.42%)[A bunch of Nevada pirates using the Cayman Islands to raid stuff] and SR Phoenica (43.10).

Philip Richards

We were surprised that some well-known funds didn’t make the grade, though they came close. Citadel Investment Group’s $4 billion Citadel Wellington fund missed by a hair, returning 20.25% on a compound annual basis for the 36 months ending in June, according to our sources.[Citadel is besieged now, see this headline: Citadel Funds Down 47%; Firm Sued Over Sentinel Transfers, December 8, 2008 it is on the ropes or rather, hanging on the gallows, like so many other highflying hedge fund pirate organizations] Pequot Capital,[Hoo-boy!  Pequot has been flipped by a great whale, is now facing criminal charges: Criminal Probe in Pequot/Microsoft Case | Epicenter from Wired.com.HAHAHA, another winner of the ‘Criminal Gnome Prize’!] Greenlight Capital and GLG Partners [Losses this year of half a billion dollars!  Is on death watch] also had funds with returns topping 18% in that time, sources say. Lone Pine Capital and Cerberus Capital weren’t far behind, with gains of at least 16% for funds that easily met our asset minimum, sources said.

A couple of the industry’s top funds — quant-trading powerhouse Renaissance Technologies’ Renaissance Medallion Fund [Here is a 2005 story claiming that this pirate fund has pirates!  NakedShorts: Renaissance’s renaissance  Look at what Naked Shorts says about this fund: Making book on the official launch assets of Jim Simon’s much-heralded Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund. It’ll certainly set a more positive tone than the usual conversations about whose shingle’s coming down next, whether voluntarily or by getting on the wrong side of some dodgy credit derivatives paperwork. HAHAHA.  I agree with Naked Shorts!

Then there is THIS interesting and more recent article: Is Renaissance Technologies really a hedge fund? | WallStreetOasis.com here is a quote from Wall Street Oasis:IIs Rentech really a hedge fund? I know who’s a trader there (execution only). He told me that most of RenTech’s profits come from market making, not speculative trading, like firms like Citadel, Fortress, Man, etc. So I found out that hey make their money by split second mis-pricings on bid-ask spreads; they buy long short securities by the millisecond and sell them in the same time frame. They never hold positions for longer than a single second, if that. So it’s just picking up pennies with fast computers, and the programmers who script them. It’s just the speed at which they execute. There’s no finance involved. That’s why they don’t give a flying FLICK if you don’t know any finance. I know some of it’s Statistical Arbitrage (convergence trading), but I just thought I’d tell you how things really work inside the most profitable hedge fund of recent memory (still down -14%).

Um, this absolutely screams ‘DANGER!  Madoff alert! Run like hell!] and ESL Investments’ flagship ESL Partners [Another winner in the race to see who is in legal trouble!  ESL Partners and ZAM Holdings Agree to Pay $800,000 in Civil Penalties for Premerger Filing Violations  From the Federal Trade Commission, no less!]— each would have likely merited a spot. Both boasted returns of at least 35% annually for the three years through 2006. But we weren’t able to obtain dependable year-to-date figures for either of them.  [HAHAHAH…wonder why!]

Management highlight hedge funds’ limitations, their numbers speak for themselves. Since 2000, hedge funds have averaged an 8.85% return, more than twice the 3.94% average return for U.S. equity mutual funds. They have also bested the 5.06% return for U.S. fixed-income funds, according to Lipper. [It’s easy to make big profits while breaking laws!  This is called ‘robbery’ for a good reason.]

Jean-Francois Tardif

There’s still work to be done. Julian Robertson, who, owns a stake in Tiger Management, one of the first and best-performing hedge funds (Tiger Asia Fund ranks 12th on our list), detected fuzziness in what a hedge fund is: “These days folks call almost any investment partnership a hedge fund,” [Especially if they are really running a Ponzi scheme, eh?] says Robertson . Others say that categorizations of hedge funds by investment style often are meaningless. For example, Amaranth boasted of a multi-strategy fund, but it ended up with a $6 billion energy bet that went bad, sinking the whole firm….

 “It’s times like these when we typically make the most money,”[Except if the SEC head is kicked out and someone looking for heads to chop, comes into power.]says a veteran hedge-fund manager. “It doesn’t make sense to exit, because when you do, you get the worst prices.” Bear Stearns’ Cayne, for one, knows that only too well.

Below is a website exchange from 2006 that illustrates how all of these creepy Madoff-style operations operate:   What can you tell me about the Renaissance Medallion Fund? How to buy and if it is as good as they say? – Yahoo! Answers

Resolved Question

Show me another»

What can you tell me about the Renaissance Medallion Fund? How to buy and if it is as good as they say?

I just read about the hedge fund guru Jim Simons and how his Medallion Fund returned like 25% or more a year since it’s inception! Anyhow, I tried to look for a way to buy it, or at least look over some charts, but I can’t find anything on it, not even their Renaissance Technologies Corp homepage. I can’t find it via Scottrade or Vanguard. What can you tell me about both how to get this fund (and the cost per unit) and if it is as good as it is made out to be. Thanks!

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

You can’t invest in it. You have to be accredited to invest in it and I am assuming you are not. In any case, the fund has been closed for years with over half the capital invested in the fund from the founder and employees. Institutions that have been with the fund for years are getting squeezed out.As far as their investment strategy, it’s exploiting inefficiencies that can be detected using certain quantitative techniques. They don’t tell their investors much more beyond that.
Asker’s Rating:
4 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:
Thanks. No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere. I just the little guys like me just gets left out on Wall Street sometimes.

That poor sap was left out of this glorious hedge fund that makes billions by EXPLOITING FLAWS in trading systems!  Now, remember Madoff and his clones: they all claim they make money off of flaws in the system which their COMPUTERS find for them, like picking up pennies on the beach in the evening, using a metal detector.


Computers are great fronts for frauds.  They are mysterious.  They are alien.  They are god-like in that they have no emotions.  But they are great for running fake numbers as well as real data.  This is how our entire government now operates: by deliberately making the data useless or impossible to use, they can make up whatever stories they wish.  So they tell us lies.


The hedge funds operated offshore and in dark pools.  They are pirates operating on the High Seas.  They exist for one purpose: to funnel Japanese carry trade loans into countries via buying stocks and other things and making hostile take over schemes.  This way, these goofy money-mad clowns managed to dump many trillions of dollars of debt on top of the entire superstructure of our entire economic systems.  


Until the regulators understand all of this—and they have to raid these islands, these tax havens owned by princes, kings and queens!  They must be shut down.  Totally.  They encourage crimes and are like crack houses in the banking systems.


Now, a special mention for the Children’s Investment Funds since this ties into my contention that most ‘charities’ are simply bribery systems set up to buy political power so the owners can continue to loot the system:


The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was founded in 2002 by hedge fund manager Chris Hohn and his wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn.

It is a registered charity in England & Wales and in 2006–7 had a gross income of £324 million,[1] making it one of the 30 largest charities in the UK.[2]

It receives its funding as donations from TCI (The Children’s Investment Fund Management), the London‐based hedge fund founded by Chris Hohn in 2003.

On the 18 December 2008, the William J. Clinton Foundation released a list of all contributors. It included The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, which gave greater than US$25 million.[4]


Charity overview 2007-2008


A very tiny slice of the money goes to ‘charity’.  And this has to first flow past the sticky fingers of the Clintons.  And our Secretary of State is Clinton.  And she has to do something about these sorts of faux charities run from pirate islands.  Make Bill walk the plank, Hill.  You know he deserves this, anyway.  Yo-ho-ho him to Davy Jone’s locker.  I mean, look at this thing!  5 employees?  And what the hell do they do?  Give Bill blow jobs?  


This is remarkably like a Madoff ‘feeder fund’ and operates the same way and has equally questionable functionality.  Now, back to the headlines: Highland Capital is one bonnie-blue bag operation!  Here are the list of the latest SEC filings, all but the last two of which were on Tuesday:

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

SC 13G/A [html][text] 101 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003126
SC 13G/A [html][text] 60 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003125
SC 13G/A [html][text] 72 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003120
SC 13G/A [html][text] 102 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003119
SC 13G/A [html][text] 85 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003117
SC 13G/A [html][text] 125 KB [Amend]Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003115
13F-HR [html][text] 13 KB Quarterly report filed by institutional managers, Holdings
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-003039 (34 Act) 
2009-02-17 028-10659
SC 13D [html][text] 65 KB General statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership
Acc-no: 0000950134-09-000433
40-APP/A [html][text] 2 KB [Amend][Paper]Application for exemption and other relief filed under the Investment Company Act of 1940
Acc-no: 9999999997-08-046239 (40 Act) 
2008-11-21 812-13478

They went down pretty fast.  This is how all ships sink: they hear the crunching sounds, then the water enters, the ship lists, then it upends and goes  under.

YouTube – sinking ships

We know the names of these tiny tubs!  Heh.  Time to visit the website of this sinking toy tub!  Before it vanishes under the waves!



They won AWARDS!!!  What ever for?  Losing the most money, the fastest?  Or how about fake profits?  Now, I am royally pissed because hedge funds were supposed to make money in BAD markets.  While being dormant in GOOD markets! This is why they were ‘hedges.’  Not ‘headliners’.  Or ‘head hunters.’  Well, one of the stupidest things of all is how all these stupid, offshore, unregulated hedge funds ended up making immense, ridiculous profits in good times!


This meant, they were NOT hedges at all. They were running with the pack of hounds.  They provided zero protection for people in bad times.  So the stupid faux hedge funds are going under exactly at the same time as the main investment banks, the central banks and the world’s economies.  Namely, they were part of everything, not a counter-force.


This brings me to my favorite topic: balance.  If everyone rushes to the same side of the sinking ship, it sinks faster as we see in the video of the sinking ships…hahaha.  OK, the passengers were very, very tiny and thus, invisible!


Highland Capital Management, L.P. in the News

Home > Corporate > Highland News > Press Releases

Press Releases

Highland Capital Expands Institutional Investor Marketing Group
Highland Capital Management, L.P. establishes Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore and hires three seasoned professionals for U.S. team.
Highland Capital Management Expands Institutional Marketing – Maureen Mitchell Joins as Institutional Sales Head
Newly created role strenghtens Highland’s distribtion capabilities of its alternative fixed income strategies.
Highland Capital Announces European Growth Initiatives
As part of its ongoing commitment to the growth of its European investment management activities, Highland Capital Management, L.P. (Highland) made the following announcements…
Highland Capital Management Europe, Ltd. Established
Highland Capital Management Europe, Ltd. Established. Acquisition of ING Capital Management, Ltd.
Highland Capital Reaches Agreement to Acquire Columbia Management Advisors, Inc. Bank Loan Asset Management Business
Highland Capital Management, L.P. (Highland) announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire the Bank Loan Asset Management business (“BLAM”) of Columbia Management Advisors, Inc. (Columbia).
Highland Capital Management Mandated as Collateral Manager
Highland Capital Management (“Highland Capital”) announced today that the $550 million Bristol Bay CLO, Ltd. (“Bristol Bay” or the “fund”) has closed.
Highland Capital Management Joins Loan Syndications & Trading Association Board of Directors
Highland Capital Management announced today that it has joined the Board of Directors of the Loan Syndications and Trading Association “the LSTA”.

Not a peep about the impending doom.  I notice this at all dead web sites: their news is always upbeat and when it is downbeat, they simply have no news.  No news is no news!  The investors looking for news will not get it at any website run by gnomes.  They gknow gno gnews!  Gnot that?  Gnood!


Now, for their philosophical system.  Knowing the belief systems of gnomes is important if you intend to interact with them.  I will note here that there is NO MENTION OF SEX WITH PRETTY FASHION MODELS!!! What the hell?  That is item #1 on the gnome gknow list. Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say – CNN.com

Images of women in bikinis prompted brain responses in men associated with using tools.Now THIS is what is really on their minds!  Eh.  Remember, money is a tool so they can get bikini chicks.


The Investment Philosophy at Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Skip Navigation LinksHome > Corporate > Investments > Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

The credit and structured products markets are characterized by inefficiencies and idiosyncratic risks.   Significant opportunities exist to achieve attractive risk adjusted, and or absolute returns through a combination of rigorous, fundamental research and active investment management. These returns can have low correlation to the returns of traditional fixed income and equities.  Alternative fixed income investment strategies can both enhance the returns and lower the risk of conventional investment portfolios.


HAHAHA!  Another mysterious, secret formula system which only gnomes can detect that exploits INEFFICIENCIES in markets!  HAHAHA.  Pure Madoff philosophy!  And Madoff is in the news, too!


Bloomberg.com: Exclusive

 Madoff Loss Spawned in ‘Bargain With Devil’ at Cerberus Bank

Two of Japan’s eight nationwide banks are braced for $2.6 billion in losses after investments by U.S. private equity groups, which the Obama administration is counting on to help bail out the U.S. financial system.

The lenders took on increased risks under foreign ownership. Aozora Bank Ltd., acquired in 2003 by Cerberus Capital Management LP, reported reverses on subprime mortgages, GMAC LLC shares andBernard Madoff’s fund. Shinsei Bank Ltd., bought in 2000 by private investors including billionaire J. Christopher Flowers, had losses on a stake in Germany’s Hypo Real Estate Holding AG.


Cerberus is the devil, alright!  And everyone got a thumb stuck in the Madoff pie and had it bitten off by blackbirds.  


NWV News — USA Tomorrow Newspaper Ponzi Scheme Uncovered

With scam artists and Ponzi scheme manipulators making headlines these days, a new twist was discovered by investors and potential investors in what they believed was a legitimate opportunity to invest in creating a news organization to rival USA Today.

Jeff Lowrance is accused of defrauding investors and garnering huge amounts of money with the promise of creating a US news publication to be called USA Tomorrow. 

According to the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a Ponzi scheme is essentially an investment fraud wherein the operator promises high financial returns or dividends that are not available through traditional investments.

As my favorite anti-heroine, Scarlett O’Hara would say in ‘Gone With the Wind,’ ‘Tomorrow is another RIP OFF!’  






P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’





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