The millions of brutalities of WWI were swiftly surpassed by even worse ones in WWII.  The utter collapse of even the faintest forms of ‘civilization’ and humanity was quite amazing.  As the major empires of the planet strove to annihilate each other, they threw aside even pretending to be fighting, army against army, navy against navy and focused mainly on killing as many civilians as possible. This led directly to developing the weapons and tactics for WWIII which will kill all humans in all cities on the entire planet earth.  The anniversary of the mass-murder of Dresden is a striking example as to how insane the debates are over ‘who killed more people’, post-WWII.

YouTube – Bombing of Dresden in World War II

‘The railways were working IN THREE DAYS,’ says the narrator of this documentary.  Please remember this fact while reading the interview from the English edition of ‘Der Spiegel’, a German magazine.  I am a humanist.  I believe that killing many small children, old people, mothers who are nursing babies, etc, it pure evil.  Anyone who does this for strategic reasons is a criminal.  And we must remember, we hung the Nazis and the Japanese warlords for crimes which we also committed.  And the blood stains from WWII still are on our hands for we made the killers, heroes, while executing the losers in that epic imperial global war.


‘Post-War Myths’: The Logic Behind the Destruction of Dresden – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

For years, the anniversary of the World War II bombing of Dresden has been a rallying point for neo-Nazis eager to accuse the Allies of war crimes. But, British historian Frederick Taylor explains, there was a clear military rationale behind the attack.

PIEGEL ONLINE: Many claim that Allied bombers were only interested in killing as many civilians as possible. Recently, though, new studies have revised downward the number of civilians thought to have been killed in the bombing of Dresden. Do you feel that your version of events has now been confirmed?


Taylor: Such statements are often based on memoranda written by the British Air Marshal Charles Portal, Chief of the Air Staff. In the first, Portal argued for a new rationale, based on a hugely increased bomber force, which would carry out not just precision bombing but also indiscriminate “area bombing” by night of all German cities with populations exceeding 100,000. Portal thought that the resulting damage to the German war effort and civilian morale would lead to victory within six months. A second memorandum a year later made a similar argument.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: That sounds like a rather cynical approach to the fighting of the war.

Taylor: Portal’s reports state these things as facts that would result from attacks on such a massive scale — desirable only in as far as they aided victory over Germany — rather than things in which he took some kind of personal satisfaction. It should also be noted that by late 1944 Portal had changed his mind, and unsuccessfully tried to persuade Royal Air Force Marshal Arthur “Bomber” Harris, to scale down attacks on German cities. I remain unconvinced that maximizing civilian casualties — rather than winning the war by whatever means necessary — was their chief objective.



YouTube – Brahms’ Requiem – Denn alles fleisch es ist wie gras

YouTube – Brahms Requiem – Mvt. 2, part 2

The English empire had quite a few bouts of inhuman indifference to death.  For example, when the Irish people were starving to death during the great Potato Famines, the Crown was rather indifferent to a quarter of the population if Ireland starving to death and a quarter fleeing to very distant corners of the Empire. Then, there was the invasion of China and India and of course, the African slave trade and I could go on forever.  The blood on British hands is considerable.


Germany, when it set out to be a global empire, did likewise.  Imitating the previous empires of Europe, a lack of sympathy for victims was a characteristic of all European invaders who massacred a huge portion of the world’s populations during the expansion using modern weapons: cannons and guns.  The Ottoman also had cannons and used these to destroy all walls protecting the greatest cities on earth and nearly took down Vienna.   Napoleon was with the cannon corps and used these with deadly ability in all his battles, causing much higher casualties than previous wars, finally, he invaded Russia and killed probably a million Russians.  


When Victory is the sole consideration, Mongol-style tactics of annihilating anyone overtaken by the Horde becomes the goal of modern military tactics.  In Afghanistan, we are not allowed this rite of blood only because we pretended to go in there to save everyone, not murder the entire population.  But in WWII, all sides ended up with the same emotional desire: the annihilation of all CIVILIANS.


The despicable Der Spiegel interview illustrates this perfectly.  The British warmonger pretends he has solid reasons to dispute anyone who compares the British and American war crimes with the Holocaust.  He belittles the Dresden holocaust while justifying its goals and tactics.  This is morally decrepit.  


‘Post-War Myths’: The Logic Behind the Destruction of Dresden – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Still, there was certainly more to the Dresden air raid than a desire to destroy civilian morale, wasn’t there?

Taylor: Certainly. The Dresden attack was directly linked to the conduct of the war elsewhere — in this case on the Eastern Front. In Feb. 1945, Dresden was a major transport and communication hub less than 120 miles from the advancing Russians. The aim of the bombing was quite deliberately to destroy the center of the city, thereby making the movement of German soldiers and civilians impossible. 

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And in that, it was quite effective.

Taylor: There were other targets too. Berlin was also seen as essential to continuing German resistance and was heavily bombed on Feb. 3. Raids on Dresden and Chemnitz were delayed by bad weather. And ultimately, only the Dresden raid was successful — horribly so as the 25,000 or more casualties bear witness. This was, in fact, a clear-cut case where maximum destruction was the central aim of the attack. There can be no question that the presence of many refugees was factored into the Allies’ calculations. A Feb. 1, 1945 memorandum specifically noted the huge tide of refugees passing through the eastern German cities as a “plus point,” chillingly adding that attacking these cities would “result in establishing a state of chaos in some or all of these areas.”


Murdering millions of people have been advanced by both the Nazis, the Japanese warlords and all the Allied High Command as a great way to ‘destroy civilian morale.’  Now, that is full of dire words with horrible contexts:  civilians refers to people who live in cities.  It is Civilization, itself.  Morale is all about morals!  


The amorality of mass bombings of civilized centers in order to massacre as many humans of all ages in the most brutal fashion was put into motion to TERRORIZE everyone into surrendering and not fighting back anymore!  This logic is a menace to all humanity!  Now that we can ‘destroy civilian morale’ by nuking all cities, this is just horrifying.  It is our DOOM.  The death of our humanity, if we survive, the death of all living things, if we go completely insane.


This article is one of many that minimizes an immense loss of life.  The British and American murderers want to have us think, it wasn’t all that many who died.  Just like the US prevented anyone from knowing the entire, monstrous truth about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so it is here: anxious to prevent themselves from being hauled before international courts, we have to pretend that these sacrificial cities were actual military targets.  For example, the entire city of Dresden, helpless and exposed, had two railroad terminals.  


These could be bombed very easily.  But the point was to TERRORIZE the civilians and the best way to do that is to incinerate them totally so they all die!  I just can’t get over how this British man coldly talks about this.  I am crying while writing.  Maybe, Der Spiegel should have played the Brahm’s requiem while this murderous man talked.


Next, this takes us to a catastrophe in Europe: no one is allowed to argue about the numbers of Jews who were brutally enslaved and then murdered by the insane Nazis, yet the deaths of Germans in WWII are constantly being revised and the push is to revise it downwards.  Frankly, no one has the slightest idea, how many innocent civilians died in one night, in Dresden!  No number will be ‘true’ since most of the people were totally incinerated just like the unfortunate and innocent victims in Japan are equally uncountable.


And the Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Ukrainians, Eastern Europeans, French, Dutch, etc, etc, etc, all these many millions murdered by the Nazis are not really ‘countable’: the numbers are as uncountable as stars in the heavens!  The exact numbers are known only the Guardians at the Gates of Death.  Libra might know.  She tracks numbers.


Back to Mr. Taylor’s excuses for this case of mass murder: the Germans reestablished trains soon afterwards.  So the excuse that trains were stopped is just silly.  I lived in Germany.  German trains stop for no one. They must run on time.  Once, I had to literally jump from a moving train even though the conductor knew I was getting off, I landed on a snowbank and thus, was not hurt.  


Back to the business about this helping the Russians:  


There is a philosophy of Russian tactical warfare that Tolstoy talked about a lot in his epic masterpiece, ‘War And Peace’: to provide an exit for the enemy so they can flee.  A cornered rat fights hardest.  The Nazis had excellent reasons to fear the fury of the Soviet forces.  The German occupation of Russia was the bloodiest of all their many conquests.  And the Russians were very anxious to also keep the transportation systems in Germany intact so they could use this excellent system to rush into Germany.


The US and in particular, Britain’s warlord, Churchill, was most anxious to stop the Russians.  Now, I am going to say some controversial things here.  If we look at the above map, the bombing seems to be set into motion to PREVENT THE RUSSIANS from entering the sector of Germany where the Nazi rocket caves were hidden!  By February, 1945, the High Command in the Allies knew about these caves via Von Braun.  My father didn’t reach the southern German area of Munich until the end of March and he rushed northwards, passing through Prague, heading for the Taurus Mountains.  He arrived at the most important of the caves right when the Russians and the Germans were shooting at each other less than 10 miles away!


The Germans were fighting the Russians with total ferocity but the Russians were relentless in their advance.  By utterly and totally destroying Dresden, the difficulties of getting through the city due to the ruins and the bridges down would slow down the Soviets.  The Germans were fighting on home territory and thus, were not going to fight in the cities but would, like all retreating armies, fight in the mountains.  But forcing them to move into Dresden, this removed German troops from around the rocket cave mountain areas, my father could then slip into that area [he was running AHEAD of the US forces].

YouTube – Brahms Requiem – Mvt. 5 Worldwide

Skinheads, Neo-Nazis Draw Fury at Dresden 1945 ‘Mourning March’ 

German anti-immigrant, skinhead and neo-Nazi groups in the eastern city of Dresden staged one of their biggest demonstrations since German reunification in 1990 today, as 6,000 extremists marched through the streets, police said.

Groups tied to the National Democratic Party used the 64th anniversary of the 1945 firebombing of Dresden to hold a “mourning march” through the capital of the state of Saxony. Two counter-demonstrations, led by unions and political activists, drew almost 10,000, police spokesman Marko Laske said.

Black-clad youths gathered at the city’s main train station, waving black and black-white-and-red German nationalist flags as hundreds of police wearing body armor separated them from angry protesters, many of them screaming “Nazis out!”


We have many memorials to the victims of the Nazis, 90% of which are focused on the Jewish victims.  But memorializing ALL the victims of WWII is verboten.  So, of course, when there is a vacuum, it gets filled by whoever can fill it.  In this case, neo-Nazis fill this gaping hole.  In Europe, anyone disputing ‘facts’ about WWII are imprisoned.  If I lived in Germany and I compared the Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine to the Nazi ethnic cleansing operations, I could and would be arrested.


There is no free speech in Europe.  In the darkness, horrible things fester.  This is why all the neo-Nazis can operate since no one else dares touch these issues.  It is a shame, a screaming shame that ONLY neo-Nazis will honor the innocent victims of Dresden!  This should be corrected.  But note how cold-blooded Mr. Taylor is, lying about Dresden practically in every sentence.  His indifference to the crimes, his refusal to see how vicious this whole bombing spree was, is why we must talk about this, memorialize the crime and seek to undo its logic and amorality.


Slaughterhouse-Five – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kurt Vonnegut’s experience as a soldier and prisoner of war had a profound influence on his later work. As a private with the 106th Infantry Division, Vonnegut was cut off from his battalion along with five other battalion scouts who wandered behind enemy lines for several days until captured by Wehrmacht troops on December 14, 1944.[7] Imprisoned in Dresden, Vonnegut witnessed the fire bombing of Dresden, a city nick-named “Florence of the Elbe,” in February 1945, which destroyed most of the city. The technique of firebombing had been used before in World War II by both Axis and Allied air crews against urban civilian population centers and was a deliberate attempt to create a “firestorm,” during which bomb crews gradually seeded the target with incendiary bombs to attempt to create one huge, devastating conflagration. Dresden was selected as a target, but had no particular military significance.

Vonnegut was one of a group of American prisoners of war to survive the attack in an underground slaughterhouse meatlocker used by the Germans as an ad hoc detention facility. The Germans called the building Schlachthof Fünf (Slaughterhouse Five), which the Allied POWs adopted as the name for their prison. Vonnegut said the aftermath of the attack was “utter destruction”, “carnage unfathomable;” In “Slaughterhouse Five,” he recalls that the remains of the city resembled the surface of the moon. The Germans put him to work breaking into basements and bomb shelters to gather bodies for mass burial. “But there were too many corpses to bury. So instead the Germans sent in troops with flamethrowers. All these civilians’ remains were burned to ashes.”[8] This experience was the inspiration for one of his most famous novels, Slaughterhouse-Five, and is a central theme in at least six other books.[8]

Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance With Death (1969), by Kurt Vonnegut, is a post-modern anti-war science fiction novel dealing with a soldier’s (Billy Pilgrim) experiences during World War II and his journeys with time travel.


YouTube – Brahms Requiem – Mvt. 4

Below are some of the pictures taken by the Nazis after the bombings.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Horrific fire-bombing images published

DresdenBodies are piled up for burning in the streets of Dresden after the 1945 firebombing.

Many refugees died in the firestorm, after fleeing to Dresden to escape the fast-advancing Soviet forces.

One man recorded in his diary in March: “Russian commandos are still busy burning charcoal corpses on huge pyres in the middle of town.”


HamburgThe aftermath of bombing in the northern city of Hamburg in July 1943.

The charred bodies of victims lay in the streets.

Four fire-bombing raids were carried out on the city during July. An estimated 50,000 people died.

The dead of Dresden lie in the streets in 1945. Waves of British bombers flew over the city, creating a firestorm in which tens of thousands died.

The temperature of the masonry in the city’s cathedral reached an estimated 1,000C.

Reports speak of many victims melting in the intense heat, their bodies becoming welded to pavements….

“Goebbels forbade these photos of our victims from the German papers,” says Mr Friedrich. “In a way, we’ve obeyed his orders until this day.” 

We must regain our humanity.  The black-clad skinheads are a danger to all of us.  We have skinheads in the US who worship the Death Gods of the Fascists.  Might makes right and devil takes the hindmost is one of the ugliest philosophies one can subscribe to.  Yet, it is a very powerful force here in America, in Europe and in many other lands. 


I keep hammering on the Jews in Israel and America who have ennobled and justified fascism and ethnic identity wars.  I am against the concept of Israel not because I hate Jews but because I want to save them from the fate of Germany and Japan.  The road they are riding on is the one both of these empires traveled.  


The massive butchery between Shias and Sunnis in the Islamic world are likewise, a terrible evil.  Islam meant unity in faith.  And immediately, split in two warring camps, filled with hatred that adds on to itself each generation until it reached a toxic level of murderous hatred!  Humanity cannot sail through the hazards and dangers of co-existence, filled with hatred and rage and a desire for elevation at the expense of all other humans.  We have to rise above this sort of infantile identification.  


I often talk about patriotism.  Patriotism isn’t about clinging to a culture—these morph and change constantly–nor is it all about family–which is only a component of a nation–or one’s faith–which is also just as uncertain and changeable as the weather—no.  What binds us is a common political bond built on civic laws that are religiously neutral and which strive for maximum freedom from state, church or civil interference while at the same time, protecting definite borders set by treaty and custom coupled with sensible trade relations.  We have the Constitution in our nation and this is our binding force, not ethnic identity or language, even.  


I believe that Europe should ditch all laws concerning discussing history.  If there is anything on earth more in need of freedom of speech and the ruthless pursuit of information, it is History.  This is the Goddess who attempts to teach us lessons, despite ourselves.  She is very  serious about getting things right.  And knows that the past is seen but dimly, through a smokey, warped mirror bent by the fires of passion.





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  2. SORU73 comment6 ,

  3. Cornelia Pueschel

    I was born in 1962 in Dresden. My Mother (back than 6 years old), my Grandmother, and my Grad grandmother lived in the Center of Dresden. Miraculously they escaped and survived the fire-bombing. As child I would listen for hours to my Grandmother telling me what happened that night and the weeks after till the Russians came. I know that we Germans are not allowed to talk about our sufferings and massive losses of civilians in WW2…not during East GDR times and not even in the free Western side of my Country. But that has changed a little bit in the last view years.
    Today I’m living in the USA. Just 2 days ago I had a conversation with a guy who would tell me from his Grandfather, that he was in the US Army during WW2, and that his job was to bomb German Cities at night….and he was proud of his Grandfather. It was justified!!!
    My conversation went silent with him and I changed the subject. I feel sad and helpless for all war crimes, but the one on my City hurts deeply. The tender love we Dresdner have for our City is an ever ongoing morning of all the lost lifes and destruction that has happened. At the same time we are proud, happy, and devoted to the beauty of our City today. Even though I was not born during that time, I feel like a survivor. Thank you for this article I found today on the internet! It keeps my feelings under control and confirms my thoughts about any war crimes against civilians. There is and should be no reason to justify them.

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