picture-113I read three stories in the US news about Biden and his speech in Europe and none of them seem to have heard the same speech!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to take correct notes.  So, despite not hearing his entire speech, I assembled whatever I could find.  This is a Rashômon sort of moment when everyone wishes to hear what they want to hear.  We will start with the AP clip posted on You Tube:


YouTube – Biden Seeks to Mend Fences on European Visit


At Munich Summit, Biden Urges Fresh Start With Iran, Russia –


Vice President Joe Biden held out an olive branch Saturday to Iran and Russia, and reassured European allies that the Obama administration would treat them as equals but emphasized that “America will ask its partners to do more as well.”

In a major-foreign policy address Saturday to an international security conference here, Biden told an audience of world leaders that the White House was willing to engage the government in Tehran if it heeded calls to end its nuclear-weapons program and changed its policies in the Middle East..

.”The last few years have seen a dangerous drift in relations between Russia and members of our alliance,” he said, referring to the NATO military alliance. “The United States rejects the notion that NATO’s gain is Russia’s loss, or that Russia’s strength is NATO’s weakness.”



Sort of sane!  Much better than 8 years of nonstop neo conning.  But is riddled with problems.  For example, demanding Iran disarm while not demanding Israel disarm, or for that matter, the US disarm, is disingenuous.  Demanding that Iran not have any policies in the Middle East except for ones that please the US and Israel is just infantile.  On the heels of Biden and Obama refusing to take a stand on the issue of killing Muslim women, children and babies is just outrageous.  What do they expect of Iran?  To assent to this?  How stupid can we be?


And Russia: what are we offering them?  This is where everything gets utterly confusing.  This was no peace speed but bluster from a bruised bully.  The calls for more wars is obvious between the lines.


Biden Says U.S. Will Pursue Missile Plan Russia Opposes –

The United States will pursue a missile defense plan that has angered the Kremlin, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said Saturday, in a signal that the post-cold-war tensions that have flared recently between Washington and Moscow could continue into the new Obama administration.


All right: how is this a ‘fresh start’ as the WP said, if Biden also said, he will stomp on Russia’s toes?  This is very war-like and extremely hostile. Russia made it perfectly clear, they intend to fight us on this even if it leads to nuclear war.  So, where is the olive branch?


Biden Signals U.S. Is Open to Deal With Russia on Missiles –


“We will continue to develop missile defenses to counter a growing Iranian capability, provided the technology is proven and it is cost-effective,” Mr. Biden said during the speech.

Foreign policy experts said that the Obama administration was most likely averse to making any outright concessions on the antimissile system just days after the Kyrgyz announcement, fearing it could be interpreted as a sign of weakness. Mr. Biden, they said, seemed to be balancing the need to appear firm with the administration’s hopes to reverse the several-year slide in American-Russian relations. Russian cooperation is considered important to American attempts to keep Iran and North Korea from continuing with their nuclear programs.


A later article from the NYT.  How on earth is Iran menacing Europe?  If Europe keeps its collective nose out of Iran’s affairs, I’m sure, Iran will do the same.  But when has Europe or its good buddy, the US, kept their collective noses out of anyone’s affairs?  Never!


Brief History of Modern Iran

Mozaffar o-Din Shah was a weak and ineffectual ruler. HE quickly spent two large loans from Russia, partly on trips to Europe. Public anger was fueled by the shah’s willingness to grant concessions to Europeans in return for generous payments to him and his officials. The shah’s failed to respond to protests by the religious establishment, the merchants, and other classes and instituted Repressive measures. A large number of merchants and clerical leaders  took sanctuary from probable arrest in mosques in Tehran and outside the capital in January 1906, and an additional 10,000 people, led by the merchants, took sanctuary in June in the compound of the British legation in Tehran, following the Shah’s failure to grant a promised national assembly. In August the shah was forced to issue a decree promising a constitution. In October an elected assembly convened and drew up a constitution that provided for strict limitations on royal power, an elected parliament, or Majles, with wide powers to represent the people, and a government with a cabinet subject to confirmation by the Majles. The Shah signed the constitution on December 30, 1906, but died five days later.  Supplementary Fundamental Laws approved in 1907 provided, within limits, for freedom of press, speech, and association, and for security of life and property. The Constitutional Revolution marked the end of the medieval period in Iran, but the constitution remained a dead letter.  

The Western powers relentlessly attacked Iran for 250 years.  Since the mid-19th century, they would give the weak shahs ‘loans’ that were never repayable.  In return to never paying back the loans, the government would give monopolies to European businesses.  For example, the sale of tobacco.  This was done to China and India.  Simple thing produced inside of these conquered countries were outlawed and everyone had to buy things like salt or opium from the West.  This way, all the wealth would drain out of these countries and into Europe!


What a surprise.  Just days before  this grand speech of the Top Capitalist Imperialist of the West, Russia had a small coup.  Using their sovereign wealth funds, they lent money to the dictator in Kyrgyz.  The US is spending money like there is no tomorrow but we don’t have the funds to ship money overseas easily which is why Russia did this sly move.  Not that this is anything new!  This is how Europe always plays the Great Game!  The rest of Europe that is scared to death of Russian military power, wants desperately for the US to put Russia and China in their place which is as underlings, not powers.


Iran, on the other hand, has a long, long history, if you click on the link above, you can read the entire thing….this history of European and American invasions, coups and rip offs.  So if there is anyone on earth who needs military power, it is Iran.  And Afghanistan and Iraq, for that matter. Worldwide

Vice President Joe Biden delivered “bad news” to European leaders eager for a fresh start in trans-Atlantic relations, saying the U.S. expects them to shoulder heavier burdens in fighting threats from terrorism to economic instability.

“America will do more: that’s the good news,” Biden told an audience including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. “The bad news is America will ask for more from our partners as well.”…NATO has fielded 55,000 troops in Afghanistan, led by a 23,000-strong U.S. contingent. Obama plans to send as many as 30,0000 additional troops. Britain, the largest European contributor, has sent 8,900. In the past week, Germany and France ruled out increasing their forces. 

Why should ‘America…do more…’?  This is insane!  We just fell off a financial cliff, we we are going to meddle even more in Afghanistan, Russia and Iran? This is madness!  This is…HAHAHA….exactly what I read in the secret minutes of a meeting of the Prime Minister of England with his gang.  Discussing how to prevent the Irish from having civil rights or Africans, freedom, all while begging for US and IMF money!


Of course, the US loves imperialism.  Except enough Irish had gotten enough power to force the US to cease backing British thefts and crimes in Ireland. At last! After only 1,000 years!  Still, to this day, bankrupt Britain still clings to Northern Ireland.


So here was the Europeans, all excited and happy with Biden until he mentions that they must die in these pointless, stupid, expensive wars!  Ooops.  The applause dies. Like the Japanese, another ‘ally’ we can’t use for imperial wars, everyone in Europe will dodge the draft, too.  Europe wants to be our allies so we protect them from Russia while they flood us with their exports.  This, they are most anxious to restart.  Germany’s data this month is very dire.  They need to export those BMWs.


Kissinger Sent to Russia to Cut New World Order Deal

It is yet another glaring example there is no difference between Bush, Obama, or anybody else anointed by the global elite to serve as presidential window dressing — the Daily Telegraph reports this morning that former Reichsminister of State and Rockefeller minion Henry Kissinger was dispatched by the Obama administration to talk with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev about reducing stockpiles of nuclear warheads.

“The decision to send Mr. Kissinger to Moscow, taken by Mr Obama when he was still president-elect, is part of a plan to overcome probable Republican objections in Congress,” reports Adrian Blomfield, Moscow correspondent for the British newspaper. It is said the “secret negotiations” were conducted in December.

Obama, of course, runs nothing and the reprehensible octogenarian war criminal Kissinger was dispatched on orders of the elite, not Obama. It is said Kissinger had a sit-down with former Russian boss Vladimir Putin at his country house outside of Moscow. “While the details of the ambitious initiative are yet to be revealed, the proposal to return to the negotiating table after eight years of reluctance in Washington has been welcomed in Britain and elsewhere,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

No doubt a fly on the wall of Putin’s country house would reveal other topics of discussion, as the elite and the military-industrial complex have made trillions on the phony “Cold War” and its subsequent permutations over the decades and really has no desire to slash nuclear warheads, not unless they can make a bunch of money in the process.

This analysis on the left is incorrect.  The US is negotiating because we are sinking, fast. We can’t run a Cold War. We are broke.  This is typical of dying empires.  Russia blustered a lot from 1980-1990 but in truth, they were going under, fast.  The missile negotiations were pursued with increasing desperation by Gorbechev until he finally got Reagan away from Kissinger and the other handlers and made a deal in Iceland.


London Naval Treaty – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The terms of the treaty were seen as an extension of the conditions agreed in theWashington Naval Treaty. The agreement is officially termed the Treaty for the Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armament.

The Conference was a revival of the efforts which had gone into the Geneva Naval Conference of 1927. At Geneva, the various negotiators had been unable to reach agreement because of bad feeling between the British Government and that of the United States. This problem may have initially arisen from discussions held between President Herbert Hoover and Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald at Rapidan Camp in 1929; but a range of factors affected tensions which were exacerbated between the other nations represented at the conference.[1]

The signatories agreed to build no new capital ships until 1937. A number of existing capital ships were scrapped. No existing vessels were to be converted to aircraft carriers. The construction of submarines was limited to vessels under 2,032 metric tons. The total completed tonnage of cruisers (split into heavy cruisers with guns exceeding 6.1 inches (155mm) calibre and light cruisers with smaller guns), destroyers and submarines to be built by 1937 was limited as was the individual tonnage in each category.

Article 22 relating to submarine warfare declared that international law applied to them as to surface vessels. Also merchant vessels which did not demonstrate “persistent refusal to stop” or “active resistance” could not be sunk without the ship’s crew and passengers being first delivered to a “place of safety”.[2]

The next phase of attempted naval arms control was the Second Geneva Naval Conference in 1932; and in that year, Italy retired two battleships, twelve cruisers, 25 destroyers, and 12 submarines — in all, 130,000 tons of naval vessels.[3] Active negotiations amongst the other treaty signatories continued during the following years.[4] This was followed by the Second London Naval Treaty of 1936.


Up until WWI, England sailed the Seven Seas as Queen of all Navies. But after the war, she was beggared and struggled to keep the navy going.  So a very desperate England tried to stop the tide of history and insisted everyone ‘disarm’.  But  of course, this was a ruse.  England was falling apart and wanted everyone to weaken at the same rate.


The rate of growth or decline is most important.  The US is in steep decline.  But our military looks sort of strong except we are the laughing stock of much of the world.  We now are openly begging for disarmament. But we have to ‘project power’.  So I suspect this is what is behind the conflicting headlines.  The US is surrendering to China, Russia and the Muslims, but can’t look like we are doing this so we bluster and threaten and lay down ultimatums.  All the while, retreating.  


Worse, all our opponents realize this and are laughing at us as we engage them in talks.  When Nixon went to China, he didn’t go there as a strong man.  He went there as a beggar.  China wanted things and got them. Nixon wanted an out from Southeast Asia and got that.  But this was due to weakness, not strength.  Relatively speaking, when Russia weakened, our relative power grew. We grossly misinterpreted this and thought we were stronger after the fall of communism. 


Instead, we were weaker.  Yes, we beat Saddam twice.  But Saddam lost all his wars!  He could only win against unarmed peasants.


Kyrgyzstan Base Closure Decision ‘Final’ | News From

While the United States has continued to express hope that it would retain its base outside of Bishkek,the government of Kyrgyzstan has reiterated that their decision to oust the US from the base is final, and that there are no discussions on them keeping the base.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed “regret” at the decision, and the United States is left scrambling to try to find other alternatives to the increasingly important overland supply route to Afghanistan. Russia has said they will cooperate, as has Tajikistan which has said it would allow humanitarian supplies into Afghanistan.

This was such a coup!  Taking full advantage of the chaos in DC during a changing of the guard and the collapse of the US economic system, Russia yanked the rug right out from under our feet!  This was quite a feat!  Heh.  Anyway, now we have to ask for PERMISSION to go to Afghanistan to die!  I hope Russia shuts the door in our faces so we stop this stupid butchering of the poorest peasants on earth.


Note that only HUMANITARIAN supplies will be allowed into Afghanistan via Tajikistan!  They are moving rapidly to bar our way if we wish to kill Muslims.  A major, major coup on the part of Russia.  Of course, the US recently said, we will stop illegal drugs so I bet this had a big hand in the sudden reversals.  Heh.  What a shock.


ANALYSIS-Israel to Obama: hold Iran’s feet to fire, or else | Antiwar Newswire

Israel votes on Tuesday and its next prime minister — the front-runner is rightwinger Benjamin Netanyahu — is likely to go to Washington within a few months and press Obama to stick to his campaign promise not to let Iran develop an atomic bomb.

Aaron David Miller, a former U.S. Middle East negotiator now at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said the visit would entail a “strategic conversation” with Obama.

“It need not be conclusive or threatening, but it will be very serious and … scare the daylights out of the president that unless the international community mobilises to address the situation, the Israelis will,” Miller said.

The Zionist Jews scare the daylights out of me!  Note how contemptuous they are!  HAHAHA.  And they will start WWIII because they can. So be scared, America.  And what is disarmament about, anyway?  The Jews in Israel live already in this gigantic castle with 18’+ tall walls and towers!  They are leeches eating up our money.  The corrupt US Senate, always open palms for AIPAC and the Jews, suddenly were grasping and nasty when the Bail Bill is being negotiated: they cut out all aid to American taxpayers in all the states that are running in the red suddenly. No $40 billion to help the 50 states!


But billions for Jews in Israel so they can scare the daylights out of us all, threatening wars.


YouTube – 3 arrested over Israel protest in Tescos

YouTube – Excessive Force – Police Arrest Gaza Solidarity Protesters – St Louis, Mo.

In Britain, they can enter stores and do protests and not be beaten to death.  In America, a similar demonstration that simply was people on a sidewalk with signs features beatings when two people stepped off the curb!  We live in a brutal police state where cops can shoot us in the back and not serve time.  I want my own country back and want to stop the foreign military adventures. I will regain no civil rights if we put missiles in Poland or bomb babies in Gaza or murder blushing brides in Afghanistan.






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