The latest scamster to scamper away from the short arm of the Law is a very young man who imitated Madoff at the age of only 19 years old and due to his criminal talents, was rapidly promoted up the ladder until he was running his own mini-Countrywide scam operation in the real estate markets.  But the roof fell in on this criminal starting in September when the global banking system collapsed.  So now, he is on the run, in his private jet, no less.  At age 27.  Warren is an interesting con man and we shall talk about his not-so-unusual case.  Rather, he is a shining example of the mind-set of criminality fostered by decades of lax regulation and the ‘greed is good’ philosophy of the ruling elites of the entire planet.

As always, before publishing a story, I go to great lengths to get a full picture instead of reflexively reacting to the news.  This is because we learn a great deal from this process.  For example, all of the collapsing organizations like Fortress LLP or the Pirates LLP, just for example, had really crummy web pages.  Much crummier than say, the average Facebook teenager.  The Tiduanum Financial website run by the youthful Madoff-wanna be, Warren, is typical of these crummy, stupid web pages:


It looks like a cheap flyer from a fly-by-night auto body repair shop!  The colors, the design is exactly like that, isn’t it?  Madoff, being an older man, learned over the years how to produce an upper class image and cultivated corrupt, venal, stupid idle gentry and princes to be his front men.  He took great care to have his own office be in a very expensive building but never let anyone into the actual rooms where the ponzi scheme was run because it would be obvious, something was wrong.  


Enron, another scam operation done by a very close Bush friend and supporter in Texas, was aware of the need to project the illusion of activity so they had a very fancy and busy trading room but it was all fake and the employees knew this.  This put Enron’s scam artists in a bind.  If any employees were disgruntled, they could blow the cover. So the employees of the fake activity division were rewarded far more than the other employees.  And to find these crass little monsters, the owners of Enron tested them to see if they were anarchists who loved to cheat people and thought it was OK to steal something rather than be honest.


Trouble could be spotted at this website where people discussed mortgages. Warren would troll that site to post his little ads in chat rooms, etc.  One thing is certain: he was definitely savvy about how to use the internet to troll for victims.


Mortgage Grapevine: FL, $600,000, 700 FICO, 40% LTV, Refinance, SF, full, OO

Triduanum Financial can doc your loan in 24 hours! Thats not all, everything is a PTF condition with us INCLUDING income! We will stipp you on whats needed to make income work on the approval. All you need to doc with us is:
-Trimerge credit report
-Point file

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You can go onto our website at and click on the wholesale tab to download current rate sheets, broker packet, sub package, lock form etc.

Take your borrower off the market now and submit with TRIDUANUM!! Currently lending in the following states: AZ, CA, FL NV, SC, NM 
by sheaven November 21, 2008 12:00 AM



7.125 30 year fix for your jumbo loan. Please give me a call so I can fill you on the details and get your docs to you within the next 3 business days.                

Thank you

Daniel J. Yriarte
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by DanTriduanumFinancial INC November 22, 2008 12:00 AM

When he talked about ‘doc your loan,’ he meant this literally: he doctored all documents!  He was unabashed about doing this, too.  He did it so obviously, it was finally noticed, after 8 years of crimes, by the Law.  Mark/Chris was like many con men, he had more than one name.  I bet, Daniel J. was yet another fake name.  People online can and do run multiple personalities.  Some people famously would argue with alter images created by themselves. So one can appear to be a bigger organization by having a series of emails and names.  But Dan/Mark/Chris couldn’t afford to hire staff since this would expose him to the Law.  It doesn’t take much, if you are faking things, to fill out hundreds of forms a month and submit them all over the place, using aliases and other means.


One of the horrors of this unfolding collapse is how many people were doing this.  More and more are exposed as our financial houses collapse.  The biggest cons, at the very apex of this ponzi pyramid of ponzi schemes, tremble with fear that if the biggest financial houses collapse, all their similar crimes will be exposed.  This will lead to revolutionary events as raging mobs seek to kill them.  Right now, they are holding off the mobs by loading the governments across the planet with debts so they can keep their crimes hidden from view.  They hope, stupidly, to restart it all again and continue their business of making money out of thin air.  And keeping a good hunk of it for themselves.


Back to the smaller con man, Mark or whoever he calls himself: the Mortgage grapevine, just three months after he trolled there, has a flood of complaints.  I picked just one of them because Mark/Chris, himself, stupidly decided to argue, online, with a disgruntled and suspicious customer:


Mortgage Grapevine: Triduanum Financial Inc

Triduanum Financial Inc [the name of this particular thread]

We closed a loan with them, we were promised funds in a week,the day after we closed, it was never funded, 3 weeks later still no funding just excuses. Now the person that answers the phone says they are not doing any funding nor is anybody even around until after Jan. 5th. These people should be locked up. I wish we would have seen this site before we signed. I do not believe anyone is actually getting funding. Why would a company do this. What is the scam? Are our signed docs being used to secure funding for them? or their cedit line. Obviously something is not right. Every customer in every state should file a compllaint with their state and put these people out of business. 

by ginka December 30, 2008 12:00 AM

Their whole staff is lairs, fakes, and all involved in a shady operation. We all need to stand up against this and complain to DRE. These institutions are the back bone of a melted mortgage crisis and should be held responsible for their actions. AS real estate professionals we cannot allow this to happen. Some of us only work as agents and this is our full time job and to have a company such as Triduanum Financial and its designated officer/ broker, Christopher Jared Warren # 01839808, who is also the FUNDER at Triduanum Financial fool all of us should not be acceptable. His license should be flagged by the DRE if not revoked. For those that think I just have hot air under my belt because the two loans that were supposed to fund before Christmas and which would have made my families holiday a little brighter did not I have some insight for you. You see what this company was doing is promising all the loans they can muster that they will fund. Triduanum executives, or should I refer to them as corrupt agents with no license from Ameriquest, were to promise the world to all its clients, gets docs out for signing, and package loans hoping to sell them to investors. Now everything is all good until the investors caught on and realized that these executives were fulfilling conditions on their own to provide to the funder, Christopher Jared Warren also the designated officer, for condition review and sign off; since these investors thought good old WASP Christopher Jared Warren would never cheat them sent wires blind folded until they realized that people like Madoff are all around and pulled back all funds which is why Triduanum needed to close its doors. I guarantee you that if nothing is done about this Christopher Jared Warren will reestablish another LLC and start this crap all over again by hiring incompetent and unlicensed agents to do the dirty work. Here is the link to the complaint form with DRE stand up and lets bring our real estate market back in good hands in CA and save our state’s economy from going bankrupt because consumer and investor confidence has gone done the drain because of people running institutions like Christopher Jared Warren and Madoff. 
by needfunds January 6, 2009 12:00 AM

The repeated suggestions by needfunds to have Warren arrested, basically, brought the fox out of his little den.  I will also note that the chat here mentions the fact that Warren was a classic WASP con artist.  There are plenty of WASP con men around.  Can you trust them?  


Nope.  In fact, no one can trust anyone!  Look at India: the biggest outsource computer power in India was an outright con man, too!  And cons can be Chinese, Japanese, Russian, African, South American, they can be young, they can be old, they can be male or they can be female.  They con at all levels from the lowest street con jobbers to the Crowns of Europe.  The only way to control all this is to make many cons illegal and as con artists find new cons, these must be rendered illegal.  This is why people who imagine we can have some simplistic system that runs itself is hopeless.  


All systems need vigilance and judges who fear corruption coupled with political systems that get flushed out regularly.  Boy, does DC need to be flushed!  Both parties are tangled with corruption and won’t clean house, neither party passes strong fund raising curbs nor do they force the media to have equal time so opponents can get a fair hearing.  Imagine if Ron Paul could have gotten fair time, or Kucinich!  


Back to Warren:  he is trolling the Mortgage Grapevine site and sees this call to have him investigated and arrested:


Mortgage Grapevine: Triduanum Financial Inc

Need Funds: 

Am I the FUNDER or the FOUNDER? Eloquent, and beautifully stated. All the better though, because our executives are unlicesed? I am a DRE broker and we hold a DOC Banking license, and a New Mexico Banking License as well.

The comparison between Medoff and myself is impressive, but demonstrates your intellect. Medoff ran a multi-level panza scheme actually steeling investors money hand over fist to the tune of $50b. Triduanum got licensed, got a line, started funding(yes we actually funded over $10m before becoming over-capacity), and then took on way too much business.

I should have stopped taking new applications shortly after launch but I thought I could fix it with additional warehouse funding. We failed to secure additional capital by the first of the year, and our over capacity issue led to a horrible quality of service.

We havent stolen a penny. We have let a lot of people down. I understand that. I apologize for that. But yet another lender startup and shut down shouldnt surprise anyone, I mean arent we all used to this? How many lenders are the implode list? ……

Furthermore we arent shredding anything that doesnt go into our digitial imaging systems first. We still are running a skeleton staff. Our website isnt down permanently is experiencing server issues with the host. 

I intend on being operational again at what time or date I do not know but I did know that I needed to tell people if your loan wasnt funded it wasnt going to anytime soon as we had failed for the time being to raise additional cap.

So the Medoff comparison doesnt hold up, not at all….and I did something I dont know about, please stop slandering people when really what you have on your hands is a small correspondent that got over capacity and then the resulting turn down of files not already funded. 
by trifi_funds_fast January 6, 2009 12:00 AM

Also of our senior management team: President, Vice President 1, Vice President 2, General Manager, Operations MAnager, only ONE ever worked at Ameriquest, and thats me, and I hold a brokers license so I dont know what unlicensed agents you are referring to that work under our DOC license…..yours was just a very angry, mis-disrected, and not understanding rant.   Dont you think the people that got hurt the most here were my employees let go and/or my investors(of which I myself am one) that had our cold hard cash, time, and sweat equity invested in this project? Shouldnt the only one going on rants about how the world sucks and this and the other be me and my management team or staff??? You lost two loans these guys lost their job I lost six figures of investments ….. but we will see, I am not toppling my king it is not over and we will see what happens from here. Just saying….keep things in perspective. 
by trifi_funds_fast January 6, 2009 12:00 AM       

Right on the heels of this bluster filled with lies, Warren finds a ‘supporter’ who writes the same way and has identical issues with words like ‘don’t’:

Thats exactly what i said. You all are making a big deal about something that happens every day in the current market. WAMU – Wachovia – Indymac – FANNIE MAE – FREDDIE MAC…………………. and you are all surprised when a small startup just a few months old stops accepting new loans and cant do the ones they have. Yeah it sucks we can close with these guys but could go elsewhere.  More power to you Christopher although it sucks to explain this stuff and look like an idiot to clients – when all these guys are going under you have a funding problem because you have to many loans for your capacity.Let us know when you come back, ill give you another shot. Way to persevere.      Edward

by edwardossanchez January 7, 2009 12:00 AM

Now, a wonderful reader sent me the link to the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter web site.  They found some new business about Warren, one month later:


The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter News Pick-ups: Confession of a crooked, and I mean crooked, mortgage broker

2009-02-04 —

“It was not apparently written as a confession, but as a resume. The author, Chris Warren, says he wants a job investigating mortgage fraud, and wanted to demonstrate that he has the background for the job. [You can read the confession/resume here.] If he did what he said he did, he’s got to know more about mortgage fraud than just about anybody.”

Namely, Warren posted an amazing set of documents at his website which are basically a confession before fleeing the US for Rio, I suppose.  I wonder if this guy checked to see if the laws have changed?  Many countries that didn’t have extradition treaties with the US now have them.  Except for Israel, to the relief of Jewish cons but no help for a WASP.  I went to Warren’s website to see what was going on and here is a transcript of his opening page:


Triduanum Financial Inc


  • That Flagstar Mortgage didn’t catch Lender Services Direct Inc., and Loomis Wealth Solutions conspire with correspondent lender Excel Funding to steal over $5,000,000 in seller-proceeds that are now missing.
  • That CITI Mortgage didn’t catch correspondents Mortgage Bank of California and Bondcorp Realty Services over-financing over $30,000,000 in bad mortgages with cash-back purchases for straw buyer groups?   How many of these loans are already now owned by our government, tax-payer subsidized, FNMA and Freddie Mac?
  • That GMAC Mortgage LLC., bought over $3,000,000 in mortgages secured in the Orlando Academy Cay Club aka “The Greens” on appraisals for over $400,000 when there are over 30 active listings under $125,000? 
  • Taylor Bean and Whitaker didn’t catch on that over $5,000,000 in mortgages sold to them were never actually recorded?

The investors, the government, are all trying to tell the general public that they have fixed the problem, and that they have tightened credit guidelines, stepped up fraud prevention.  In reality, the only regulation occurring in mortgage securitization today even tough the government now is using tax payers dollars to secure over 95% of mortgages funded through HUD, FNMA, Freddie, Ginnie, VA, is happening through prosecution. 

This doesn’t work.  Regulation shouldn’t mean investigation.  Regulation needs to be pro-active.  Regulation needs talent.  Companies need to actually implement true anti-fraud technologies. More information sharing is needed between depositories, the IRS, county recording information, and the lenders and investors. 

How is it possible? 

It is time to force and demand change.  Our current economy crisis started with the rapid and excessive sub prime funding and continues because of continued fraud and the lack of the regulators, the government, and the investors to adequately address the issue.  I don’t care how many software programs are built to detect fraud, they can all be beaten.

It is time for a change.  And it is time to force the change.  For the sake of our federal government, our tax payers, and the institutional integrity and confidence in the American securities and real estate markets.

This is a common con game: once they are caught, good cons get all blustery and say, ‘It is your fault, you let me con you!  And you better fix this so I can’t continue to con you!’  Well, in a way, they are right.  We should have much stronger laws and stronger penalties so cons don’t operate with impunity.  Punishing them is most important.  They fear the loss of their freedom, their private jets, their yachts. They fear this so much, they will kill themselves, rather than lose this.  


I agree that regulation has to be proactive.  Very proactive in markets.  Preventing bubbles, preventing floods of Japanese carry trade dollars, preventing the abuse of our currency by central bankers who work for sharpsters running investment houses, cleaning out Congress, heh.  All have to be done at all times.  Vigilance must never sleep.  Like Crazy Eddie another con man who was caught and punished, Warren wants desperately to change gears and be a ‘good guy’.  Unlike Crazy Eddie, he wants to be a good guy before going to prison.  


All economic collapses flush out con men.  But not all!  Madoff managed, barely, to sail through the 1987 crash and blow out.  Warren walked his amoral ass into the lending markets right when they were being flooded with ZIRP Japanese funds as well as Greenspan easy lending money.  It was so utterly easy to scam the system, he made many millions in no time flat.  


Crazy Eddie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Eddie Antar fled to Israel using a fake passport and the alias David Jacob Levi Cohen, and purchased a townhouse in the city ofYavne. After Eddie left the country, Sammy offered to testify for Federal prosecutors in exchange for immunity. Sammy pleaded guilty to three felonies. However, he avoided jail time for his testimony, and was instead sentenced to six months of house arrest, 1,200 hours of community service, three years of probation, and was given more than $10,000 in fines.[3][8]

Eddie Antar was arrested near Tel Aviv in June 1992. While being held in Israel, Eddie was charged with Federal racketeeringconspiracy. He was extradited to the United States in January 1993, and pled not guilty to the charges brought against him. Eddie Antar’s fraud trial began in June, and was prosecuted jointly by U.S. Attorneys Paul Weissman and Michael Chertoff. On July 20, 1993, Eddie Antar was found guilty on 17 counts of fraud. His brother, Mitchell, was found guilty on three counts, and acquitted on two.[3]

In April 1994, Eddie Antar was sentenced to 12½ years in prison for racketeering and stock fraud. Antar’s lawyers immediately filed an appeal, citing what they believed was bias on the part of the presiding judge. In April 1995, the verdicts against Eddie and Mitchell were overturned by a Federal appeals panel. Chertoff, calling Eddie “the Darth Vader of capitalism,” vowed to begin a new trial.[3]

Antar eventually pled guilty to Federal fraud charges in May 1996. In February 1997, he was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was ordered to pay more than $150 million in fines, in addition to the more than $1 billion in judgments against him, stemming from various civil suits. Efforts to recover additional money from the Antar family on behalf of defrauded stockholders continue to this day.[3]



One thing about Israel: if the fraudsters harm Jewish interests, they will deport the guys.  Chertoff, the Israeli who runs America, asked for Eddie to be returned.  Note that Eddie, like Warren, was fond of both aliases and running away from the law.  Back to Warren:  he decides that he can be of service to the government and in exchange for not going to prison, be a consultant.  So he posted a resume for the FBI to read:






A. Resume 

And it is around that final point that is the center for this memo on mortgage fraud its 

consequences and final solution: the disparity between the talent of the regulators and the 

fraudsters. The age plays into it. The ambition and drive plays into it. The technology plays into 

it. But still, if you could only put the correct people at the top of regulation, writing the reg 

manuals and enforcing them to 100% on pre-purchasing of assets by the government, you could 

literally cut mortgage fraud down so massively that you could see a return to below traditionally 

acceptable foreclosure rates, somewhere in the 1.5 – 2.5% range vs the typically accepted range 

of 3-5% and the current level of 13.9% and in California, FL, NV over 21%. That’s right, 

eliminate mortgage fraud. Completely. Forever. 

And if it doesn’t happen, this economic downturn which was entirely started by mortgage 

fraud(well get into that in a minute) will continue to plague us and housing will not get a solid 

footing in housing again because currently I would speculate that over 40% of mortgage 

securitizations today in Q1 2009 have some form of misrepresentation on them, whether detected 

or undetected. If you fix MBS and ABS securities, you will re-ignite performance and foreign 

and domestic investors will believe again in a broken system, putting back much needed cash 

into the system to increase liquidity, balance sheet, and the overall economic production of the 


I helped ruin this nations economy. Almost a billion dollars of toxic assets came from me 

making others above me rich beyond my imagination. They asked for more and more, 

knowingly, and I gave it to them. Now I intend to fix it and help the best I can by sharing what I 

have learned and know. I am the best at what I was taught and then re-created again and again 

and mastered myself. I am the best man for shutting it down. Completely and forever. 

Unlike the older foxes, this is a very young man.  He got caught.  The FBI, due to the complaints against him as the earlier threads at the mortgage site attest, went after him and were in the process of cornering him.  This poor sap puts, in writing, his guilt!  Unlike Madoff or Keating or Crazy Eddie, et al, Warren pretty much closes the door on his case by admitting, he ruined our national economy.  And he correctly notes that he acted not alone but in concert with an army of criminals, many of whom are still walking free.  Warren also correctly understands that he was a conduit for the biggest bankers, the JP Morgan criminals and the Citigroup crime family, etc.  The very entities we are now bailing out.


We didn’t bale out Warren because he neglected one very important thing: buying political protection. This is why the much bigger, much more dangerous and much, much more damaging Madoff is not in prison or jail but in his fine residence in midtown Manhattan, drinking wine and eating caviar.  Not that Warren is a slacker in this regard!  He fled to parts unknown, most likely, Southeast Asia, I should suggest the Feds look for him in Phuket, Thailand, for example.  This place is a magnet for slackers.  And has an airport.  


Part of Warren’s delusional world is his belief that he can fix this forever and totally. No human can do this.  Even the gods can’t do this.  Why is this?


Well….I keep talking about this mysterious ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’.  You see, our ancestors, in every land, universally recognize two things: caves are places of both birth and death, representing the birth canal of the mother and the doing into darkness of death.  And further, they figured out that these concepts are also connected to the part of the human psyche that creates wealth.  This is why death gods are always gods of wealth.  Pluto, being a prime example.  The Cave exists in all human brains and is part of our souls, I would say, it is a very important part of our souls.  And can’t be removed except by brain damage or other horrible things.


We must learn to live with this business of the Cave and to protect ourselves from this dire destroyer, we must have rules and regulations and none are more important than self-imposed rules!  We call this ‘morals’.  When one is moral, one realizes that raiding the Cave to get rich is very dangerous.  One worships the concept of Libra, the scales of justice, the Lady who balances everything so nothing is greater than the other.  We must worship the concept of the Furies, they are the sisters of Libra and they punish us in our brains.  Then there is the Guardian at the Gates of Death which is Libra in a different form: when we die, we see all the bad things we did and we suffer agony from this.  


Then, inside the Cave, is the Goddess of Inflation, aka, Infinity.  And her twin, the Goddess of Deflation, aka, Death and Zero.  When we are alive and we go there to raid the Cave for loot, we waken both of these Goddesses who then make deals with us.  If we listen to them, we are destroyed for their deals lead to ‘hockey stick graphs’ which is when something starts from nothing, grows very slowly, a tiny bit at a time and then suddenly shoots upwards like crazy.  Doubling things every cycle does this.  The Goddess of Inflation finds it very easy to double anything.  She knows that when whatever She is doubling reaches a magic tipping point, it ceases to double and instead, collapses.  


Now, back to Warren and his own collapse in the middle of the general collapse: I am shocked that this small con artist managed to restart a system after January, 2008, and continue his con.  I think Congress [HAHAHA] should investigate this particular aspect.  For this was after the Federal Reserve began to hand out money to other, much bigger con artists.  To ‘save’ them from ruin, they created.

2. The Heart of The Problem: The credit crisis. The recession.

The total fall out of investors foreign and domestic fleeing from once-loved American ABS and MBS securities. The fall out of the this has spread to a lack of liquidity from home owners to corporations, affecting everything from gas to employment figures, to the auto industry. The current state of the financial markets as of Q1 09 entirely has its roots in the mortgage and real estate collapse which in turn crippled and effectively killed the credit markets. the problem was only a “sub prime” and “alt a” problem that would stay confined to the companies like Long Beach Mortgage, Ameriquest, New Century, ABC Mortgage, Indymac, those companies that insured, purchased, and securitized loans with horrible underwriting When the problems first started arising in 2006, economic experts predicted that guidelines.

The problem was this: it wasn’t just these independent or subsidiary companies at all. Deutsche Bank, Merryl Lynch, Citi Group, all were purchasing insanely high volumes of funded loans with horrible underwriting guidlines that would have made an underwriter from the 70s or 80s complete scream at the top of his lungs in concern. But its not just the underwriting guidelines that caused this, because that is already fixed by Q1 09. In today’s current climate, underwriting guidelines are where they should be. Full documentation on income, lower levels of debt allowed vs your income, and more needed for down payments or more equity to be approved for a refinance.

All this being done, still does not come close to fixing the problem. Now, more then ever, in this market, as an industry insider I see more fraud happening now then in 2005. More fraud. Bigger fraud. Bigger profits. More defaults and foreclosure. So the underwriting is fixed but the industry still cannot improve the performance of their mortgage backed securities.

The problem is mortgage fraud has morphed, and will never ever bee a stagnate thing. The regulators, managers, qc department employees, guideline writers, and board members of mortgage lending institutions and banks are all, when averaged, over the age of forty seven. The average mortgage fraudster is in mid twenties to early thirties. Most fraudsters are complete idiots, as they are just the typical criminal, that have found a different arena to smash around in. They are the easy ones to find: first payment defaults, obvious white out on documents, 1003s that don’t match Super pages or cant pass a Mortgage Fraud Report. The current system is good at catching these gentlemen and ladies.

The problem is the 5% of fraudsters out there there are extremely intelligent, agile, and constantly innovating techniques to beat every effort of the anti-fraud forces in the banking industry. Age plays into this, because the youth is innovative and aggressive, and as we age and approach AARP land, we become less nimble in our mind, closed to new ideas. I actually had an FBI agent ask me “how in this market with all the changes is it even still possible to get cash back on a purchase”. Any FBI agent who has to ask that question, shouldn’t be involved in a mortgage fraud investigation, period. This example brings us the second problem, and that’s the individuals fighting fraud are doing it completely backwards and with the wrong skill-sets.

Mortgage fraud can be, should be, and is desperately needed to be fought from the front, aggressively stopping mortgage fraud before the funding date by a special division, a nationwide division, that is focused on mortgage data, title and records, and streaming information from investors, funders, and originators. Mortgage fraud currently is regulated by prosecution. This is unacceptable.

Actually, Warren’s confession is very interesting to me.  I find this particular section to be very news-worthy.  He is 100% correct.  The old foxes that are running this mortgage hen house are protected.  By whom, we might ask?  Unfortunately, Warren misses this vital part.  Ever wonder why these criminals pay politicians billions of dollars a year, across the entire planet?


So they can control things so if their own ponzi schemes collapse, they will be bailed out, not investigated!  Madoff screwed up.  Yes, at no point did Senator Schumer call for an intense investigation.  Instead, the judges in Manhattan handled Madoff with kid gloves in order to muffle the mess. But it quickly got out of hand due to the planetary collapse of all banking systems.  The old foxes own Obama and McCain was worse: HE IS ONE OF THE OLDER FOXES, HIMSELF!  McCain, after all, was one of the Keating Five as well as personally, very rich.  He married into one of the semi-Mafia families that ran beer legally after Roosevelt decriminalized it.


I want Warren caught and brought before Congress to talk for at least several days, about his misadventures in the hen house.  And to point fingers at the real nasty foxes, the guys who still run Congress behind the curtains.  This should lead to a microscopic examination of the Bilderberger group, one of the more secretive international organizations set up to protect the old foxes.  Eh?  Yes!


The policing of these mega-criminals should definitely be upgraded.  We worry about a handful of fanatics with box cutters, crashing planes into buildings but have no system to deal with multi-generational, tribal or royal frauds that destroy the entire planet’s financial systems!  This is the real battle, the real terrorism!  These people will now spawn worse wars, depredation, crime waves, mass riots, cities burning and perhaps, yet another World War.


Anyone who thinks ‘Jews created WWI and WWII’ are anti semitic.  The ruling elites launch these wars and they do have servants such as the Jewish financial houses, but they use ANY financial tools including taxes and their influence, to launch wars.  The people who launched WWI, for example, were all extremely closely related.  Indeed, the emperors and kings who cooked up that immense death mess were all cousins!  LITERALLY.  They even looked like clones.  Not one of them was Jewish.  Not one of them was Asian.  Not one of them was lower class. They were all the scions of 1,000 years of inbreeding.  They were all from a very tiny tribal circle based on the Norman invaders who were Vikings who intermarried with existing ruling elites of Europe, all of whom were the daughters of barbarian chiefs who destroyed the Roman Empire.


These people still exist and hide behind parliamentary systems of more than one country.  And we see them hazily in the distance in all of these unfolding scandals.  They will dust off their skirts and ermine coats and tip toe away from these messes.


Below is Warren’s arrest warrant:



And here is the final news story to this saga:

Self-Described Mortgage Fraudster Flees on Private Jet | | Sacramento, California | Local News

The mortgage industry insider who admitted on his company Web site that he had been involved in massive mortgage fraud was charged Thursday in connection with what was described as a $100 million scam.

The complaint was sworn by an IRS agent who said Christopher Warren, 27, fled the country on a private jet on Monday, the same day he replaced the home page of the Triduanum FinancialWeb site with a seven-page essay outlining his crimes and asking for forgiveness.

The complaint, filed in Sacramento federal court, is based in part on the confession that appears on Warren’s Web site and was first reported Monday by News10.

“The complete operation was highly illegal and a Ponzi scheme,” Warren wrote. “Still, I had no problems getting close to $50 million in mortgages purchased and closed.”…

Warren incorporated Triduanum Financial after leaving Loomis Wealth Solutions. Triduanum, a mortgage banking operation based on Tech Center Drive in Sacramento, folded last month after apparently overextending its credit line.

In an email to News10 Sunday, Warren offered a “tell all” interview. “If you want to do any kind of coverage it would need to be tomorrow or Monday before 10 am PST,” he wrote.

The IRS did not say what time Warren’s plane left the country Monday.*







P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’




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  3. Tom Parsons


    Take “Triduanum Financial” and read it as fractured Latin, texting slang, and perhaps a NZ accent and you’ve got “Trade your ass Financial”

    What a refreshing difference from a young fraudster.

  4. JR


  5. Hi, I am very impressed by your writing skills and I was wondering if you can give me some pointers to use on my own blog. Feel free to reach me at my email address.

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