A vet, begging for spare change in Washington, DC, next to the White House.

Gold is rising rapidly, now, while stocks are nosediving, yet again. Meanwhile, we must look again, as usual, at the entire planet.  This is very important to do since we are all part of one planet and due to globalization, are one economy, one political construct.  At least, this is what the New World Order people believe.  On the other hand, there are really two ‘New World Order’ systems.  We saw clearly at Davos, there is the proto-communist version and then, the older one, the US imperial New World Order.  It is obvious that the US one is in utter chaos and collapse.  Who will replace this?  Obviously, this is a pressing question for the Real Rulers.


A Hundred Little Napoleons: Is Anyone in Charge in Today’s Nonpolar World? – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

A nonpolar international system is emerging from the false starts and misleading visions that characterized the post-Cold War years. No clear leadership role is exerted by a single, preeminent power. In different regions, and from crisis to crisis, different states and combinations of states will take the lead. The UN is only one option among many. 

In his State of the Union address in 1992, President George H.W. Bush declared: “By the grace of God, America won the Cold War.” This view of the past led seamlessly to a US-centric view of the future:

“A world once divided into two armed camps now recognizes one sole and preeminent power, the United States of America. And this they regard with no dread. For the world trusts us with power, and the world is right. They trust us to be fair and restrained. They trust us to be on the side of decency. They trust us to do what’s right.”…

The US inability to lead may be temporary. The United States has many attributes that will bring it back into a close relation with other states. These skills include patient cooperation, as shown in the Cold War, and a unique capacity to deploy and use force distant from its own shores. The United States remains the one power that maintains a world-wide network of alliances. Moreover, the US body politic is genetically imprinted with a vision of the United States as the savior of a corrupt and troubled world. Yet the United States is caught up in the consequences of maintaining its vision and its interventions on the cheap, without resorting to either conscription or taxation. The initial US response to the Russian intervention in Georgia — the bluster not matched by effective action — confirmed that US power is operating under severe constraints. Even under a new president, and with the worst of Iraq behind it, the US capacity to embark on a revived global role will be limited.


Like Japan, Germany relies on US military power to dominate neighbors and get its own way.  On top of this, the Jews in America enable Israel’s dominance of all US foreign relations so that we are trapped in this straight jacket that forces us to support tyranny.  Indeed, the internationalist groups which have armies of utterly heartless Goldfingers pulling US strings so we dance to their tune, this is destroying not only the US but democracy and freedom across the planet.


They do love to talk about ‘freedom’ a lot, too!  The globalists who support attempts at a ‘New World Order’ are, of course, talking only of their own freedom to go wherever they wish, own whatever they want and do whatever they please.  These freedoms are counterbalanced by enslavement of billions of people.  I could go on and on about this but of course, we know very well, what this is all about.  So back to news about the tip of the Spear:


Olmert decries ‘deliberate and insufferable’ discrimination against Arabs – Haaretz – Israel News

The gap between the proportion of Arab citizens in Israel and their inclusion in the state’s civil service positions “arouses concern and unrest,” the premier told a parliamentary commission of inquiry examining the issue. 

Among the more prominent members of Knesset comprising the committee are MKs Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List – Ta’al), Reuven Rivlin (Likud), and Shachiv Shnaan (Labor). 


Panel members say that during the address, Olmert reiterated his past statements according to which discrimination against the Arab minority is the result of years of neglect. 

“I feel uncomfortable with the fact that the state for many years acted improperly and should have made fundamental changes,” the prime minister said. 

“We have not yet overcome the barrier of discrimination, which is a deliberate discrimination and the gap is insufferable…A cycle has been created whereby on the one hand, the Arab population did not know how to establish a proper management system and on the other hand governments have denied them their rights to improve their quality of life.” 

Olmert oozed back onstage to rehabilitate the image of apartheid Israel by bemoaning the very things he and his buddies worked hard, to create.  So, a bunch of very nasty Jewish leaders are going to form a committee that has one Arab and two Jews, to check out discrimination in Israel?  HAHAHA.  Wow.  Chutzpah, meet your makers!  True, Israel ought to make ‘fundamental changes’ but won’t.  The Jews enjoy the role of Superman lording it over unarmed, penned-in people who have virtually no civil rights.  


Yes, the Jews deliberately and very maliciously, discriminate against anyone who is not Jewish.  Blaming this on the Arabs, of course, is insanity.  By the way, the Palestinians are not Arabs. Arabs live in the Saudi Desert.  The people in Palestine have been there for eons and come from many ethnic and religious groups that morphed and changed over the eons.  Turning them into ‘Arabs’ is part of the Jewish discrimination machine.  Also, this news story doesn’t mention that the Jews tried to outlaw Ta’al, the ‘Arab’ party.  


Note also, how the clever Jewish leader here likes to parse his words.  Aside from blaming Palestinians for being disorganized…how they can organize while being ravaged by the Jews is not mentioned….Olmert mentions ‘governments denying them their rights….’.  Well, yes, this is correct.  The US and Israeli Jews have worked in tandem to deny them rights!  But you can bet, this guy is referring to Muslim governments.


Most Muslim dictators hate freedoms, hate the Palestinians and fear them because the Palestinians are actively resisting oppression.  This is very annoying to dictators in places like Saudi Arabia, for example.  Back to Olmert’s faux wailing about denying rights to Muslims:


Olmert decries ‘deliberate and insufferable’ discrimination against Arabs – Haaretz – Israel News

By law, Arab citizens are entitled to a gradually increasing number of state employment opportunities. Last year, the government approved a measure mandating that 8 percent of all civil service jobs be manned by Arabs in 2010. The target for 2012 is 12 percent. 

Let’s see, they are over 20% of the population and don’t even have 8% of the state employment jobs.  And the goal is to have half as many as the Jews in the far future?  Incredible.  So, in typical fashion, the Jews will throw them a bone?  Deliberately made to be less than half?  And this is based on today’s proportions of population, not future ones.  The Muslim population, despite denial of services, cruel medical care, not allowed to buy any properties sold to Jews in the past, not allowed building permits, driven into smaller and smaller ghettos, they are resisting the only way they know how: by having babies.  By 2012, they will be on third of the population and in the Occupied Territories, if combined, over 60% of the population and therefore, a majority.


The Jews know they are losing the population numbers battle.  Killing Muslims 100 to 1 isn’t working since the world howls with disapproval whenever they try this old form of ethnic cleansing.  And driving people out by being cruel, nasty and vicious, isn’t working, either.  The vast majority of the world’s Jews support ethnic cleansing and applauded and supported the most recent attempt at suppressing and destroying the remnants of resistance to Jewish rule.


Elie Wiesel charity vows to fight on despite being swindled in Madoff affair – Haaretz – Israel News

“We are deeply saddened and distressed that we, along with many others, have been the victims of what may be one of the largest investment frauds in history,” The Elie Wiesel Foundation said in a statement released in New York on Wednesday. “We had $15.2 million under management with Bernard Madoff Investment Securities. This represented substantially all of the Foundation’s assets.” 

The values we stand for are more needed than ever,” the statement read. “We want to assure you that the Foundation remains committed to carrying on the lifelong work of our founder, Elie Wiesel. We shall not be deterred from our mission to combat indifference, intolerance, and injustice around the world.” 

This Jewish survivor of the Holocaust is a Nazi.  He is a national socialist ethnic identity political person.  Ergo: he is a Nazi which is short for what I just wrote.  This isn’t name calling, it is identifying something very real.  The connection between Naziism and Germany must be severed. Hitler didn’t merely lead Germans, he expressed a political philosophy and he wrote extensively about his system.  And it is an economic/political system set up to benefit only one group: whoever runs it.  So, if, say, Irish Catholics want a system whereby only they get social services, jobs with the government and run the military and serve in it, while crushing or even murdering all other groups, they would be Nazis.  It seems pretty simple.  And utterly eludes Mr. Wiesel and his gang.


And they are a cruel gang!  For this organization to claim, they want to ‘combat indifference, intolerance and injustice,’ all they have to do is go, en mass, to the many Walls built all over the Holy Land and tear the damn things down.  Then, they can fall on their knees and beg forgiveness to the Palestinian people.  And then prosecute all the Jews who set this system in motion and who built the walls and committed the war crimes.


It would be healthy for the US to do this to ourselves, too.  Lord knows, we have many war criminals!


Israeli economy threatened by possibility of long-term Gaza mission – Haaretz – Israel News

The treasury says if the operation lasts more than a week, then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will have to hold discussions with the treasury and Defense Ministry over the effects on the budget and how to pay for it. As opposed to the situation before the Second Lebanon War, the state’s coffers are now in bad shape, the treasury says, and it will not be possible to be as generous with the IDF this time. 

The defense budget totals NIS 48.8 billion for 2009, as approved by the cabinet last August. However, next year’s budget still has not passed the Knesset and is unlikely to do so until well after the elections and the formation of a new government. Obviously, changes are likely. 

Defense Minister Ehud Barak demanded from the treasury an additional NIS 3 billion over the past few months, half in 2008 and half for next year. Barak says Olmert promised the increase, but due to the present political situation no final decision has been made or approved by the Knesset. Defense also has demands for another NIS 3-4 billion for the next two years already in the pipeline, it says to compensate for higher prices, development of new weapons systems and purchases of other equipment. 

So, Israel needs more money.  Many Jews also were burned by Madoff.  So there is a great need for more money.  And AIPAC owns Congress so I expect the DNC to rush to save these people and to recapitalize Israel’s budget so they can continue their huge welfare system for Jews only.  And fight the Palestinians even more and maybe, even start WWIII by attacking Iran who hasn’t so much as lobbed on missile at Israel.


Intense hatred is an amazing thing to see.  The Jews are frightened about anti-semitism and I am very angry about anti-semitism and hate it just like I hate Jewish Naziism. Both are Naziism. Both are all about ethnic identity politics leading to murder and hate!  And we can’t fix this by bankrolling and arming Nazis, either, nor turning ourselves into Nazis.


Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal settlement – Haaretz – Israel News

Just four years ago, the defense establishment decided to carry out a seemingly elementary task: establish a comprehensive database on the settlements. Brigadier General (res.) Baruch Spiegel, aide to then defense minister Shaul Mofaz, was put in charge of the project. For over two years, Spiegel and his staff, who all signed a special confidentiality agreement, went about systematically collecting data, primarily from the Civil Administration. 

One of the main reasons for this effort was the need to have credible and accessible information at the ready to contend with legal actions brought by Palestinian residents, human rights organizations and leftist movements challenging the legality of construction in the settlements and the use of private lands to establish or expand them. The painstakingly amassed data was labeled political dynamite. 

The defense establishment, led by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, steadfastly refused to publicize the figures, arguing, for one thing, that publication could endanger state security or harm Israel’s foreign relations. Someone who is liable to be particularly interested in the data collected by Spiegel is George Mitchell, President Barack Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East, who came to Israel this week for his first visit since his appointment. It was Mitchell who authored the 2001 report that led to the formulation of the road map, which established a parallel between halting terror and halting construction in the settlements. 

Now, why would publishing the true numbers endanger Israel’s foreign relations?  Of course, this is a war crime, the reduction of Muslim habitations to tiny ghettos while moving in armed Jews who wish to annihilate their neighbors or starve them to death, this is a war crime.  The Jews, for years, played this stupid game with the public by tearing down one illegal settlement while secretly building a dozen more.  The people they move there are lured there via bonuses and social services which is a defining aspect of National Socialism.  


Now, the Road Map to Hell is now being exposed.  And unlike neo con negotiators from the US, we have Mitchell.  And he is not Jewish.  So he might be fair.  One hopes.  Eventually, the Jewish state will cease to exist.  Either, it will be swamped, or if the US goes bankrupt due to bankers and financial wizards wrecking things over here, it will vanish quite suddenly as the money flow ceases. Or worse, National Socialists take over America and repeat what Germany did.


Lord knows!  There are many anti-semites out there itching to do this!  I am 100% against this.  Just like I am against state religions, against racism, sexual discrimination and a host of other things.  I am for freedom.  Real freedom.  And the Bill of Rights.  And social harmony.  Which is not an impossible dream.  All we have to do is stop wanting to be greedy and wanting things only for ourselves or our own tribes.  This is the essence of civilization.  All for one and one for all.  Not tribalism.







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