The US tends to avoid thinking about Mexico.  Until things get out of hand.  Mexico is a wonderful place, I love the food, the music, the culture, the people are quite wonderful.  But their economic and political system has been in tatters for centuries.  Starting with the conquistadors, the people there have been hunted down, enslaved or exploited.  They had a revolution but due to repeated invasions of the Norte Americanos, they are under the heel of the US and we have a long history of being rather bloody about the whole thing.


Mexico drug fighter killed after less than a day on job –

Retired Gen. Mauro Enrique Tello Quiñonez, his aide and a driver were tortured before being killed, said Quintana Roo state prosecutor Bello Melchor Rodriguez y Carrillo. He said there was no doubt Tello and the others were victims of organized crime.

“The general was the most mistreated,” Rodriguez said at a Tuesday night news conference monitored by El Universal newspaper. “He had burns on his skin and bones in his hands and wrists were broken.”

An autopsy revealed Tello also suffered broken knees and was shot 11 times, Mexico City’s Excelsior newspaper said.

The US didn’t dare touch the poppy farmers of Afghanistan any more than we bothered the drug cartels in Southeast Asia during the War on Drugs and the Vietnam War on Peasants.   Indeed, the US banking system and the CIA love the drug trade!  Lots of loot for them!  Just as all imperial powers love illegal drugs.  The money flows coupled with the right to invade all sorts of countries, all in the name of ‘fighting drugs’ is irresistible.


Of course, in the case of Afghanistan, it is naked: we invaded a country that suppressed illegal drugs, and our allies were drug lords who set up shop, immediately.  And at no point, did the US interfere.  Due to severe diplomatic pressure from all over the planet, the US is making a stab at pretending to stop the heroin business.  But it simply means, more revolts on our hands.  


The US funds the military of many Hispanic countries, supposedly to stop drugs.  But it doesn’t, it is more for stopping pesky students bothering the ruling elites we support.  Mexico is disintegrating because the President isn’t real.  He is an US puppet.  He got into power via violence against teachers and students, not drug lords.


2006:  Mexico: Oaxaca Teachers Repel Bloody Cop Assault

JUNE 16 – Two weeks before the Mexican presidential elections, the government of Oaxaca under Governor Ulises Ruiz of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) staged a blatant provocation, violently evicting teachers who have been occupying the downtown area of the state capital. In the classic manner of military dictatorships, thousands of city and state police fell upon the teachers as they were sleeping in the 53 blocks where they have been camped out for the last three weeks. Firing off tear gas grenades in all directions, they invaded the union headquarters, destroyed the teachers’ tents and burned what was left of their encampments. But the government only succeeded in shooting itself in the foot, and the eviction was a failure. After three hours of pitched battle, the 40,000 strikers managed to break through the police barriers and to drive out the forces of repression.

Amid the great confusion reigning in the city, there were reports of several people killed: an initial notice by the Mexican Red Cross reported eleven dead, a number that was later reduced to four according to spokesmen for the teachers and the Oaxaca daily Noticias. Clarity is still lacking on this issue. What is certain is that Social Security hospitals treated 92 people wounded in the attack, several of them in serious condition; in addition, a number of teachers are still missing. In short, the streets of Oaxaca ran red with the blood of the working people. It was a real massacre – the third in less than two months – coming after the April 20 shooting of workers at the Sicartsa steel plant in the Pacific Coast port city of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán; and the deadly attack on the townspeople of San Salvador Atenco, near Mexico City, on May 4. In the electoral contest, each of the three main bourgeois parties is posing as being the toughest on “security” issues. In fact, the PAN (National Action Party), PRI and PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) have all sent killer cops against the working people. This is how the Mexican ruling class prepares its electoral farce drenched with workers’ blood.

One murder was done right in front of the cameras.  None of the cops who did these crimes were arrested.  Sounds like California!  Right?  Of course!  Only after huge outrage, was anyone arrested in the subway assault/murder.  And it took several days after online commentators were talking about it, for it to make national news.  The people in Mexico in the above story, were suppressed.  The teachers, fired or forced back to work.  And a sullen silence fell.  But crime operates best when the public hates the cops and think, they are alien invaders, working for foreign powers.  Which is certainly the case in Mexico! News

 Russia’s central bank is exacerbating the ruble’s 35 percent plunge since August, even as it struggles to defend the exchange rate, by providing loans to banks that speculate on the currency, say Alfa Bank and UniCredit SpA.

Bank Rossii lent 7.7 trillion rubles ($214 billion) in overnight and seven-day loans secured with bonds or other collateral in the 16 trading days last month, about double the 4.8 trillion rubles provided in so-called repurchase auctions in December, central bank data show. The ruble lost 18 percent against the dollar in January. It weakened today beyond the lower limit that the central bank said it will defend.

Russia is seeing its currency drop.  All commodity market money is dropping.  And it will take off, in the future.  For oil has a glorious future.  Oil pumping nations that can have industries will grow and Russia does have industries.  The US dollar isn’t plummeting as badly as the ruble only because our trade partners and rivals are desperate to keep it propped up so they can destroy our economy even more efficiently.


The ruble isn’t really dropping, the dollar is climbing.  This is because of our trade rivals, particularly Asian, who want to have a strong dollar.  Russia will survive this unstable mess.  But will we?  I doubt it. / Asia-Pacific – Kazakhstan blames devaluation on rouble

Kazakhstan devalued the tenge by more than 18 per cent on Wednesday, blaming the sharp depreciation of the Russian rouble and falling oil prices.

The devaluation highlighted the plight of central Asia’s inter-dependent republics and their vulnerability to Russia’s economic woes.

The Kazakh central bank set a new range for the tenge, saying the currency would be allowed to fluctuate by about 3 per cent around a level of 150 against the US dollar. On Wednesday the tenge tumbled to 149 against the dollar from Tuesday’s levels of 122-124 – the far end of the central bank’s previous corridor of 117-123.

Grigory Marchenko, the chairman of the Kazakh central bank, pledged to support the tenge at the new level. “We have reached a new market equilibrium level and we will defend it,” he said. Kazakhstan has used up $6bn of foreign exchange reserves since October defending the tenge, including $2.7bn (€2.1bn, £1.9bn) in January alone. – Kyrgyzstan Says U.S. Will No Longer Have Access to Critical Air Base – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

After announcing $2 billion in loans from Russia, the president of Kyrgyzstan announced the United States will no longer have access to the Manas air base, the lone base U.S. commanders have permission to use in Central Asia and a key supply line for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

“More than once we have discussed with our American partners the subject of the economic compensation to Kyrgyzstan for the presence [of the U.S. base], but unfortunately, we did not find an understanding from the United States,” Kyrgyzstan President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said Tuesday. “For over three years, we have been talking of the need to review the terms of the agreement, which do not satisfy us completely, yet we have not seen an understanding from the United States.”

Less than 24 hours later, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he and his ex-Soviet allies want to cooperate with Washington in Afghanistan in return for no expansion among NATO membership and a U.S. reversal on a missile defense shield for Europe that Russia opposes.

Aren’t these two stories odd?  Kyrgyzstan is unstable, of course.  Eventually, it will be sucked back into Russian hands.  This is inevitable.  Russia does have reserves as well as military power.  The US has military power that is going to vanish in a flash when we go bankrupt.  Russia is playing hardball here. They intend to give the US and Europe no rest until the attempt at imposing a New World Order on Russia whereby Russia is like Mexico, is failing.  For Russia has a very long and very proud history of fighting back.  Literally and very dangerously.  Best not to try this game with Russia.


And we shouldn’t do this to Mexico, or Afghanistan, either.






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  2. cafishio

    President Calderon is a good man, but the mexican politicians (and that includes the teachers’ union organizers) are engrossed in the next mid-term elections. All of them are parasites longing for a job in government. The peso has lost 40% of its value against the dollar, the oil production is collapsing, exports take a nose dive, unemployment is soaring, the banks are heading for another bankruptcy, tax collections plummeted and the narcos are winning the war on drugs. Thanks to geniuses in Treasury the federal budget depends on derivatives counterparts (yet to be named) to cough up $70 dollars per barrel of oil. As soon as the government stop paying pensioners and bureaucracy all hell will break loose.

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