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The heart of gold, this heart is cold, beware of his kiss, it is the kiss of death….The lyrics of the hot opening song for ‘Goldfinger’, the old James Bond movie.  This music was chosen by the President of IBM before he entered the stage to talk about…how he was not going to give all his workers the kiss of death.  And then, like a typical psychopathic vampire, sucked out their blood.  I am just so shocked!  The music, though, is a dead giveaway as to the gnomish character of this man.  Gnomes love money and they also are sadistic.  Which is why they spend so much to have sex, they are incapable of love.  Ask Goldfinger.


May, 2008:  IBM CEO Sam Palmisano: We are going to weather the storm | Outside the Lines – CNET News

LOS ANGELES–Following renditions of “Goldfinger,” “Mission Impossible” and “Star Wars” and other movie inspired themes, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano took the stage at the Nokia Theatre here to address 1,000 of the company’s top business partners.

Regarding the current economic climate, Palmisano, who is also IBM’s chairman and president, told his business partners, “We are going to weather the storm and come through it stronger than most. Just like IBM had to rethink its business model, you have to pick the segments of space and prioritize the opportunities. We have to invest and we have to invest together.”


Yes, weather together.  Mr. Goldfinger IBM will weather the storm inside his executive suit in greater comfort than even Mr. Madoff is weathering his storm in his deluxe apartment in Manhattan!  The IBM workers, on the other hand, are being asked to weather it outside, with no umbrella, with hurricane-force winds and lightning strikes all over the place.  Die, peasants!  Goldfinger has the Midas touch!  And you schmucks have a touch of pneumonia.  I will provide the ‘Star Wars’ music, later. The appropriate selection.


This man is U-G-L-Y.  His psychological profile is a match with other nasty characters like Darth Vader.  I can see him now, ‘I am Darth Vader.  Fear my grip…’ hhhhsssssss….suck…..hhhhssss…suck.  ‘I will destroy this entire company with my Death Star,’ hhhsssss….suck…..hhhhssss….suck.  Yes, that’s him!  Lovely.  I like how these Darth Vader wannabes love to talk about how we all do things ‘together.’  


Except there is no ‘together’.  There is him and then there are the other people who have as much power over events as a wounded Wookie.


It’s Time for No Wukkas, The Job Hunt – AgencySpy



IBM is in the news today.  I suppose everyone heard about the offer to ship US workers to India.  HAHAHA.  Yes, emigrate, guys!  You have no choice anymore!  That’s super-patriotism at work.  Why, just yesterday, Sam the Man was with Obama, talking about jobs for Americans [at taxpayer’s expense, needless to say!]:

YouTube – CEOs meet Obama: “Mr. President Thank God you are not a Timid man”

Before I go into the main story, we need some background.  Is IBM dying?  Is is penny stock like GM or Ford?  Here are some facts:


IMB is #45 on the list of world’s biggest corporations.  Not US biggest, global biggest.  Its headquarters is just south of my little mountain.  I know a number of IBM workers.  I used to work in the RPI chip fad research lab in Troy, NY, and worked with IBM scientists, just for example.  One friend of mine holds an IBM patent.  He doesn’t work there anymore.  And when he did, he mostly went to China to deal with things.


45. IBM Corp. Information technology $98.8[10] 2007 $159,392 386,558 NYSEIBM Flag of the United States Armonk, New YorkUnited States Samuel J. Palmisano, $24.46M (2006)


Here are parts of their 2007 annual report.  I couldn’t get the 2008, it is too early.



Wow.  Breaking all records!  Of course, you get ‘down’ years but IBM is going into this pretty strong, not like the US automakers.


IBM: Basic Chart for INTL BUSINESS MACH – Yahoo! Finance



When you look at the lower charts, it is obvious that IBM hasn’t fallen very far.  It looks bad in a close-up but overall, it isn’t bad at all, not like the doldrums of the 1990s or the stagflation years.  Looks pretty good, actually!  From today’s news:


I.B.M. Denies Exit From Mainstream Server Game – Bits Blog –

I.B.M. has moved to quash mounting rumors that the company plans to exit the market for x86 server computers, which are made with chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.Adalio Sanchez, the general manager of I.B.M.’s System x server business, recently sent out a memo to the company’s partners, urging them to ignore industry speculation that I.B.M. is turning its back on the mainstream server market.

“The fact is, IBM is more committed than ever to making sure the entire System x product line provides clients with unparalleled value in the current and next generation of x86 server solutions,” Mr. Sanchez wrote in the Jan. 26 memo, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times. “So, don’t be swayed by rumors, innuendo or inaccurate media reports.”

In contrast, let’s go to China to look at Lenovo who bought out a lot of IBM hardware stuff:


LENOVO GROUP Share Price Chart | 0992.HK | HK0992009065 | Yahoo! Finance UK


They, on the other hand, are in trouble.  Penny stocks like GM and Ford!  


Lenovo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lenovo Group Limited (simplified Chinese联想集团有限公司traditional Chinese聯想集團有限公司pinyin: Liánxiǎng Jítuán Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī SEHK0992OTCBBLNVGY) is China’s largest and the world’s fourth largest personal computer manufacturer (the latter since its 2005 purchase of IBM‘s PC division), after Hewlett-Packard and Dell of the U.S. and Acer of Taiwan.[1].

Lenovo produces desktopslaptopsservershandheld computersimaging equipment, and mobile phone handsets. Lenovo also provides information technology integration and support services, and its QDI unit offers contract manufacturing.

Its executive headquarters are located in BeijingChina and in MorrisvilleNorth CarolinaUSA. It is incorporated in Hong Kong.[2]

Because the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Chinese government agency, owns 65% of Legend Holdings, effectively the Chinese government owns about 27% of Lenovo and is the largest shareholder. 


The Chinese army and educational system owns this company so even if it goes down and down, it won’t die.  Now, back to IBM:


IBM offers laid-off workers jobs overseas | | The Journal News

In a new twist on career aid for former workers, Big Blue has created “Project Match” to encourage laid-off workers in the United States and Canada to relocate to take IBM jobs in India, China, Brazil or other developing countries.

Project Match will help former employees “locate potential job opportunitiesin growth markets where your skills are in demand,” according to an internal company document provided by an activist group trying to form a union.

Former workers will be put in contact with hiring managers at IBM units in countries including Slovenia, Romania, Brazil, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, according to the document.

IBM is also offering financial help with moving costs and immigration assistance with visa issues and the like.

Lee Conrad, national coordinator for the Alliance@IBM, an offshoot of the Communications Workers of America, said he received the document from a worker who was recently laid off. Conrad estimated that about 4,000 people were laid off.

IBM, the largest private employer in Westchester with 7,500 workers, has declined to say how many jobs were cut this year or which locations or units were affected….

“I was just shocked,” Conrad said. “We hear a lot of talk about companies offshoring and shifting work, but this is the first time I’ve seen a company encourage employees to offshore themselves.”

The computer giant did not return calls for comment.

Conrad noted that the workers can expect to make the prevailing wage overseas, which can be as low as a quarter of the U.S. wage for comparable work, depending on the country.

A particularly galling detail for Conrad was IBM’s willingness to help pay the not-inconsiderable expense of relocating the former employee to the other side of the world.

“They are willing to pay for your moving expenses. They are not even doing that for employees going state to state in the United States,” Conrad said.

Now, for the other song Sam played when he announced, ‘We are all in this together’:


YouTube – Lego Star Wars –

This shocking story comes right on the heels of Obama doing the corporate cobra snake two-step with Sam and his fellow Darth Vaders.  At no point, none, is free trade mentioned. Instead, we are being conned into handing over money to various projects that will be carried out by these gangsters.  They, in turn, will use it to move forwards their offshoring/outsourcing programs.  And they basically tell us what the Labour guy said in England to striking workers: why don’t you leave, damn it.  Go away. Find some other country to work in, we don’t want you here.’  


Imagine moving to India, getting laid off and then what?  Or move to China and then, get laid off?  Tough titties!  What if there is a war? Or insurrection?  Or riots?  Certainly, India has those in great numbers!  I can see people going there for opportunities.  But the jobs are here at home, already!  These are being moved to India!  One may trail after the job and try to keep it over there!  But this is outright outsourcing and offshoring.  No ifs, ands or buts.  


Will Obama denounce this?  He denounced super-pay for bankrupt bankers and bankrupt corporate leaders!  So why can’t he denounce free trade and the destruction of US jobs?  Eh?  


IBM To North American Employees: To Keep Your Job, Move To India

The document states that the program is limited to “satisfactory performers who have been notified of separation from IBM U.S. or Canada and are willing to work on local terms and conditions.” The latter indicates that workers will be paid according to prevailing norms in the countries to which they relocate. In many cases, that could be substantially less than what they earned in North America…

“It’s more of a vehicle for people who want to expand their life experience by working somewhere else,” said [an IBM] spokesman. “A lot of people want to work in India.”

HAHAHA.  So many people want to work in India, Indian workers are hammering on the doors to come here!  Simultaneously, the Goldfinger freaks who run US businesses are even today, demanding more Indian workers!  Eh?  This is supposed to be an exchange?  Boy, try building up your retirement fund, working in India at one third pay!  Won’t work, of course.  And IBM knows this.  This cruelty is…arrest Sam.  If he is Goldfinger, he is a criminal.  If he is Darth Vader, he is a war criminal.  Heh.


Certainly, if you review the lyrics in the opening song, it is all about heartless pursuit of wealth!  Taunting victims is what villains do.


IBM Layoff Count: At Least 2,800 In Sales And Software (IBM)

All last week, IBM (IBM) refused to comment on reports of job cuts all over the Internet, and when SAI contacted the company about layoff reports IBM spokespeople told this reporter they wouldn’t comment on “speculation.”

Then over the weekend someone at IBM Canadaconfirmed the obvious: Yes, of course layoffs are underway. Now we get more details from this morning’sWSJ. IBM still isn’t saying how deep the cuts are, but the Journal has confirmed 2,850 after getting their hands on leaked IBM documents. 

Still far less than the 16,000 number floated on the Alliance@IBM union website.

IBM workers are scared.  But not scared enough to organize a strong union.  They will troop out to push the government to give spending deals or cut IBM’s overhead taxes, etc.  But they are not called upon to fight the free trade monster.  Now, it is nearly too late.  Kucinich and Ron Paul talked about free trade and virtually no one listened to them.  Now, Obama is letting everyone down.  Unless he quickly changes his tune! 


Here is some more from the IBM annual report:




21% Asia Pacific 

36% Europe, Middle East and Africa 

43% Americas 

Countries with IBM revenue growth 




IBM is growing overseas. So they will move jobs there, not keep them here.  Mexico, incidentally, is disintegrating.  A top military general was sent to Cancun to fight the drug lords.  He and his aide and the mayor were all kidnapped,  tortured cruelly and then riddled with bullets.  Mexico is very, very unstable and is set for some explosive events in the future.  The right-wing Presidente who got into power in a very rigged election, will be driven out of office.  
Also, I notice that Japan is not on the ‘growth’ side of the ledger here.  Now, let’s go visit the union organizers:


Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701


Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 Presses IBM to Save Jobs 
and Stop the Off-shoring of US Jobs

IBM Corp. employees nationwide are anxiously waiting for the company to publicly announce the number of job cuts likely to take place in the United States.

“The Alliance is strongly urging IBM not to go forward with a new round of job cuts and to stop the off-shoring of U.S. workers’ jobs,” said Lee Conrad, national coordinator of the Alliance .

Alliance@IBM CWA Local 1701 outlined several steps IBM should take to maintain quality jobs and service and address the company’s financial picture:


  1.  IBM must make every effort to save jobs.
  2. If cost cutting is needed, IBM should suspend its stock buyback program – the company has spent $26 billion since 2007 — instead of terminating workers.
  3. If job cuts occur, IBM must divulge the number of job cuts, where they are taking place and whether any of these affected jobs are being shifted offshore.
  4. Executive positions should be eliminated in divisions where job cuts occur.
  5. Pay, bonuses and perquisites for executives should be slashed.
  6. Work cannot be shifted from IBM workers in the United States to offshore locations.
  7. Full disclosure of why individual jobs are being eliminated is essential.
  8. Before any new hires are added to the payroll, IBM must recall and rehire employees terminated in past resource actions.

“There is a growing concern among employees that IBM will accelerate the off-shoring of our jobs. To offshore U.S. jobs in the middle of an economic crisis and rising unemployment is simply unacceptable,” said Tom Midgley, Alliance president. “We will work with our elected representatives to push for legislation that protects U.S. jobs and calls for the full disclosure of IBM’s offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs.”

To help break the secrecy of the IBM job cuts, the Alliance has a section on its web page called Job Cut Comments. 
Join The Discussion for news, information and stories from IBM employees swept up in job cuts.



RA=resource action.  This is funny talk for ‘being laid off or fired’.  It seems that IBM has this rating system.  If you get a ‘3’ twice, you are thrown out.  It is easy to give them out.  Tell the supervisors, who to tag and they tag these people.  No matter how good you are.  Since bonuses depend on getting ‘1’ I bet those are in very short supply right now.  


Job Cuts Comments

Comment 2/04/09: Not that it comes as any surprise — but every single company on that list should be boycotted. ——–
Contractors, IT groups lobby against Buy American provisions 

* Feb 04, 2009
Federal contractors, global corporations and technology industry groups are joining in a lobbying effort to quash the “Buy American”
provisions in nearly $900 billion economic stimulus package being debated in the Senate. “The new Buy American provisions of S. 336 are as unnecessary as they are harmful,” several dozen companies and groups stated in a letter dated Feb. 3 and addressed to Senate leaders. The letter is signed by AT&T, Cisco Systems, IBM Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp., Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp. and groups including the Aerospace Industries Association, Coalition for Government Procurement, and Technology Association of America. The industry groups believe that Buy American provisions will induce anti-American countermeasures from European and Asian purchasers and hurt the global economy. “Enacting expansive new Buy American restrictions would invite our international partners to exclude American goods and services from hundreds of billions of dollars of opportunities in their stimulus packages and perhaps to adopt Buy-Local rules or raise other barriers to American goods more broadly across their economies,” the letter states. “The resulting damage to our export markets and the millions of high-paying American jobs they support would be enormous. Given that millions of American workers directly rely upon U.S. global engagement for their jobs, it is vital for the United States to promote, rather than undermine, global commerce,” the companies wrote. -BlueBlows-

Alliance Reply: It smells like extortion, if you breathe in deep. Anti-Protectionism, at a time when American workers are losing their jobs in droves. It’s an interesting contradiction: the “millions of high-paying American jobs” seem to be the argument when the Corporations are at risk; however, when the Corporations are given ‘Global’ entitlement, they work extra hard to get rid of those ‘high-paying jobs’….It smells like extortion.

Job Cuts Comments

Comment 1/29/09: Not only has IBM moved jobs offshore, now they are offering to move US citizens offshore to where the jobs are. 
Here is IBM’s description of their new Project-Match: “IBM has established Project Match to help IBMers in the U.S. and Canada, who are affected by resource actions in 1Q 2009, locate potential job opportunities in growth markets where their skills are in demand.If you would like to be considered, notify your manager immediately so you can work with a Project Match team member to identify potential opportunities. Should you accept a position in one of these countries, IBM offers some financial assistance to offset moving costs, provides immigration support, such as visa assistance, and other support to help ease the transition of an international move.” 
A quick look at the IBM ProjectMatch jobs offered today show a total 2076 jobs in these countries:
Czech Republic
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
India -ProjectOffshore

Job Cuts Comments

Comment 2/03/09: Amazing what we take as employees. Last couple of years. OT went from 1.5 times plus pension contribution added to it, to straight time with no pension contribution. Given the fact that Canada has a graduated tax system, I get paid less to work O/T then regular time. They made these changes and then management included all employees to work 44 hours instead of 40 hours. 4 hours O/T at the new rates. Absolutely nothing we could do or say to change this. -west coast canada-

I see the Japanese model being imposed on us, more and more.  Overtime is reduced to ‘normal pay’.  The 40 hour week becomes a 44 hour week.  Pensions vanish, health care, reduced.  In Japan, yesterday, a man was hit by a motorcycle.  The ambulance crew spent so many hours, calling hospitals in vain, the guy died in the ambulance.  Japan is slowly strangling the people to death.  I bet, this is what our corporate powers wish to do to us, too.  


Goldfinger and Darth Vader love these guys.






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BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’




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  2. D. Cunningham

    Take it from me .. I work there .. There is always one quote missing in paper ” Laid off employee’s are required to train the India new hire to slide into your position.”

    IBM is one large company and the CEO is one racist lying POS … Sam feel free to call me.

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